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									President Obama has Psychological Problems, Labeled Destructive and
Damaged by Psychologist Dr. Paul Fick

President Obama’s failure as a president, in the debate with Romney, and
with Syria comes from severe psychological problems, says respected
psychologist Dr. Paul Fick.

Laguna Niguel, CA, October 16, 2012 -- President Barak Obama has
psychological problems, is damaged and destructive, and is overwhelmed
when faced with mental and emotional challenges, such as the Syria crisis
and the Romney debates, according to Dr. Paul Fick, a prominent clinical
and forensic psychologist.

“When faced with the mental and emotional upheaval inherent in a crisis,
Obama is overwhelmed because of his psychological disorders. In the
Syrian crisis, we see Obama uses projection, which is a defense mechanism
he uses because of his paranoid tendencies. He does this by blaming an
Internet video instead of the terrorists,” explained Dr. Fick.

According to his book The Destructive President, Obama’s problems were
caused by his troubled childhood and teen years, and they have never been
resolved, and Obama now displays narcissistic features, paranoid
tendencies and oppositionalism. Obama is filled with anger for America,
even though he states that he loves America, according to Dr. Fick.

“Obama’s emotional deficiencies limit his cognitive clarity and judgment
when faced with an international crisis, or even a debate. It is times
like these that America needs a president who is emotionally healthy and
not psychologically damaged,” said Dr. Fick.

The Destructive President provides an explanation of Obama’s psychology,
and why he is devastating America. Dr. Fick explains why Obama is filled
with hate, why his thinking is distorted by victim logic, and why he is
directing his rage at traditional institutions.

Details and a sample from the book are available at

About the Author:
Paul M. Fick, Ph.D. is a clinical and forensic psychologist with a
private practice in Laguna Niguel, California.

About the Book:
Dr. Paul Fick exposes the psychological underpinnings and explains why
President Obama is destroying the traditional institutions of the United
States in his book The Destructive President. He describes how Obama’s
failure to resolve his childhood losses negatively impacted his
behavioral development. The book is available in digital format at the
author’s web site
Press Contact: Dr. Paul Fick, 949-466-5943.

David M. Bresnahan
Laguna Niguel, CA

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