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									                                              Louisiana Tech University
                                       Master of Arts in Teaching Blind Students
                                               Plan of Study (45 hours)
Name                                                                CWID#
          Last                          First
          ______________________________                                 Home Phone                 Work Phone
Email                                                                 Cell Phone

Admission Requirements:
1.          Possess a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university.
2.          Have a 2.5 GPA, or higher, on undergraduate work.
3.          Pass the Pre-Professional Skills (Reading ______, Writing ______, and Mathematics ______) PRAXIS I examination.
4.          Pass the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (0014) PRAXIS II specialty examination.
5.          Have you been convicted of a felony? If “yes,” describe.
6.          Present GRE scores, which equal or exceed 1300 (cumulative UGPA x 200 + GREV + GREQ)
7.          Submit a completed graduate application with $30 application fee.
8.          Submit three letters of recommendation.
9.          Submit your resume.
10.         Respond to this statement: All Children Can Learn. Be sure to consider socioeconomic status, culture, gender, learning
            disabilities, and gifted and talented.
11.         I understand deliberate falsification of this document may result in my being dropped from the College.
Interview with Admissions & Retention Committee. Date:                 Time:               Recommendation:
Fall (Quarter 1)                                            Hrs     Qtr, Year Taken       Gr
EDCI 436 Braille I                                           3
EDCI 583 Normal & Impaired Visual Functioning                3
EDCI 431 Literacy for Emergent Learners                      3
Winter (Quarter 2)
EDCI 578 Braille II                                          2
EDCI 466 Adaptive Tech for Visually Impaired                 1
EDCI 500 Rsch App for Tchrs & Educ Ldrs                      3
EDCI 473 Ed Strat & Meth for Tchg St with M/M                3
Spring (Quarter 3)                                                                                   You may enter the program
EDCI 499 Inst Strat & Mat for TBS                            3                                      conditionally for one quarter only if you
EDCI 584 Orientation & Mobility for TBS                      3                                      have passed PRAXIS I. To register for a
EDCI 437 Reading/Lang Arts Methods                           3                                      second quarter you must meet all
Summer (Quarter 4)                                                                                  admission requirements.
EDCI 504 Human Exceptionalities Seminar                      3                                      EDCI 576 must be completed in an
EDCI 581VI Child in PK-12 Classroom                          3                                      approved internship site.
EDCI 579 Developmental Aspects of Blindness                  3
   Pass PRAXIS Education of Exceptional Students:                                                   ________________________________
    Core Content Knowledge (0353)                                                                   __
Fall (Quarter 5)                                                                                    Student Signature              Date
EDCI 576 Internship in Education                             9
Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA Register for graduation in the Registrar’s Office.
of 3.0
Submit an acceptable professional            Successfully complete a comprehensive
portfolio.                                   examination which includes a Braille reading
                                             speed assessment (minimum of 70 WPM)

Student Signature                                 Date                Advisor/Director of Alternative Certification     Date

Director of Graduate Studies                      Date                Department Head, C,I,&L                           Date

Dean of the College of Education                  Date                Graduate Office                                   Date

                                                                                                              Revised 4/19/07

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