Daily Photography by nathan-scott


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									Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, but you can capture great photo’s of
addicted persons. It will give some terrific shots.

Click on colorful shoes with dirty background give some wonderful click. Try it
with some low light and bright color shoes when the color of the floor is a little
bit dirty
Walls with colorful gesture are also the part
of the daily photography. Click them from a
different angle and you get some nice clicks.

Glowing screens of a mobile phone and I pod or lots of light in one far place
give some nice pose to click.
   Clicking from inside the tunnel to the outer world gave you the two frame click.

Particularly the transparent and colorful kind when lit
from behind.
Click the fire escape or ladders from a
different angle and they will create an

Water tower will also give you some extraordinary click and when they farmed
with some colorful frames they look even better.
Glowing shades on the road side or
somewhere in the forest will give you an
awesome click.
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