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					                                                                                                                                                          Cash Newsletter 1
                                                                                                                                                          July, 2011

                                                ENERGY EFFICIENT RENOVATION OF SOCIAL HOUSING

      First six months of action...
      For several years, the city of Echirolles (Fran-               the cities of Bridgend-UK, Brindisi-Italy, Echirol-            zing, ventilation, hot water system, airtightness,
      ce) has been focusing on Climate Change and                    les-France, Frankfurt-Germany, Les Mureaux-                    moisture flow control...? Which EE renovation
      sustainable development issues. A pioneer                      France, Eordea-Greece, Sonderborg-Denmark,                     approach to adopt - global or step-by-step?, are
      since 2004 with active involvement of citizens                 Tatabanya-Hungary, Utrecht-Netherlands, Yam-                   some of the issues discussed by partners at the
      in Agenda 21, signatory of the Covenant of                     bol-Bulgaria and the Rhône Alpes Regional                      1st seminar and detailed in the 1st Mini-guide
      Mayors in 2009, involved in local intelligent                  Council-France.                                                on Technological Development. The network
      energy forums, Echirolles wanted to go a step                                                                                 is now actively preparing its 2nd Mini-guide on
      forward and contribute, at European level, to                  In its Implementation phase (19.07.2010 –                      Legal Framework, presenting results from the
      proposing new practical and locally adapted                    19.01.2013), the network is developing 2 lines                 exchanges of the 2nd seminar, held in Brindisi,
      solutions and to promoting new policies for                    of action: the organization of 6 transnational                 Italy, in March 2011, highlighting strengths and
      the Energy Efficient (EE) renovation of social                 thematic seminars on EE renovation and the                     gaps in the coverage of specific EE topics by
      housing - including housing belonging to social                elaboration of local action plans (LAPs) with lo-              national, regional and local legal instruments,
      landlords and low income owners. This sha-                     cal support groups (ULSGs) to bring solutions                  as well as enabling factors and barriers. On
      red ambition gave birth to the European CASH                   to local city issues.                                          the ground, strategic axes of action - defined
      network of 11 partners from 9 European coun-                   First results, from activities covering the 1st se-            by the ULSGs on the basis of local issues and
      tries led by Echirolles.                                       mester 2011, are shared in this CASH Newsletter                needs - have been transposed into LAPs Ver-
      Belonging to the URBACT II projects, it gathers                N°1. Which technology to use for insulation, gla-              sion ‘0’ that the network is pleased to share.

                   News                                                                                                                                    Spotlight
      FIRST CASH Mini-Guide on Technological Development, June 2011                                                                                 Les Mureaux, France
      CASH mini-guide 2 on Technological Development                                                                                                CASH partner EE symposium Les
      gives an overview of existing and recent technolo-                                                                                            Mureaux’ (France) has organized
      gies used for energy efficient (EE) renovation. It                                                                                            in May 2011 a 2nd Symposium on
      gives - municipalities and other stakeholders - key                                                                                           Energy Efficiency (“2ème Colloque
      elements to focus on when renovating: envelope,                                                                                               sur l’Efficacité Energétique Seine-
      ventilation, energy production and monitoring. It                                                                                             Aval”). Several Power Point pre-
      also presents other issues discussed between CASH                                                                                             sentations on intelligent buildings
      partners during the transnational exchange held in                                                                                            and network are available on Les
      Utrecht (Netherlands), such as: certification of mate-                                                                                        Mureaux Web site:
      rials and buildings; labeling of buildings’ Energy per-                                                                             
      formance (e.g.: Passivhaus in Germany; BBC and                                                                                                php/Actualités?idpage=375&idme
      Effinergie in France); renovation approaches - global                                                                                         tacontenu=83145
      and step-by-step - . Examples of tools developed by
      CASH partners are illustrated (Rhône-Alpes Regio-
      nal Council Renovation Plan and Les Mureaux com-                                                                                              Rhône-Alpes Regional
      mon technical platform, in France; Mitros Renovation                  > Download the 1st CASH Mini-Guide on Techno-
      decision making tool, in Germany).                                    logical Development (June 2011).
                                                                                                                                                    Council, France
                                                                                                                                                    Rhône-Alpes Regional Council
      CASH article in The Parliament magazine, July 2011 :                                                                                          has adopted in December 2010 its
                                                                                                                                                    new housing policy with a budget
      ‘What is CASH about?’                                                                                                                         of 29 million Euros. Fundamen-
                                                                                                                                                    tal principles of this policy are in
                                                                            This article introduces to the 2 lines of actions of the                particular: the regional solidarity
                                                                            CASH network : one based on transnational exchan-                       towards the more fragile; energy
                                                                            ges on key ‘EE renovation of social housing units’                      efficiency aiming at reducing costs
                                                                            issues, through 6 thematic seminars organized by                        born by tenants and greenhouse
                                                                            partner cities, the other based on terrain implemen-                    gas emissions; inhabitants’ invol-
                                                                            tation of recommendations through local action plans                    vement. One of the major axis of
                                                                            led by each partner. It also informs about strategic                    this policy is the launch of an am-
                                                                            CASH deliverables: Miniguides, Final guide, LAP                         bitious regional energy renovation
                                                                            Compendium.                                                             plan, in favour of public and private
                                                                                                                                                    social housing, for the 2011-2013
                                                                            > Download the article.                                                 period. This plan, based upon the
                                                                                                                                                    regional partnership between Re-
                                                                                                                                                    gion, the French agency for Ener-
                                                                                                                                                    gy (ADEME) and the regional as-

