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									ACMHA Research Interest Group Roster 2009-2010

Please send all changes to Jennifer Magnabosco, PhD, Research Interest Group Co-Chair at 310-948-1758.

Laurie Alexander
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, Communication Committee
Advocacy Work: Past work as policy analyst for MHA state affiliate
Policy Work: Past work as policy analyst for MHA state affiliate. Policy work is part of my current job
Consumer Work: Past work as policy analyst for MHA state affiliate. Consumer/family-driven work is
core part of my organization's current work
Research Interest: Integrated health care, stigma, trauma

Deborah Altschul, Ph.D
University of New Mexico
2301 Yale Blvd
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Research Psychologist
ACMHA Activities: Diversity Interest Group
Advocacy Work: USPRA member
Policy Work: Grant writing, presentations to policy makers, conduct policy-related research and
Consumer Work: Headed a consumer research team involved in consumer and family advocacy at the
state level
Research Interest: Cultural Competency, Cultural Adaptation of Evidence Based Practices, Public
Behavioral Health.

Angeliqueca Avery, MS/MA
IEA - Inspire, Encourage, Achieve
595 Orleans, Suite 920
Beaumont, TX 77701
Advocacy Work: Juvenile Justice Issues
Policy Work: Juvenile Justice Issues
Consumer Work: Executive Director in an organization that provides services to juvenile offenders and
their families, individual and group counseling, social services, and advocacy.
Research Interest: Juvenile Justice, Mentoring, Education.

Richard Beinecke, Ph.D
Suffolk University Dept. of Public Management
8 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 2108
Associate Professor Public Administration/Healthcare Administration
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors
Advocacy Work: 35 years of advocacy at local, state, and Federal levels.
Consumer Work: Primarily with Jon Delman and his consumer research group. Previous work with
NAMI. Consumer HIV/AIDS research. Hodgkins survivor and Leukemia Society
Research Interest: Global mental health leadership, global mental health development, implementation
of evidence based practices.

Scott Branam, MS/MA
Bloomington hospital
601 w 2nd
Bloomington, IN 47401
Administrative Director
Policy Work: Local justice coalition

Susan Bryant
2905 Sugarberry Lane
Midlothian, VA 23113
Vice President of Quality
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors
Policy Work: Have led policy making activity for a large national managed behavioral healthcare
Research Interest: Improving behavioral HEDIS results, wellness & health promotion program,
promoting alcohol identification program

Brad Casemore, MS/MA
Criterion Health
124 N Benjamin
Fowlerville, MI 48836
517 223 5932
Chief Operating Officer - Venture Behavioral Health
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, Summit Planning, Leadership Committee

Andrew Cleek, Ph.D
Urban Institute for Behavioral Health
C/o ICL 40 Rector St. 8th Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11218
212-385-3030 x3179
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors and Summit Committee

John Colburn, Ph.D
Beacon Health Strategies
500 Unicorn Park Drive, Suite 401
Woburn, MA
Director of Clinical Development
Advocacy Work: Work in a managed behavioral health care company with a primary focus on public
sector service.
Have led several initiatives to expand BH services in 4 different states in collaboration with numerous
advocacy and governmental agencies.
Consumer Work:Worked with governmental policy makers n the expansion and or redesign of BH
systems of care as part of my work.
Research Interest: Integration of behavioral and primary care, co-occurrence of behavioral health
condition with chronic medical illnesses.
co-occurrence of BH conditions with chronic medical illnesses

Janice L. Cooper, Ph.D
National Center for Children in Poverty
215 W. 125 Street
New York, NY 10027
516 223 5932
Director Child Health & Mental Health
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, Membership Committee, Diversity Interest Group
Advocacy Work: Led school-based primary care organization 4 years
Policy Work: Former Children's Mental Health Director, State of Minnesota (1996-99)
Consumer Work: Convened family and youth organizations to contribute to major research work over
the last 3 years.
 Member of the NYS OMH Multicultural Committee
Research Interest: children's mental health policy, financing, quality.

