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					                                                                                                       November 2010
                                                                                                        July 2012 08

                                    A monthly publication of the Asheville Home Builders Association

                              Why The 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage is Important
PWB Beer Tasting &            Today’s historically-low mortgage interest rates are good news for both prospective and current
                              home owners. Families looking to buy can afford more home for their money, and home owners
  Silent Auction              may be able to refinance their mortgages and lower their monthly payments or tap into their home’s
                              equity to pay for expenses such as school tuition for their children or a major renovation.
       July 19th
      6 pm - 8 pm             But the 30-year, fixed rate mortgage — the primary housing financing tool for most Americans
                              — is being threatened. Some members of Congress are pushing to end the federal backstop for
 Highland Brewing Company
                              housing. Without a federal role to absorb market risk, private lenders would increase interest rates
    Tickets $20 in advance    and fees on all types of available financing options, including the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage.
        $25 at the door
     See Page 8 for details   During the Great Depression, the national homeownership rate was well under 50 percent and
                              buyers were often forced to finance their homes with a 50 percent downpayment on a five-year
                              balloon mortgage. The 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage came about as a result of President Franklin
   Upcoming Events            Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and played a pivotal role in helping to increase the national
                              homeownership rate so that today two out of three Americans own a home.
          July 12
     Parade of Homes          The 30-year loan is the most popular and sustainable mortgage in the marketplace for many
    Extended Deadline         reasons, including:
                                    • Affordability. Thirty year terms lock in low monthly payments, allowing households
         AHBA Office                with average incomes to comfortably budget for their home loan.
    See page 6 for details          • Inflation protection. Knowing their monthly housing costs will remain the same year
                                    in and year out regardless of whether interest rates rise provides households with a
                                    sense of financial security and also acts as a hedge against inflation.
                                    • Long-term planning. Many young buyers know that as their incomes rise, their
          July 17                   mortgage payment will stay constant and take up less of their monthly budget,
 New Member Orientation             which will enable them to save for other costs like their children’s school tuitions and
       3:30 - 4:30 pm               retirement.
         AHBA Office                • Tax advantages. In most instances, all of the interest and property taxes a home
    See page 2 for details          owner pays in a given year can be deducted from their gross income, reducing their
                                    taxable income. This can result in thousands of dollars of tax savings, especially in the
                                    early years of a 30-year mortgage when interest makes up most of the payment.

          July 26             Economists agree that there can be no sustainable
Basic Foundation Estimating   economic recovery until the housing market
                              rebounds. A sound housing finance system that
         AHBA Office
                              provides a stable and affordable supply of credit
    See page 2 for details    for home buyers and rental housing is essential
                              to ensure a healthy housing market, to keep
                              standard 30-year fixed-rate loans and adjustable
                              rate mortgages readily accessible and affordable,
                              to spur job creation and to maintain a strong and
                              durable economy.
                                                                                         September 21 - 23, 2012
                              To learn more about the threats to homeownership               WNC Ag Center
                              and how to take action to protect it, contact the        Contact the AHBA to Reserve
                              Asheville HBA or go to www.protecthomeownership.              your Booth Today!

        Asheville HBA l Your Homebuilding Resource Since 1966 l
                                                       Meetings                                                  Calendar
    2012 AHBA                                    Parade of Homes Meeting
                                                 Thursday, July 5 @ 3:30 pm
      Board of Directors                         AHBA Office

 James Bound, President                          Membership Committee Meeting
 Greencraft, Inc.                                Tuesday, July 10 @ 3:30 pm
                                                 AHBA Office
 Skip Brewer, Immediate Past President           Board of Directors Meeting
 C. Skip Brewer AMB, CGP, Custom Builder         Thursday, July 12 @ 3 pm
                                                 AHBA Office
 Steve Wallin, 1st Vice President                                                                Events
 Custom Homes of Asheville, Inc.                 PWB Beer Tasting and Silent
 Christopher Fox, 2nd Vice President
                                                 July 19, 6-8 pm
 Christopher Fox Builders
                                                 Highland Brewing Company
                                                 Come out and support the PWB
 Chris Brock, Treasurer                          scholarship fund with a silent auction.
 Brock Builders                                  For more information visit www.
 James Carr, Mountain Town Carpentry    Advanced
                                                 Tickets $20, $25 at the door.
 Kate Duinkerken, Duinkerken Homes, Inc.

