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October 16, 2012 By Joseph Mai

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        This Business Model Can Be Your Dream Money Source. Some Unique
                             Advantages Sounds Cool!

NO Products NeededNO Websites
                                                 NO Selling or Convincing AnyoneNO Geographic Limitations
NO Endless WordPress Blogs
                                                 NO Stress-Filled Product Launches
NO Landing Pages
                                                 NO List Building
NO Expensive PPC
                                                 NO JV Deals or Affiliates To Find
NO Overpriced Copywriters
                                                 NO Driving Traffic
NO Graphics Needed
                                                 NO Mind-Numbing SEO Work
NO Getting ―Bitch-Slapped‖ by Google
                                                 NO Video Production
NO Lazy Offshore Workers
                                                 NO Endless Articles
NO Geeky Tech Stuff – Just Fill in Forms
                                                 NO Marketing Savvy Needed
NO Chargebacks from Merchant Account Providers
                                                 NO 5-Years of Struggling with Any of This Crap
NO Refunds of Any Kind

A $1.50 just flew by your head. You didn‘t see it, feel it or smell it. But it happened.

There goes $11 bucks…and another $2.50.

What am I talking about? Someone just downloaded an Android app. Another filled out a lead
generation form for an insurance company. Someone else downloaded a new ringtone for their
All these events generated cash for someone. That someone should be you.

You see, companies will pay money to promote their products, generate leads and sales through
the mobile landscape.

And here‘s something interesting, did you notice nobody bought anything in those events
mentioned above? (Not yet any way.)

If you could be the affiliate promoting those offers you would be making that money — $1.50,
$11, $2.50 on each event — and there‘s billions of these events happening worldwide.

Ahh, but how do you promote them?, I hear you saying.
You probably know this as CPA or cost-per-action. It‘s done all the time on the web. What you
might not know it‘s done on mobile platforms, too.

What‘s really exciting is the mobile universe dwarfs the web — we‘re talking billions and
billions of smartphones worldwide. It‘s 5 times the size of the web. More money — more

Remember this, smartphones are cheaper than laptops and desktop computers. People in
developing countries may not have a computer but they are more than likely to have a

This means a universe of 6 billion potential consumers downloading ringtones, games, apps,
taking surveys, joining sweepstakes, grabbing coupons and more — most many times per month.

Each one of those events can make you money as the mobile matchmaker.

Kinda cool — huh?
Sounds better than writing another batch of articles and cranking out a YouTube video, doesn‘t

“U.S. mobile ad spending will grow from US$790
million in 2010 to $4 billion in 2015.”
It takes work. That‘s why some of you should stop reading now and go buy another lottery

The real catch is ‗you‘ — you‘ll give up too soon. Patience and persistence wins out. Grand
slams don‘t happen every time at the plate — and neither will 5-figure paydays for you.

As the numbers play out you‘ll see 1 or 2 profitable campaigns out of 5-10 at bats. Roughly, a
10-20% success rate. But those successes can add up to a residual 6-figure income month, after
month, after month.

There‘s no restrictions on the number of campaigns you can run — so the sky is the limit.

As a newbie, you could reasonably setup 10 new campaigns each day. With testing and some
time — 1 or 2 winners will pop up.
You then take those winners and ramp them up to $100 a day – each and every day. ($36,500 a
year x # of winners = $???,???.)

Ramp them up more and you could see $1,000 a day — even $12,000 a day from one campaign.

Did you know you could lose $10,000 in a few hours — OUCH — $50 a minute draining your
financial reserves.

That‘s why you want to discover the safe, secure and profitable way Mobile Domination
Blueprint teaches.

Yes, there‘s risk in this business — no surprise.
Mobile traffic companies act as a double-edged sword. They cut both ways. They offer awesome
leverage for the small guy to tap into — but that leverage can work against you — devastatingly

For instance, the traffic part of the equation could be working like gangbusters driving a boatload
of traffic to your offers. But if your offer isn‘t working you‘ll owe more for the traffic than you
made from the offer. You‘ll be upside down in less than a minute.

With millions of daily visitors it can add up fast and turn all that leverage against you.

I‘ve heard the horror stories from the industry — trust me, you don‘t want to be in that position.

That’s why I’ve spent a year picking the brains of pros, testing through trial and error to
make sure you only see upside leverage working for you.