Allen Daniels, EdD
University of Cincinnati
260 Stetson Ave. #3200
Cincinnati, OH 45267
Advocacy Work: VP Scientific Affairs for Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Policy Work: Worked on IOM behavioral health report

Richard DeLiberety, MS/MA
DeLiberty Services
2382 Ortiz Ave
Woodland, CA 95776
530 574 8126
Advocacy Work: Spoke before state legislators
Research Interest: Dissemination of innovation, long range outcomes.
Sarah Eyster, MS/MA
7044 Versailles Sq
Bethlehem, PA 18017
717 514 5252
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
ACMHA Activities: Communications Committee
Advocacy Work: Work to ensure that people are treated as people not as a diagnosis or as an illness.
Policy Work: Participate in MH and Children's MH committees at PCPA; sitting on the PA-NASW policy
Research Interest: Children's mh outcomes monitoring, autism treatment across the life span,
integration of BH/PH

Gerard Gallucci, MD
Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mentsal Health
36784 winner circle
rehoboth beach, DE 19971
Medical Director, Division of substance abuse and mental health
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors
Policy Work: on various advisory boards
Research Interest: services research, dual diagnosis, residency education

Eric Goplerud, Ph.D
George Washington University
2120 K St., NW Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006
Research Professor
ACMCHA Activities: Board of Directors, Communications Committee, Development Committee,
Resource Development Team Member,
Membership Committee, Summit Committee
Advocacy Work: Mental health and substance use parity, changing health insurance laws that inhibit
alcohol and drug screening in emergency departments,
homelessness services and financing, Medicare parity
Policy Work: SAMHSA Acting Associate Administrator for Policy and Planning, Associate Administrator
for Quality and Finance at SAMHSA,
Consumer Work: Developed materials for the consumer bill of rights for mental health and substance
use consumers in Federal government, work with unions
on community prevention, EAPs, developed training materials for use in the Recovery Ambassadors
trainings for the recovery community
Research Interest: Integration of health and behavioral health, quality improvement, system change.

Paul G. Gorman, Ed.D
Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center
2 Whipple Pl
Lebanon, NH 3766
Research Associate
ACMHA Activities: Summitt Committee
Advocacy Work: Public Mental Health System for 35 years. Have held positions as the CEO of NH
Hopsital single state pyschiatric hospital in NH,
Director of MH for state of NH, CEO of a CMHC, and Project Manger of National Evidensed Based
Practice Project.
Policy Work: Serve on the Board of NAMI NH, serve on the Board of the NH Mental Health Council, have
servd on the Board of NASMHPD Research Institute,
have made a variety of presentations to state, regional, and national organizations in the course of work
as the Project manager of the EBP Project.
Research Interest: Supported Employment, dissemination of EBP, Implementation of EBP

Nancy Hanrahan, Post-Doctoral
University of Pennsylavia
4337 Larchwood Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Asst Prof
Research Interest: Self management of symptoms
organizational best practice in mental health settings

Bern Heath, Jr., Ph.D.
SW Colorado Mental Health Ctr
281 Sawyer, PO Box 1328
Durango, CO 81302
(970) 385-3481
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Advocacy Work: Member of Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) and chaired the Legislation
and Community Action Committee for three years.
Policy Work: Active in CBHC public policy development and have successfully initiated legislation to
establish Acute Treatment Units in Colorado.
Consumer Work: Supported the establishment of the Cortez Kiva Empowerment Center, collaborated
and provided support for the Durango NAMI chapter.

Bill Hudock, MS/MA
1 Choke Cherry Rd. 2-1013
Rockville, MD 20857
Special Expert
ACMHA Activities: Summit Committee
Research Interest: Support the business case for mental health care, comparative effectiveness studies,
intergration of mental and somatic health.

Charles Ingoglia
national council for community behavioral healthcare
1701 K Street, NW # 400
Washington, DC 20006
301.984.6200, ext. 249
Vice President
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors

Vivian H. Jackson, Ph. D
National Center on Cultural Competence, Georgetown University Center for Child and Human
Box 571485
Washington, DC 20057
202-687 5450
Senior Policy Associate
ACMHA Activities: Diversity interest group
Advocacy Work: National staff member of the National Association of Social Workers (1989-97)
Policy Work: NASW and Georgetown work includes committee work and technical assistance with
national, state and local policy makers.
Consumer Work: I am member of the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and
have worked closely with this organization for 10 years.
The United Advocates for Children and the federally funded Statewide Family Networks.
Research Interest: Elimination of mental health disparities, culturally competent evidence based
practices, implementation research.

