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									                                                                  December 2011 Edition
 Inside this Issue:
A Message From     2     Chamber Christmas Party December 15th
Your Chamber
                          "It is a fair, even-handed, noble ad-
Upcoming           2     justment of things, that while there
Dates of                 is infection in disease and sorrow,
Interest                 there is nothing in the world so
                         irresistibly contagious as laughter
Work Source        3
Oregon Crook
                         and good-humor."
County Labor             A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
                         The Christmas Party is being held at
Prineville         3     the new OSU/COCC Open Campus
Economic                 building. All members; their em-
Development              ployees, spouse, significant other, or
                         a guest are invited to attend.
Event              4-5
                         Enjoy food and beverages & door
                         prizes. Come one, come all and
Smart Phone        6     celebrate the season with the
Apps - Does Your         Chamber.
Business Need
                         Please join us
Images of     8- 9       December 15th, 2011 at 5:30pm
Member Events            OSU/COCC Open Campus Building,
                         510 Southeast Lynn Boulevard
My Town            10
By Kara Becker

EVENTS                                    HOSTING OPPORTUNITY!
BBB Making an      12
                                                  HOST THE
Impact in the                          PRINEVILLE CROOK COUNTY
                                          CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
CASA               14                 MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP LUNCH
                             Don’t miss this opportunity! Spots are filling up FAST !
                                            Reserve Your Date Now!
Christmas Parade 16             Call Jamie at the Chamber for more details 541-447-6304
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                        A Message From Your Chamber CEO
                                       WE’RE BETTER THAN WE’VE EVER BEEN
                         As we approach the end of the year I’ve been looking back over my shoulder
                         to take a look at where we’ve been and how far we have come. Our commu-
                         nity has weathered some extremely difficult times but the lessons we have
                         learned I believe have actually made us better and stronger.

                         The media have often played on our unemployment rate but they never seem
                         to look at those who have changed and grown during this same period.
                         Don’t misunderstand me I’m not proposing that we ignore the reality of our
                         times but I see the business community pulling together even more than we
                         have in the past. We have all learned to look harder at what and how we do
      Bill Gowen         business. We have been inventive and resourceful, driven by the environ-
     Chamber CEO         ment. We are better at what we do; we’re lean, tough and willing to stretch
                         to reach farther than we did in the past.

                         Someone recently asked if I thought if I just wished for a better future it
                         would happen. I was embarrassed that they would think that of me but it
                         got me to thinking. NO, I don’t believe that foolishness but I do believe that
                         putting a foot down where I have not walked before will lead to a different
                         destination. Those of us who are the fortunate 85% of the workforce who
                         are keeping the financial engine for this community running have set our
                         eyes on a different target. We are slowly beginning to pull back from the
                         edge that we have seen many of our contemporaries slip over. Our new tar-
                         get is carefully measured growth from a position of stability.

                         I have seen us turn to each other and learn from the experiences of our com-
                         munity partners. We share our new hard earned knowledge. This commu-
                         nity has a well deserved reputation for “circling the wagons” when things are
                         tough. When I speak to the media they have a hard time grasping the fact
                         that we are together and stronger for it versus going it alone to a lesser goal.

                         You’re stronger smarter, sharper and more inventive than you have ever
                         been and I congratulate you.
                         The Chamber staff and I look forward to supporting and advocating for you
                         in 2012 as you continue to grow.

                         We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

                                Upcoming Dates Of Interest

    December 19 - 30        No School, Winter Break.
    Monday, December 26, 2011 Christmas Day Observed. Better get to the Bank on Friday!
    Monday, January 2, 2012 New years Day Observed. Happy New Year!

              Want to know exactly how long it is until Christmas?

                          Follow this link:: http://www.xmasclock.com/
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                           Inside Story Headline

Population Growth in Crook County

This year Crook County has 20,855 residents, 165 fewer than
resided in the county in 2010. It is one of 11 Oregon counties
that lost residents over the last year. It is the third year in a
row that the county lost population.

