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                                            Spa Packages
To fully utilize all services that we provide here at la Princesse Salon and Spa, choose from one of
                          our luxurious packages to fulfill your desired needs.

The Ultimate la Princesse Experience $303
Our premier spa package is designed to cater to those that desire the ultimate in spa experiences.
This package includes the finest body, face, nail, and hair treatment available at la Princesse Salon
and Spa. Enjoy a one hour Swedish Massage to relax tense muscles followed by a Scalp Massage.
Then, indulge yourself with our la Princesse Signature Facial customized for your specific needs
and an Eye Contour Treatment. Afterwards, pamper yourself with our Signature Manicure &
Pedicure. To finish off your ultimate experience, we conclude with an enhancing Makeup
Application. (approx. 3.5 hours)

The la Princesse Renewal Experience $215
This wonderfully relaxing day package includes a seventy five minute Hot Stone Therapy
Massage, a Mini Facial and a light Makeup Application. (approx. 2.5 hours)

The la Princesse Experience              $180
For the busy professionals who find just enough time to spoil themselves in a short amount of
time, this package is for you. This package includes a thirty minute Shiatsu/Acupressure Massage,
a Mini Facial, a Shampoo & Blow-dry and culminating your experience with a light Makeup
Application. (approx. 2.0 hours)

                                       Bridal Packages
Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, especially for the bride to be. With that in mind, la
   Princesse Salon and Spa has created bridal packages that will help relieve some of the stress
 incurred from planning a wedding, ensuring that the bride to be looks and feels as beautiful and
                           relaxed as she can be for her wedding day.

The la Princesse Bridal Package         $355
1-3 days prior to wedding day
This package includes waxing of the legs, bikini, underarms, eyebrow and upper lip, a Set-N-Me-
Free Body Wrap to condition the skin and lose excess fat, a custom designed facial to maintain
healthy skin, and our Signature Manicure & Pedicure. (approx. 4.5 hours)

The la Princesse Groom Package          $248
This package is designed to relax the groom as well as allow him to look his very best for his
wedding. This package includes a seventy five minute Hot Natural Stone Therapy Massage, a
Men’s Revitalizing Facial, a Haircut & Blow-dry and concluding this experience, our Signature
Manicure & Pedicure. (approx 3.0 hours)

                                        Makeup & Up Dos
  Natural, healthy skin, hair and nails are the focus at la Princesse Salon and Spa. As a finishing
touch to our treatments, we provide makeup services to accent your natural glamour and beauty.
 Our highly trained makeup artists will enhance and compliment the true radiance of your skin
        and create a personalized look for you, whether for a day or for a special occasion.

Trial Hair & Makeup for the Bride-to-be
Consult and try out different hairstyles and makeup with our professional to see what look looks
best for you on your special day.

Bridal Hair & Makeup at Our Salon
Detailed, photography-ready, and very personalized. Our professional artist will create a
beautiful, enhancing look for you. (a consultation is recommended prior to your wedding-free of
$180 within normal business hours
M-Sat 9am-7pm
Sun 10am-5pm
Add $10 for each hour prior to normal business hour (at salon)

Bridal Hair & Makeup w/ Trial Hair and Makeup & Travel
For an even more elaborate experience, we cater to your needs and come directly to you so you
can fully appreciate the true princesse in you.
$500 (depending on location)
M-Sat 9am-7pm
Sun 10am-5pm
Add $10 for each hour prior to normal business hour

Regular Makeup
Personalized full makeup application for day or evening glamour. Our makeup artist enhances the
natural beauty in you to make you look even more stunning.
$45 without false eyelashes
$55 with false eyelashes

Bridal Hair
Extravagant, detailed and beautiful, your hair will definitely get you noticed on your special day.
$80 & up

Bridal Makeup
The works of a true artist will not go un-noticed. Bridal makeup is different than regular makeup
because it is camera ready, detailed and will last you the whole day.
$100 & up

Regular False Eyelashes

Double Eyelids
For people with smaller eyes, this little solution will make your eyes bigger, defined and brighter.

