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									    HMIC - RAISING THE
    STANDARD                    ACTION                        OWNER         PROGRESS/OUTCOME STATUS


    Structure of Professional   (1) Review current            Head of PSD   (1) and (2) already being
    Standards Departments       Hampshire Constabulary                      addressed through the
                                PSD committee structure
    (PSDs) and                  against HMIC thematic
                                                                            “Way Forward” action
    Professional Standards      report – Police Integrity:                  plan. Updates on
    Committees                  Securing and                                structure will be within
                                Maintaining Public                          that action plan..
    Page 35                     Confidence 1999
                                (It was through this report
                                that PSD came into
                                being). Link to action plan
                                on HMIC inspection of
                                Hampshire Constabulary
                                           (2) Review structure of
                                           Hampshire Constabulary
                                           PSD against Association
                                           of Chief Police Officers
                                           (ACPO( document A
                                           Professional Standards
                                           Department: Guidance
                                           on Philosophy,
                                           Structure and Resource
                                           Implications 2003 -
                                           Bench mark for how PSDs
                                           should be structured.

    ACPO should lead a project to          Await outcome of
    establish and promulgate a             recommendation             National
    standard template for the
    structure, functions and               (national)
    terminology used within
    professional standards, having
    regard to, and in anticipation of,
    the restructuring of the Service
    into strategic police forces. (page

    It is suggested that, in the revised   First part is national     PSD Operations
    ACPO PSD guidance, the role of      action.                Manager
    a professional standards
    committee is defined to enable
    forces to ensure that their own
                                        Suggestion re
    strategic groups address            professional
    professional standards issues       standards sub groups
    appropriately. It is further        at Operation
    suggested that all forces develop   Command Unit
    professional standards subgroups
    at basic command unit (BCU) level
                                        (OCU) level to be
    to improve communication            discussed with OCU
    between BCUs and PSDs.              Superintendents, who
                                        are responsible for
    Page 43                             PS.

    Use of independent advisory         To be progressed     PSD Operations
    groups (IAGS) page 45               within Hampshire     Manager
5   Proportionality test and good       None required.
    practice of Cambridgeshire re       Assessment process
    assessment                          in Hampshire is now  Supt Operations   Ongoing Process
    Page 47                             key role for Office
                                        Manager. Complaints
                                        are returned to OCU
    Assessing the complaint – see       for Local Resolution
    page 71                             (LR) or passed to
                                        PSD Investigating
                                        Officer for formal
                                        investigation. The
                                      team leader
                                      (Detective Chief
                                      Inspector) agrees
                                      terms of reference
                                      with Investigating
                                      Officer (IO) to ensure
                                      investigation to level
                                      of complaint.
    National Intelligence Model       NIM is being             Head of PSD   PSD Operations
    (NIM)– generic strategic          progressed within                      Intelligence Cell (OIC)
    intelligence assessments of all   Hampshire, Tasking       DCI - PSD     nearing completion with
    professional standards matters    and Co-ordinating        Operations    one member of staff to
    to be included, driving pro-      Group (TCG) process                    be selected
    activity throughout business.     already showing                        (Researcher).
                                      progress re
    Thames Valley Police              integrating                            Tactical TCG process
    (TVP)good practice – NIM          intelligence across                    Functioning.
    based upon up to date             departments. New
    strategic assessment and          establishment of                       Strategic TCG process
    control strategy, tactical        detectives will enable                 begins July 2006.
    assessments                       the force to fully
                                      embed NIM through
    Page 49                           proactive capability.

    All forces should embed the NIM   DCI Operations to
    across every aspect of            note and consider
    professional standards and have
    direct and robust links between   contact with TVP re
                                      their TCG process.
    professional standards              Also locate document
    departments and the core            Ethical Standards
    business processes of the force.
    (page 50)
                                        within the Police
                                        Service: Corruption
                                        Involving Collusion
                                        with Criminals
                                        (National Criminal
                                        Intelligence Service

