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        N e w Yo r k

   Information Bulletin
School Calendar 2012–2013
It is important that all Marymount families adhere to the vacation schedule below. By being absent
on days preceding and following vacations and long weekends, your daughters are missing important
classes and school events, which are essential to their academic experience. Except for reasons of
health or family emergencies, students are not excused from school during the academic year.

20–23        Mon–Thu   VII–XII Skills Camp: Cross Country/Field Hockey/Soccer/Volleyball
27–30        Mon–Thu   All Teams VII–XII Pre-Season Practices: Cross Country/Field Hockey/
s ept ember
5            Wed       New Student Orientation (Classes I–VII)
                       Upper School begins (Classes VIII–XII)
                       Class VII Leadership Training
                       Nursery, Pre-K and K appointments
                       (continue through Friday, September 7)
6            Thu       Classes I–VII begin
10           Mon       Kindergarten and Pre-K begin                     Early dismissal for N–K
                                                                        through September 14
11           Tue       Nursery begins                                   Early dismissal for N–K
                                                                        through September 14
O CtOber
5            Fri       Faculty/staff retreat                            School closed
8            Mon       Columbus Day                                     School closed

N OVember
21–23        Wed–Fri   Thanksgiving break                               School closed

D eCember
21           Fri       Christmas vacation begins                        Regular dismissal

7            Mon       Professional development day                     No classes
8            Tue       Classes resume
21           Mon       Martin Luther King, Jr. Day                      School closed
22           Tue       Reports/curriculum evaluation day                No classes

18–19        Mon–Tue   Presidents’ holiday weekend                      School closed

mA rC h
15           Fri       Spring vacation begins                           Regular dismissal

A pril
2            Tue       Classes resume

27           Mon       Memorial Day                                     School closed

7            Fri       N–Pre-K summer vacation begins                   Dismissal after program
11           Tue       Commencement
                       K–XII summer vacation begins
24–July 26   Mon–Fri   Marymount Summer Camp
Tuition and Fee Schedule                                          Admissions Staff
Nursery .............................................. $22,926    Lillian Issa
Pre-Kindergarten ................................ $22,926         Deputy Head/Director of Admissions
                                                                  B.S. State UniverSity College at BUffalo
Kindergarten ...................................... $39,139       M.S. fordhaM UniverSity
Class I–III ............................................$39,700
Class IV–VII ........................................$39,811      Ext. 8152
Class VIII–XI ...................................... $39,542      Carolyn Booth
Class XII ............................................. $39,874   Associate Director of Admissions
                                                                  B.a. holy CroSS
                                                                  M.a. BoSton College
The charges set forth above include lunch,
books, supplies, activities, yearbook, and the                    Ext. 8114
Parents Association fees. A non-refundable
                                                                  Julia Gick
deposit of $5,000 is required of all students                     Admissions Associate
when accepted by the school. This deposit is                      B.a. loyola UniverSity-Maryland
                                                                  M.a. george MaSon UniverSity
credited toward the November 1st payment.
                                                                  Ext. 8313
Two-thirds of the annual tuition is due on
May 2nd and one-third (less the deposit) on                       Megan Mulcahy
                                                                  Support Staff
November 1st. No reduction and no refunds                         B.a. UniverSity of Maryland
are made for absence or withdrawal before               
the end of the year.                                              Ext. 8040

School Hours
The School is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
                                                                  Monday–Thursday                            Friday
Morning Supervision, Classes N–VII                                7:30–8:00                                  7:30–8:00
Nursery & PreKindergarten Morning Session                         8:15–11:30                                 8:15–11:30
Nursery & PreKindergarten Afternoon Session                       12:30–3:30                                 12:30–3:30
Kindergarten–Class III                                            8:15–3:00                                  8:15–2:00
Class IV–VII                                                      8:00–3:20                                  8:00–2:30
Class VIII–XII                                                    8:00–3:00 or 3:30                          8:00–3:00

After School Activities/Instrumental Program                      3:00–6:00                                  2:15–5:30
Sports                                                            3:00–5:30 (or later)                       3:00–5:30 (or later)
Extended Day/Supervised Study                                     4:30–6:00
Board of Trustees                Faculty and Administration                                                (As of 6/30/12)

