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									             HAIDRI BEVERAGES (PVT) LIMITED
               C.D.A Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

                                                                 Dated: _____________

                              REFFERANCE FORM

Name of Employee: ______________________________________Code#__________

Designation: ___________________________Department_______________________

Please provide us the minimum 02 references and their complete addresses for
company acknowledgement and record.

(1)   Name:-_________________________________Designation________________

      Office / Home Address: _____________________________________________



(2)   Name:-_________________________________ Designation: ______________

      Office / Home Address: _____________________________________________


      _____________________________ Phone/Mobile#:______________________

      Signature of Employee
                 C.D.A Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

The Manager Human Resource,
Haidri Beverages (Private) Limited,
C.D.A Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road,

Subject: -                  JOINING REPORT

Respected Sir,

It is a matter of great pleasure for me to join your esteemed organization as

________________________ And I am reporting today i.e. ____________________

to become a member of your team.

Thanking & assuring you of my best services.

Name: _________________________ Father’s Name ___________________________
Designation: ______________________________ Department _____________________
Permanent Address: ______________________________________________________
Present Address: _________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: ____________________________
C.N.I.C.No.   _______________________ Expiry of C.N.I.C____________________

My specimen signatures/Left thumb impression is appended below:-

______________________________                     ________________________________

Dated: _____________________
                C.D.A Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

                              LETTER OF APPOINTMENT




Reference your application dated _____________ for appointment as ______________
and your interview , you are hereby appointed as ___________________________
w.e.f __________ on the following terms and conditions:-

1.    Your monthly salary will be as given hereunder:-
      (a)    Basic Salary                :              Rs.
      (b)    Indexation Pay              :              Rs.
      (c)    Dearness Allowance          :              Rs.
      (d)    Cost of Living Allowance    :              Rs.
      (e)    House Rent                  :              Rs.
      (f)    Medical Allowance           :              Rs.
      (g)    Conveyance Allowance        :              Rs.
      (h)                                :              Rs.
                            Total        :              Rs.

2.    You will remain on probation for a period of three months. During your
      probationary period your services will be terminated without assigning any
      reason and without any prior notice on either side or any compensation in lieu

3.    You will not be entitled to usual benefit and leaves allowed to the permanent
      employees of the company during your probationary period except festival
      holidays Declared by the provincial Government as such.

4.    Unless your services are so terminated as provided hereinabove, you may be
      confirmed in your employment after successful completion of the probationary
      period. The Company reserves its right not to confirm your services in case a
      satisfactory report regarding your performance is not received from your
 5.    Subsequent to the confirmation of your appointment, yours services will be liable
       to termination on one month‘s notice from either side or one month’s basic pay
       will be paid /surrendered in lieu of notice.

 6.    You will become entitled to the usual benefits and leaves (as provided be
       Chapter IV-A of the Factories Act. 1934) at the successful completion of your
       probationary period and confirmation.

 7.    The Company reserves its right to transfer your services from one shift
       Department to another or to any of its offices or to any of its sister concerns
       within Pakistan, as and when required, without any prior notice and without any
       effect on the pay and allowances payable to you at the relevant time.

 8.    Although you are appointed in the post of _____________________ but the
       company can entrust you any nature of work which it deems suitable for you.

 9.    You will strictly adhere to the rules and regulations, framed from time to time, and
       the code of discipline enforced by the Company within the Factory.

 10.   You will perform and execute your assignment with devotion and utmost
       vigilance. Any attitude, behavior, action or omission reflecting negligence or lack
       of Responsibility on your part will provide a cause of action to the Company.

 11.   You will be liable to retirement at the age of 60 years. Therefore it will be entirely
       within the discretion of company to extend your period of employment for such
       period on such terms and conditions as the Company may deem necessary.

 Please confirm your acceptance of the aforesaid terms and conditions by signing the
 following acknowledgement.




 I hereby acknowledge and confirm that I have fully understood the aforesaid terms and
 conditions and undertake to abide by the same. I hereby further confirm having received
 the copy of the instant letter of appointment and request to be taken on duty with effect


                                                                Signature /LTI
                C.D.A Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

                              Nomination Form

I_____________________________ son / daughter / wife of ____________________
Working as________________________ in___________________ department hereby
nominate the person / persons mentioned below, who is /are member/members of my
family to receive my all dues whatsoever from my employer in case of my death to the
extent of share shown against each.

                                                                         If the nominee is minor ,
Name & address                          Amount                           name of person to whom
                   Relationship                              Age
  of nominee                          (% of share)                       payment is to be made
                                                                         on his/her behalf

Signature of employee                                Date


Name &


                                                Signature of Manager Admin & HR

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