 Renee Maxwell, Progress Energy                  New Member Orientation                       Basics of Foundation Estimating
 Stuart Ray, JS Ray Construction                 July 17, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm                   July 26, 8:30 am - 9:30 am
                                                 AHBA Office                                  AHBA Office
 Jennifer Duvall, Asheville Savings Bank         RSVP to              This free class will focus on the basic elements
                                                 *New members are required to attend a        of information needed for foundation estimat-
 Chuck Cloninger, Ward and Smith, PA             new Member Orientation as part of the        ing, how to use them, and common pitfalls that
                                                 application process.                         can be experienced, particularly with mountain
 Mike Benito, Build It Naturally, Inc.                                                        topography. This course is open to all members
 Jason Weil, Retro + Fit Design, LLC                                                          Instructed By: Skip Brewer, C. Skip Brewer
                                                                                              AMB, CGP, Custom Builder
 Kris Chapman, Brand Vaughan Lumber of                                                        RSVP to
                                             Kitchen Appliance Upgrades that Shine
                                             A new NAHB survey shows that as home owners decide to stay in their current homes longer
                                             due to the down housing market, they are pushing kitchen and bathroom upgrades to the
                                             top of their wish lists. Both kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects were up 17% from two
                                             years ago, with kitchen remodels cited as a common job by 69% of remodelers.
                   AHBA Staff
  Executive Officer                          Two NAHB Leading Suppliers Council members show how two high-end kitchen upgrades
  Caroline Purcell Sutton                    can appeal to both the current home owner as well as potential home buyers down the road.
                                             Dishwashers Provide Both Efficiency and Beautiful Design in the Kitchen
  Director of Member Services &
  Special Events                             Part of this growing trend is a demand for a kitchen that is both energy-efficient and beautifully
  Christi Stokes                             designed.
                                             Take, for example, the dishwasher. Dishwashers made before 1994 waste $40 a year on energy
  Marketing & Development                    costs compared to newer Energy Star-qualified designs. By upgrading to a newer Energy
  Coordinator                                Star-rated model that uses “smart” features such as effective washing action, energy-efficient
  Emily Funk                                 motors, and sensors that determine the appropriate cycle length and water temperature, home                 owners are likely to use at least 41% less energy than the federal minimum standard.

       Office Hours                          For the ultimate in energy savings, the Bosch 800 Plus dishwasher is the most energy- and
                                             water-efficient, using two gallons of water per cycle and 97% less energy than the federal
  Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm           standard. Tell your clients that replacing their old machine with this one could save enough
  Phone: 828-299-7001                        money to pay for dishwasher detergent for an entire year.
  Fax: 828-299-7008
  Email:               While home owners want efficiency and functionality in their appliances, the design of an
                                             appliance can also greatly affect the sale of a kitchen remodel.                    As the kitchen takes center stage for gathering and entertaining, appliances that seamlessly
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2 | Asheville HBA l Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
                                                                                                                          [ Monthly message ]
                          Don’t Get Caught Watchin the Paint Dry!
                          President’s Message by James Bound, Greencraft Inc.

                          Thanks to everyone who came out to our Annual “Night at the Asheville Tourists” event last month! It was great to
                          see everyone having a great time and to see spouses and children of our members. With over 200 in attendance a
                          big thanks to Caroline, Christi and Emily for coordinating everything!

                            This year marks the 31st Anniversary of the AHBA Parade of Homes and this year’s event is really starting to come
                            together. We’ve already passed a few deadlines for entries and with only one remaining we are pleased to say that
to-date we already have 15 entries which is more entries than last year! The Parade is such a great opportunity for you as a member and is
truly a top benefit to being a member. I hope that if you have not been involved in the past that you will take the time to talk to a builder or an
associate who has participated in past years to get an idea of the opportunity that this event presents. You still have time to submit an ad, enter
a house, a special project, or a home that you want to advertise in the “Coming Soon” section and you can find all the details online at www. or by calling our staff at
828-299-7001. The July 12 deadline is fast approaching – don’t miss out!

This month the PWB will be hosting their Annual Beer Tasting & Silent Auction event to raise money for their Scholarship Fund. Thanks to the
PWB for organizing what is sure to be another great night of fundraising to help support local young adults who are pursuing higher education
within the construction industry. My wife and I are really looking forward to the event and promise to try and not win so much this year!! Please
jump online and buy your tickets and come out to this awesome event. Visit to purchase tickets online for $20 or you can
purchase at the door the night of the event for $25 – and also check out the PWB Ladies video promoting the event online as well. I’m looking
forward to seeing you all on July 19th at Highland Brewing Company.

I hope everyone has been able to continue to stay focused on the positive signs in our industry here in Asheville. And, I hope you aren’t
watching too much national news! To quote Wilbur “Shooter” Flatch in the 1986 movie Hoosiers when he had the team run the picket fence in
the last seconds of the game - “Now, boys, don’t get caught watchin the paint dry!”. You’ve all seen that classic movie! It’s a great message.
A small town team that doesn’t lose their focus in spite of the big stage and the distractions that are all around them. There are many very
positive signs here in Asheville in our industry that aren’t consistent with what is happening on the national level. I encourage everyone not
to be distracted by issues facing many larger metropolitan areas. Asheville is a small town and the real estate and construction markets are
in much better shape here than in many parts of the country. It’s time to get more involved with the AHBA. Stay focused and prepared for an
up-tick in business and strong sales over the next 6-12months!

Stay focused on the positive!

James Bound
Greencraft Inc.

