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									Indian Monument Attractions - Qutab Minar
Qutub minar is one of the famous and beautiful monuments of India. It is started builting in 1193
by Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aibak also called "Lakh Baksh Sultan" or "giver of hundred thousand"
because of his generous nature. Qutbuddin Aibak was a very good builder. He constructed
security towers, tax posts, check posts and a few of the forts in the most important cities of his
empire to avoid loots and plunderings. He also initiated the construction of Delhi's earliest
Muslim monuments. The beautiful indian monument attractions minar was surronded by full of
green garden. This minar is having height of 72.5 metres or 238 ft. The diameter of minar is
14.32m at the base and about 2.75m on the top. Every year billionf of people’s arround the
world are visiting this place. This monument is located at Mehrauli in the southern part of the
city, which is in delhi. The beautiful minar has 5 storeys. Qutab-ud-din Aibak has builted only
the first story and the rest of the four storeys are builted by his son in law and successor.This
minar is an example for Indo-Islamic Afghan architecture. Builters of this minar has put great
efforts. Because of them now we got beautiful and historical monuments. This is included in the
indian monument attractions.

There are 379 steps are in minar and it is one of the highest stone towers in India. There is a
door on the northern side, leading inside the tower to a spiral stairway with 379 steps that winds
its way up to the balcony in each floor and culminating in a platform at the top. Honey combing
is a special feature of the minar. October to march is the best months to visit and you can enjoy
these places till sunrise to sunset. This Indian monument attractions are made up of it is all red
sandstone, except for the top, which is made of white marble. The qutab minar description is
fully written in islamic character from top to bottom. It looks great. But today peoples are not
allowed to go inside the qutab minar, because the staircase inside the tower has been closed
following an accident in early 1980's when a party of school girls panicked when the lights failed
and a stampede led to a number of deaths. For this reason peoples are not allowed to go inside
the minar.

The builder of the great Indian monument attractions qutub minar ,Sultan Qutbuddin aibak died
accidentally while he was playing a game of polo in Lahore on horseback (polo aka chougan in
India) in 1210., his horse fell and the sultan was impaled on the the raised area at the front of an
equestrian saddle. And He was buried near the Anarkali bazaar in Lahore.

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