Up do
For that perfect hair for any occasion, look your best and be the best.
$45 & up

$20 & up

Makeup Class
8 Week Class. Every Sunday 12-5 pm
Please call for schedule

Pageant Hair & Makeup
Pageant hair and makeup is defined, detailed and camera ready. Similar to bridal hair and
makeup, pageant makeup is applied to enhance your features and to make you stand out on stage.
Please inquire about pricing

   Your skin care professional will start with a consultation and conduct an in-depth skin care
                analysis to customize a facial that is right for you and your needs.

la Princesse Signature Facial      45-60 min/ $75
Our signature facial tends to the needs of all skin types. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, neck and
shoulder massage, and a mask selected for your skin type.

Acne Treatment                    45-75 min/ $85
This treatment is intended for people with moderate acne. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, neck
and shoulder massage, extraction, and a seaweed mask to revitalize the skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial          45-75 min/ $85
This is the perfect facial for congested skin utilizing derived enzymes to properly prepare the skin
for extraction of clogged pores. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extraction, and
toning mask.

Men’s Revitalizing Facial          35-60 min/ $75
Men need facials too! This is a perfect facial for men that work hard and know how to care for
themselves. Includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage, extraction of
pores and a revitalizing mask.

Mini Facial                        30 min/ $50
When time is a factor, try this abbreviated version of our signature facial focusing on the basics:
cleansing, masking, hydration and protection. Suitable for all skin types.

Facial Class                      $625
Inquire about schedule

                                  Special Facials/Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation                   $150 part face
                                    $300 whole face

Laser Acne Treatment                $85

Laser Hair Removal                  $200 arms (full)
                                    $100 arms (half)
                                    $250 back
                                    $120 bikini
                                    $250 brazilian
                                    $150 chest
                                    $60 chin & neck
                                    $300 legs (full)
                                     $150 legs (half)
                                     $70 stomach
                                     $80 underarms
                                     $50 upper lip
                                     $300 whole face

This is a non surgical procedure that is the fastest and most desirable for overall skin
“resurfacing,” creating smooth, radiant, and younger looking skin. This treatment is not for
everybody. Consult with one of our skin care specialists for further details on the benefit of this

Face                                          $100
Neck                                          $60
Hand                                          $65

Dermabrasion Package                           $700 (7 treatments + 1 treatment for free!)

Glycolic Acid Exfoliation Treatment           45 min/ $80
An intense treatment to deep clean, unclog pores and accelerate exfoliation of thick, dry surface
layers of the skin. This treatment will enhance the results of home maintenance products through
skin preparation and application of glycolic facial gel. A moisturizer will be applied with the
proper sun protection.

Glycolic Acid Exfoliation Package             $560 (7 treatments + 1 treatment for free!)

Vacutouch                                    $45 & up
A treatment to rid all those unattractive broken capillaries, freckles and skin tags.

Eye Contour Treatment                          10 min/$15
This treatment is great for weak, dull eyes that need an extra lift.

Acne Mask                                      10 min/$15

Nose Peel                                     10 min/$15
This treatment is great for stubborn black or whiteheads on the nose.

Red Cherry                                    $30

Age Spots                                     $30

Cholesterol Deposits                          $5 & up

                                       Body Treatments
Our body treatments are designed to relax and revitalize your overall sense and well being. Our
treatments let your own body improve itself and increase the metabolic process whereby toxins
  and fatigue may be greatly diminished. While comfortable and restful, body treatments also
            increase vital energy and enhance muscle composition and skin softness.
Our body treatments include a rejuvenating cool shower to enhance your overall sense of health
 and well being. This in turn, calms your system and prepares you for an enriching experience.
We encourage you to combine one of our revitalizing body treatments with a facial of your choice
                                       for heightened effects.

Body Vibrating Instrument               45 min/$80
The latest researched technique that our salon has to offer. This method vibrates the muscles
while massaging to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation in your body. The vibration of the
body will then accelerate metabolism of fat, at the same time excreting sebaceous and sweat
glands. (This treatment does not include the use of our shower.)

Arms                                        $45
Stomach                                     $45
Thighs                                      $50

Seaweed Wrap
An excellent treatment for sore muscles and cellulite. This treatment uses a rare oxygenating
seaweed mud that provides a complete exchange between mud and the skin, exchanging toxins
and waste for needed vitamins and minerals. (This treatment does not include the use of our

Stomach                                      $80
Arms                                         $80
Thighs                                       $90
Whole Body                                   $150

Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap
This healthy inch loss program is a toxin cleanse that creates a very definite size loss from fatty
areas. The aloe vera in the solution will moisturize, tone and tighten the skin and have you feeling
baby soft. You will see results right after your treatment!