        PWB Silent Auction
        and Beer Tasting
This year marks the 3rd annual PWB Silent Auction and Beer Tasting benefiting the PWB Scholarship fund. The Professional Woman in Building
Council invites you to check out several of the great items that will be included in the silent auction. A Special thanks to all the companies that
contributed items to make this event possible as well as to Platinum Level Sponsor Storm Ruhm Bar & Bistro for donating the Catering!
                        Diamond Level Sponsor
                       Donations Valued over $500                                                 Gold Level Sponsor
                                                                                          Donations Valued between $100-$199
Blue Mountain Stained Glass                                               Asheville Strength & Conditioning
         $500 Gift Certificate for one Stained Glass Design &                       Membership
Fabrication                                                               Beckett Plumbing
Bobcat of Asheville                                                                 Two Handled Faucet with Drain
         Free Weekend Rental fo Bobcat Loader or Excavator                Benbow & Associates
Modus Operandi Design, PLLC                                                         Custom Cutting Board
         Custom Architectural Design of 6’x8’ playhouse or 3’x4’ dog      Biltmore Estate
                                                                                    Two Tickets to the Biltmore House
RelyLocal Asheville
                                                                          Cisco Pilates
        One year regular business membership to RelyLocal Asheville
with 3 month banner ad placement on                     Private Pilates Lesson
                                                                          Final Touch Cleaning
                    Platinum Level Sponsor
                                                                                    Frankie Bones Gift Card
               Donations Valued between $200-$400
                                                                          Geaux Girl Concierge, Taryn Gentry
A Simple Move, Trish Meller
                                                                                    4 Hours of Geaux Girl Time
         Three hour Wardrobe Review or Room Reset
                                                                          Green River Auto Service
BF Dunlap Photography
                                                                                    3 FREE Oil Changes
         Two Hour Photo Session
                                                                          Sheppard Insurance Group
Complete Carpentry
                                                                                    Family Membership to NC Arboretum
         Gift Basket
                                                                          Snow Creek Landscaping
Duinkerken Homes, Inc.
                                                                                    $100 Gift Certificate for Plants
         Gift Basket
                                                                          The Colorful Palate, Inc
Ferguson Enterprise
                                                                                    Catering Food for the Event
         Mirabelle Bradenton Toilet
In the Spirit of Décor
         Decorative Handmade Mirror                                                               Silver Level Sponsor
                                                                                            Donations Valued between $50-$99
K2 Studios
         A Piece of Furniture
                                                                                    Two T-Shirts & Two Beer Glasses
Living Stone Construction
                                                                          Kathryn Greeley Designs
         Industrial Grade Hand Pump
                                                                                    Gift Set & “The Collected Table” Book
Nova Kitchen and Bath
                                                                          Linda Spry Design Interiors
         43” Cultured Marble Countertop
                                                                                    Necklace & Earring Set
Retro+Fit Design LLC.
                                                                          Maria Aponte, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
         LED Light Fixture - RAB 2 x 13 LED Pendant Lamp
                                                                                    Basket of Mary Kay Products
STORM Rhum Bar & Bistro
                                                                          Mindy Green, Mary Kay Cosmetics
         Catering Food for the Event
                                                                                    Mary Kay Gift Basket
The Grove Park In Resort & Spa
                                                                          Regina Holder Photographer
         Two Passes for a Round of Golf
                                                                                    Head Shot Portrait Session
Wildwater Adventure Center
                                                                          Sears Commercial, Brenda Dunlap
         Two Zipline Tickets & Two Rafting Tickets
                                                                                    Sears Gift Card
         Area Rugs
4 | Asheville HBA   l   Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
                                                                                                                            [ builder issues ]
                                                                        Bipartisan Lead Paint Bill would
                                                                        Ease Regulatory Burdens without
Simply Wired, LLC                                                       Compromising Safety
         Streaming Media Player                                         Responding to concerns from the National Association of Home
The Joy of Jewelry                                                      Builders (NAHB) and affiliated trade groups, Reps. John Sullivan
                                                                        (R-Okla.) Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) and a bipartisan list of original co-
         Fashion Jewelry
                                                                        sponsors introduced legislation on June 12th to make much-needed
The Wine Studio of Asheville                                            improvements to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead: Repair,
         Gift Certificate for Tasting and Classes                       Renovation and Painting (LRRP) rule.

Thomas Family Chiropractic                                              H.R. 5911, the Lead Exposure Reduction Amendments Act of 2012, is
         Chiropractic Office Visit                                      similar to legislation (S. 2148) unveiled earlier this year in the Senate
                                                                        by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and five other cosponsors that would
Tommy James and the Shondells
                                                                        help home owners and remodelers to better comply with the costly
         Autographed Biography and CD                                   work practices and record keeping requirements of the rule without
Valet Gourmet                                                           compromising safety standards.
         Gift Certificate                                               “We commend Reps. Sullivan and Murphy for championing this bill
                                                                        that will not only make the EPA’s lead paint rule more workable, but
                      Bronze Level Sponsor                              continue to protect pregnant women and small children,” said 2012
                 Donations Valued between $10-$50                       NAHB Remodelers Chairman George “Geep” Moore Jr., GMB, CAPS,
A Show of Hands Salon, Regina Lauffer                                   GMR, a remodeler from Elm Grove, La. “This legislation will provide
         Gift Card for Manicure                                         families greater flexibility to decide on their own remodeling activities
                                                                        and give them the peace of mind of knowing sound safeguards remain
First Restoration Services                                              in place to protect against lead hazards.”
         Asheville Tourist Tickets
                                                                        Additional co-sponsors include Reps. Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa),
Hickory Tavern
                                                                        Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), Billy Long (R-Mo.), Kristi Noem (R-S.D.), Frank
         Gift Card                                                      Lucas (R-Okla.), Dan Boren (D-Okla.), Tom Cole (R-Okla.) and James
Lirica Salon                                                            Lankford (R-Okla.)

