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 MANY OPPORTUNITIES – VENTURE to the EAST                   Application Form
                                             General Information

AIESEC is an international organization, which operates in more than 80 countries, only 3 of them speak
German as the official language. As English is the official language of AIESEC please complete this application
form in English.

This application consists of 3 parts:

1.   Personal information and background e.g. Education and languages.
2.   Your preferences should you be selected for a traineeship.
3.   Short answer questions.

This application is a source of information, which will assist AIESEC in considering your suitability for
participation in an AIESEC MOVE Exchange. Failure to supply the requested information may prejudice
AIESEC’s ability to assess your suitability for the exchange program.

Such information may be kept as part of AIESEC’s exchange records. You are entitled to access this
information upon request to any AIESEC Executive Board member.


Before submitting your application, please include the following?
Incomplete Applications won’t be accepted.

    Application form
    CV (English, on CD and printed)
    Academic record (current Sammelzeugnis)
    Supporting documentation for additional qualifications (e.g. confirmation letters and certificates about
     your working experience and/or other additional qualifications and traineeships)
    Signed Student Contract

                                                                                           Page 1
                                                                    Application Form

Part 1. General Information

 Home Address:                                        Study Address:

 Phone #:                                             Phone #:
 Fax #:                                               Fax #.
 E-Mail:                                              E-mail:
 Web Page:                                            Date of Birth:         (dd-mm-yyyy)
                                                      Place of Birth:
 Name & phone number of person to be notified         Nationality:
 in case of an emergency:                             Passport #:
 Name:                                                University:
 Phone #:                                             Gender:

Please read all explanations carefully & answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and
truthfully, thank you.

Part 2. Which Programme are you interested in? (you can chose only one programme!)
     Management Traineeship – You have the opportunity to work in a company, NGO, government,
university or other organisation and to spend the majority of your time working in areas related to
management. These areas may include finance, accounting, marketing, project management, organisational
management or human resources.

      Development Traineeship – You have the opportunity to work in a company, NGO, government,
university or organisation and to spend the majority of your time working on community development,
charitable work and social issues. These traineeships can also include language teaching traineeships.

   Technical Traineeship – You have the opportunity to work in a company, NGO, government, university
or organisation and to spend the majority of your time working on information technology projects.
Technical skills, experience and expertise are required to participate in this type of traineeship.

Part 3. University Education
     Universities                       Years of Study     Course of Study               (expected)

                                                                                       Page 2
Degree in current studies:   Undergraduate   Bachelor    Masters

                                                        Page 3
Part 4A. List of Regions

Below is the list of regions from which you can select. The regions you select from this list are binding
and they will be entered on your final form if you are selected. Your level of flexibility is a very
important selection criteria.

When you select a region you must be willing to go to ANY of the countries in that region.
However, you are permitted to name 2 countries in the selected regions (not including Austria) to which
you are not willing to go – valid reasons must also be provided. This will also be binding.

Please note that the regions are grouped by AIESEC administrative groups and therefore, please check
that your understanding of the countries in that region is the same as that of AIESEC. A list of the countries
that make up the regions is on the next page.

There are countries in the world with extremely delicate political situations (see foreign ministry website)
and if you are matched to a country where you may be in danger you will not be expected to go there.
So, if there is a region containing such countries, but which also contains other countries where you
would be willing to go then please do not avoid selecting the whole region as particular situations such
as these will be taken into account.

 Please indicate your regional preferences here. All the countries within the region you choose will be
 considered when finding a match through our online-database Insight2.
     World: I don’t mind being matched to any part of the world
By Geographical Region
     Entire African Region              North Africa                       West Africa English Speaking
     English speaking Africa            South East Africa                  West Africa French Speaking

     Entire Americas Region             Central America                    North America
     Caribbean                          Latin America                      Northern South America
                                                                           Southern South America
     Entire Asia-Pacific Region         Greater China                      Oceania
     English Speaking Asia              North Asia                         South Asia Sub-Continent
                                                                           South-East Asia
    Entire European Region              Western Europe                     French Speaking Europe
    Balkans                             Eastern Europe                     German Speaking Europe
    Baltic Europe                       Former Soviet Union                Greater Scandinavian
    Central Europe                      Former Soviet Union                Mediterranean Region
By Language
    English Speaking World              French Speaking World              Spanish Speaking World
By Trade Zone
     APEC                               Mercosur                           ASEAN
     NAFTA                              ECOWAS                             European Union

Countries NOT accepted and why?: (no more than 2)

                                                                                             Page 4
Note: Please ensure you read carefully ALL the countries which are contained in the regions you
choose. If you are matched to one of them, and you have not listed it in the “not accepted country list”
above, you cannot reject the traineeship on the grounds of the country. Naturally, as stated above, if a
delicate politicial situation exists in that country (see foreign ministry website), this will be taken into account.