Beth Nielsen Werwaiss ’61        Negash Abdurahman                                 Alexis Bradford
Chair                            Information Systems Administrator                 Director of Finance
                                 B.a. California State                             B.a. ColUMBia UniverSity
Kelly Coffey                     M.a. ColUMBia UniverSity
Vice-Chair                                                                         Ellen Brickwedde
                                 Khaliah Adams                                     Religious Studies Teacher
Hampton Lynch                    Physical Education Teacher                        B.a. State UniverSity of neW york
Treasurer                        B.a. Carnegie Mellon UniverSity                   M.a. indiana UniverSity
                                                                                   M.a. fordhaM UniverSity
Concepcion R. Alvar              Chris Aguda
Secretary                        Science Teacher                                   Pauline Brookfield
                                 B.S. devry UniverSity                             Director of College Counseling
Rita Arthur, RSHM
                                 M.S. loyola UniverSity                            B.a. UniverSity of neW haMpShire
Ritu Banga                                                                         M.S. fordhaM UniverSity
Arthur Bender, S.J.              Concepcion Alvar
                                 Headmistress                                      Eileen Burke
Jackie Ceonzo ’82
                                 B.S. Maryknoll College                            Head Teacher, Class V
Melissa Condo
                                 M.a. teaCherS College, ColUMBia UniverSity        B.a. UniverSity of MaSSaChUSettS
Margaret Condron, Ph.D.                                                            M.S. Bank Street College
Brigid Driscoll, RSHM, Ph.D.     Mario Ariza
                                 Spanish Teacher                                   Kristina Califano
Ellen M. Dunn ’81
                                 B.a. MiddleBUry College                           Health Education/Athletic Trainer
Teresita Fay, RSHM
                                 M.a. ColUMBia UniverSity                          B.S. BoSton UniverSity
Kathryn Quadracci Flores, M.D.                                                     M.S. arizona SChool of health SCienCeS
Stephen Hanson                   Alice Kearney Alwin
                                 Spiritual Life Coordinator                        Cathy Callender
Daniel Keegan
                                 B.a. UniverSity of WiSConSin                      Director of Development
Dow Kim
                                 M.div. yale UniverSity                            B.a. Manhattanville College
Jacqueline L. Landry
Joanna Marino Lepore ’01         Itir Arkan                                        Katherine Carcaterra
Noriko Daisy Lin Maeda           Math Teacher                                      Art History and English Teacher
                                 B.S. BoSphoroUS UniverSity, iStanBUl, tUrkey      B.a. WaShington UniverSity in St. loUiS
Melissa Phelan Roessler ’85
                                 M.a. ColUMBia UniverSity                          M.a. UniverSity of haWaii at Manoa
Paul Rubacha
Russell Shepard                  Patricia Bauer                                    Emily Chakwin
Steven Spence                    Co-Chair, Science Department                      Science Teacher
                                 B.S. John Carroll UniverSity                      B.a. yale UniverSity
Dennis Suskind
                                 M.a. San diego State UniverSity                   M.a. hUnter College
Juliana C. Terian                                                                  M.a. prinCeton UniverSity
Nathalie (Lieta) Urry            Filiz Baydar
                                 Math Teacher                                      Elizabeth Clarke
Tanya Williams, M.D.
                                 B.S., M.S. MarMara UniverSity, iStanBUl, tUrkey   Co-Head Librarian
Angela Winchenbaugh
                                                                                   B.a. alBertUS MagnUS College
Tucker York                      Jane Bell                                         M.a. neW york UniverSity
Alison Zaino                     Divisional Head, Middle School                    M.S. pratt inStitUte
                                 B.a. notre daMe of Maryland UniverSity
(As of 6/30/12)                  M.ed. loyola UniverSity–Maryland                  Kelly Cohen
                                                                                   Assistant Teacher, Science
                                 Anna Berezkina                                    B.a. MariSt College
                                 Math Teacher                                      M.a. fordhaM UniverSity
                                 B.a., M.a. Stony Brook UniverSity