         Gift Certificate to Lirica Salon                               The LRRP rule, which took effect on April 22, 2010, requires that
Sears Commercial, Brenda Dunlap                                         remodelers and contractors working in homes built before 1978 be
                                                                        trained and certified by the EPA on lead-safe work practices before
         Sears Gift Card
                                                                        they can legally work in those homes.
Tree & Vine
         Picnic Gift Set                                                Three months later, EPA removed the “opt-out” provision in the LRRP
                                                                        that allowed remodelers working in a home built prior to 1978 to
                                                                        forego more expensive work practices according to the owner’s wish
                                                                        if no children under the age of six or pregnant women resided there.

About the P WB Fundraiser                                               By removing the opt-out provision, EPA more than doubled the
                                                                        number of homes subject to the LRRP. The agency has estimated this
    The PWB Scholarship Fund has awarded                                will add more than $336 million per year in compliance costs to the
                                                                        remodeling community, and more importantly, without making young
    over $3500 in scholarships to students in our                       children any safer.
    community who are persuing higher education
    in a construction industry related field. Each year                 Further, EPA has failed to approve a test kit that meets the “false
    the Professional Women in Building Council hosts                    positive” and “false negative” criteria stated in the regulation.
    a fundraiser for the scholarship to help the next                   By failing to perform a study of lead exposure rates from work on
    generation of building professionals!                               commercial and public buildings, the agency has also exceeded
                                                                        its congressional mandate by starting the process of extending the
Are you interested in donating to the PWB Silent Auction? Information   LRRP to those structures through an Advanced Notice of Proposed
on donating and purchasing advanced tickets can be found on the         Rulemaking.
PWB website at
                                                                        Both the House and Senate bills would address these concerns
                                                                        and offer other reforms for EPA enforcement of the lead paint rule.
                                                                        Specifically, the legislation would:

                                                                        • Reinstate the opt-out provision to allow home owners without small
                                                                        children or pregnant women residing in them – not the government
                                                                        -- to decide whether to require LRRP compliance.
                                                                                                                      [Continued on page 14]
[ member news ]

                                                          Share your accomplishments, awards, and announcements with
                                                          fellow members. Send your news to
                                                          and we will be glad to include it in the newsletter!
Chamber Challenge Runners                                                 PWB Accepting Donations for the 3rd Annual Auction
Special thanks to the AHBA members that participated in the Chamber       The Professional Women in Building Council is now accepting donations
Challenge 5k on June 1st. This years team included Chris Brock of         for the silent auction benefitting the PWB Scholarship fund. This year’s
Brock Builders, James Bound of GreenCraft Builders, Antonio Grion         PWB Beer Tasting and Silent Auction will be held at the Highland
Builders First Source and Mike Bates from Living Stone Construction       Brewing Company on July 19. Visit for
                                                                          more information on donating and to purchase advanced tickets for
                                                                          $20. Tickets at the door are $25.

                                                                          Parade of Home Extended Deadline is July 12th
                                                                          Are you planning on entering a home in the 2012 Parade of Homes?
                                                                          Visit the Parade of Homes website at
                                                                          php to download your builder’s packet today to become involved in this
                                                                          great consumer based event!

                                                                          NCHBA hosts Members ONLY Section
                                                                 now has a Members Only Section. This site houses great
                                                                          info for members on items such as the New Energy Code Changes,
                                                                          NCBI Accreditations and more! Email to get
                                                                          a password for access today!

“Do Business with a Member” Campaign 2012
Membership in the AHBA offers many opportunities for developing
contacts and fostering long-lasting business relationships and
friendships. The AHBA encourages members not only to actively
associate with their industry colleagues, but more importantly, support
their fellow member businesses!
                                                                                It is now even EASIER to register
Take a moment to share a recent experience that you have had in “Doing          for many of the AHBA events and
Business with a Member.” This provides an opportunity to gain valuable
recognition amongst your industry peers for both your company and the
member companies you do business with. In 50 words or less, simply
provide a testimonial including Who was involved, What took place and
Why it was a positive experience.                                               Simply Scan the QR Codes found on your

Member to Member testimonials will be recognized in the AHBA’s
                                                                                  postcards and mailers to be directed to
Monthly Newsletter and through Social Media (AHBA’s LinkedIn,                    the registration screen straight from your
Twitter, etc.). Submit your testimonial to the AHBA’s Marketing and
Development Coordinator, Emily Funk at marketing@ashevillehba.                          smart phone! Saving you time!
com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Home for Sale as a Free Listing                                                       You can download a FREE QR
The AHBA offers a free space for member builders to list their homes
                                                                                         code Scanner from the App
for Sale. Visit to get started with
this free tool!                                                                                              store!

6 | Asheville HBA   l   Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
                                                                                                   [ member news ]

          The Parade of Homes is a long standing tradition in Western North Carolina that brings
           local companies and builders together to showcase the craftsmenship within our area.
                      Make plans to attend this years Parade October 13-14 & 20-21.
                       Special Thanks to our Current Sponsors of the
                                      2012 Parade of Homes

              Featured Builder                                        Presenting Sponsor

                                       Contributing Sponsors
                                               HomeTrust Bank

                                           Patron Sponsors
                   ACM Design, PA                                 Carpet One Floor & Home
           Brand Vaughan Lumber of Asheville                              ProBuild
                 Blue Mountain Glass                                Tucker Materals, Inc.
                 Build it Naturally, Inc

                                        Friends of the Parade
                                               84 Lumber
                                          A-American Electric
                                       Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
                                     Solid Surface Specialists, LLC

