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Best Mac Video & Audio Convert for Apple Users


Here you can choose the best video converter for Mac. Go to check out which is most suitable for you.

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                         Best Mac Video&Audio Player

Just got your new MacBook Pro and feel extremely satisfied with the brilliant experience Apple
brings you? But, as you take a close look at the computer, you will find that it is not so perfect as
your originally thought. For example, Mac OS X disables us to enjoy different videos directly.
Although we have Apple approved player QuickTime and iTunes installed, the media format
support is rather lacking out of the box. Actually, in order to enjoy all our favorite media clips
freely, we need another video or audio player application as the assistant.

This page will introduce you several media file players for Mac, please select the best Mac video
& audio player for yourself.

Top-ranking Media Files Player for Mac

1. HUDTube Video Player

It can play each video without a hitch while maintaining great resolution & sound. You could
watch your favorite videos from YouTube or Vimeo in a separate window, adjust it’s size or just
easily loop the video you really, really love without downloading it. Besides, it let your browser
run uninterrupted and fast while watching tons of videos, Meanwhile, it is the Mac App Store app
to support Apple TV.

2. VLC Streamer

The wildly popular VLC media player has been around for many years, and underwent many
incremental improvements to become what it is today. It is free helper app gets you streaming
quickly and allows you to browse local drives, and Windows network shares. extremely versatile
and easy to use, but packs many advanced features of commercial software. Subtitle support,

equalizer settings, and streaming capabilities make this the most complete open source player on
the mac.

3. Player & Converter Movie

You can play almost format movie by this app which supports formats include MPG, MPEG,
H264/x264 1080p/720p HD video etc and all the audio formats. Meanwhile, it also serves as a
movie converter which helps you convert Movie files to all popular video and audio formats, such
as converting Movie to AVI, Movie to MP4, Movie to iPad, Movie to iPhone, Movie to MP3,
Movie to MOV and more.

4. iPlayer

Almost all video/audio file formats and subtitle file formats are supported by this software. You
only pay $4.99 for this software, you can get this easy-to-use and fully functional media player
with powerful playlists manager. Released by BBC, it will offer a limited amount of content for
free, supported by pre-roll ads and sponsorship.

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