Crook County Unemployment Rates

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 15.8 percent
in October, unchanged from September’s revised rate of 15.8
percent. One year ago, in October 2010, the rate in Crook
County was 17.9 percent.
Crook County’s total nonfarm employment declined by 70
jobs compared with October 2010. This is the smallest over-
the-year job loss reported in 2011. The largest privatesector
job loss occurred in construction (-70). On the other hand,
local government added 130 jobs over the last year.

         Website & Facebook Page Breakdown

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                                                      countries, accessing 5,590 individual pages. What
                                                                              email address, web address.
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                                                      Visitors spent on average 2:50itminutesyou want itsite, look-
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                                                      75.22% of visitors wereAnn at info@visitprineville.com
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  At The Pine             Event Calendar
Opening Day Movies will   December 7, 2011     American Red Cross Blood Drive
                                               1-800-733-2767 for appointment
     play 2 weeks.
                                                Start:           9:00 am
 Older Movie titles
                                                End:             2:30 pm
 will play 1 week.
                                                Venue:           Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day
                                                Phone:           1-800-733-2767

                                                Address:         NE 2nd and Idlewood,

                          December 8, 2011     Holiday Gathering at the Carriage
                                               In appreciation for all that you do, join us at Carriage House
                                               for a casual get- together and enjoy holiday refreshments and
                                                Start:                5:00 pm

 Happy Feet Upstairs                            End:                  8:00 pm

                                                Venue:                Carriage House
Friday 9th
4:10, 7:30                                      Phone:                541-416-0500
Sat 10th
1:10, 4:10, 7:30                                Address:              150 S. Williamson Drive,
Sun 11th
1:10, 4:10, 7:30
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
4:10, 7:30                                     St. Joseph’s Celebration
                          December 10, 2011    A celebration hosted by the Catholic Church, celebrating
                                               Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mother Mary). Open to the
                                               Information: Mayra Salazar
                                                Start:     8:00 am

                                                End:       5:00 pm

                                                Venue:     Crook County Fairgrounds Carey Foster
                                                Phone:     541-390-0757

                                                Address: 1280 S. Main St

Friday 9th
 4:00, 7:00
                          December 14, 2011 “Light Up A HospitalCeremony
                                            Pioneer Memorial       Hospice
Sat 10th                                        Start:          7:00 pm
1:00, 4:00, 7:00
                                                End:            9:00 pm
Sun 11th
1:00, 4:00, 7:00                                Venue:          Crook Co. Library, Broughton Room
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu                              Address:        175 NW Meadow Lakes Dr
4:00, 7:00
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December 15, 2011    Chamber Christmas Party
                     Start: 5:30 pm                                Donations
                     Venue: COCC Open Campus Building
                     Address: 510 SE Lynn Blvd
December 17, 2011                                                 The Chamber is asking
                     OBRA Barrel Racing                              our members for a
                     Free to the Public                             Donation of items or
                     Information: Rhonda Kingsbury,
                     541-410-9737                                services to be door prizes
                     Start:          10:00 am                     at our Christmas party.

                     End:            5:00 pm                     We are looking for items
                     Venue:          Indoor Arena                  that represent your
                                                                   business, that other
                     Address:        1280 S. Main St.
                                                                  members could enjoy.

                                                                  If you are interested in
December 21, 2011    Lunch N Learn                               donating, please contact
                     This month's topic: Insomnia
                     Start:            12:00 pm
                                                                        Jody Gast.
                     End:              1:00 pm                         541-447-6304
                     Venue:            Rimrock Health Alliance
                                       Conference Room
                     Address:          236 North Main St

                     American Red Cross Blood Drive
                     1-800-733-2767 for appointment.
                     Start:        1:00 pm
                     End:          6:30 pm
                     Venue:        First Baptist Church
                     Phone:        1-800-733-2767
                     Address:      450 SE Fairview St

  Merry Christmas!
Page 6                                                                                          Chamber Observer

         Smart Phone Apps - Does Your Business Need One?
         With all of the smart phones (iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry's) being used by consumers today it
         seems you can download an app for just about any conceivable purpose. Many online functions such
         as stocks, banking, weather, and even ordering flowers, that have been traditionally assigned to com-
         puters are now being performed right from an individuals phone. There is no doubt that smart phone
         usage is increasing at an incredible pace. Over 300,000 mobile apps have been developed in three
         years. These apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times, but demand for download mobile apps is
         expected to peak in 2013.