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor of this year’s Parade of Homes? Call the AHBA
   Office or Email for more information on the gained
                                     exposure of Sponsorship.
In the Know...
      2012 Committees and Councils
Parade of Homes Committee                                                 Legislative Committee
Jason Weil                                                                Christopher Fox
The Parade of Homes Committee met the first Thursday of June. We          The Legislative Committee hosted its first meeting of the year during the
approved additional awards for the Special Projects catagory. The         month of February. As all of you are aware we are coming up on a big
committee spent lots of time working out some more details for the        election year! BuildPac dollars will be in high demand as the committee
proposed Chefs on Parade coming in 2013. The first two deadlines for      interviews local candidates and makes selections on who to support
submitting a home in the 2012 Parade of Homes have passed and we          with BuildPac Reserve funds following the May Primary. There is still
have received quite a few entries. The extended deadline goes through     time to get involved in the committee if you are interested. The next
July 12th and last minute entries will be accepted after the July 12th    meeting will be March 22nd at 3pm at the office of Ward & Smith, PA.
deadline. Don’t forget, builder occupied homes may be submitted for       We will be discussing our local issues and formulating our top priorities
the parade as well as special projects which can be an element of an      for this legislative year. Contact the office for more details.
occupied home. Also, keep in mind if you have a home that won’t be
finished by October, you can enter our “Coming Soon” section to let the   Lastly, our committee will be promoting another Ipad drawing to help
public know about homes that will be on the market or completed after     raise funds for BuildPac. For every $20 donation you receive 1 ticket in
the Parade of Homes.                                                      the drawing, for every $50 donation you receive 3 tickets and for $100
                                                                          donation you receive 7 tickets!
Education Committee
Skip Brewer
Thanks to all of you who participated and sponsored our recent Builder
Breakfast on Marketing and Branding. Our next FREE education
session will be open to all AHBA Members and will focus on the basics
of Foundation Estimating. Date: July 26th, 8:30-9:30am, at the AHBA
Offices. Depending on the interest level of participants, we may
offer an advanced class at a later date. Upcoming Builder Breakfast
Sessions are slated for OSHA Regulations, and Sales Tax/Related
Topic. Upcoming open education sessions for all AHBA Members are
slated to include NC Healthy Built Home/Energy Star and Customer
Expectations. Watch the AHBA Calendar for these events. As a
reminder, please RSVP early to any event you have interest in, and if
you have to cancel, please notify the office as quickly as possible, as
many times we have a waiting list for our free education sessions. I
hope you are having a great Summer!

Membership Minute
Christi Stokes
The Membership Committee and the Social Committee is excited to
announce that there will be a Membership Appreciation Event later
this summer. The plans are in the works for a FUN AHBA event! Look
for more details to be announced throughout the summer but in the
meantime, be sure to mark your calendar for August 30th. There will
be free food & beverage, fun, a chance to introduce the association to
prospective members and more – we hope you will be able to come

As a member of the AHBA, you have access to some amazing savings
and discounts through the Member Advantage Program – one of the
MANY great benefits of membership! All you need is your NAHB PIN to
access these discounts offered through over 16 nationally recognized
companies including Lowe’s, Hertz, Dell, Office Depot and more.
For a complete list of discounts, visit
advantageProgram.php and click on the “Pocket the Savings” logo.

We are pleased to report the AHBA’s current membership count is at
557 members including 188 Builders, 295 Associates and 74 Affiliate
Members. All members can rest assured that you are in a STRONG
association amongst our industry’s top professionals! Be sure to look
over the list of recently renewed members, pending members, new
members and the lapsed members list in this newsletter.

8 | Asheville HBA   l   Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
       Doing Double Duty                                                                                                        [ member news ]