          Thematic Seminar                                                                                                                          sociation of housing organisations
                                                                                                                                                    (ARRA-HLM) is being tuned up
                                                                                                                                                    into the Rhône-Alpes ‘Local action
                                                                                                                                                    plan’ within the frame of the Euro-
      1st CASH Thematic Seminar on Technological Development, Utrecht,                                                                              pean URBACT-CASH project. It
      Netherlands, January 27-28, 2011.                                                                                                             provides assistance and financial
                                                                                                                                                    support to public landlords and
      The 1st CASH thematic seminar on Technological                                                                                                co-ownerships, with the collabo-
      Development, held in Utrecht, Netherlands, on Ja-                                                                                             ration from Cities responsible for
      nuary 27-28, 2011, focused on presenting a ‘State of                                                                                          local housing policies. Objectives
      the Art’ of technological aspects: insulation, glazing,                                                                                       are to generalise the high energy
      ventilation, domestic hot water system, airtightness,                                                                                         performance, to anticipate ther-
      moisture flow control, taking into account the concept                                                                                        mal regulations and to develop a
      of ‘grey energy’. Discussions centered on which re-                                                                                           project management integrating
      novation approaches to adopt: ‘step-by-step’ or ‘glo-                                                                                         a multi-criteria approach, thanks
      bal’ and which energy performance targets to meet?.                                                                                           to the implementation of social,
      A field visit was organized to show examples of tech-                                                                                         technical and energy diagnostics.
      nologies used in social housing renovation. External                                                                                          Energy requirements have been
      cooperation with CECODHAS Housing Europe has                                                                                                  set up so that flexibility and capa-
                                                                            >> Read more                                                            city of adaptation are guaranteed
      been analyzed and links established between CASH
      partners and the national energy platforms of their                   > Download Report of the 1st Thematic seminar                           to operators. The common goal, a
      ‘Power House’ project. A session was dedicated to                     > Download Programme of the 1st Thematic Seminar                        minimum energy saving of 35%,
      the peer review of partners’ Local Action Plans (LAP)                 > Download Background paper for the 1st Thema-                          can be reached either with a step
      – version 0, defining key strategic axis of action.                   tic Seminar                                                             by step approach based on tech-
                                                                                                                                                    nical solutions or “work packages”
                                                                                                                                                    compatible with low-energy buil-
      1st CASH Implementation Phase meeting, Echirolles, France,                                                                                    dings standard, which will not kill
      September 30 –October 1st, 2010                                                                                                               future energy saving potential, or
                                                                                                                                                    with a global renovation reaching
      To launch the second phase of CASH project, a                         to fully share the implementation phase programme                       the low-energy consumption level
      meeting was organized with all partners in Echirol-                   (‘Final application phase 2’ report) and have the work                  (<80 kWh/m²/year) and obtaining
      les, France. The main purpose of the meeting was                      plan and communication plan validated by all 11 par-                    the French label BBC Effinergie
                                                                            tners from the 9 countries. Activities, outputs, admi-                  Renovation.
                                                                            nistrative and financial procedures were covered.
                                                                                                                                                    For more information on techni-
                                                                            >> Read more                                                            cal requirements, see http://www.
                                                                            > Download Report of the 1st CASH Implementa-                 
                                                                            tion Phase meeting
                                                                            > Download CASH Implementation Phase Work plan
                                                                            > Download Programme of the 1st CASH Imple-
                                                                            mentation phase meeting

                  Tools                                                                                                                                Local action
      Matrix to favour synergies between partners
                                                                            A grid synthesizing the Baseline study has been pro-                    CASH partners’ Local
                                                                            duced by Lead Partner to facilitate the establishment
                                                                            of linkages between partners on the basis of Energy                     Action Plans Version 0
                                                                            Efficiency (EE) themes. It highlights fields of experti-
                                                                            se of each city, areas which still require attention and
                                                                            /or specific strategy (i.e. Managing Authorities and
                                                                            LAPs’ targets) and topics with common actions de-
                                                                            serving closer cooperation between some partners.
                                                                            (see link below).

