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					                Work from home jobs without investment
Would you like to work from home? Here are some options to work
from home. Just spend some 2 to 4 hours according to your convenience
and earn what you need in a simple way.
Have you ever gifted your spouse with greeting card? A handmade
greeting card? You could do handmade greeting cards and market it in
such a way that you could earn a lot. There is always huge market for
handmade items.
There are 2 ways to use your artistic skills. First do it as a freelancer by
designing the greeting card and selling your design. You can sell it
online or offline. Online you have so many sites to sell your greeting
cards. There are also some sites which will provide with their set of
tools to create greeting cards and you can post your design, when
someone buys this card you will get some percentage of it. In this case
you do not even need any software on your computer to create the card
just internet and computer.
The other option that is available is to design the cards, create the card
yourself and market it. The best option to sell your card is to go to the
nearest shops which sell gift items. Take some sample work with you
and ask them to sell it. Once you get good response you can start your
own brand of greeting cards and start a showroom for it. You could also
create your own website for selling your greeting cards.
Lead generators: Basically you will be generating leads to companies
like recruiting company, IT companies, etc who is in need of leads. If
you have experience in cold calling then it would be an added
advantage. Many companies are hiring work from home agents, in IT
companies you will have to generate leads of companies which is in
need of your IT services. Like mobile application development, social
marketing tools etc. For HR companies you will have to contact the
candidates who have not posted their resume on online sites. You can
work according to your convenience either 2 or 4 hours daily. A place
without noise is preferred since you will have to make cold calls.
Since most of the companies prefer work from home agents they are
opting for permanent position also. The pay range might be from $10 to
$20 per hour and you might get some additional weekly and monthly
bonus also. Training is also provided by most of the companies.
Do you have experience in event managing or event marketing? Then
you could do it from home. Companies are hiring people to work from
as event organizes, they will provide you with all events organizing
needs and the needed manpower. So you will have to plan the event and
organize it well. Some companies provide training which will train you
on event organizing, promoting, planning etc. Meeting people is your
passion, then arrange an event and meet them. Do not forget to promote
your product though.


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