       in the Home Office
                                                         Shawn Evans
As the trend toward smaller homes takes hold, interior merchandisers         For example, there are many wall units now available with middle
are being challenged to incorporate home offices and workspaces              sections that can be changed out to serve either a home entertainment
into smaller or nontraditional spaces. Fortunately, the shifting lifestyle   or a home office function. The key is to select furnishings that are
choices that are driving this trend present perfect opportunities to let     functional and flexible.
your creativity soar.
                                                                             There always seems to be one space in every home that no one can
Examining the Trend                                                          figure out what to do with -- a wide hallway, a small alcove, a small
                                                                             spot within a dormer window. At EYA’s Capitol Quarter community
Today’s home buyers are increasingly moving out of their McMansions          in Washington, D.C., the recreation room does double duty with the
and searching for homes roughly 10 percent to 25 percent smaller.            addition of a leaning desk with ample space for a laptop and a small
They still value ample space in kitchens and bedrooms. So the                lamp.
reduction in square footage is coming from the rooms they use less
frequently, such as spare bedrooms, formal dining rooms and formal           Home Offices Make the Move into Non-Traditional Spaces
living rooms. Depending on their needs, many will also sacrifice private
home office space in order to fulfill their needs for a smaller home.        In today’s environment we are all doing more with less and this is
                                                                             translating to the way home owners want to live in their homes. So
While the home office may be shrinking or re-imagined, however, it           they either want to see inventive solutions or spaces that do double
is definitely not going away. American families still need a place to        duty.
pay bills, organize schedules, do homework, work from home, and
the myriad other functions a home office serves. So how do interior          So, where are all these non-traditional spaces we keep talking about?
merchandisers address this?                                                  They’re everywhere and anywhere your imagination wants to take
As homes continue to get smaller in size, it is essential to demonstrate
the flexibility of the home. By placing a desk in the window of a master     In the kitchen: Create a space in the kitchen for a desk, a computer,
bedroom as shown in the Banneker II model at EYA’s Capitol Quarter           and a file cabinet. If there is no space, use part of the kitchen island
community in Washington, D.C., the room takes on a new dimension             or counter area for laptop space, and incorporate a file drawer into
and home buyers begin to see that they’re not losing space by                the kitchen cabinetry. This allows home owners to check email while
downsizing; they’re doing more with the space they have.                     cooking dinner or watching the kids in the family room.
                                                                             In the dining room: Formal dining rooms are seldom used these
Support for Smaller Spaces Has Arrived                                       days. A nice computer armoire in the dining room allows the room to
                                                                             double as a home office on a semi-permanent basis. The dining room
Whether you’re showing home offices in smaller rooms or in non-              table can serve as a great work surface.
traditional spaces, the good news is that the technology and home            Guest bedrooms: A typical guest room can easily double as a
furnishings manufacturers are on your side.                                  home office. The clever use of cabinetry or built-ins allows you to put
                                                                             everything away at the end of the day and still have room for a bed,
The latest technology makes it easier to not give over your house to         providing guests with a place to sleep.
your office. It wasn’t long ago that a cordless phone was almost as          Closets: A standard sized reach-in closet can easily become a
big as a toaster, laptop computers were prohibitively expensive, and         functional work area by adding a desktop that can accommodate
PDAs were just an idea. In today’s wireless world we are no longer           shelves above. Shut the closet doors and leave behind a day’s work
bound to a traditional home office. In fact, we often want access to the     without seeing it until you return the next day.
Web to vote for our favorite reality show contestant while watching TV       Unexpected spots: Be creative. There always seems to be one
or to carry on a text message conversation with a friend while cooking       space in every home that no one can figure out what to do with - a
dinner.                                                                      wide hallway, a small alcove under a staircase, a small spot within a
                                                                             dormer, a butler’s pantry, or even a screened-in porch.
As a result, electronics are shrinking and the traditional fixed desktop                                                      [Continued on page 10]
PC of the past is quickly being replaced by portable laptops that only
take up 10 inches of desk space. Further, with wireless electronics,
peripherals like printers can reside in closets or basements. They
don’t even have to be in the same room or on the same floor to be                                             You can pay your
accessed from the workspace.
                                                                                                          membership dues with a Visa
At the same time, home furnishings manufacturers are responding                                            or MasterCard! Call the
by offering smaller, more multi-purpose pieces. File storage ottomans
and hide-a-way computer cabinets are good examples. When you shut                                         AHBA Office or pay online at
the doors on these units, the papers and equipment inside disappear                               !
and the onetime office returns to its beautiful dining or family room
function. Many furniture manufacturers are also keeping in step with                                           828-299-7001
our multi-tasking culture by creating innovative furniture designs that
can do more than one thing at a time.
       Double Duty
[Continued from page 9]
                                                                              Energy Efficiency
Doing Double Duty in Traditional Spaces, Too
                                                                              Anything that shows an efficient use of space will appeal to prospective
A smaller home size doesn’t mean you have to do away with a private           home buyers that are downsizing to conserve energy. Dress the space
home office space altogether.                                                 with a reclaimed wood desk and an Energy Star laptop, and you’ll
                                                                              appeal to their conservative, humanitarian vision.

You can still put one in a spare bedroom or other space with a door.          Cost Savings
But consider how you can make the most of that space. With the desk
taking up less room, you could add other furnishings — a loveseat,            Those who are moving to streamline costs might appreciate a clever
oversized chair and table, bookshelves — and allow the office space           workspace that folds down like a Murphy bed or any other and will also
to also function as a den or library. Incorporate crafting elements to turn   put the workday behind them when they close the doors.
the room into a combination office/craft space. Or add a convertible
sofa and have it do double duty as a guest room.                              Family Togetherness

Once again, the keys are flexibility and functionality. As our                Many parents are finding that the size of their homes keeps them
consciousness continues to shift toward conservation of resources,            from having quality time with their families. In a smaller home, a living
home owners will want to see clever ideas that demonstrate that you           room with flat-screen TV/computer monitor makes a great place for
understand their desire to make the most of what they have.                   homework or family studying, yet converts back into an entertaining
                                                                              space for guests when the laptop is put away. An office space in the
At Pulte’s Oaklawn community in Leesburg, Va., a computer armoire             kitchen helps parents work while keeping an eye on kids in the back
was placed in the kitchen since there was no dedicated home office            yard. And the family dining table can give everyone in the family a
space in the home. Equipment and paper easily disappear when you              comfortable place to do work together.
shut the doors and demonstrates to prospective buyers that the builder
understands their desire to make the most out of the space available.         Salespeople Complete the Solution