         So as a retailer, is it the time right to make the investment and launch an app for your business?
         First, keep in mind that if you have a website it should be viewable from a smart phone already, so
         some of your customers may already be browsing your website from their phone and possibly even
         placing orders. Unfortunately, most websites are not optimized for a 4" screen so what might be user
         friendly on a 21" computer monitor is not quite so easy to navigate on a smart phone. Yes, you can
         optimize your website for viewing on a smart phone, but even doing that is not the ideal solution. The
         real strength and advantage of a custom written smart phone app is it is designed from the ground up
         specifically for ease of use on a particular device.
         However, before jumping into the pool and rushing out to launch your own app, there are a lot of pros
         and cons to be considered.

         Pros - ¥
         Customer Loyalty - In theory if you can convince a consumer to select your app over others offered,
         actually download it, and most important keep it on their phone the chances are extremely good that
         you will be their retailer of choice for future purchases. Let's face it, once they have it on their phone it
         can be a very convenient way to order or access product information when they don't have access to a

         Leader of the Pack - A smart phone app tends to be a major investment for a typical retail shop (or
         at least until someone designs a mass market affordable version) so it's probably a safe bet that hav-
         ing one will set you apart from your competition in the eyes of some of your customers. In simple
         terms it's trendy, particularly for the younger "Smart Phone Generation". ¥

         Instant Communication - Smart phone apps allow you to send instant "Push" messages right to
         users of your app. In simple terms a push message is like a text message and generally pops up right
         on their screen, potentially a great way to notify them of promotions, reminders, etc. As well, an app
         will allow more subtle communication in the form of "pull" messages, ones that only pop up when the
         user actually opens the app. ¥

         Cons - X
         Initial and Ongoing Cost- This is the big one as it can be fairly substantial, typically running into
         thousands of dollars with no guarantee of generating "additional" business or seeing a return on in-
         vestment in a reasonable length of time. X

         Marketing -Be prepared to spend time and money!
         While your website can be found by anyone using a search engine the same cannot be said of a phone
         app. It will fall entirely upon you to get the word out and generate interest. You cannot rely on anyone
         stumbling across your app on say the iTunes app store. Here's an eye opener...last count pegged the
         available apps for the iPhone at close to 310,000! Talk about a needle in a haystack. X

         Distribution- Getting your app on to a consumer's phone is a challenge, trust me on this one. First
         you have to let them know about it, secondly they must see some value in it, and lastly they have to
         invest the time to find and download it. The process requires a little effort initially on the part of the
         user. X

         OS Incompatibility - An app written for the operating system (OS) of an iPhone will not work on
         an Android or Blackberry smart phone, and vice versa. Each smart phone OS requires its own app. X
December 2011                                                                                     Page 7
                                                                                                           Page 7

           Ongoing Commitment - Keeping an apps' offers and products current takes time. Launching
           a smart phone app is probably not a great idea if you currently have a website and find you sim-
           ply cannot invest the time required into maintaining and marketing it properly. X
           Score so far, Pro's 3, Con's 5. So what's the verdict?

           In today's world having a website is as critical to many businesses as having a phone number. It
           simply took the consumer a bit of time to become comfortable with purchasing online. So on this
           one my fingers are still crossed.

           If, after reading the above, you decide that you want to take the plunge, here are two suggestions
           that will help you develop or purchase a smartphone app that the consumer will see value in and
           choose over completing apps.

           1) Give it away!
           If you visit the iTunes app store there are now dozens of applications available to purchase prod-
           ucts. Some of them are free, but many cost $0.99 - $2.99 to download. Trying to recoup the de-
           velopment cost of a retail app through selling it is a mistake; the goal must be to get your app
           widely distributed. As a retailer you are in the business of selling your product, not selling smart-
           phone apps. As the number of users of your app grow so will your sales revenue.

