Early Intervention by wuzhenguang


									                                                             College of Education and Human Development
                                                                       Master of Arts in Teaching
                                                               Special Education – Early Intervention Birth-5
                                                                   36-39 hours required for completion of program

(2.5 overall GPA, Admission to Graduate School and passing scores
for Praxis I & II and GRE)

If you are provisionally admitted (GMTC) you are
eligible to enroll in EDFR 6700 only

EDFR 6700          (Fall, Spring & Summer)                 _____3           EDUC 6010 (Fall & Spring)                          _____0
                                                                            (MAT Candidacy Assessment)
(Educational Research)
                                                                            (Must be taken during the last semester of coursework)

Knowledge of the Learner and the
Learning Environment (15 hours)                                             Internship or Student Teaching (6-9 hours)
                                                                            Prerequisite: All Coursework

EDSP 4775G (Fall)                                          _____3
(Tests and Measurements for Exceptional Individuals)                        EDUC 4853G (Fall & Spring)                         _____6
                                                                            (Capstone Internship)
EDSP 6030           (Summer)                               _____3           EDUC 4960G (Fall & Spring)                         _____9
(Health and Physical Considerations for Individual                          (Student Teaching)
with Significant Disabilities)

EDSP 6085 (Fall)                                           _____3
(Foundations in Early Childhood and Early Intervention)
                                                                            NOTE: All coursework and Student Teaching or
                                                                            Internship must be successfully completed and a
EDSP 6555 (Spring)                                         _____3           passing score for Praxis II must be submitted before
(Educational Provisions and Classroom Management of
Children with Disabilities in Early Intervention)                           a degree is awarded.

EDUC 4210G         (Fall, Spring & Summer)                 _____3
(Human Development for Teachers)                                            Use this curriculum sheet to plan your semesters
                                                                            carefully. Not planning your semesters carefully could
                                                                            delay your graduation.
Reading, Methodology and Teaching
(12 hours)

EDCI 4400G (Fall, Spring & Summer)                        _____3
(Foundations of Literacy)

EDCI 6410 (Spring)                                        _____3
(Early Literacy)
Prerequisite: EDCI 4400G

EDSP 6090 (Summer)                                        _____3
(Strengthening Family and Community Partnerships)

EDSP 6560 (Spring)                                        _____3
(Communication and Literacy)


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