Whole Body                                $125 & up
Hand wrap add on                          $15
Neck & Face Wrap add on                   $35

Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap Program            $1000
9 treatments total (body only)

     la Princesse offers a variety of therapeutic massage techniques. Our skilled therapist will
               customize a treatment that best suits your specific needs and desires.

A massage using gentle soothing touch or firmer strokes in order to induce relaxation, increase
circulation, and ease sore and tired muscles. This gentle massage uses long flowing and kneading
strokes to relax and unwind.
                                           90 min/ $100
                                           60 min/ $85
                                           30 min/ $50

Deep Tissue
A treatment specially tailored to concentrate on particular areas of the body to alleviate tension
and relax sore muscles. Various leverage and kneading techniques create this firm massage.
                                           90 min/ $110
                                           60 min/ $85
Pre Natal
For the expected mom, this massage is great to fully relax the muscles especially the back, legs
and shoulders. Relax and enjoy a special massage tailored just for those long nine months. Using
our pregnancy pillow, you can lie directly on your stomach even in your final weeks of pregnancy
while our trained therapist delivers deep relaxation and comfort. We can't promise your child will
let you get this relaxed after it sees the light of day, so take advantage now of this opportunity to
restore, rejuvenate-and give yourself the pampering you deserve. A pregnancy massage can be
tailored into any of our spa packages.
                                               60 min / $80

Hot Natural Stone Therapy
For physical and spiritual balancing, this treatment is a modality. The body is massaged with
smooth, hot stones using various massage techniques, thus relaxing the body at its deepest level.
An energy exchange between the stones and the tension in your body occurs as heated stones are
used to bring relief to tense and sore muscles. As these hot stones glide over the muscles, tension
diminishes and stress gently melts away. Penetrating heat radiates deep into muscles providing
relaxation while addressing mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Your muscles will happily
give up their stored tension with this soothing new technique.

                                           75 min/ $120

Special trigger points are targeted to alleviate stress and imbalance. According to Oriental
therapy, this massage helps stimulate the functioning of internal organs and balances the body's
energy. During Acupressure Massage, the therapist combines thumb pressure along meridian
lines with various leverage and kneading techniques for a very firm massage.

                                           90 min/ $110
                                           60 min/ $85
                                           30 min/$65

Thai Massage
Ancient Massage or Thai Massage is an extraordinary method of aligning the energies of the body
and originates from the time of the Buddha.

                                           90 min/ $110
                                           60 min/ $85

Neck & Shoulder Massage                  30 min/$45

Add on to any massage:
Reflexology                             30 min/ $50
Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment             20 min/ $40
Peppermint Foot Treatment               15 min/ $25

                                          Hair Removal

Arms                                      $45 & up (full)
                                          $25 & up (half)

Back                                       $45 & up

Bikini                                     $45 & up
Brazilian                                  $65 & up

Cheeks                                    $10

Chest                                     $45 & up

Chin                                       $10

Eyebrows                                   $15

Forehead                                  $5 & up

Legs                                      $55 & up (full)
                                          $35 & up (half)

Stomach                                   $25 & up

Underarms                                 $20 & up

Upper Lip                                  $6

Whole face                               $45
(forehead, cheeks, chin, eyebrow, and upper lip)

Threading                                 $45 & up
(whole face excluding eyebrows)

Eyebrow Tweeze                             $20

                                          Nail Services

Manicure                             30 mins/ $15
Pedicure                    45 mins – 1 hour/ $23
In accordance with new regulations adopted by the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology

Signature Manicure & Pedicure            1.5 hour/ $33
Includes scrub, cleaning of the cuticles, hot towels, massage and polish/buff

Sports Manicure & Pedicure            under 1 hour/ $28
For the busy bodies who want to get in and out. An abbreviated version of our Signature Manicure
& Pedicure

Deluxe Spa add on                       $15
(add on to a pedicure- an exfoliating scrub is used, then a cool seaweed cream is massaged into
the skin then hot towels are applied. This treatment will leave your skin smooth, soft, exfoliated
and cool)

Acrylic Full Set                         $30 & up
Acrylic Fill                             $20 & up
Gel Full Set                             $35 & up
Gel Fill                                 $23 & up

Pink & White Full Set                    $45
Pink & White Fill                        $35-$40
Silk Full Set                            $40
Silk Fill                                $25-$30

Overlay                                  $30

French/American Style                    $5
Polish Change                            $7-$10
Polish Change (French)                   $9

Nail Take off                            $10-$15

Nail Soak off                            $10
Nail Fix                                 $8
Nail Design                              $5 & up

Extreme Nail Art                         $5 per finger

Paraffin foot w/ pedi                    $30

Paraffin foot w/o pedi                   $10

Paraffin hand w/ mani                    $20

Paraffin hand w/o mani                   $8

Please inform our salon at least 3 hours in advance to warm paraffin.