    Accessing the complaints               1. Consider           PSD Operations
    system.                                    access points,    Manager
    Page 63                                    3rd party
                                               reporting (Supt
    Chief officers should establish        2. Review
    methods of testing processes,              website re
    systems and staff, for example by
    using mystery shoppers, to ensure          complaints info
    that they are able to record and           (Management
    process complaints against the             assistant)
    police in a timely and efficient       3. Tactical option
    manner. (page 69)                      for TCG (Supt
    Confidential reporting lines        Progress                 DCI - PSD        Funding of £6.5K
    page 69.                            Crimestoppers line       Operations       approved with a start
                                                (DCI Ops).                               date of 04/09/06. This
                                                                                         includes e-mail facility
9     Local resolution. Page 78
     Identify OCU champions – to                Forms part of role of                    Action to be lead by
     include training, developing               OCU Professional         DCI Strategic   newly created (12/07/06)
     supervisors, monitoring and                Standards Supts – for                    DCI Strategic role.
     promotional work within OCU                discussion with them
     and among external
     stakeholders                               For training input to
                                                Chief Inspectors
                                                (consider TO
     Threats to the service page                Members of TCG to        DCI – PSD       Our first assessment will
     105                                        note.                    Operations      be March 2007. This
                                                                                         action has not been
     Strategic threat assessments, at both      For PSD Ops to                           taken for three years.
     local and national levels, should be       progress updated                         The delay is to allow
     completed by all forces in accordance
     with the timescales and reporting
                                                strategic threat                         meaningful trends and
     periods set by the National Criminal       assessment.                              patterns to emerge from
     Intelligence Service (NCIS) (or by                                                  the new TCG/NIM
     NCIS’s replacement, the Serious            DCI Ops to consider                      process.
     Organised Crime Agency).                   content of chapter 4 –
     Assessments should draw on
     intelligence from, and subsequently
     inform, all the business areas within
     the professional standards
     environment, including complaints,
     civil actions, claims against the force,
     security issues and vetting. (page
     Subject to the findings from the pilot,    No action required
11   Centrex,2 in agreement with the            locally.                National action
     ACPO PSC (ACPO’s Counter-
     Corruption Advisory Group),
     should develop a nationally
     accredited course for anti-corruption
     staff to cover the skills areas specific
     to the role. (Page 111)

     ACPO and the Home Office should            To be included in       PSD analyst
     ensure that there is a Co-ordinated        strategic assessment
     approach to the ongoing research
     into the disproportionate number of
                                                statistics on a
     investigations conducted into officers     quarterly basis – PSD
     from black and ethnic minority             analyst
     backgrounds. (page 117)
     Lawful business monitoring                 Paragraph 4.62 to be Personnel and
     page 119                                   noted by control room Superintendent –
                                                and personnel dept,    call handling
                                                to consider any action
                                                required locally and
                                                report back to PSD
                                                TCG (Supt Ogden)
14   Rec 8
     Forces should cease to use executive       Hampshire                                 Head of PSD to oversee
     authorities and – depending on the
     circumstances – either utilise the
                                                Constabulary to         Head of PSD       all applications.
     existing Regulation of Investigatory       consider need to
     Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) legislation to    withdraw Executive
     authorise surveillance methods or        Authority procedure
     use lawful business monitoring
     methods. (page 120)

15   Rec 9
     Forces should apply the full effect of   Review section and     Head of Information
     the Telecommunications (Lawful           advise of any action   Compliance
     Business Practice) (Interception of
     Communications) Regulations 2000
                                              required               Unit/Information
     to all monitoring or recording of                               Assurance and
     transmissions on telecommunication                              Security Manager
     systems used wholly or partly for
     Service business, unless authority for
     such action is granted
     by RIPA. (page 120)

16                                                                                         Following IPCC
     Referral of corruption offences          DCI Operations to      DCI – PSD             Guidance meeting
     Para 4.66 and para 4.67                  assess process being   Operations            arranged on 27/07/06
     Page 120                                 applied in Hants to                          with commissioner to
                                              meet mandatory                               seek advice and
                                              requirement, and                             expectations.
                                              consider impact of
                                              referring to an IAG
     Field Intelligence Officer (FIO)         DCI Operations to      DCI – PSD
     role re business monitoring              consider when          Operations
     para 4.79 page 124                       determining role of
                                              Field Intelligence
     Operational security re                    Refer to Head of CID     Head of CID
     intelligence handling in the               to note and provide
     force                                      view on introduction
     Para 4.90 page 127                         of a dedicated
     Rec 10                                     OperationsSecurity
     Chief officers should review their         (OPSY) post in
     operational security arrangements to       Hampshire.
     guarantee that measures are in place
     to ensure the integrity and
     confidentiality of sensitive information
     and that operational security is
     thoroughly maintained. (page 128)

19   Page 130 para 4.97
     Amnesty on inappropriate e                 TCG to consider in       Head of PSD           Global message issued
     mail                                       light of previous case                         to force
                                                of Op Crianza

