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GKSS Magnesium Research Award For the first time in the


									            GKSS Magnesium Research Award

For the first time in 2007 the GKSS Research Centre will honour innova-
tive work by an individual researcher in the area of the science and tech-
nology of magnesium alloys with a research award of 5000 €. The main
focus will be on alloy development and the characterisation of micro-
structure-property relationships with regard to the chosen processing
technology. The proposal submitted should reflect excellent scientific
work and demonstrate that it makes a significant contribution to a deeper
knowledge and understanding of magnesium alloys or to new applica-
tions of this class of materials. In the future, the GKSS Magnesium Re-
search Award will be made annually.

The GKSS Research Centre, a member of the Helmholtz Association of
German Research Centres, currently has 750 employees at its locations
in Geesthacht and Teltow. In line with its maxim that "knowledge gener-
ates utility", GKSS makes significant contributions to the solution of ma-
jor social, scientific and economic problems. The research work is organ-
ized according to the following Helmholtz program areas: Advanced En-
gineering Materials, Water and Climate in Coastal Areas, Regenerative
Medicine, and Research with Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation. For
several years now, research on magnesium and its alloys has been per-
formed in the Institute for Materials Research, within the framework of a
programme aimed at the development of novel lightweight constructional
materials. Recently, a major new facility was built, the “Magnesium Inno-
vation Centre MagIC”, which will enable to centralise and extend the ca-
pabilities with the Institute in the processing, testing and characterisation
of magnesium alloys as well as in the development of enabling technolo-
gies such as welding and coating.
    Applications must be nominated by a leading Senior Researcher
     from academic research institutions or industrial research groups
    Applicants must be young or medium aged researchers from any
    The work proposed for the award has to be performed either in
     academic research institutions or in fundamental industrial
     research groups.
    Applicants may not be senior researchers as it is not intended to
     make the award for scientific leadership.
    The award will only be made to individual researchers and not to
    Applicants may not have previously received the GKSS
     Magnesium Research Award.
    Researchers employed or having been employed at the GKSS
     during performance of the research work are not eligible.
    Each participating institution may endorse no more than one (1)
     applicant per year.

Application forms must be typed or neatly printed and submitted together
with the following documentation:
   1. A typed cover letter describing your research interests and
      experience as well as your career plan (1 page maximum).
   2. Curriculum Vitae (1 page maximum).
   3. A summary of the research, including project background and
      rationale, an explanation of the research strategy (methods,
      procedures, analysis plans, etc.) and other important aspects of the
      project (2 pages maximum). Figures and/or tables may only be
      included if they can be incorporated into the two (2) page research
      summary. Please do not submit a list of your own references with
      your summary (although citations should normally be included in
      the text).
   4. A letter of recommendation from your superior, professor or
      supervisor (1 page maximum). It is not necessary to enclose this
      letter in a sealed envelope; however, if he/she prefers to do this,
      please be certain that three (3) additional copies of the letter are
      also prepared for submission with your application (original + 3
      copies should be enclosed in the same envelope).
Four collated sets of application materials (the originals plus three cop-
ies) must be included in each submission. Be sure to keep a copy of the
submitted materials for your own records.
A scientific committee will examine all applications for eligibility and will
then make the decision on the award on the basis of the quality of the
information submitted.

The starting date for receipt of applications will be 01.July 2007 and the
final deadline will be 31. August 2007. Applications should be sent in one
complete package to:
GKSS Research Centre Geesthacht
Magnesium Research Award, Scientific Committee
Max-Planck-Str. 1
D-21502 Geesthacht, Germany

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