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                                                          GRADUATION PETITION
Location:                  Federal Way                Bellevue            Portland

Graduation Date:                         October       May                  November           Year:

Please indicate how you would like to receive your degree:
               Pickup at the Campus/Center              USPS Certified Mail (to the address below)

Print name clearly and exactly as you want it to appear on your diploma:
Last Name                                                 Middle Name/Initial            First Name

DSI Number                                                              Phone Number

Street Address

City                                                      State                                        Zip

E-mail Address

Please check degree and if applicable check concentration or track:
Note: Concentration & tracks appear on the transcript and not the diploma.
       AAS Accounting                                                       BS Management
       AAS Electronics & Computer Technology                                    Accounting
       AAS Network Systems Administration                                       Business Information Systems
       AAS Web Graphic Design                                                   Finance
                                                                                General Management
       BS Biomedical Engineering Tecnology
                                                                                Health Services Management
       BS Business Administration
                                                                                Hospitality Management
                                                                                Human Resource Management
           Business Information Systems
                                                                                Operations Management
                                                                                Project Management
           Health Services Management
                                                                                Sales and Marketing
           Hospitality Management
           Human Resource Management                                            Security Management
           Operations Management                                                Small Business Mgmt and Entrepreneurship
           Project Management                                                   Technical Communication
           Sales and Marketing                                                  Flex Option
           Security Management                                              BS Multimedia Design and Development
           Small Business Mgmt and Entrepreneurship                         BS Network & Communications Management
           Technical Communication                                          BS Technical Management
       BS Computer Engineering Technology                                       Accounting
                                                                                Business Information Systems
       BS Computer Information Systems
           Business/Management                                                  Criminal Justice
           Computer Forensics                                                   General Technical Option
           Database Management                                                  Finance
           Enterprise Computing                                                 Health Services Management
           Health Information Systems                                           Health Information Mgmt Specialty
           Information Systems Security                                         Hospitality Management
           Systems Analysis and Integration                                     Human Resource Management
           Web Development and Administration                                   Operations Management
           Web Game Programming                                                 Project Management
           Flex Option                                                          Sales and Marketing
       BS Electronics Engineering Technology                                    Security Management
                                                                                Small Business Mgmt and Entrepreneurship
       BS Game & Simulation Programming
                                                                                Technical Communication

Are You Planning on Attending the Graduation Ceremony:                                                                    Yes             No
Signature                                                                                                             Date

“My signature serves as consent to the use of my name in the Commencement program and to being photographed during the
event. I also understand that such photographs may be used by DeVry University in marketing and promotional materials.”

         The submission of this application does not assure graduation. DeVry reserves the right to withhold degree if requirements are not met.
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                      Requirements for Students Pursuing
                      Degree Completion

Academic Requirements

   1. You must petition for graduation on or before Friday of Academic week 10
      in your second to last semester of study. Late applicants may be
      subject to a $50.00 administrative fee.
   2. You must take and pass all courses required for graduation as outlined by
      your Program Dean. You must maintain a cumulative grade point of 2.0 or
      higher. If you do not maintain a minimum cumulative grade point of
      2.0 or pass all courses, you are not eligible to graduate and must
      reapply in the following semester.
   3. You must successfully complete 12 credit hours in a single semester at
      the degree-granting campus or center to establish residency for your

Tuition Payment and Student Loans

   1. Graduation candidates must fulfill all financial obligations to DeVry at least
      30 days before commencement.

Upcoming Graduation Dates:

We want to celebrate this incredible achievement with you! Please plan to
participate in this celebration!

Sunday, June 26, 2011              11am Temple Theater, Tacoma
Friday, November 11, 2011          7pm Highline Performing Arts Center, Burien

*RSVP: Please plan to RSVP for the ceremony you wish to attend by calling
Career Services at 253-943-2848.

*Special Military Service Recognition: We will give special recognition to all of our
graduates in Active Duty, the National Guard, the Reserves, and Veterans of all
chapters at our Commencement Ceremonies. Please self-identify, when you
RSVP so we may include you.

*Graduates, who wish to walk in our graduation ceremony (early) before they
complete all necessary coursework, must submit a letter of request to the
Registrar’s Office for consideration.
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                         Seattle Metro Convocation Conditions

                         Contact Kathy Deibert ( to make
                         changes to this form. Changes after Academic Week 5
                         may be subject to a $45.00 fee.

Career & Internship Fairs:
It is extremely important for all potential graduates seeking career opportunities
to attend these events, which are held at the Federal Way, WA Campus three
times per year. Please contact Career Services for upcoming dates and times.

Graduation Regalia:
All graduates planning to walk in our graduation ceremony will need to purchase
a cap and gown. Caps, gowns, invitations, rings, etc. may be purchased from
Jostens at the Career & Internship Fair, online at, or by
phone at 1-800-854-7464.