Emeriti                          Katie Bergin
                                                                                   Sr. Anne Considine, RSHM
                                                                                   Mathematics Teacher
                                 Divisional Head, Lower School                     B.a. MaryMoUnt College tarrytoWn
Erika Aron                       B.a. UniverSity of notre daMe                     M.a. neW york UniverSity
Kathleen Fagan, RSHM, ’59        M.div. Union theologiCal SeMinary
                                                                                   Pierre Cook
Charles M. Grace                 Barbara Bode                                      Athletics Director
John K. Guck, M.D.               School Nurse; Chair, Heath and                    B.a. City UniverSity of neW york–City College
Jane Haher-Izquierdo, M.D. ’58   Wellness Department                               M.a. CaniSiUS College
Thomas Kenny                     B.S. SkidMore College
                                                                                   Sheila Cooney
Diane Held Segalas               M.n. UniverSity of WaShington
                                                                                   Assistant Teacher, Class I
A. Robert Towbin                 Kim Boykin                                        B.a. MariSt College
                                 Religious Studies Teacher                         M.a. adelphi UniverSity
                                 a.B. vaSSar College
                                 M.S., ph.d. eMory UniverSity
Stefan Cornelis                                 Simon Dyton                             Samantha Hanley
History Teacher                                 English Teacher                         Director of Alumnae Affairs
B.a. UniverSity of pennSylvania                 B.a. CaMBridge UniverSity               B.a. fordhaM UniverSity
ph.d. JohnS hopkinS UniverSity                  M.phil., ph.d. CaMBridge UniverSity     M.a. neW york UniverSity