           2) Content, Content, Content!
           Remember, regardless of the retail field you are in the competition for customers is almost cer-
           tainly fierce, so you need an edge, a reason for a smart phone user to choose your app over you

           Apps are like any good website, they both need great CONTENT!
           Basing your app around content and providing information about the product you sell will pro-
           vide users of your product one more reason on to download your app. Again, the initial goal is to
           get your app onto a user's phone. In the longer term they must have a reason to use your app on
           a regular basis, if not they will delete it or simply forget they have it. So in this case, just like a
           website Content is King!
Page 8                                                       Chamber Observer

The Original Social Network.   Pictures from Member Events

                                                               Members Lunch
                                                                  Hosted By
                                                                Acent Chuch
                                                               Jason Carr was
                                                               Guest Speaker

  American Red Cross
Ribbon Cutting & Donor
December2011                                 Page 9

               After Hours at Club Pioneer
Page 10                                                                  Chamber Observer

     My Town By Kara Becker
     The sun streams into the café. It’s one of the perks of living in Central Oregon,
     sunlight and lots of it. Yet, it blinds me at 8 AM. I don’t mind though. I would
     much rather have sunlight than the clouds.

     My pastor stops in for his morning mocha. We talk business. We talk about
     how to make my little café successful in spite of the fact that Starbucks is lo-
     cated across the street. He leaves his car running outside even though he talks
     with me for a little while. Around here it isn’t uncommon to see someone leave
     their car running while they go into the store.

     School is out today, so we have all eight kids in the store with us. It makes
     things a little crazier, but it gives a nice feeling to the store too. Customers
     come in and are soon smiling at the antics of our youngest. A kid pops in for a
     few moments to play with our boys. People are always asking about one or an-
     other of the kids.

     Our daughter’s teacher, and our friend, has come in to share lunch with our
     kids. She says she would much rather eat with them then alone at home. Isn’t
     that what community is about; so that we don’t have to eat alone?

     Today is conference day at the high school. We don’t know all our teen’s teach-
     ers but we know most of them. We chit chat with some of the coaches my hus-
     band works with and wave to a few other teachers we know. We stroll up to
     our daughter’s main teacher. We already know she is doing great in school, so
     we talk about other things. We dream of a summer theater program.

     Another daughter is volunteering for a local cheese maker today. I drop her off
     knowing full well that she is in good hands. She’ll be helping in any way she
     can. Working hard and helping to provide a little food for the family. We
     aren’t starving, but every little bit helps. She loves volunteering at the farm.
     When I pick her up, I realize that a friend’s son is also volunteering that day as
     well. I offer to take him home.

     Tonight we are invited to an open house for a family that moved here a couple
     of months ago. I am amazed at how many people are moving to our little town.
     After all, we have the highest unemployment in the state. Why would anyone
     want to move to this little old town? Yet, weekly I meet people who have only
     recently moved here like us. The question I ask them most is, “Why?” Some
     are retiring here. Some have moved back to be closer to family. Some have
     said God has called them here. Some just like the town.

     One day I had someone in the store asking me all kinds of questions about the
     community…What was the weather like? How much sun? How much rain?
     How are taxes? Are there any jobs? How are the schools?

     I tried to answer as best as I could, but then I simply said, “The best way to
     know if this is where you should move to is to get to know the community. Are
     they like minded? Are they welcoming? Do you feel like this is a place you can
     belong? Can you find a place for you here?”

     I think that sums up best why I love my small town. I have a place for me and
     my family. My town is a place where I can be creative; a place where I can
     work hard and make a difference; a place where I feel welcomed and loved.

