Top Tips for an Unforgettable Corporate Event

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					                            Top Tips for an Unforgettable Corporate Event

Plan and organise a corporate event that will be truly appreciated by your employees, colleagues and
guests. Big corporate events are also big endeavours. You need the help of an experience party and
event planner to handle all the details, and the hard work. Rarely does a company have a corporate
event management division or an employee focused and skilled in party planning. Thus, to help you with
your corporate events, you can engage bespoke event organisers.

Here are other tips on how to plan and organize a successful corporate event;

    1. Identify the objectives of the event – Is it to celebrate a milestone, to honour someone, to
       create publicity or to launch something new? The purpose of the event should be the basis of all

    2. Establish a theme – A solid theme will help you identify great activities, the decorations, the
       venue and even the speakers.

    3. Set a Budget – Your event planning company can work better if you set a working budget. Just
       make sure that you are getting all you want for the event.

    4. Set the Date Early – Identify the perfect date that can accommodate most, if not all of the
       attendees and guests. The date should also be relevant to the objective and theme of your
       corporate event. After you have the date fixed, let your bespoke event organisers attend to the

            a. Inform key event personalities like the guests, attendees and speakers.
            b. Make all necessary reservations.
            c. Take the first steps in planning the actual event. This will include planning the menu,
               decorations, the program and contacting entertainers.

    5. Wine and Dine – People expect good food during parties, do not disappoint them. It would do
       you good to give them something unexpected, or deliver above their expectations.

    6. Create Excitement – This will involve massive promotion of the event, especially to those who
       will be attending. Emails announcements, updates and reminders will keep your guests excited
       for the event.

    7. Make Everyone Special – No matter how big the event is, make it a point to mention or thank
       everyone in attendance. You don’t have to mention them by name; a collective note of gratitude
       will be appreciated. The boss can easily win over appreciative smiles when he mingles with the
       crowd, even for just a while.

    8. Dry Run of the Event – A day or two before the big day, you conduct an ocular visit and
       inspection of the venue. Have the event planning company present a dry run on how the event
       will unfold. Check presentation decks and materials, and call your guests to express your
       eagerness for their attendance. You can still make last minute changes before it’s too late.