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MarketAark : (2012-2022) Wireless Sensor Networks


MarketAark - announces report of " Wireless Sensor Networks 2012-2022"and also avaliable SAMPLE PAGE of the Report

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									Wireless Sensor Networks 2012-2022

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The WSN business is set to become a multibillion dollar activity but only if there is major
progress with standards and technology. This techno-marketing report scopes over 140
manufacturers and developers and looks closely at the impediments to rollout and how to
overcome them. For example, today's power sources often stand in way of the desired 20 year
life so the report looks closely at how energy harvesting can help and profiles 40 relevant power
source manufacturers. Ten year WSN forecasts are made based on the very latest information.

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) - self organising, self healing networks of small nodes - have
huge potential across industrial, military and many other sectors. While appreciable sales have
new been established, major progress depends on standards and achieving twenty year life.

The new IDTechEx report Wireless Sensor Networks 2011-2021 draws lessons from many
successful installations in the last year. It looks at the complex standards scene with particular
focus on WirelessHART that is the key to applications in the process industries in the short and
medium term and it shows how the alternative ISA 11.11a has some way to go but may prove
useful over a wider field of application and eventually subsume WirelessHART. It Examines
recent successes of the various backers of ZigBee-related solutions, who is behind the
alternatives and how they see the future.

The challenge of excessive power consumption of these nodes, that have to act as both tags and
readers, is addressed. For example, progress has been good in getting the electronics to consume
less electricity, by both improved signalling protocols and improved circuitry.

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