Men’s Hair Cut                                 $20 & up
Women’s Hair Cut                               $30 & up
Children’s Hair Cut (under 12 years)           $20 & up
Bang Trim/beard trim                           $10
Bang Trim with Style                           $18
Hairstyle/Blow-dry                             $20
Flat Iron                                      $30 & up
Shampoo                                        $10

Extension put in (not permanent)                $25
Hair extension is used during up dos to make the hair appear more full. This is not hair
extension such as a weave or cornrolls. Add $50 deposit if we supply the hair, you will get your
deposit once we receive the hair in return.

                          Perms & Permanent Hair Straightening
Perm w/ Hair Cut                                 $70 & up
Perm w/o Hair Cut                                $50 & up
Japanese Straight Perm                            $200 & up
(not suitable for extremely coarse or resistant hair)

                                      Color Enhancement

Color                                           $55 & up
Color Touchup                                   $50 & up

Color w/ Cut                                    $80 & up

Eyebrow Tint                                    $20
Highlights/Touchup                              $55 & up
Corrective Color                                $70 & up
PM Shine (semi-permanent color)                 $40 & up
Beard Coloring                                  $25 & up

                                     Special Hair Treatment

Deep Conditioning Treatment                     $25
Semi-clear Color gloss /cellophane              $35 & up

                                        Make up Tattoos
 Intradermal pigmentation is a revolutionary procedure that applies micro insertions of natural
 pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Each needle is safe and sterile and pigments are free
                                       from contamination.

Eyebrows                                       $250
Eyebrow Tattoo Touchup                          $125
Eyeliner                                       $300 (top and bottom)
                                               $150 (top or bottom)

Eyeliner Touchup                               $75/$150
Lip Liner                                      $250
Full Lip                                       $450
Mole                                           $25 & up
Orange Lip Balm                                $60 (full lip)
Tattoo Removal                                 $70 & up
Tattoo Class                                   $625
Inquire about schedule. 2 days, 16 hours


Eyelash Tint (Black)                            $30
Eyelash Perm                                    $45
Regular False Eyelashes                         $15
Individual Eyelashes (lasts 1-2 weeks)          $35
Eyelash Extension (lasts 1-2 months)            $180
Eyelash Extension Repair                        $25 & up
Eyelash Extension Class                         $350
                                          Other Services

Airbrush Tan                                    $45 (Full body)-one bottle
                                                $65-second bottle

Mole Removal                                   $5 (small)
                                               $20 & up (big)

Ear Piercing                                    $25

Anesthetic                                      $20

                              la Princesse Salon and Spa Policies
                                      General Information

• Please notify us of any health conditions, physical concerns or special assistance needed prior to
                          receiving services at la Princesse Salon and Spa.

• In order to maximize the benefits of your treatment, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to
your appointment.

• As a courtesy to our clientele, please come on time to your appointment. If in a situation of late
arrival, the time that you came late will be considered as part of your treatment time and will not
be negotiable.

• We are not held responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen items, so please keep all personal
belongings with you at all times.

• To fully utilize your experience at la Princesse Salon and Spa, please turn off cell phones and

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available at the front desk. They are non-refundable and non-transferable,
and can be used as in-store credit only. The gift certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of
purchase. Gift certificates must be presented at time of arrival. We are not held responsible for
lost or misplaced gift certificates.

Gratuities are greatly appreciated and not included in the price of your service or package. It is
customary, but not mandatory; to give 15-20% if you are pleased with the service you received.
Gratuities are accepted in cash only.

A major credit card is required to secure all reservations of $75 or more. We fully enforce a strict
24-hour cancellation policy. If you fail to do so, we will charge a 50% service charge on your credit

All prices throughout, subject to change without prior notice.

la Princesse Salon and Spa
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Alameda, CA 94501

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