Women’s Fashion – Then and Now

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					                       Women’s Fashion – Then and Now

Women’s fashion throughout the years has managed to exemplify the social environment during a given period.
Through wars and revolutions, freedom of expression, a growing out of the norm, and an online evolution that saw
more clothes online, women’s fashion managed to produce creative innovations, which brought about short-lived
fads and other influences that were bound to last through many more decades.

The Early 20th Century

The early part of the 1900s saw a big emphasis in celebrating the woman’s shape. Fashion from the start of the
century saw more conservative clothing styles, but as the first decade ended, voluptuousness became the focus of
women’s fashion. This also ushered in the influence of the French people in global fashion. The haute couture
movement was the major influence in the fashion scene for the modern world.

Modernism Ensued

Modernism entered the scene around the 1920s. This liberating era gave women the freedom to show off more
skin than they had done in the previous era. This was a time of celebrating youthful elegance and more
comfortable styles that paved the way for pants and short skirts. Hems were brought higher and flapper fashion
took over.

Utilitarian War Time

When war time occurred, fashion became more utilitarian, reacting perhaps to the difficulties that those times
projected. Drabness and uniform types were all that were needed. At the end of the war era, fashion gradually
flourished again as people grew tired of the uniformity and the minimalist fashion style.

Liberation and Revolution

The 60s and the 70s were exciting times for young people then. It was a time for liberation and so fashion followed
suit. This time, people broke the bonds that tied them to dictates of society, including fashion. Young people
created their own style, making the designers take ideas from the public. This was the time when mini-skirts and
bell-bottom pants were the rage.

Present Time

Affluence started to be felt during the 80s and 90s. This time around, women started to flock designer boutiques in
Paris and New York. In recent times, there has been a great revival of fashion ideas from the past eras. There has
also been a movement to adopt comfort in the fashion styles during the latter part of the century.

In recent years we have also seen major changes in women’s fashion as more and more people flock to online
communities to socialise. There became available more and more women clothes online as women started to
appreciate the convenience of shopping online. Women’s fashion has grown at a much faster pace as information
has moved faster throughout the internet.
Fashion throughout the years became a mirror of the society at that time. More exciting times should be expected
in women’s fashion as we see more and more developments around us.


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