Donna Corvi                                     Kyla Edmonds                            Andrew Hay
Director of Special Events &                    Mathematics Teacher                     Chair, English Department
Parents’ Association Liaison                    B.a. the UniverSity of texaS            B.a. franklin College
B.f.a. parSonS SChool of deSign                 M.ed. texaS State UniverSity            M.a. indiana UniverSity of pennSylvania
                                                M.a. UniverSity of hoUSton              M.ed. harvard UniverSity
Kathy Cosgrove
School Psychologist                             Martha Erskine                          Tim Herman
B.a. College of the holy CroSS                  Director of Curriculum                  Drama Teacher, Uptown
ph.d. fordhaM UniverSity                        B.a. trinity College                    Broadway Coordinator
                                                M.a. rUtgerS UniverSity                 B.a., M.a. MontClair State UniverSity
Elizabeth Creedon                                                                       M.f.a. florida State UniverSity
Teacher, Class III                              Juan Etcheverry
B.a. the george WaShington UniverSity           Music Teacher                           Katherine Krueger Hirt
M.a. City College UniverSity                    B.a. argentine ConServatory             Co-chair, Science Department
                                                B.a., M.a. Ball State UniverSity        B.S. UniverSity of WiSConSin–la CroSSe
Jennifer Croson                                                                         M.S. fUll Sail UniverSity
Visual Arts Teacher                             Jesse Factor
B.a. SUny, geneSeo                              Dance Instructor/Uptown                 Betsy Hulton
M.f.a. QUeenS College                           Broadway Choreographer                  Head Teacher, Nursery
                                                B.f.a. neW york UniverSity tiSCh        B.a. hofStra UniverSity
Sarah Cunningham                                    SChool of the artS                  M.a. teaCherS College, ColUMBia UniverSity
History Teacher, Integrated
Humanities Coordinator                          Cristina Fagin                          Annah Jones
a.B. prinCeton UniverSity                       Spanish Teacher                         Co-Head Librarian
M.div., ph.d. Union theologiCal SeMinary        M.a. UniverSity of BUenoS aireS         B.a., M.ed. tUftS UniverSity
                                                                                        M.l.S. SiMMonS College
Elizabeth Davis                                 Kimberly Field-Marvin
English Teacher                                 Director of Communications              Riva Kantor
B.a. riCe UniverSity                            B.a. Siena College                      Assistant Teacher, Lower School
M.a., ph.d. neW york UniverSity                 M.a. CaStleton State College            B.S. UniverSity of Maryland
                                                M.a. MiddleBUry College
Jaymes Dec                                                                              Kristin Kassay
Technology Integrator                           Candace Fisch                           Head Teacher, Class II
B.S., M.S. neW york UniverSity                  Head Teacher, Class II                  B.S. Bentley College
                                                B.a. gettySBUrg College                 M.S. fordhaM UniverSity
Mario Dell’Olio                                 M.a. Manhattanville College
Chair, Music Department                                                                 Raymonde Kavanagh
B.a., M.a. fairfield UniverSity
                                                Emilie Fuzier                           French Teacher
M.M. UniverSity of notre daMe                   French Teacher                          Cert. ed. antony, franCe, and SorBonne, pariS
                                                B.S. UniverSität k. rUpreCht            B.a. paUl valery UniverSity
Maggie Devany-McKee                             M.S. UniverSité J. MoUlin
Homeroom Teacher, Class VII                     M.S. UniverSité Stendhal
                                                                                        Susan Kaye
Cert. ed. St. Mary’S UniverSity College                                                 Learning Specialist, Middle School
    london, U.k.
                                                Nora Gibson                             B.a. kirkland College
                                                Director of School Affairs              M.a. ColUMBia UniverSity
Craig DiFolco                                   B.a. WaShington international College
Speech and Drama Teacher                        M.M. UniverSity of Maryland
                                                                                        Jaclyn Kelly
B.a. WilliaMS College                                                                   Head Teacher, Kindergarten
M.f.a. ColUMBia UniverSity SChool of the artS
                                                Lauren Griffin                          B.a. MaryMoUnt UniverSity
                                                Head Teacher, Kindergarten              M.S. fordhaM UniverSity
Linda Dindorf                                   B.S. College of the holy CroSS
Lower School Librarian                          M.S. Wagner College
                                                                                        Catherine Koller
B.a., M.a. drake UniverSity                                                             Chair, History Department
                                                Lisa Hamilton                           B.a., M.a. Creighton UniverSity
Maureen Doheny                                  Head Teacher, Kindergarten
School Nurse                                    B.S. UniverSity of WarWiCk
                                                                                        Monika Kurschatke
B.S. georgetoWn UniverSity                      pgCe UniverSity of WarWiCk, Coventry    Chair, Physical Education
                                                                                        national liCenSe, UniverSity of MUniCh
Dinah Dulfan                                    Courtney Hanak
Instrumental Music Coordinator                  Head Teacher, Class I                   Kara Kutner
M.MUS. odeSSa State ConServatory                B.S., M.a.ed. virginia teCh             Dean of Students
                                                poSt-MaSterS Cert. virginia             B.a. St. JoSeph’S UniverSity
                                                    CoMMonWealth UniverSity
Leah Lauffer-Rubin                           Sabra McKenzie-Hamilton                         Rita Pietropinto-Kitt
Art Teacher                                  Divisional Head, Upper School                   Chair, Drama Department;
B.f.a. alfred UniverSity                     B.a. UniverSity of California–Berkeley          Director of Summer Camp
M.f.a. rUtgerS UniverSity                    M.a. fordhaM UniverSity                         B.a. ColUMBia College
                                             M.div. Union theologiCal SeMinary               M.f.a. ColUMBia SChool of artS
Connie Laws
Early Childhood Specialist                   Kristy McLaughlin                               Teresa Putt
B.a. WilliaM SMith College                   Head Teacher, Class III                         Associate Director of Development
M.a. neW york UniverSity                     B.a. Manhattan College                          B.S. UniverSity of tenneSSee
                                             M.S. College of neW roChelle                    M.a. george WaShington UniverSity
Michelle Lee
Math Teacher                                 Jacqueline Montaperto                           Catherine Rasco
B.S., M.a. Central MiChigan UniverSity       Assistant Teacher, Kindergarten                 Head Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten
                                             B.a. UniverSity of St. andreWS                  B.a. QUeenSland UniverSity of teChnology
Kelly LeSage                                 M.a. teaCherS College ColUMBia
Head Teacher, Class IV                                                                       Caroline Rollinson
B.a., M.ed. UniverSity of neW haMpShire      Gavin Moore                                     Assistant Teacher, Kindergarten
                                             Physical Education Teacher                      B.a. UniverSity of notre daMe
