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Trademark Registration in India to Get Extra Benefits


In a nut shell trademark registration is not only important but it is also necessary to be performed with excellence.

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									Trademark Registration in India to Get Extra Benefits

In a nut shell trademark registration is not only important but it is also necessary to be
performed with excellence.

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trademark registration in india is executed as per the government's rules. Trademark is a sign used as
an indicator of authenticity by any individual or legal entity or any business organization. It is used in
order to facilitate a consumer in assuring that the consumed product is original. A product with a
trademark on it shows that the product comes from a unique source and also differentiates between two
similar products from different entities. A trademark can be a name, phrase, word, logo, image, design or a
combination involving these elements. A trademark is like an intellectual property. brand registration in
india or in any other country is an equally important affair. In India trademark registration services are
available at very affordable prices.

trademark search and registration safeguards a person's property and takes care of its unique identity.
Each country has its own laws for a patent registration. Patent registration can be filed by a single person,
with a partner jointly, or by a legal representative. A trademark application is required to be filled and
submitted for approval. As the application gets processed, it will be passed on to further evaluation and

In India trademarks are classified in around forty-two distinct classes. These include paints, surgical and
medical instruments, machine tools and lubricant machines, textiles, household, games, stationary,
beverages, sanitary material, hand tools, leather and educational and scientific products. This trademark
classification can be further sub-divided. The only objective of sub-classifying these items is to group the
similar ones collectively. For example common metals along with their alloys , building material that is
transportable, metallic materials used for building railway tracks, common metal wires, non-electric
cables, small metal hardware items, ironmongery, tubes and pipes of metal, safes and lockers, other
common metal items and ores can be grouped under one category. This grouping is regarding the
products. Services may include medical, veterinary, beauty care and hygiene, forestry and horticulture
services that can be grouped together being similar or inter-related services.

It is important to search and observe trademark lookup before proceeding. No matter whichever the state
or city the business is established within, it is important to note that trademark registration believes in
appropriate use of a mark that may contain a legitimate phrase or symbol, both for business processes
and for bona fide trading. Hence it is important to make sure that geographical name, surnames,
descriptive words are not used. It is clearly mentioned in section nine of Trade and Merchandise Marks
act 1958. It is very important for a trademark to be effective. The trademark chosen should be highly
distinctive and must not resemble any other trademark especially should never bear any kind of
resemblance with products of similar type. Any such resemblance may confuse the consumer and result
in selection of another brand. If at small scale, this loss may not count. But if repeated again and again, the
confusion can prove to be beneficial to an inferior trademarked company.

These guidelines may seem to be very general, but if not considered during trademark selection, the
company will have to regret for the happening at a later stage.

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