I‘ve put all these strategies, tactics, tips and insider insights into a powerful video training
package any one can follow to score big money in Mobile CPA.

You‘ll learn to crawl, walk, run then sprint and avoid all the pitfalls and only see the upside gains
this lucrative new business model has to offer.

    I break everything down into a step-by-step format so it is practical, actionable, and so
    you know exactly what to do to succeed. If you can count to 10, you can implement
    Mobile Domination Blueprint so it spits out cash for you all day, every day.

    It‘s these 10-Easy Steps that you‘ll follow to put leverage always on your side. They‘ll be
    the insulator from downside leverage and the conduit to 6-figure paydays.


    Driving mobile traffic is very different than driving conventional traffic. In fact, one of
    the FIRST things you must do with Mobile CPA is choose your traffic source, as this
    governs how you‘ll run the rest of your campaign. Don‘t worry – I make this all easy for
    you, too. (I‘ll tell you where to go for a flood of high-converting traffic — this alone is
    worth the price of the course).

    By the way, did you know you can routinely pick up traffic for 5-cents or less — beats
    the hell out of Google Adwords — doesn‘t it?


    A lot of affiliate networks have dead offers, don‘t pay you or are just creeps to deal with.
    I‘ve got personal connections with the BEST, highest and quickest paying, affiliate
    networks, and I‘m going to put the VIP tag around your neck so they treat you like gold,
    too. (Meaning hassle-free acceptance and payouts).

    The takeaway here is — it‘s all about building relationships, that‘s the key.

       Pick an offer that doesn‘t convert, and all of your precious time is wasted. I‘ll show you
       the 3 things every offer MUST have before you even think of promoting it. This means
       your offers are guaranteed to make you money. It‘s also key to avoiding downside


       Setting Up A Campaign: Watch over my shoulder as I set up a mobile CPA campaign
       and drive traffic to it instantly. It‘s easy once you know how and it‘s the thing you‘ll be
       doing on a regular basis as you hunt the grand slam campaigns that brings you your 6-
       figure lifestyle.


       Testing Made Easy: With traditional CPA, testing usually involves a whole other
       platform you have to learn and a bunch of codes and other techy stuff. It‘s much easier
       with my mobile CPA method – you‘ll know exactly what‘s working for you the best, how
       to ramp up for big money, and nix whatever doesn‘t work.

       This is INVALUABLE – it is how 6-figure earners become 7-figure ones, and with
       Mobile Domination Blueprint, it is easier than ever.

This is a complete ‗how to‘ score the big money in mobile CPA video course. It covers
everything you need to start making money next week or sooner.

To help you succeed faster I‘ve created a valuable set of bonuses for your quick action.
I‘m not going to insult you with over-inflated bonus values here — but let me ask — what‘s an
hour of your time worth? $20-bucks, $200, $400 — or more? Now, what‘s 6-months of your
time worth?

You‘re starting to get the picture. I‘m going to save you 6-months of time, struggles and trial and
error. (That‘s how valuable what I‘m about to describe to you is.)

You see, mobile CPA is so new that there isn‘t a lot of training available to you out there. It‘s the
school of hard knocks, really.

So I‘m going to give some valuable time-saving gifts to get you running fast.

First, no matter what your favorite learning modality is, I‘ve got you covered. Yes, you‘ll get full
video training and I‘ve also included the audio track as well for repeated listening.

For you detailed visual learners, I‘ve also included a complete mindmap of the course so you can
refresh your memory in just seconds plus get a birds-eye view of the methods I teach. Tack it to
your wall for daily reference as you build your campaigns. I‘ve also included the Powerpoint
slides of the complete presentation so you can slow down the strategies and study them in detail.

This bonus will shave 6-months of learning off your mobile CPA experience — it‘s like hooking
up a mind transfer cable to a mobile CPA pro and downloading all that valuable experience to

A list of the best mobile traffic sources for rapid money-making. This is a big deal. The first few
months of my mobile CPA journey was spent wasting valuable time with junk traffic. All I can
say is, I wish I had this list when I started.

As promised above, I‘ll include my list of the best affiliate networks to work with. These
networks have stellar on-time payment records, a flood of great offers to promote and are willing
to work with you for mutual success. This will shave months off your learning time, too.
Like I said, you‘ve just jumped ahead 6-months in your new mobile CPA business. Take quick
action now to lock in this time & money-saving bonus package.

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