     As well as raising 8 children, Kara Becker owns and operates the Book &
     Bean in Prineville, Oregon with her husband, Joe. She can be reached at
     kara@bookandbean.com. And she loves her town
December 2011                                                                               Page 11

                      CROOK COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS
                     EVENTS for DECEMBER & JANUARY

Crook County Fairgrounds
P.O. Box 507
1280 S. Main St.
Prineville, OR 97754
Ph 541-447-6575 /
Fax 541-447-3225

 St. Joseph’s Celebration
 Saturday – December 10
 Carey Foster Hall
 Mayra Salazar

 OBRA Barrel Racing
 Saturday – December 17
 Indoor Arena
 Time: 10:00am
 Free to the Public
 Rhonda Kingsbury,

 OBRA Barrel Racing
 Saturday –January 21
 Indoor Arena
 Time: 10:00am
 Free to the Public
 Information: Rhonda Kingsbury,

                        RELEASE OF THE FOLLOWING:

   DOG OBEDIENCE: Handler will learn how to teach their dog to sit, down, stay, come, and walk quietly on
   lead. This is a great class for those seeking a well mannered pet. Juniper Art Guild. Mondays, Dec 5 - Jan 9
   from 6 to 7pm. First night begins at 7pm. No class on 12/26 and 1/2. $44 ID, $66 OD. Ages 15 and
   Up. Crook County Parks and Recreation - 447-1209, http://activenet2.active.com/ccparksandrec/.

   YOUTH BASKETBALL: Girls play Tuesday & Saturday, Boys play Thursday & Saturday. January 3 - March
   17. $22 ID, $33 OD. Age brackets: 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 - 8. Program focuses on fundamentals; scrimmages
   for skill application. Grades 5 - 8 will play games. Crook County Parks and Recreation, 447-1209,

   BASKETBALL VOLUNTEERS WANTED: Crook County Parks and Recreation is seeking talented individu-
   als to assist with the youth basketball program. Program is fundamentals driven for Grades 1 - 4. Grades 5
   - 8 will explore competitive play. Call 447-1209 or stop by the CCPRD office for more information.
Page 12                                                             Chamber Observer

               Making an Impact in the Community
              How does your business impact the community? Tell Better Business
              Bureau for a chance to become BBB's 2012 Business of the Year. BBB
              serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington is now accepting
              applications and nominations.

              In 2012, one company in each state—Alaska, Oregon and Western
              Washington—will be chosen as BBB's Business of the Year for making a
              positive impact in the marketplace. Each state's winner will receive:

          i   The honor of being recognized for exemplary business practices.

          i   An engraved award to display at their business' location.

          i  A customized BBB Torch Award Logo for use on marketing materials.
          i  Recognition on BBB's home page—bbb.org—and social media sites—
          facebook.com/BBBNews4U and twitter.com/BBBNews4U.

          i  Acknowledgement in BBB's press releases, e-newsletter and other public

          The deadline to submit is December 31, 2011. Winners of BBB's Business
          of the Year Torch Awards will be announced in February 2012. Apply or
          nominate a company today!

          New Members for November 2011

          Alpha Omega Gallery of Art                 Initial Impressions Inc.
          Contact Name David Sherman                 Contact Name :Rachel Brown
          Street Address 230 N. Main St              PO Box 519
          Phone # 541-591-8013                       Phone # 541-416-1755
          Email: alphaomegagalleryof_art@yahoo.com

          R&L Maintenance
          Contact Name Lynn McCann

          York Sign & Graphics
          Contact Name Geoff York
          1210 N Main St
          Phone # 541-693-3069
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December 5, 2011


The Prineville Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of new Executive Director, Daleena
Green. After growing up near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Ms. Green then graduated from Oklahoma
State University. Ms. Green made the move to Prineville in 2008 to be closer to family.

Ms. Green’s professional experience has been in the non-profit sector, most recently serving as Manager of
the SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) program for Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson and Grant counties.
In addition to becoming the face of the Foundation and improving upon the Foundation’s existing part-
nerships in Crook County, Ms. Green will also oversee the Foundation’s fundraising activities.

As parents of two small boys, Ms. Green and her husband have personally called upon the expertise of the
health care professionals here in Prineville. Professionally, Ms. Green looks forward to working in the
community on behalf of the Prineville Hospital Foundation to ensure that quality health care continues to
be available in our community.

Foundation Board President Barbara “Bobbi” Brooks spoke for the entire board in expressing enthusiasm
for the hiring of Ms. Green: “The Prineville Hospital Foundation is very excited about the future of the
Foundation and is happy to have Daleena be an active part of that future”.

