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									Knowledge Management
    Lindsay Jefferson
     Colm de Burca
• What is Knowledge Management
• Growth of Knowledge Management
• Using Knowledge Management
• Roles Within Organizations
• Issues with Knowledge Management
• Success v. Failure of Knowledge
• Uses in Sports
• Resources
Knowledge Management
• KM is a newly emerging, interdisciplinary
 business model dealing with all aspects of
 knowledge within the context of the firm,
 including knowledge creation, codification,
 sharing, and how these activities promote
 learning and innovation. In practice, KM
 encompasses both technological tools and
 organizational routines in overlapping
A variety of factors have contributed to the growth
of and interest in KM. Robert E. Cole identifies
eight of them:
• Accelerating pace of change
• Staff attrition (especially that resulting from years of
    downsizing and reengineering)
•   Growth in organizational scope
•   Geographic dispersion associated with globalization of
•   Global integration
•   Increase in networked organizations
•   Growing knowledge-intensity of goods and services
•   Revolution in information technology
Knowledge Management Process

• Asset Utilization
• Knowledge Evaluation
• Knowledge Improvement
• Knowledge Accumulation
• Knowledge Generation
• Knowledge Sharing
• Knowledge Protection
Using Knowledge Management
• Continuous Cycle: Create – Capture – Refine –
    Store – Manage – Disseminate
•   Activities: Create – Share – Seek
•   Approaches:
    – Process: formal controls to enhance quality and speed
    – Practice: creating social environments allowing for
      shared tactical information used for customized
      solutions for unique problems
    – Best: What effective organizations use.
    *Organizations often use hybrid of both process and
      practice approaches.
Roles Within Organization
 – Chief Knowldege Officer (CKO): newly created
   position in charge of creating the
   infrastructure and cultural environment for
   knowledge sharing
 – Everyone else within the organization must
   support the knowledge management system
   in order for it to be effective

• Culture Change
• How to store tactic knowledge?
• How to measure benefits?
• Roles of personnel
• Importance of Knowledge Management?
• Keep up with quickly changing technology
• Intellectual Capital
Success v. Failure
• Measure: Financial and non-financial measures
    (relationships, environment, etc)
•   Causes of Failure:
    – Lack of management, understanding of benefits,
      adequate staff/resources
    – Too much information
    – Incomplete information
• Causes of Success:
    – Effective Management/resources
    – Taking advantages of technological opportunities
    *Requires cultural change from the top down.
Knowledge Management in Sport

• The Value of Tacit Knowledge
  – General Managers
     • Drafting
  – Coaches
     • Play Calling
  – Players
     • Intangibles
  – Schools
     • Recruiting
Knowledge Management Resources
•   What is Knowledge Management? Gotcha is your guide to Knowledge Management (KM). It is designed for those who are new to KM
    and still exploring its fundamentals, as well as for power users looking to expand their KM resources or understanding.
•   Brint Knowledge Management Portal This is one of the best KM Resource websites currently online. If Brint doesn't have it, you
    probably don't need it.
•   Learning Organization / Knowledge Management Resources This site has been cited as a useful resource by the Knowledge
    Management Year Book.
•   CIO Knowledge Management Research Center The KM Research Center has taken the approach of focusing on a few links to high
    quality content from CIO and websites that encompass most of the major trends.
•   MetaKM The knowledge management portal for practitioners, researchers, and solution providers.
•   The Nyenrode Institute for Knowledge Management and Virtual Education (NOTION), Netherlands According to NOTION the key for
    success in knowledge management is the integration of the correct paradigm, the necessary infrastructure (human resources policy,
    ICT and learning content), but all that while giving the responsibility for the process to the learners. To locate this Centre find
    Research & Faculty and then Competence Centers.
•   Zentrum f r Wissens- und Informationsmanagement (WIM), Austria This Centre based in Donau University offers a Masters of
    Advanced Studies in Knowledge Management.
•   KM Bibliography Herwig Rollett, based at the Graz University of Technology, is currently doing a PhD on various aspects of Knowledge
    Management. His KM Bibliography is comprehensive.
•   Major Journal Special Issues on KM Although this link covers articles that are slightly old (1996-1998), it highlights papers on KM
    taken from Special Issue Journals. Useful if you are conducting a literature review.
•   Journal of Knowledge Management The Journal of Knowledge Management is a peer-reviewed quarterly publication dedicated to the
    exchange of the latest research and practical information on all aspects of managing knowledge in organisations.
•   Knowedge Management World KM World is a leading information source for the knowledge management systems market.
•   Knowledge Management Bookstore The Knowledge Management Bookstore currently contains 216 titles (2002-1997) about
    knowledge management, organizational intelligence, and closely aligned areas of thought and practice.
•   Selection of Knowledge Management Books Books recommended by the Institute for Knowledge Management, The George
    Washington University.
•   Knowledge Ecology "Knowledge ecology" is an interdisciplinary field of management theory and practice, focused on the relational
    and social aspects of knowledge creation and utilization.
•   KM Europe The conference is dedicated to integrating knowledge management into existing working practice. KM Europe will feature
    presentations from Karl Wiig, Tom Davenport, Dan Holtshouse, Dave Snowden, Tom Stewart and Karl-Erik Sveiby. Date: 13 - 15
    November 2002, Alexandra Palace, London.
•   KM World & Intranets 2002 Convening for its sixth year, KM World is the worlds largest and most comprehensive conference and
    exposition dedicated to Content, Work, Collaboration, Knowledge and Intellectual Asset Management, and Business/Competitive

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