AR5 WG2 Nomination Form by 9c01PDQ


									1) Complete all mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk (*).
2) Either double-click on data cells to input text, or access pull-down menus.
3) Education should reflect the highest degree attained and conferring institution.
4) Primary Expertise field should provide a brief statement of research relevant to the WG2 contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report as outlined -- natural and
   managed resources and ecosystems, human settlements and infrastructure, human health and security, adaptation and development, multi-sector impacts
   and risks, impacts of extreme events/disasters, economics, etc. Please be aware of a 75-character limit.
5) All nomination forms *must* be accompanied by a current CV (in English) for the nomination to be considered complete.
6) Upload the completed form and a CV no later than 12 March 2010, 5:00 p.m. PST.

      Person Nominating
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      Person Nominated
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      Chapter and Preferred Role
     Individuals may be nominated for more than one chapter, with different roles for each. Note that the fields in this section are not mandatory; however, it is
     recommended that specific chapter preferences be identified to facilitate the writing team selection process. More detail on chapter contents/emphases can be
     found in the accepted chapter outline and background information provided on the WGII web pages.

     Note that nominations also support additional IPCC activities: (a) development of an Expert Reviewer database, and (b) basis for a candidate pool for IPCC
     Expert Meetings and Workshops. As such, it is very important that nominations include explicit detail in the Primary Expertise field above (limit of 75
     characters). Though voluntary, chapter and role designations help in the selection process for these activities as well.
     Context for the AR5                                                                                        Yes/No                   Preferred Role
       Ch. 1: Point of departure
       Ch. 2: Foundations for decisionmaking
     Natural and Managed Resources and Ecosystems, and Their Uses
       Ch. 3: Freshwater resources
       Ch. 4: Terrestrial and inland water systems
       Ch. 5: Coastal systems and low-lying areas
       Ch. 6: Ocean systems
       Ch. 7: Food production systems and food security
     Human Settlements, Industry, and Infrastructure
       Ch. 8: Urban areas
       Ch. 9: Rural areas
      Ch. 10: Key economic sectors and services
     Human Health, Well-Being, and Security
      Ch. 11: Human health
      Ch. 12: Human security
      Ch. 13: Livelihoods and poverty
      Ch. 14: Adaptation needs and options
      Ch. 15: Adaptation planning and implementation
      Ch. 16: Adaptation opportunities, constraints, and limits
      Ch. 17: Economics of adaptation
     Multi-Sector Impacts, Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Opportunities
      Ch. 18: Detection and attribution of observed impacts
      Ch. 19: Emergent risks and key vulnerabilities
      Ch. 20: Climate-resilient pathways: adaptation, mitigation, and sustainable development
      Ch. 21:   Regional context
      Ch. 22:   Africa
      Ch. 23:   Europe
      Ch. 24:   Asia
      Ch. 25:   Australasia
      Ch. 26:   North America
      Ch. 27:   Central and South America
      Ch. 28:   Polar Regions
      Ch. 29:   Small Islands
      Ch. 30:   International Waters

                 XLS nominations must be uploaded to no later than 12 March 2010, 5:00 p.m. PST.
                               Send mail to if you encounter technical difficulties with the form itself.
                          IPCC WGII Technical Support Unit - c/o Carnegie Insitution for Science - 260 Panama St. - Stanford, CA 94305 USA
                                   Phone (+1) 650 462 1047 - Fax (+1) 650 462 5968 - email: www.

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