For more than 30 years, the Prineville Hospital Foundation has provided our local hospital with a continu-
ous source of funds for the purchase of new equipment and other capital needs. Most recently, the Foun-
dation was able to purchase $100,000 of new equipment that will benefit Pioneer Memorial Hospital pa-
For more information, please contact:
Bobbi Brooks, Foundation Board President

You can gift wrap a sweater. You can place a bow on a shiny new bicycle. You can fill a gift bag with
holiday cookies. One thing you can’t put in a box and place under the tree is the perfect gift – a lifesaving
blood donation.
When you donate blood, you give the perfect gift - another hug, another laugh, another smile, another
chance - to someone in need of blood.
Think outside the box this holiday season. The perfect gift is at your nearest American Red Cross blood
drive or blood donation center. And, unlike the latest fashion trend, video game or golf club, the perfect
gift costs nothing but an hour of your time.
Give the perfect gift and help a family member, friend or someone you’ve never met unwrap a lifetime of
1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) will put donors in contact with someone who can an-
swer questions and schedule an appointment.
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          Casa Open House
December 2011   Page 15
 Page 16                                                                                                  Chamber Observer

Rimrock Trails Adolescent Treatment Services is privileged to offer youth and families a new therapeutic garden at their
 2011 Christmas Parade
residential facility. The space was designed expressly for the youth they serve as a unique place for quiet reflection, solace
                                                                                                     Parade Winners
and healing. The garden is home to a variety of trees, plants and flowers; including a koi fish pond and beautiful water fea-
ture. Large natural stones are positioned in a circular pattern under a weeping willow providing an enjoyable group therapy
meeting space. In addition, a large patio will be used for a variety of events including barbecue’s in the summer. Most im-
portantly, the garden represents a feeling of safety and serenity; enriching the youth’s experience while in the program.
The garden concept and design was developed and managed entirely by Bob Haden, owner of Robert Haden’s Yard Care.
                                                                  1st                          Crook County Inter Faith
We wanted to create an environment that everyone at the facility could enjoy, from kids and families to staff and youth
counselors. The entire project was constructed with 100% of its materials and labor generously donated from our local com-
munity. The Staff, Clients and Board of Directors at Rimrock Trails are extremely grateful and want to acknowledge the
                                                                                               Crook become a reality.
following businesses and individuals whom without their gracious giving this dream could not haveCounty Fire and With
your support we were able to create a place where kids can experience nature as a wonderful source of comfort and consola-
tion:                                                             3rd                          Holiday Partnership
                                                               Youth 2
                                                               1st                           Crook County Jazz Choir
                                                               2nd                           High Desert Dance Arts
                                                               3rd                           Cub Scout Dens 63 & 263
                                                               Horse Drawn
                                                                                             Prineville Insurance
                                                               Commercial 1
                                                               1st                           Allan Clark Tree Service
                                                               2nd                           Goodies
                                                               3rd                           Western Recreation
                                                                 Commercial 2
As a non-profit 501 (c) 3, Rimrock Trails is grateful for the continuing generosity of individuals, businesses and the com-
munity who continue to support our efforts. Donations make it 1st                             Roberson the current eco-
                                                                 possible to continue our services despiteFord
nomic distress.
                                                                 2nd                          Facebook
Rimrock Trails is always proud to show our facility and have our supporters meet the youth we serve. If you wish to take a
tour of our residential site and meet some of the 25+ staff and 16 youth who are currently in residence please call Erica or
Mark at 541-447-2631 to schedule a time. Advanced notice and authorization is required before allowing the public into the
                                                                                              Miss Crook County
treatment center to ensure safety and proper client confidentiality.
                                                                                              Scholarship Program
The garden wil be dedicated in memory of long time board member and supporter of Rimrock Trails, Linda Garrison.
                                                               1st                           Detachment 1-234th Engi-
                                                                                             neer Company
                                                               2nd                           Crook County Quaders
                                                                                             Rob Katzenberger
                                                               3rd                           David & Sherry Ryan

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