20                                                                       Head of Information
     Transaction monitoring page                Managers to note         Compliance
     131                                                                 Unit/Information
                                                                         Assurance and
     Chief officers should review audit                                  Security Manager
     arrangements currently in place in
     respect of IT systems and put in
     place measures to ensure that all
     internal systems are both capable of
     audit and audited in order to prevent
     unauthorised access and information
21                                                                    Information
     Vetting and vulnerabilities page Manager to note                 Assurance and
     134 -141                         section.                        Security
                                              Personnel dept and      Dept
                                              recruiting to note
     Substance misuse policy 4.133            DCI Investigations to                        Draft procedure
                                              note and locate copy    DCI Investigations   prepared and will be
     In view of the recent legislation and    of revised ACPO                              submitted to ACPO
     the threat posed to the Service by       guidance –                                   group. Previous budget
     drug misuse, forces should now be
     treating the area of drug testing as a
                                              Substance Misuse                             bid not successful, new
     professional standards priority. They    and Testing: Policy                          bid to be submitted.
     should have fully human-rights           and Guidance
     compliant and integrated policies in     Document
     place no later than January 2007.
                                              To progress
                                              implementation of
                                              force procedure, to
                                              achieve target date
                                              Jan 2007
     Service confidence                       Already in place –       DCI Operations      To be reviewed by
     All forces should have a service         DCI Operations to                            01/10/06
     confidence policy in place by            review procedure to
     January 2007.
                                              check it remains fit for
     Unsatisfactory Performance     (For Director of        Personnel (Mr Love)
     Procedure (UPP), grievance     Personnel and Force
     procedure, employment          solicitor to note       PSD analyst
     tribunals (ETs) and civil      section).               (quarterly strategic
     actions - section 5 page 148                           assessment data)
                                    TCG strategic
                                    assessment to
                                    include data on
                                    employment tribunals
                                    (PSD Ops, analyst)

                                    Lessons learnt from
                                    grievances to be
                                    passed by Personnel
                                    for PSD
                                    learning matrix

                                    5.46 calls for review
                                    of use of mediators
                                    and an update of
                                    grievance procedures
                                    as per Home Office
                                    2004 Fairness at
                                    Work – Personnel to
                                    provide update to
                                    TCG on Hampshire
     The Home Office should determine a       For national action     National             National action
     nationally    agreed     grievance
     procedure. (page 159)

     Page 160 – role of Police                Head of PSD to seek     Head of PSD
     Authorities to oversee                   confirmation from PA
     grievance procedure and ETs              whether this function
                                              sits with Personnel
                                              Panel, or the
                                              Standards Panel

     Police Staff section 6                   Director of Personnel   Not yet known
                                              to note section.
     Staff welfare section 7                  For allocation to PSD
     Rec 13                                   and Personnel to        PSD office manager
     Chief officers should review all forms   action                  (re police
     used in misconduct proceedings and
     unsatisfactory performance
     procedures to ensure that they are fit
     for purpose, contain all the necessary                           Graham Love (re
     information, and comply with                                     police staff
     employment legislation and police                                misconduct and
     regulations. (Page 189)
                                                                      police UPP)
29   14. The Police Superintendents’           National action     National   National
     Association of England and Wales
     should, in collaboration with police
     forces, explore the option of
     introducing a cadre of retired
     superintendents whose services
     could be employed on a retainer
     basis as friends. (page 198)

     15. Centrex should clarify its policies   Centrex             Centrex    Centrex
     and procedures concerning seconded
     members and work to improve the
     information provided before induction
     and increase the level of awareness
     among staff of their personal and
     professional responsibilities following
     16 The Home Office should review          National            National   National
     the legislation relating to officers on
     secondment to achieve transparency,
     clarity and consistency. Secondments
     should be subject to central
     registration and recording. (page 211)

     Learning the lessons

     Section 8
                                                                   National   National

     17 The Independent Police                 National
     Complaints Commission (IPCC)              recommendation re
should, in consultation with ACPO,      PIs and recording
the Home Office, the Association of     practices
Police Authorities (APA) and key
stakeholders, agree a national
standard for the recording of
complaints and a programme of
implementation and monitoring of
compliance, without adding
unnecessary layers of bureaucracy or
other impediments to improving
police performance. (page 226)

18. ACPO should work in partnership
with the IPCC, the APA, HMIC and
other stakeholders in the design and
implementation of a robust and
transparent performance framework
which is subject to routine internal
and     external    oversight    and
monitoring. (page 227)

19. ACPO, APA, IPCC, the Home
Office and HMIC, as the key
stakeholders in the implementation of
this thematic’s recommendations,
should    establish    a   dedicated
implementation group to regularly
review the progress of recommended
action and address any barriers to
implementation. (page 256)

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