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Suse Linux


Suse linux best commands, step by step guide to learn suse linux 11

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									Storage Management
fdisk -l

df -hT


mount /dev/sdb /mnt

unmount mnt

General Command
Yast2 --list this will display all utilities available in YAST

init 0     shutdown the linux machine

init 6 Restart the linux machine

copy command is used to copy files and folder.

cp --help help of copy command will be displayed

scp command is used from one linux machine to other

scp –r source destination

scp –r /root/Desktop/pc root@ /Desktop

here red root is user of remote computer. It will copy pc folder of your computer and copy in Desktop
folder of remote system. –r switch is used for folder copy.

Network Services Commands

ip address sh

ip a s

ip a s eth0

rcnetwork status

rcnetwork --help

rcnetwork restart
rcnetwork stop

rcnetwork start

ifdown eth0

ifdown etho

Remote Administration

ssh root@ip

vnc server:2     here 2 is port of vnc it will ask password.

To change the port of ssh server

Edit the file etc\ssh\sshd_config

Change the port and save the file

Apply command following command

rcsshd restart

Now User can connect with vnc server machine.

Process Management
ps command will show all running processes in your linux system, you can relate it task manger in


ps a

ps au

ps aux

kill -9 processid  this will kill the specified process running in linux system.
Password Management
Passwd to change password from terminal

If you are connect with root then you can directly change password without giving old password.

Passwd devadm

Here devadm is OS username.

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