Workspaces Work Harder When You Know Your Home Buyers’                        As homes continue to get smaller in size, it’s essential for salespeople
Motivations                                                                   to remind buyers how they really live and demonstrate the flexibility
                                                                              of the home. A laptop sitting on an ottoman in the den just looks like a
Of course, choosing a creative space is just part of the equation. You        laptop sitting on an ottoman in the den until you reveal that the ottoman
must also consider the home buyer’s motivation for downsizing in the          holds files, the large screen TV on the wall doubles as a monitor, and
first place and incorporate an understanding of that into your interior       the laptop connects to their workplace network. Then the whole room
merchandising.                                                                takes on new dimension and they begin to see that they’re not losing
                                                                              space by downsizing, they’re doing more with the space they have.
The challenge comes in pinpointing which motivations are driving the
shift toward smaller square footage in your community. Here are some          Shawn Evans is the owner and president of P Four, an award-winning
of the main motivations for downsizing, as well as a few suggestions          comprehensive sales, marketing and interior merchandising firm based in the
for tailoring your merchandising to meet consumers’ needs.                    Washington, D.C. area. With 20 years of experience in a mature urban region,
                                                                              Evans and his team offer a seasoned approach to making smaller spaces
                                                                              work harder, while still maintaining their sophisticated style. Prior to starting
The Empty Nest                                                                P Four, Evans spent 12 years with Pulte Homes and served as vice president
Driven by a desire for less maintenance and less “empty” space, active        of Del Webb for the Mid-Atlantic area. Under his leadership, the communities
adults may find hideaway office locations — such as inside a closet —         he oversaw were awarded Active Adult Community of the Year, Active Adult
appealing. Making the office do double duty as a tasteful guest room          Clubhouse of the Year, Best Green Marketing Campaign, and numerous
for visiting grandchildren will appeal to this market. Another great idea     other regional and national awards. Prior to his Del Webb role, Evans was
for merchandising to active adults is to arrange a space in a room with       vice president of sales and marketing for Pulte Homes of the Mid-Atlantic. To
a large flat-screen TV. A laptop computer can easily be connected to          contact him, visit, or email him at
the TV, turning it into a monitor that’s easier to see and work from.

                 The essential tool for home improvement.
                                  Natural gas homes, on average, sell faster and for 6% more than all-electric homes.
                                                     – National Association of Homebuilders

                                                         Call Tami Maybin at 1-828-231-7704.

10 | Asheville HBA    l   Bringing Professionalism to our Industry
                                                                                                                                    [ member news ]

July 18th -- 2:00- 3:00 pm                                                  July 25th -- 2:00- 3:00 pm
 Financing for Home Builders                                                 Lighting is a System, Not Just a Bulb

 Presented by NAHB Housing Finance Committee                                 Presented by NAHB Housing Finance

 Access to credit is critical to home builders - from acquisition to         When you think about a heating and cooling system, you
 development to vertical construction. With traditional lenders              consider the main unit, ducting, venting, the envelope of the
 less willing to finance the home building industry, how will                home, the thermostat and other items that make up the whole.
 home builders deal with financing issues in 2012 and beyond?                When people consider a lighting system they generally think
 What will AD&C lending look like in the future? The Financing               about either the fixtures, or CFLs vs. incandescent lamps --
 for Home Builders webinar will address these and related                    both of which are far short of a system.
 lending issues.
                                                                             A full lighting system includes not only the fixtures and lamps
 Learning Objectives                                                         (bulbs) but the controls as well. When designed properly, the
 •   Barriers to AD&C Financing.                                             whole system is a valuable component of your homes and
 •   Future role of community banks in AD&C financing                        projects that can be marketed to multiple demographics of
 •   Creative funding structures and alternative sources of                  customers. The right system can add value for consumers
     funding                                                                 seeking energy efficiency, universal design, convenience,
                                                                             ambiance and safety, just to name a few.
 To Register
 Council and NAHB Members are free and $44.95 for non-                       To Register
 members.                                                                    The Council fee is $19.95, $24.95 for NAHB members and
                                                                             $44.95 for non-members.
 This webinar counts as one hour of continuing education credit
 for NAHB professional designations.                                         Register online or for more information, or call NAHB’s Office of the
                                                                             Registrar at 800-368-5242 x8338, or email
 To register online or for more information, or call NAHB’s Office of the
 Registrar at 800-368-5242 x8350, or email

July 24th -- 12:00- 1:00 pm
 Demystifying Virtual Tours: Understand your
 options, best practices and more!

                                                                                        SO DO WE
 Virtual tours are a great way to help homebuyers visualize
 themselves in your homes. But with so many options how do
 you decide what flavor of virtual tour is right for your business?
 Our media experts will walk you through the different types of
 virtual tours and highlight the pros and cons for each.

 Learning Objectives                                                            Our Western North Carolina neighbors turn to us for their mortgage
 •   What virtual tour options are available?
 •   What are qualities of successful virtual tours?                            needs because we’re built on 75 years of great rates, the best
 •   What questions should you ask yourself about creating a                    products and honest service. So when your customers are ready
                                                                                to buy, build or just talk, tell them about the area’s most solid
 To Register                                                                    mortgage foundation—Asheville Savings Bank.
 To register visit
                                                                                  With 13 convenient locations in Western north carolina!

