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The Cufflinksman Team is pleased that you stopped by our website to browse
our prestigious collection of cuff links and men’s accessories. We’re here to
offer you high-quality and high-fashion products to highlight and complement
your own sense of immaculate style. Our customers know what they want and
know what they love—and we are here to bring you the best cufflink styles on
the market, coupled with the most affordable prices.
Here at Cufflinksman, we don’t just offer you cufflinks, we keep our customers
up to date on the world’s biggest runway shows and designers in order
complement your newly purchased accessories. Every week on our fashion-
oriented blog you’ll find tips and style choices regarding the latest trends, giving
you innumerable ways to accessorize your wardrobe collection using our cuff
links, silk ties, hand painted money clips, and Italian pocket squares.
In addition to offering you affordable cufflink sets and classic cuff link styles, we
are proud to offer you unique lines of designer cufflinks and accessories,
including Daniel Dolce, Tateossian, Aymara, and Pierce & Hobbs. Tateossian
cufflinks are the epitomes of luxury and grandeur, and are handcrafted from the
finest materials available, making them edgy, classic, and alluring. We offer
hundreds of sterling silver cufflinks and gold cufflinks complete with unique
designs, engravings, and supreme craftsmanship.

While you’re here, check out the Aymara brand: an exclusive line of
Amazonian Butterfly cufflinks made from real butterfly wings. The butterfly
wings used in the cufflink making process come from the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly
Garden, located in Padre Cocha Iquitos, Peru.
The exotic butterflies live and die naturally in a protected environment and their
delicate wings are then transformed to create stunning jewelry pieces. All of the
products are hand-crafted with the best 950 Sterling Silver available on the
Peruvian Market. In order to support the continuation of the Amazonian
butterflies, donates a percentage of all sales to the Garden
and the Amazon Animal Orphanage.
So in addition to bringing you the best quality, hand crafted products available
on the market, we also help the environment, small businesses, and
international organizations adamant about improving our world.
Have a special event coming up? A graduation or wedding possibly? Browse
our superb selection of wedding cuff links—we have choices for the whole
wedding party, including the Father of the Bride, Groomsmen, and the Groom
himself. We also feature an entire line of engravable cufflinks to customize your
gift for that special someone and to ensure that life event is exquisitely
captured in fine jewelry. You can only graduate once, so commemorate that
shining moment with an engraved pair of graduation cufflinks for your
scholarly recipient.

All of our cufflinks come set in impeccable cufflink gift boxes that are made to
last and perfect for storing your cufflinks when they are not being worn. In
addition to our standard gift boxes that come with each and every pair, we offer
a wide selection of Cufflink Storage options, including Calfskin, Travel, and
Antique-Inspired Mahogany cufflink boxes.
For the animal lover in you, we maintain a wide variety of animal cufflinks—
ranging from loveable turtles and various hand-painted dog breeds to sinister sly
snakes with jeweled eyes and even burly bears and wolves. Some of these
animal inspired cufflinks can even be great humorous/gag gifts to go along with
your favorite “inside joke” with that special someone. There is literally a gift for
everyone here at Cufflinksman.
We are also proud to acknowledge that our products are not limited to men only,
but women can enjoy our immense selection of cufflinks too. Try a simple stud
cufflink set or browse our collection of precious stones and artwork—including
mother of pearl, onyx, Peruvian silver, and intricate glasswork. Our novelty
cufflinks are sure to please all, particularly our line of food and drink cufflinks,
complete with 90s style hamburger cuff links, NYC Greek Coffee Cup Cufflinks,
and Sushi cufflinks.

But don’t just stop at the fashion food court, check out our sports cufflinks and
university cufflinks as well. There you will surely find your favorite team’s logo
to adorn your shirtsleeves, whether it be from the NFL, NBA, NHL, or the MLB.

Unfortunately life is not all about sports and play (unless you’re a professional
athlete), so that is why we’re proud to offer you various career cufflinks to wear
on and off the job—whether you’re a dentist, electrician (we have functioning
light switch cufflinks), lawyer (try out legal gavel cufflinks), engineer, or an arts
connoisseur (think Theater Mask Cufflinks and Jackson Pollack Cufflinks).

We’d love to hear from you! Any feedback, questions, or comments you may
have are most welcome. If you would like us to help you find a specific style of
cufflink or have any questions about an order, please contact us at: or call us: (516) 395 5007. Help us keep our site and
products relevant to YOU in order to fit your sense of style and budget.


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