Linda Liang                                  B.a. UniverSity of ManCheSter                   M.a. UniverSity of SoUthern California
Math Teacher, Head Teacher,
Class VI                                     Maura Moylan                                    Kelly Root
B.a. Barnard College                         Head Teacher, Class II                          Math Curriculum Specialist
M.ed. harvard gradUate SChool of edUCation   B.a., M.a. SaCred heart UniverSity              B.a. Colgate UniverSity
                                                                                             M.a. hUnter College
Megan Lindner                                Maria Mulberry
Head Teacher, Kindergarten                   Spanish Teacher                                 Jacqueline Rosner
B.a. villanova UniverSity                    B.a. UniverSidad del valle                      Assistant Teacher, Lower School
M.a. hUnter College                                                                          B.a. BoWdoin College
                                             Danielle Ngo
Amy Loffman                                  Assistant Teacher, Class I                      Laura Sabo
Assistant Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten          B.S. neW york UniverSity                        Head Teacher, Class IV
B.S. SyraCUSe UniverSity                                                                     B.B.a. loyola College–Maryland
                                             Doug Nidzgorski
                                                                                             M.S. hUnter College
Frances Magenheimer                          Science Teacher
Learning Specialist                          B.a. BoSton College                             Dena Savarese
B.a. Manhattanville                          M.S.t. paCe UniverSity                          Assistant Teacher, Class II
M.ed. UniverSity of MaSSaChUSettS–BoSton                                                     B.S. Cornell UniverSity
                                             Marie O’Brien
                                                                                             M.S. hUnter College
Mariah Mauer                                 English Teacher
Physical Education Teacher                   B.a. College of the holy CroSS                  William Scarangella
B.S. St. John’S UniverSity                   M.a., ph.d. UniverSity of delaWare              Executive Chef and
Caroline Mazzaferro                          Fiona O’Doherty                                 Director of Food Service
                                                                                             a.o.S. the neW york reStaUrant SChool
Head Teacher, Class II                       Chair, Mathematics Department
B.a., M.ed. lehigh UniverSity                B.SC., higher dip. ed. national UniverSity of   Leighanne Scheuermann
                                                 ireland, galWay
Bryn McCarthy                                                                                Reading Specialist, Lower School
                                             nat. dip. regional teChniCal College, galWay
                                                                                             B.a. Baylor UniverSity
Assistant Teacher, Lower School
B.a. ConneCtiCUt College
                                             Kendra O’Dwyer                                  M.S.W. UniverSity of pennSylvania
                                                                                             M.a. teaCherS College of ColUMBia UniverSity
                                             Librarian, English Teacher
Margaret McCarthy                            B.a. davidSon College                           Kelly Sealy
Science Teacher                              M.a. ColUMBia UniverSity
                                                                                             Head Teacher, Class III
B.a. ColBy College
M.a. hUnter College
                                             Andrea Padilla                                  B.S. SaM hoUSton State UniverSity
                                                                                             M.a. UniverSity of phoenix
                                             School Nurse
Kristen McCarty                              B.S. BoSton College                             Michele Smith
Director of Saturday                                                                         Psychologist
                                             Jillian Pagliocca
Sports Program                                                                               B.a. neW york UniverSity
B.S. MerCyhUrSt College
                                             Language Arts, Classes VI & VII
                                                                                             M.a., ed.M. teaCherS College, ColUMBia UniverSity
                                             B.a. UniverSity of notre daMe
M.a. ColUMBia UniverSity                                                                     ph.d. fordhaM UniverSity
                                             M.a. BoSton College
Shawn McDermott                                                                              Matthew Speiser
                                             Sophia Petruzzelli
Head Teacher, Class I                                                                        History Teacher
B.a., M.ed. loyola College–Maryland
                                             Spanish Teacher
                                                                                             B.a. WilliaMS College
                                             B.a. Moravian College
                                                                                             M.a., ph.d. UniverSity of virginia
Frances McGoldrick
                                             Laura Pietropinto
Head Teacher, Class I                                                                        Audrey Suskind
                                             Artist In Residence
B.a. hUnter College
                                             B.a. ColUMBia UniverSity
                                                                                             Assistant Teacher, Kindergarten
M.S.t. fordhaM UniverSity                                                                    B.a. CUrry College
Veronica Szczygiel
Religious Studies Teacher
                                                    College Matriculation
B.a. Barnard College
                                                    Marymount prides itself on the rigor and success of its College
Kathleen Egan Taylor
                                                    Counseling program. The program is carefully adapted to the
Head Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten
a.a.S., B.S. SUny faShion inStitUte of teChnology   needs of each student, helping individual families understand
M.S. fordhaM UniverSity                             the procedures, opportunities, and complexities of the college
Christine Tesson                                    admissions process. It ensures that each Marymount senior finds
Chair, World Languages                              a college suited to her specific interests and abilities. Graduates
C.a.p. eCole norMale, franCe
B.a. UniverSity of SoUthern California–la           attend a broad range of institutions of higher learning including
M.a. USiU San diego                                 large universities, small colleges, and Ivy League. In addition
Sara Thorn                                          many enroll in highly specialized programs (e.g., art, engineering,
Latin Teacher                                       pre-med).
B.a. Bryn MaWr College
M.ed. UniverSity of virginia
                                                    Marymount graduates approximately forty-eight students each
Anne Townsend
                                                    year, all of whom continue their education at colleges and
Head Teacher, Class V
B.S. vanderBilt UniverSity                          universities throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.
Sarah Verasco                                       For the classes graduating from 2008 through 2012, the following
Music Teacher                                       are schools where two or more Marymount graduates have
B.M. UniverSity of MiChigan                         matriculated.
M.ed aMeriCan College of edUCation

