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Language at the Monterey Institute ... - Middlebury College


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									Language at the Monterey Institute:
Unparalleled Opportunities

Language and intercultural commu-                        interrelated areas: intensive language        business consultants, government
nication lie at the very heart of the                    programs; content-based language stud-        officials, and professionals.
Monterey Institute’s mission. To “be the                 ies integrated into the international       •	 English for Diplomats - Content-
solution” is to view language as a way to                policy and MBA curricula; language            focused English courses and
connect rather than a barrier, and to use                teaching; and translation, interpretation     workshops integrating trade and
it to facilitate dialogue between different              and localization management.                  policy studies, economics, negotiation,
peoples and cultures.                                                                                  and conflict resolution to prepare
     Students at the Monterey Institute                  Content-Based Language Studies                government and diplomatic officials
are required to demonstrate a high                       Language instruction is offered in Ara-       for international work.
level of language proficiency. However,                  bic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese,
the centrality of language learning and                  Russian, and Spanish in connection          Language Teaching
teaching to the Monterey Institute                       with the Institute’s International Policy
experience extends far beyond this                                                                   The Institute’s master’s degree pro-
                                                         and Management degree programs.             grams in Teaching English to Speak-
                                                         These content-based language courses        ers of Other Languages (TESOL) and
                                                         enable students to focus on profes-         Teaching a Foreign Language (TFL) are
                                                         sionally relevant areas such as politics,   commonly cited as among the best in
                                                         business, policy, environment, and social   the world. The combination of strong
                                                         issues in their language of study while     academic preparation and practical
                                                         pursuing their career goals.                pedagogical training equips teachers to
                                                                                                     be flexible and innovative in respond-
                                                         Intensive Language Programs                 ing to a range of learners in a variety
                                                         The Monterey Institute offers short-        of teaching and curricular contexts.
                                                         term, intensive, and customized language    Computer-Assisted Language Learning
                                                         instruction options for both degree and     (CALL) and Language Program Admin-
                                                         non-degree students:                        istration (LPA) curriculum components
                                                                                                     allow students to develop professional
                                                         •	 Summer Intensive Language Program –      expertise in areas extremely valuable to
                                                           An eight-week program with up to
                                                                                                     the language education field.
                                                           five hours of intensive small group
                                                           instruction per day, focusing on the
                                                                                                     Translation, Interpretation, and
Saltanat Yerbolatova (right, MACI ’11) interpreted for     development of language skills and
the South Korean Women’s Ice Hockey Team at the                                                      Localization Management
Asian Winter Games in Kazakhstan in February 2011.         cultural knowledge.
                                                                                                     The Institute is one of the world’s lead-
expectation. As a graduate school of                     •	 Intensive English as a Second Language
                                                                                                     ing trainers of language professionals,
                                                           (ESL) - Intensive, 10-week programs
Middlebury College, the Monterey                                                                     offering master’s degree programs in
Institute is part of a spectrum of lan-                    that focus on learning English for
                                                                                                     Conference Interpretation, Translation,
guage learning opportunities that is                       academic and professional purposes;
                                                                                                     Translation and Interpretation, and
unmatched anywhere, ranging from                           customized programs also available.
                                                                                                     Translation and Localization Manage-
middle school language camps to                          •	 Custom Language Services –               ment. We offer training in both Euro-
advanced graduate degrees.                                 Customized, individualized programs       pean and Asian languages, including
    At the Institute, language learning                    in any language for individuals           Chinese, French, German, Japanese,
and teaching are concentrated in four                      including corporate executives,           Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Graduates

                                           Be the Solution          •   www.miis.edu
                                                     work in government agencies, non-                          school through graduate school, that is
                                                     governmental organizations, and inter-                     unmatched by any other institution in
                                                     national businesses around the world,                      the world. In addition to the Monterey
                                                     serving as interpreters at the United                      Institute programs detailed above, this
                                                     Nations, at the International Criminal                     continuum also includes:
                                                     Court, at the Olympic Games, and in
                                                                                                                •	 Middlebury-Monterey
                                                     hospitals and courtrooms. Graduates                           Language Academy
                                                     also play important roles in business                         Four-week summer immersion
                                                     communication as interpreters and                             program in Arabic, Chinese, French,
                                                     translators, and as localization specialists                  German, and Spanish for students
                                                     modifying products or services to adapt                       in grades 8-12.
                                                     to language and cultural differences in
                                                     international markets. Short-term pro-                     •	 Middlebury Undergraduate
                                                     fessional development courses are also                        Language Programs
Paula Manrique (MACI ‘09) interpreted
for President Bill Clinton at an economic
                                                     available for those working in the field.                     Instruction in Arabic, Chinese,
conference in Sevilla, Spain in November 2009.
                                                                                                                   French, German, Hebrew, Italian,
                                                     Monterey and Middlebury:                                      Japanese, Portuguese, Russian,
                                                     The Full Spectrum of                                          and Spanish.
                                                     Language Education                                         •	 Middlebury Language Schools
                                                     For nearly 100 years, Middlebury                              Six- to nine-week summer
                                                     College has been a leader in language                         immersion program for under-
                                                     instruction, pioneering its immersive                         graduate and graduate students.
                                                     approach to “living the language” as                       •	 C.V. Starr-Middlebury Schools Abroad
                                                     a foundation for international studies                        Semester-long undergraduate and
                                                     in many disciplines. Today, Middle-                           graduate educational experiences
                                                     bury and the Monterey Institute are                           in the host country’s language at
                                                     uniquely poised to lead the entire spec-                      36 sites around the world.
                                                     trum of language education, offering                       For more informtaion on these
Team Monterey students in El Salvador in January
                                                     a continuum of unparalleled language                       and other programs, visit
2011, working in Spanish with local program staff.   learning opportunities, from middle                        www.middlebury.edu.

                                                     Heather Kokesch (MATESOL ’11) taught English to students in the Philippines.

                                          Be the Solution
                                          Be the Solution           •   www.miis.edu

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