    Balkans:                                Bosnia-Herzogovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia (FYRO),
                                            Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Yugoslavia
    Baltic Europe:                          Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
    Central Europe:                            Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia (FYRO), Poland,
                                                Slovakia, Switzerland
    Western Europe:                         The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland
    Eastern Europe:                         Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia (FYRO),
                                            Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine
    Former Soviet Union:                    Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine
    French speaking Europe:                 Belgium, France, Switzerland
    German Speaking Europe:                 Germany, Switzerland
    Greater Scandinavia:                    Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
    Mediterranean Region:                   Bosnia Herzogovina, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal,
                                            Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Yugoslavia

Part 4B. Summer Traineeship Countries

According to experience that we have had in previous years, most students would prefer to go for a
short term traineeship (2-3 months) during the summer holidays. We have such a high demand for
traineeships over the summer period that it leads to difficulties in delivery. In addition to this, a lot of
countries only offer long term traineeships (6+ months).

To avoid misunderstandings and frustration due to unrealistic expectations on your side, we have listed
below the countries that have the most short term traineeships available over summer:

In Europe:

Of course we will try our best to find a suitable traineeship for you according to your choices in Part 4A,
however, the countries that you select in Part 4B will be used as a backup and doing this greatly increases
your chances of getting a traineeship on time. We are counting on your flexibility and openmindedness!
With MOVE you have to start your traineeship between April and Juli 2004


                                                                                               Page 5
Part 5. Academic & Working Requirements:
 Academic and/or Working Backgrounds (select 20 maximum)
 Please cross ‘A’ if you have gained this experience through your study
 Please cross ‘W’ if you have gained this experience through your working experience
 Plesae cross both ‘A’ & ‘W’ if you have gained experience through study and working experience

 A W Accounting                                      A W Finance
     Auditing                                            Banking
     Cost Accounting                                     Financial planning & budgeting
     Financial Accounting                                Insurance
     Introductory Accounting                             International Financial Management
     Managerial Accounting                               Introductory Finance
     Social accounting                                   Investment & Security Analysis
     Social and ethical auditing and reporting
     Taxation                                        A W Human Resources
                                                         Advanced HR management
 A W Business Administration                             Industrial relations
     Corporate-community engagement                      International resource management
     Event management                                    Introductory HR Management
     Hotel & Restaurant Management                       Organizational behavior
     Industrial Management                               Personnel evaluation
     International Management                            Recruitment and allocation
     Introductory Management/ Business Admin.            Training and development
     Law & Business Law
     Organisational Management & Planning            A W Information Technology
     Project Management                                    Database management
     Tourism                                               Network management and data
     Transportation / Distribution Management       transmission
                                                           Software development and programming
 A W Development Studies                                   System Analysis and Design
     Advanced Development Studies                          Web development and management
     Introductory Development Studies
                                                     A W Marketing
 A W Economics                                           Advertising & Public Relations
     Developmental Economics                             Consumer & Buyer Behaviour
     Economic Research & Forecasting                     Import - Export
     Environmental Economics                             International Marketing
     International Trade & Balance of Payment            Introductory Marketing
     Introductory Economics                              Market Evaluation & Research
     Macroeconomics                                      Product Planning, Development & Control
     Microeconomics                                      Retail & Sales Marketing
     Monetary Economics & Public Finance
     Political Science                               A W Other Studies
     Statistics                                          Chemical Engineering
                                                         Civil Engineering
 A W Education                                           Electrical Engineering
     Advanced Education                                  Electronic Engineering
     International Education                             Industrial Engineering
     Introductory Education                              Introductory Engineering
     Linguistics/Languages                               Introductory Mathematics
                                                         Mechanical Engineering
                                                         Social Science

                                                                                Page 6
Page 7
Part 6. Skills
Please select the skills you have. In the case of computer languages, a competent knowledge of the
language is required. Therefore, please provide some PROOF of your knowledge in these areas.

Computer                                             Network management and data transmission
   Internet Users skills                                IPX
   Mac User skills                                      LAN (local area network)
   PC User Skills                                       Novell netware
Databases                                               WAN (wide area network)
   DB/2                                                 WAP
   Microsoft Access                                  Operating Systems
   Microsoft SQL Server                                 AS/400
   Oracle                                               Dos
   Paradox                                              MacOS
   Sybase                                               Unix
Development Tools                                       Windows 95/98
   Database design tools                                Windows NT/2000
   Delphi                                               X-Windows
   Other development tools
   Powerbuilder                                      Personal Skills & Knowledge
   Visual Basic                                          Community Development
   Visual Studio                                         Drivers license
   Visual/Borland C++                                    First Aid
   Web development tools
                                                     Professional Skills
ERP                                                     Financial Management skills
   Baan                                                 Leadership skills
   PeopleSoft                                           Marketing / Selling skills
   SAP                                                  Presentation skills
                                                        Project Management
Graphics                                                Team Management
   3D Max                                               Training/ Facilitating skills
   Corel Draw                                        Programming skills
   Macromedia director                                   4GL
   Photoshop                                            ASP
   Shockwave Flash                                      C
Groupware                                               COBOL
   Lotus Notes/Domino                                   FORTRAN
   MS Exchange                                          HTML
   Novell Groupwise                                     Java

