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Colon cancer prevention- its causes is the key to its prevention!


Did you know that colon cancer is not very sought out in the nation causing it to be the most preventable but least prevented form of cancer?

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									              Why Colon Cancer Prevention is Important
                                                  Did you know that colon cancer is not
                                          very sought out in the nation causing it to be the
                                          most preventable but least prevented form of
                                          cancer? According to the American Cancer
                                          Society, colorectal cancer is the third leading
                                          cause of cancer death of men and women in the
                                          United States annually. Colorectal cancer refers
                                          to a form of cancer that starts in the colon (large
                                          intestine) or the end of the colon (rectum).
                                          Colon cancer awareness is important because
                                          prevention is key when dealing with colon and
                                          rectal related cancers.

                                                  It is important to note that the mortality
                                          rate for colorectal related cancer is relatively
                                          low if people actually take heed to screening
                                          recommendations and colonoscopies. In many
                                          cases, colorectal cancer is treatable when caught
                                          early on. According to an article published on
                                          Barron’s, there are about 50,000 deaths from the
disease in the U.S. each year making it second to lung cancer. Proper colon cancer
prevention in Beverly Hills is important because screenings can detect cancer growths
in the early stages and allow it to be removed before it further develops into cancer. To
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       Did you know that precancerous growths can be detected and removed during
following colon cancer exams? Without proper medical screenings or not complying with
colonoscopies can cause these precancerous growths to evolve and later turn into cancer.
It may take decades before these precancerous growths turn into cancer. However, the
lack of screenings or following screening guidelines will make the growths virtually
undetectable until symptoms develop. Colon precancerous growths can always be
detected in its earliest and curable stages.

        Colonoscopy is the examination of an individual’s bowels with a camera attached
to a flexible tube passed through the anus. The odds of dying from colorectal cancer are
greatly reduced when people actually follow screening guidelines every ten years.
Colonoscopy can remove polyps so that they can be furthered studied to determine
whether or not they are precancerous. People often choose not undergo a colonoscopy or
follow screening guidelines because of the costs, fear, and inconveniences involved.
Proper screening can allow doctors to detect colon cancer before any symptoms arise—
basically, when the cancer is at the most curable stage.
        If you or a loved one is 50 years or older and have not gotten screened or had a
colonoscopy, it may be good idea to start now. Consult your local health care provider for
an endoscopy in Beverly Hills. Early detection is the best prevention for colorectal
related cancers. Removal of polyps before they become cancerous can prevent colon
cancer. Every year, millions of men and women do not adhere to early cancer detection
guidelines making colorectal cancers the most preventable but he least prevented form of
cancer in the U.S. annually.

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To read more about the mentioned article regarding colon cancer and prevention, please
refer to the following article:

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