Oscar Jimenez, MPH
New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
One Columbia Place
Albany, NY 12207
Prog. Development & Evaluation Specialist
Advocacy Work: Curently I chair the New York State "WE Can Work" Campaign, grassroots initiative
which aims at bulding hope and capacity among people with
psychiatric disabilities to achieve meaningful employment and economic integration.
Policy Work: I sit in the NYS Office of Mental Health Stakeholder group, providing recomendations to the
Most Integrated Coordinating Council, Governor
appointed group ensuring the implementation of the Olmstead decision and the meaningful community
integration of people with disabilities.
Consumer Work: Chair of a grassroots initiative to promote employment supports and opportunities
across NYS,
helped organize consumers for advocacy and capacity building activities.
Research Interest: Understanding the linkages between poverty and mental health outcomes
Demostration projects on strategies for promoting economic integration (e.g., asset development,
financial education)
Effectiveness of employment peer support in aiding achievement of employment

Roger Kathol, MD
University of Minnesota
3004 Foxpoint Road
Burnsville, MN 55337
Adjunct Professor, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors
Advocacy Work: Many health reform panels and workgroups, officer in numerous national and state
national effort to make MH/SUD benefits a part of physical health benefits (a step beyond parity)
Policy Work:
Consumer Work: include in many initiatives
Research Interest: Health services--MH/SUD care in the medical setting, public health--PH and MH/SUD
prevention in the primary care setting.

Michael Lewis, MS/MA
Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health/Mental Retardation Services
801 Market Street, 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-413-3100 ext. 6634
Network Development Specialist
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors and Communications Committee
Advocacy Work: Initiative to improve behavioral health services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and
Transgender communities in Philadelphia and
similar initiative for PA State OMHSAS
Consumer Work: cosumers/family members are heavily involved in all the efforts of the DBH/MRS
including the initiative I lead
Research Interest: Health Disparities
Developing demographic questions that are inclusive of all cultural groups

Jennifer L. Magnabosco, Ph.D.
Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles/Consultant
516 San Vicente Blvd, #304
Santa Monica, CA 904020
Associate Director & Senior Research Associate/Consultant
Advocacy Work: Have conducted research designed to bridge gaps between research, policy and
practice in mental health and substance abuse.
Have made presentations to community and professional groups on this, and also written articles and
Policy Work:Conducted research designed to bridge gaps between research, policy and practice in
mental health and substance abuse.
Consumer Work: Surveying State Mental Health Planning Councils as part of an effort to measure state
public mental health system performance in the U.S.
Research Interests: MH svcs & translating research into svcs improvement, MH and social svc systems
research, implementation of evidence-based svcs and
 organizational change processes

Ron Manderscheid, Ph.D
6003 Executive Blvd., Suite 400
Rockville, MD 20857
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, Development Committee, Summit Committee, Mentorship
Advocacy Work: Advocacy for consumer family issues; advocacy for legislative issues.
Policy Work: Federal manager at NIMH and SAMHSA; provide testimony on legislative issues in Congress
Consumer Work: Major support of these activities for 15 years.
Research Interest: Returning Vets, emergency preparedness, forensic MH consumers

Barbara Mauer, MS/MA
MCPP Healthcare Consulting
414 Olive Way # 207
Seattle, WA 98109
Managing Consultant
ACMHA Activities: Board of directors
Advocacy Work: Consultant to behavioral health organizations, dev. strategies and materials for
multiple advocacy initiatives.
MCPP Healthcare has also written periodic white papers for public use.
Policy Work: Consultant focusing on policy, strategic planning in health and human services.
Senior level administrative experiences in public/private BH/human svcs and healthcare.
Consumer Work: Have facilitated many planning processes that incorporated consumer voice, led
consumer focus groups, etc.
Research Interest: Integration of behavioral health and primary care, implementation of co-occuring
disorders initiatives, LOCUS, ASAM

Anne Michaels
ntl. foundation for mental health
3105n 38 st nw
Washington, DC 20016
202 669 8199
consultant to... spe. projects, etc
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, Communications Committee and Summit Committee
Advocacy Work: Directed programs in government and private with regard to all aspects
Policy Work: Advocacy on highest levels with regard to human services, government
Consumer Work: Communication, and public affairs
Research Interest: System change, integration primary care with su/nh, women's mental health