                                                                                    Page 8
Part 6. Fields of Experience

Fields of Experience Preferred: Please select the fields of work/experience you are interested in:
The more the better
    Accounting                                                 Finance
    Business Administration                                    Development Studies
    Information Technology                                     Education
    Economics                                                  Human Resources
    Marketing                                                  Other Studies

Refuse minimum two Fields of Experience NOT accepted: (no more than 2)

Part 7. Length of Traineeship

     Minimum Length of Traineeship:      Weeks (Note: absolute minimum is 8)
     Maximum Length of Traineeship:      Weeks (Note: absolute maximum is 78)
    Note: There must be a minimum of 3 weeks between your minimum and maximum length of

       Earliest Start Date (day/mon/yr.):
       Latest Start Date (day/mon/yr.):
       Latest End Date (day/mon/yr.):

NOTE: For the MOVE programme you have to have your traineeship during the designated period
(starting March-July and ending latest in September 2004). If you fail to meet these requirements -
especially the END DATE, it might not be possible to finish the course.

                                                                                           Page 9
Part 8. Languages

Which languages are you able to speak? How do you estimate your knowledge of the language?
Please cross the level that you estimate your language ability to be in each language. If your native language
is not German, please cross N against your native language, otherwise, German will be taken as your
native language.

A level: This indicates an excellent ability in the language, with smooth speech, few grammatical errors, reading
of text with ease, an excellent understanding of native speakers and the ability to address a number of varied

B level: This indicates a good ability in the language. Speech contains some grammatical errors and is
occasionally hesitant with mispronunciations. You are able to understand native speakers with some
clarifications and a reduction of speed. Reading of text is relatively slow as is writing speed.

C level: This indicates a basic level in the language.

If you wish the language to be listed in your profile and therefore used in finding you a traineeship, you must be
tested - please mark this beside the language, in the test section. Please note that if you are not tested in
the language, it cannot be taken into consideration in finding you a traineeship.
TOEFL and Cambridge results taken within the last 12 months are valid and can be converted into our grading
system. Please provide a copy of your TOEFL results if you wish to do this. University diploma exams taken
within the last 12 months can also be taken into account. (Notes 1-2 = level A, notes 3-4 = level B – if you have
only achieved level B, we would strongly recommend that you take part in the tests)

Our language tests are kindly provided by Berlitz Language Schools.
Retesting is available, if desired, at a later date after selection, as well as language courses to improve your
ability are available at their language centres. Please contact your AIESEC representative for further details.

Language                Level                                                    Test required? Certificate?
GERMAN                     N                A            B             C
ENGLISH                    N                A            B             C
FRENCH                     N                A            B             C
SPANISH                    N                A            B             C
ITALIAN                    N                A            B             C
                            N               A            B             C
                            N               A            B             C

Part 9: Short Answer Questions

Please keep your answers to the point and no longer than 200 words. If you have a paper copy of the form,
please type your answers to questions 1-17 on a separate piece of paper and attach to the form.
      Answers written by hand will not be accepted!

1. How did you hear about the AIESEC Traineeship Program?

2. What do you expect to gain from the MOVE Programme? (Please address the following aspects:
professional development, cultural interaction, knowledge & involvement in global & local issues).

                                                                                           Page 10
3. To your knowledge, what are the values and goals of AIESEC and its traineeship program and how
do you, as a representative of AIESEC in Austria, see yourself contributing to this if you are selected
for a traineeship programme?

4. Have you been on an AIESEC Traineeship before? If so, how did you benefit from it?

5. How could you use the experience of your traineeship when you return to have a positive impact on
the environment around you?

6. Where do you see yourself in ten years and how can an AIESEC traineeship help you to realise this

7. Have you worked for a voluntary organisation before? If so, where, what role did you have and
what did you learn from it?

8. Describe a situation where you had to extend yourself to a major challenge or personal goal. What
was the challenge or goal and what did you do to extend yourself?

9. Describe a time you have failed to achieve what you set out to. What went wrong and how did you
deal with this? What would you do differently next time?

10. Give a brief outline of your view on internationalism and the responsibility of youth in a global

                                                                                    Page 11
11. Please enter the working experience you have had here.
Please enter any relevant work experience you have had.
    Organisation                Title                      Responsibilities           Duration (Months)

What were your learning experiences?

12. Have you been abroad for a long period?
    Where?                        When?             How long?           Why?

And what were your learning experiences?

13. Other extra curricular activities (interests, hobbies, sports etc.) and level of involvement:

14. Why should we exactly take you? Which extra qualifications do you have?

Selection Information:

The deadline for applications is: 17.02.2004

Language tests are: 19.-20.02.2004 in writing ( you will get an exact date on time)

The assessment centres are: from 23.02.2004 till 25.02.2004 ( you will get an exact date on time – see

                                                                                       Page 12
schedule on our homepage or in the front of our office) – write your three preferences

                                                                                         Page 13

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