; The History of Silver Spring Dental Implants, PART 1
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The History of Silver Spring Dental Implants, PART 1


This two part article series provides a brief history of dental implants and how, through the discovery of ‘osseointegration’ the field of implantology became a possibility.

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									The History of Silver Spring Dental Implants, PART 1
Silver Spring dental implants are internationally recognized to be the most sophisticated and comprehensive
solution to single and multiple missing teeth. No other dental technology can rival the short and long term
health, functional and aesthetic benefits and advantages offered by these ingenious devices. So, what are
Silver Spring dental implants? How do they work? And what is the story behind their conception and design?
In this two part article series, the dentist in Silver Spring MD shall answer all these questions and more on
our journey through the history of dental implants.

                              Before We Begin: What Are Silver Spring Dental Implants?

                              Dental implants, explains the dentist in Silver Spring MD, are essentially tiny
                              artificial tooth roots that are manufactured from titanium metal. The choice of
                              this metal is a very interesting one and represents a landmark discovery in the
                              history of Silver Spring dental implants. But we’ll discuss this later. Titanium
                              metal is exceptionally strong and lightweight, explains the dentist in Silver
                              Spring MD. This is why it is the material of choice in the fabrication of space
                              shuttles and professional tennis racquets! It’s also stable and non-toxic (unlike
                              metals such as lead) making it entirely safe to use in the mouth.

                               The Silver Spring dental implants titanium screw or fixture (the artificial root) is
surgically inserted into the jaw by a qualified and trained dentist. Once it has healed and integrated with the
supporting bone tissue, it is used to hold either a ceramic tooth crown, in the case of a single missing tooth,
or a dental bridge in the case of multiple missing teeth. Silver Spring dental implants can even be used to
support a full prosthetic bridge, which enables edentulous (not having a single original adult tooth left) and
near-edentulous patients to receive a brand new set of fixed and non-removable teeth.

Silver Spring Dental Implants and Their Ancient Counterparts

Tooth loss has posed some serious problems for us ever since the dawn of
mankind, says the dentist in Silver Spring MD. In the absence of dental
healthcare and hygiene, tooth decay was just a fact of life and people would
frequently lose most, if not all their teeth by the time they hit 40! Silver
Spring dental implants are now a highly sophisticated and precise technology,
but the concept behind replacing missing teeth is as old as civilization itself.
The Ancient Egyptians, or at least the members of the upper classes, made
rudimentary dental implants out of rare commodities, including gold, ivory
and precious stones. The Ancient Mayans fashioned crude Silver Spring
dental implants out of shell and bone. A female Mayan skull bone dating back
to 600AD was discovered in Honduras in the 1930s and it still had shell
fragments sticking out of some of the tooth sockets!

Depending upon the craftsmanship that went into their fabrication, these early Silver Spring dental implants
must have been functional to at least a certain extent. But their chief purpose was as a cosmetic
replacement for missing teeth, says the dentist in Silver Spring MD. The more expensive the materials they
were made from, the better the status of the wearer. Although ironically, Silver Spring dental implants
crafted from cheaper materials, such as shell and bone, were probably closer in resemblance to natural
teeth than expensive gold and gemstones.

                                    Silver Spring Dental Implants: Stay Tuned

                                    To read more about the history of Silver Spring dental implants and the
                                    accidental discovery that lead to the conception of two fundamental fields
                                    in medicine, stay tuned for the final installment of this two-part article

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