Maria Monroe-DeVita, Ph.D.
The Washington Institute for Mental Health Research & Training - University of Washington
2815 Eastlake Ave, E., Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98103
Advocacy Work: Regularly work with consumer and family advocacy organizations in developing
services, research, and policy priorities in our state.
Policy Work: Part of my role is to consistently bring data and information to policymakers regarding
evidence-based practices and service/training priorities in our state.
Consumer Work: Currently administer a Consumer and Family Evaluation Mini-Grant Program that
extends small grants to adult consumers, youth, and families to conduct research and evaluation
projects of interest to them (e.g., formative evaluation of a particular consumer-operated program). Our
Institute also runs the statewide Peer Specialist training and certification program.
Research Interests: EBPs for adults with severe and persistent mental illness, integration of recovery-
oriented approaches with EBPs for adults with SPMI,
Effective mechanisms for training and supporting peer specialists in their roles

David Moore
Fayette Companies
600 Fayette
Peoria, IL 61654
Vice President of Quality Improvment
ACMHA Activities: Leadership and Summit Committee

Garrett Moran, Ph.D
1650 Research Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 294-3821
Associate Area Director
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, Summit Planning Committee
Advocacy Work: I've worked as a volunteer with NAMI for many years, serving on a local advisory board
and on statewide committee on system reform.
Policy Work: I served as a state commissioner for mental health, substance abuse, and developmental
disabilities for about 4 years.
Supported the President's New Freedom Commission, consultant/advisor on MH systems
transformation for SAMHSA & for OH and MD.
Presenting on the importance of Health IT in delivery of integrated care for somatic and BH issues at 2
national conferences
Consumer Work: Volunteer with NAMI for many years and have participated in annual meetings led by
On Our Own of Maryland.
Research Interest: Integrated systems for delivery of health and major health care, role of health IT in
implementing integrated systems care.
Practical issues in the implementation of evidence-based practices

T. Stephanie Oprendek, Ph.D.
California Institute for Mental Health
2125 19th Street
Sacramento, CA
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, membership committee, mentorship program
Policy Work: Worked at the CA Dept of MH. Executive leadership team, for policy development and
presenting information to the
State administration and legislature.
Consumer Work: Developed and implemented consumer/family member stakeholder processes for the
Mental Health Services Act roll-out,
evaluation and quality improvement in the public mental health system in Ca.
Research InterestPublic mental health system outcomes evaluation
Mental health service differential effectiveness evaluation - Evidence-based practices, leadership
effectiveness in behavioral health

Charles G. Ray
Criterion Health, Inc.
3020 Steven Martin Dr.
Fairfax, VA 22031
703 255 3766
Principal, behavioral health systems management
ACMHA Activities: Development and Mentorship Committee
Advocacy Work: 16 Years as President/CEO of the National Council for Community Behavioral
Leading provider organization advocate in behavioral health.
Research Interest: Health systems transformation, transcultural BH, integration of primary care and BH

Donald G. Rohner, MS/MA
Foothills Behavioral Health, LLC
9101 Harlan Street
Westminster, CO 80031
Executive Director
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors
Advocacy Work: Chaired state BH Organization Committee for three years. Serve on Steering
Committee for Metro Denver Triage Center Development
Policy Work: Contributed to design of a major position paper on reducing fragmentation in publicly
funded MH, being used for proposed state legislation.
Consumer Work: Support a consumer and family advisory board for our service area.
Research Interest: Use of disease registries/disease management in severe mental illness and comorbid
chronic health conditions
Use of technologies like cell phone texting to improve treatment adherence
Prevention and early intervention strategies for defined populations like TANF moms

Karen Sanders
American Psychiatric Association
1000 Wilson Blvd #1825
Arlington, VA 22209
Assoc Dir of Publicly Funded Services

NEW HOPE, PA 18938
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors and Development Committee
Research Interest: Autism, Implementing EBPs

David Shern, Ph.D
2000 N Beauregard
Alexandria, VA 22311
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors and Summit Committee
Advocacy Work: Head Mental Health America
Policy Work: Worked in policy relevant research and directly with policy makers for nearly 30 years
Consumer Work: Worked with consumers in nearly all projects on which I've engaged for the last 20
Research Interest: Implementation Research, financing research, systems organization

