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									                 Upgrade Your Ram Memory for Higher Computer Functionality

One of the most important developments in computer technology is extendable memory because it
makes existing systems more functional and usable. RAM memory upgrade is available for all
computers, regardless of the brand and make. With the right kind of upgrade, you can enhance the
usage capacity of your computer, instead of going in for a new system with higher memory. What is
more, a RAM upgrade is the easiest and the most cost-effective way of increasing system functionality.

How much RAM is optimum?

You are the best person to answer this question. People who do not work with a lot of images and
multimedia files will find the 512MB default memory adequate. However, since most people do use a lot
of image and video files these days, more so because of the use of internet, the default 512MB memory
is just not adequate. Multitasking takes ages. Unless you upgrade memory, your computer becomes
slow and a real pain in the neck.

Studies have found that the new default memory should at least 1 GB, although even this is not
adequate for people who multitask extensively with large graphic files or digital videos. For users who
run a lot of large applications, 2GB memory is necessary. With this space, working with any kind of file,
burning files into CDs and uploading or downloading multimedia applications becomes quicker and
simpler. 2GB RAM should adequate for most of the users.

Moreover, every computer has a greatest limit for the RAM that it can accommodate. Although
extensible memories can loaded in the system, the processor speed and capacity should also be
compatible with the upgrade. So, if you have a Dell computer, you should check out the maximum Dell
memory upgrade that it can accommodate. Also, it is always recommended that for every brand, you go
in for upgrades from the same company so that no problems are encountered due to incompatibility.

Choosing the right kind of RAM

The three main kinds of RAMs available are DDR, DDR 2 and DDR 3. You can choose any kind that suits
the build of your computer. However, only one kind of computer memory upgrade can used in one
system because motherboards do not accept multiple types of upgrades. However, one motherboard
can accept two memory upgrades of the same type. Two slots are provided in all computers for
extensible memory. So, instead of using one chip of 1GB, you can use 2 chips of 512 MB each. The
functioning depends on the architecture of your computer. While some computers use both upgrade
devices simultaneously, others use any one at a time. Systems that are built with dual channel memory
can installed with two same types RAMs. But before you decide, check the website of the computer
brand to see the best type of memory that you can use.

Finally, do not compromise on quality of RAM memory upgrade to save a few bucks. Find out about the
best brands or go for the same brand as your computer.

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