                                                                            > Download CASH matrix to favour synergies
                                                                            between partners.

      Tool from Lead Expert to perform                                                                                                              Version 0 of CASH partners’ Local
                                                                                                                                                    Action Plans identify the context,
      effective city visits                                                                                                                         key issues and define key strate-
                                                                                                                                                    gic axis of action (see synthesized
      CASH Lead expert has synthesized in his article the
                                                                                                                                                    version in ‘Read more’). These have
      adapted peer rewiew method developed within the
                                                                                                                                                    been discussed and reviewed
      CASH project. The URBACT Peer Review method,
                                                                                                                                                    between partners during a peer
      has been adapted for specific CASH needs: smaller
                                                                                                                                                    review session planned during the
      teams, very short and quick visits, and “energy effi-
                                                                                                                                                    1st CASH transnational Thematic
      ciency in social housing” Topic.
                                                                                                                                                    seminar in Utrecht (Netherlands).
      > Download the article.
                                                                                                                                                    >> Read more

          Partners’point of view
      Bridgend, UK                                                                                 red will enable us to make our                   Tatabanya, Hungary
      Peter Green, Affordable Housing Manager, Bridgend County Borough                             projects more credible. More                     Gábor Béla SZABÓ electrical
      Council, CASH Local Coordinator.                                                             specifically, the ADEME presen-                  engineer, member of ULSG of
                                                                                                   tation going into details of renova-             Tatabánya.
      CASH network is an opportunity                I am encouraged by the broad                   tion was interesting as well as the
      to learn what people are doing                view taken by the CASH Project                 monitoring.                                      There were a number of good
      and to see if and how I can use               to energy efficiency in the many               As I am not an energy techni-                    relevant practices presented du-
      it in my own situation. There are             forms of social housing, and to                cian, rather a housing strategy                  ring the first thematic seminar in
      several ideas that I will explore             fuel poverty. I am concerned that              and affordable housing manager,                  Utrecht. One of them was a social
      further, for example, having a                the urgency of the issue is not                I brought someone along who                      housing reconstruction visited du-
      competition between blocks on                 fully appreciated.                             knew more about techniques,                      ring the study tour. It gave inte-
      energy savings as presented with              In the past few months, we have                who would add to the seminar                     resting solutions, in line with the
      the example of Bari.                          started a multi-technological ap-              and who would appreciate the                     renovation and energy efficiency
      I increasingly realize that there is          proach. As we started with no                  discussions. My role is to keep                  reconstruction of social houses:
      the need for a driver or champion             knowledge, we wanted to see                    an overview, enable partnerships                 measuring systems of individual
      to promote a much broader view                what could be done during this                 and coordinate the actions to be                 energy and water consumption;
      of energy efficiency and savings.             seminar. The information gathe-                undertaken.                                      billing and paying made by the ac-
                                                                                                                                                    tual consumptions; heating central
                                                                                                                                                    controls set up by apartment; in-
      Brindisi, Italy                                                                                                                               dividual adjustments of the room
      Point of view from Mr Giacomo Massimo Ciullo, Deputy mayor, Brindisi.                        Some of them could be imple-
                                                                                                   mented in our methodology and                    temperature by radiator valves
                                                    proud to host a CASH meeting                   would be a good basis to work on                 which can be made by tenants;
      Brindisi expects an improvement
                                                    in Brindisi focusing on legal fra-             our local « translation plan in Brin-            apartments heated individually by
      of knowledge, methodology and
                                                    mework in April 2011.                          disi. This is a democratic process               central heating gas fired boilers
      mostly of new models of manage-
                                                    CASH meeting in Utrecht (The                   involving people and that’s the                  completed with modern Stirling
      ment for public housing. We are
                                                    Netherlands) proved how useful                 challenge we would like to win!:                 engines. These solutions are good
      looking forward to experience a
                                                    it could be to exchange methods                to give people knowledge and to-                 examples for reducing the costs of
      pilot project which can synthetize
                                                    and technological approaches,                  ols to understand environmental                  electricity.
      all good practices we are exchan-
      ging here. Furthermore, we are                so different for cultural reasons.             priorities.

           Lead Partner                             Brindisi                                                                               Tatabanya                     Yambol

Lead Partner: Thierry Monel, Ville Echirolles, France., / Lead Coordinator: Sophie Moreau, Ville Echirolles, France., Tel: 33 (0) 6-67846699

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