Katherine Sternbach, MS/MA
Mercer Government Human Services Consulting
918 Aruba lane
Foster City, CA 94404
415 743 8840
Principal/Senior Consultant
ACMHA Activities: Communications Committee, Leadership Committee and Mentorship Committee
Advocacy Work: Mental Health Association Board Member Lots of different advocacy work
Policy Work: Worked at NIMH on homelessness; Assistant DMH Commissioner/ Policy,Massachusetts;
multiple presentation at national conferences,
SAMHSA Committee on Workforce in Managed Care; consult to states on policies for evidence and
research-based practices and Medicaid.
Consumer Work: Hired consumers and family members to participate in the management of a
behavioral health managed care entity;
consult on ways to include consumers in managed care programs; worked with many consumers on
different committees and boards.
Research Interest: Sustaining research and evidence based practices in the field, forensic MH issues.

richard surles, Ph.D
aps healthcare
box 415
montvale, VA 24122
chief development officer
Advocacy Work: Member Carter Center National Advsory Panel on Mental Health;
Policy Work: State Mental Health Commisioner in Vertmont and New York State; numernous
presentation to legislative officials; Congressional testimony;
First Bush Commission of Homeless Mentally Ill
Consumer Work: Much interaction and funding of consumer/familiy efforts in Vermont; City/County of
Philadelphia and the State of NY
Research Interest: Co-occurring physical and mental illness, reducing medical errors through best
practice education, pharmacy practices in prediction.

Laura Van Tosh
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, communications committee,

Wilma Townsend, MS/MA
WLT Consulting
615 Wellington Way
Jonesboro, GA 30328
ACMHA Activities: Board of Directors, Leadership and Mentorship Committees, Diversity Interest Group,
Consumer in Recovery Group
Advocacy Work: Director of the Office of Consumer Services in OH and have been doing consultanting
since 1999 in the area of consumer recovery.
Advocate for culturally competent services.
Policy Work: Director of Consumer Services, policymaking for consumer directed services, money, etc. as
well as cultural competence.
Consumer Work: Presentations, policy development, written books, papers, articles, advocated, etc.
Tom Trabin, Ph.D
Alameda County Behavioral Health
2000 Embarcadero Cove, 4th Floor
Oakland, CA
Deputy Director, Adult System of Care, Alameda County Behavioral Health
Advocacy Work: Inclusion of privacy and other behavioral health-related considerations in national
informatics polciies and
standards -quality management-related values and initiatives through IOM report, SAMHSA projects,
national conferences
Policy Work: presentations on evidence-based practices to SAMHSA administrator and executives, co-
performance measurement committees for SAMHSA, CA DMH, participated committees for NCQA,
Consumer Work: planning SAMHSA conferences - working on wellness and recovery initiatives for
Alameda County in CA.
Created sponsorship for consumer and family member scholarships to participate in statewide
conferences on information management
 youth-driven website for prevention of suicide and promotion of resiliency
Research Intrest: Quality improvement, impact or EHRs, EBPs

Leslie Tremaine, EdD
Santa Cruz County health Services Agency, Division of MH and SA Services
1400 Emeline Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
831 454 4515
Advocacy Work: participation with NASMHPD, NACO, MHSIP on nat'l issues; work with state level
advocacy in CA, NM, CO and Va.
Policy Work: State and local level public sector leadership-- work with legislation, executive level policy,
county initiatives Va work with development of children's consortium, SOC project in CO for early
childhood, local governance of human svcs development in La., NM BH Collaborative start up .
integrated services for co-occurring disorders in multiple states
Consumer Work: SAMHSA SOC work as well as through various Boards, advocacy campaigns and
consultative as well as contractual support for consumer/family run organizations in state and local
work roles
Research Interest: Primary care collaborations and imapct on quality of care as well as outcomes,
effective models of development for BH leaders. Quality of life evaluations approaches

Dr. Thomas F. Updike, Ph.D
FasPsych, LLC
3200 North Hayden Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Chairman of the Board
Advocacy Work: Have done advocacy work 40+years at all levels.
Policy Work: Policymaker at state level. Major work at federal level.
Consumer Work: Current Chair of USPRA, a major organization with focus on consumer
Research Interest: Biochemistry of mental illness, relationship between body/mind, long range impact
of policy decisions.

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