Eric Walters                                        American University (3)                 Reed College (2)
Director of Technology                              Bard College (3)                        Rhode Island School of Design (2)
B.S. UniverSity of MaSSaChUSettS–loWell
                                                    Barnard College (5)                     Rollins College (2)
M.a. SUny–alBany
                                                    Boston College (9)                      Skidmore College (4)
Lesa Wang                                           Boston University (5)                   St. Joseph’s University (3)
Visual Arts Teacher                                 Brown University (4)                    SUNY, Purchase (2)
B.f.a. pratt inStitUte
                                                    Colgate University (2)                  Syracuse University (2)
Anthony Wartel                                      College of the Holy Cross (3)           Trinity College (3)
Director of Facilities                              Columbia University (2)                 Tulane University (5)
B.a. WilliaM paterSon College                       Connecticut College (6)                 University of Chicago (3)
B.S. neW JerSey inStitUte of teChnology
                                                    Cornell University (5)                  University of Delaware (2)
Kristin Webster                                     Dartmouth College (4)                   University of Michigan (5)
Latin Teacher                                       Davidson College (2)                    University of Notre Dame (2)
B.a. BUCknell UniverSity                            Drexel University (2)                   University of Pennsylvania (7)
M.a. ColUMBia UniverSity
                                                    Fordham University (5)                  University of Rochester (2)
Katie White                                         Franklin and Marshall College (3)       University of St Andrews,
Science Teacher                                     George Washington University (4)            Scotland (5)
B.S., M.a. Cornell UniverSity                       Georgetown University (6)               University of Texas (3)
Elizabeth Williamson                                Gettysburg College (2)                  University of Virginia (2)
Religious Studies Teacher,                          Harvard University (3)                  Villanova University (5)
Archives Assistant                                  Haverford College (2)                   Wesleyan University (2)
B.a., M.S. hUnter College                           Johns Hopkins University (2)            Wheaton College (2)
                                                    Lafayette College (2)                   Williams College (2)
Sr. Clevie Youngblood, RSHM
                                                    Lehigh University (3)
Chair, Religious Studies Department
B.a. the College of WilliaM and Mary                Macauley Honors College, CUNY (2)
M.a. City College of neW york                       Maryland Institute College of Art (2)
M.a. fordhaM UniverSity                             Middlebury College (2)
                                                    New York University (10)
                                                    Northwestern University (4)
                                                    Occidental College (3)
                                                    Providence College (3)
marymount school of new york
1026 F iFth Avenue   ne w Yo r k , nY 10028   TEl 212.744.4486   Fax 212.744.0163   w w w.mA rYm o u n t nYc.o r g

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