Diplomas are not issued on convocation day to graduating students. Once all
grades are final in the DeVry University system, students may choose to pick up
their degree at the campus or center or have their degree mailed to their home
**There will be a $25.00 fee for all diploma reprints unless it is due to a DeVry
processing error. **

An honors graduate from a baccalaureate program is eligible for one of the
following recognitions:
       Title                          CGPA
       Cum Laude                      3.50 - 3.69
       Magna Cum Laude                3.70 - 3.89
       Summa Cum Laude                3.90 - 4.00

A graduate from a non-baccalaureate program who has a CGPA of a least a 3.50
graduates “with Honors”.

Honors recognition at convocation is based on minimum expectations of a
student's performance. When final grades are processed, students who have
achieved a higher designation may exchange their degree at the Registrar’s
Honor Cords:
All students graduating with honors will receive a gold honor cord upon check-in
at the graduation ceremony in recognition of their outstanding achievement.
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                           Seattle Metro Convocation Conditions

Graduation Exit Form

Graduation candidates are required to submit a completed Graduation Exit form
to Academics with all departmental signatures. The diploma will not be released
until a completed Graduation Exit form is received by Academics.

The key departments that you must clear are as follows:

Student Finance-Exit Interview:
Students who have had or are currently receiving student loans must attend an
exit interview with the Financial Literacy Consultant or Financial Aid Consultant.
Exit interviews are held during normal business hours. Exit interviews are
required before the diploma can be released.

Career Services Career Consultation
Students will also be required to meet with their Career Advisor in Career
Services for a Career Consultation. Please call your Career Advisor to schedule
your appointment today! Graduates will need to confirm participation in
graduation, complete registration paperwork, submit and upload an updated
resume electronically, and participate in a mock interview to begin our
partnership. All documents must be submitted before the Graduation Exit Form
may be signed and Academics will release your diploma.
All library materials must be returned and all fines must be cleared before

IT Helpdesk:
Only ECT and CIS graduation candidates need helpdesk clearance due to their
laptop agreements
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                                                                                                  GRADUATION EXIT FORM
3600 S. 344 Way                                                    ALL AREAS MUST BE CLEARED PRIOR TO RECEIVING YOUR DIPLOMA
Federal Way, WA 98001

PLEASE SELECT YOUR CAMPUS:                               FEDERAL WAY                         BELLEVUE              PORTLAND

STUDENT NAME (Please Print - Last Name, First Name)                        STUDENT NUMBER                                 PROGRAM

                                                                           (PHONE #)


STUDENT SIGNATURE:                                                                                      DATE:

                                          ECT/CIS STUDENT LAPTOP RETURN (HELP DESK)
LAPTOP RECEIVED:      □ YES      □ NO                                                       BUYOUT:   □ YES     □ NO

SIGNATURE:                                                                                              DATE:

BOOKS and MATERIALS RETURNED:           □ YES           □ NO                          FINES/FEES DUE: $

LIBRARIAN SIGNATURE:                                                                                    DATE:

                                            CAREER SERVICES – CAREER CONSULTATION


REGISTRATION PACKET & RESOURCES RECEIVED: □ YES                        □ NO           RESUME RECEIVED & UPLOADED: □ YES                 □ NO

REGISTERED ON HIREDEVRY:                                   □ YES       □ NO           MOCK INTERVIEW COMPLETED:              □ YES       □ NO

MILITARY SERVICE RECOGNITION AT CEREMONY                   □ YES       □ NO           INTEREST IN GRADUATE SCHOOL □ YES                  □ NO

SIGNATURE:                                                                                              DATE:

                                                              STUDENT FINANCE
                                                                (USE DATES)


COMMENTS: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


I acknowledge that my representative has explained the potential impact that withdrawing will have on my financial aid and account obligation. I
understand that DeVry Student Account Collections will be contacting me to resolve any balance(s) remaining on my account.

STUDENT SIGNATURE:                                                                                      DATE:


DIPLOMA RECEIVED DATE:                                                                BY:
                                                                                                ACADEMIC/PROGRAM COORDINATOR