                                                                                                        Member FDIC

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           Bonded Builders Warranty Group                    M. C. Kern Contracting, Inc.
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                                                                                                    Mature Living Choices
                         Architectural Woodcraft, Inc.                                                      Associate
                                                                                                     Tri-County Solutions
              Killingsworth Environmental of the Carolinas, LLC                                             Associate

In compliance with our Bylaws and the policies which have been put in place by our Board of Directors and the Membership Committee, Association procedure
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[ member news ]
Kitchen Appliances                                                          Lead Paint

[Continued from page 2]                                                     [Continued from page 5]
blend into the kitchen with well-thought-out, purposeful design can
accentuate the home’s style as much as the décor. From perfectly            • Suspend the LRRP if EPA does not approve a commercially available
selected materials to precisely aligned corners and well balanced           test kit that meets the regulation’s requirements.
details and contours, home owners want appliances that are offer
superior appearance and performance.                                        • Allow remodelers to reduce fines if they correct paperwork errors
                                                                            found during an inspection.
Be sure that you recommend appliances to your clients that fit this
growing trend of purposeful design with savings in mind.                    • Eliminate the “hands on” recertification training requirements that
                                                                            force some remodelers to travel long distances to training facilities to
Bosch home appliances have received the Energy Star Sustained               receive proper certification.
Excellence Award for the past two years in a row. For more information
about Bosch, please visit                            • Prohibit EPA from expanding the LRRP to commercial and public
                                                                            buildings until at least one year after the agency conducts a study
New Cooktop and Refrigeration Innovations for a Luxurious Kitchen           demonstrating the need for such an action.

Innovations in cooktops and refrigerators open up an entirely new           • Clarify the definition of “abatement” to specifically exclude remodeling
level of kitchen design innovation. Designers, builders and consumers       and renovation activities.
now, more than ever, have total freedom of choice.
                                                                            • Provide an exemption to the regulation for emergency renovations.
The ability to reinvent the kitchen is important to remember for builders
who want to excite their clients and sell their custom homes and            NAHB is urging its members to contact their representatives and
remodelers looking to provide high-end design. Kitchens sell homes,         senators and urge them to cosponsor the respective lead paint bills
so freedom and innovation are pivotal. Standing out in the crowd is the     pending in the House and Senate.
name of the game.
                                                                            For additional information about lead paint rule enforcement and
One design feature is modular refrigeration columns which provide           compliance, visit
convenience, flexibility and performance in the kitchen. It allows the
culinary enthusiast to place the freezer on the other side of the kitchen
near the range, different-sized fresh food and freezer columns side by
side, or the fresh food column adjacent to the sink, for instance, for
easier access to fruits and vegetables.

Another appliance highlight is induction cooktops, which now represent
only 4% of the entire cooktop market today when compared to electric
and gas cooktops.

A recent Thermador study among U.S. home owners ages 35 to 54,
however, revealed that 70% of current gas cooktop users would be
more likely to want to experience induction cooking once they find
out that induction generates heat faster than other cooktops, adjusts
temperature instantaneously and is safe to the touch. It’s also a lot
easier to clean and is the most efficient cooking technology available.

Today, the induction education continues with a game-changing
induction appliance hitting the market in July. Thermador’s Freedom
Induction Cooktop will become the first full-surface induction cooktop
available in the United States. Pots and pans of any size will be easily
accommodated by the largest cooking element in the world, promising
constant, consistent heat, no matter where you shift the cookware on
the surface.

Thermador this year also is introducing a new lineup of Freedom
Collection refrigerators and columns with more than 100 innovations
and improvements. The collection was rethought, reengineered and
refined to make Thermador refrigerators the highest quality and most
comprehensive lineup in the luxury appliance category.

To learn more about these Thermador products, visit www.thermador.

For more information about this item, please contact Christopher
Mclarty at 800-368-5242 x8247 or via email at
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                                                                      [ AHBA Nation ]
Night with the tourist
Members along with friends and family attended the AHBA
Night with Tourist on June 21st. Over 200 guests flocked to
McCormick Field to cheer on the Asheville Tourist as they
played the Rome Braves while they enjoyed great food and
networking at the Pepsi Pavilion.

2012 Parade of Homes Discounts!
   Here is the list of Associate Member Companies that are
   participating in the Associate Member Discount Program.

          84 Lumber               HomeSource Design Center      Snow Creek Landscaping
         828-665-3815                 828-252-1022                  828-808-4369

     Asheville Garage Door          Horizon Heating and
                                                                 Solid Surface Specialist
         Services, Inc               Conditioning, LLC
        828-255-0830                  828-691-4028

      All Window & Door                  Id.ology            Stone Gallery Granite & Marble
        828-209-0380                   828-273-2062                  828-891-4770

 Ashley’s Kitchen & Bath Design
                                       Labor Finders               Studio McCormick
                                       828-253-0019                  828-414-4866

   Bonded Builders Warranty
                                  Mike’s Heating & Cooling        Sun Mountain Door
                                      828-665-4343                  828-545-9644

   Brand Vaughan Lumber of
                                      moreSPACEplace                   Terminix
                                      828-665-9665                   828-253-9644

     Build It Naturally, Inc.        Precision Craftsmen            Tucker Materials
         828-254-2668                  828-545-2723                  828-684-5400

      Carolina Colortones                ProBuild                Vandermusser Design
        828-687-9510                   828-694-0665                 828-348-4723

   Carolina Equipment Rental
                                    Retro+Fit Design LLC
        Sales & Services
                                       828-254-9150           Each of these Companies
                                                                are working hard to
      Final Touch Cleaning            Salon Blue Ridge
                                                                 encourage “Doing
         828-243-8767                  828-696-1934
                                                              Business with a Member”
                                                              Contact YOUR Associates
                                                             today to learn more about
      Forest Millwork, Inc.           Sears Commercial         the discounts offered.
         828-251-5264                  828-279-1822

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