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									      Domain Name
 Procedure for Domain Name
Registration and Web Hosting

1. Customer Service
2. Disk Space
3. Bandwidth
4. Uptime
5. Price
Customer Service

      Good customer service is the
      lifeblood of any business, which
      offer promotions and adds value to
      a product. You must always think of
      selecting a web host that offers
      several customer support options
      like 24/7 online chat, phone, email,

  Bandwidth is a measure of the
  amount of data transmitted
  in/out of your website,
  if your website is heavy on
  images or multimedia, you may
  need a bigger allotment of
  bandwidth. Therefore, pick a
  host that offers you maximum
Disk space

      Disk space is the
      allotment of bytes on the
      hard drive given to you
      for your website, you
      should always select a
      host that offers you
      sufficient amount of

    Uptime is the amount of
    time that your website
    stays live on web. This is
    one of the most crucial
    factors to look for in a
    web host and must never
    be ignored.

    Price is the most important
    factor that needs to be
    considered to select a web
    host, a good domain name
    register and web hosting
    service doesn't cost much
    price, go for a provider that
    can fulfill all your
    requirements at affordable
    and competitive price.
Add-on Services

        The best domain name and
        web hosting providers could
        offer and provide several other
        value added services in order
        to gain more customers,
        always look for a host that
        offers several value added
        services for better hosting
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