             How to:                                                       Be a Graduate 
    CONGRATULATIONS! These are some basic guidelines for what to expect at graduation. 
        1)    Relax & Enjoy! …This day was planned with you in mind! 
        2)    Don’t forget your cap, gown and directions to the theatre.   
                       a. You may order your regalia by visiting with Jostens online at 
                  or by phone at 1‐800‐854‐7464. 
                       b. Make sure to hang/iron your gown before the ceremony to get any wrinkles out! 
                       c. If you are graduating with honors with a cumulative grad point average (from your 
                           last semester as grades will not yet be finalized for the current semester) of a 3.5 or 
                           higher for DeVry graduates and a 3.7 or higher for Keller graduates , you will pick 
                           up your honor cord on graduation day at check‐in.   
        3)    Arrive at the Temple Theater no later than 9:50am. 
                       a. There are several free parking spaces around the theatre.  
                       b. Parking is also available in the paid parking lot directly across the street from the 
                           theatre entrance for $5.00 (cash only). This lot will house approximately 75 cars, so 
                           please plan ahead. 
                       c. All guests enter at the front entrance.  No tickets are required. Plenty of seating is 
                           available. Seating will begin at 10am. 
                       d. Graduates will be directed to the staging area upstairs from the front entrance to 
        4)    Staging for ceremony: 
                       a. Get dressed in your cap and gown (or arrive in gown). 
                       b. Check‐in with graduation staff and pick up a 3x5 note card. (You want to keep this 
                           card as you will hand it to the name reader on stage as you walk across.)   
                       c. Graduation staff will escort you outside the building at 10:15am to group graduates 
                           by class/cohort. 
                       d. When prompted, follow the name reader of your program in a single‐file line out of 
                           the staging area. 
                       e. When everyone is prepared, Pomp & Circumstance will begin and you will walk to 
                           the seats directly in front of the stage.  
        5)    Commencement begins! 
        6)    After a few brief inspirational speeches, each class will be called up to the stage. 
                       a. Walk up to the stage exiting the seats to your left. 
                       b. Maintain a uniform line (in your seating order). 
                       c. When you are approaching the stage: 
                                  i. Hand your 3x5 card to the designated name reader with your name right 
                                     side up for them to read.  
                                 ii. When your name is announced, walk carefully across the stage, shake 
                                     hands with your right hand and receive your diploma folder with your left.  
                                     Pause for a picture by looking into the crowd and SMILING! 
                                iii. Continue across the stage, exiting opposite of where you entered.  Stop for 
                                     a personal photo with Lifetouch Photography at the bottom of the stairs. 
                                iv. Walk back to the row and seat you were previously seated in. 
        7)    When the ceremony has ended: 
                       a. Once the recessional begins, the faculty will exit the stage. Please stand and walk 
                           slowly behind the faculty to the back of the auditorium to enjoy a reception in your 
                           honor sponsored by your Associated Student Body. Please pick up your graduation 
                           gift out in the front area.  
         *** Pictures can be ordered via Lifetouch at approximately 
                                  two weeks after the ceremony. *** 
               2011 Graduates
        Student Finance Information

  1. If you received Stafford loans, you will need to fill out
     the Stafford Loan Exit Interview at

  2. The Graduate Exit form from Academics- Student
     Central will not be completed by your Financial Literacy
     Consultant UNLESS you complete the Stafford Loan Exit
     Interview and resolve any outstanding balances on
     your Educard account.

Please contact Natalie Carr- Financial Literacy Consultant to
complete the Student Finance Exit Interview process.

If Natalie Carr is not available, you can also reach your
Student Finance Consultant at 877-246-9388
Please enter extension below.

Last name:
A-D      Sandhya Gangaram            x5404
E-K      Jill Petrone                x5405
L-R      Jill Petrone                x5405
S-Z      Darren Baker                x6270

       Devry University is Celebrating it’s 80th Anniversary
        at the June 26, 2011 Commencement Ceremony
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    Graduation Day Driving Directions
                                   Temple Theater
                      47 St. Helens Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402
                                    (253) 272-2042

                    DeVry University’s Graduation Ceremony is
                       Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 11:00am!
    There are nearly 350 free parking spaces surrounding the theater. A pay lot is also available
     directly across the street on St. Helens Avenue, which costs $5 (cash) for the entire day.

    Driving North
    Take I-5 North toward SEATTLE
    Take the I-705N/WA-7 S exit (exit #133), toward CITY CENTER
    Take the exit on the LEFT toward CITY CENTER/TACOMA DOME
    Merge onto I-705 N via the exit on the LEFT toward CITY CENTER
    Take the SCHUSTER PKWY exit on the RIGHT
    Merge into the RIGHT LANE and EXIT on STADIUM WAY
    Turn RIGHT onto STADIUM WAY S.
    Turn LEFT onto S 4th STREET (approximately 3 blocks)
    Turn RIGHT onto ST. HELENS AVE (approximately 2 blocks)

    Driving South
    Take I-5 South toward TACOMA/PORTLAND
    Merge onto I-705N via EXIT 133, toward CITY CENTER
    Take the SCHUSTER PKWY exit on the RIGHT
    Merge into the RIGHT LANE and EXIT on STADIUM WAY
    Turn RIGHT onto STADIUM WAY S.
    Turn LEFT onto S 4th STREET (approximately 3 blocks)
    Turn RIGHT onto ST. HELENS AVE (approximately 2 blocks)

         Career Services is here for you!
                       6 Steps to Success:
    1.   Take full advantage of your 6 months of dedicated assistance and all of the resources 
         available. We are your partners!  
    2.   Stay in contact with your Career Advisor! Call, email, or stop by the office often. We look 
         forward to working with you! 
            Kyle McCurdy                     253-943-3068
                  ACCT, BSBA, BSTM

            Leah Meredith                  253-943-3080
                  CIS, GSP, WGD, & MDD

            Lindsey Pettit                    253-943-3077
                  ECT, EET, BMET, CET, & HIT

    3.   Treat your career search like a full‐time job.  Apply, follow up with employers on applications 
         you have submitted, and send thank you notes after interviews. 
    4.   Log in to HireDeVry at least once a week to review and apply for positions at    
    5.   Attend career fairs and networking events on campus and in the community! Market your 
         skills, experience, and abilities!  

                   We can do this together!!
    6.   Register for the National Alumni Association at 
         (Call Career Services at 253‐943‐2848 to join the local chapter of the Alumni Association.) 

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