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									Convert OST into PST-Press Release by Jon Stewart

Summary: ‘Only OST Recovery tool to convert OST into PST gives fine results’, this statement came up
when the software experts took trial of different tools that performs OST conversion into PST file

Title: Experts Say Only OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST into PST Gives Fine Results

Body: Gothenburg, Sweden, Oct 11, 2012- Recently, when the software experts took trial of different
tools to convert OST into PST, a statement came up that only OST Recovery tool gives fine results in OST
to PST database conversion process. The facility to move all items of OST file into PST comes in this tool.
The tool doesn’t alter the properties and attachments of OST emails during conversion process. The tool
also carries out conversion of damaged OST file into healthy PST. Surprising thing about the software is
that the trial which experts conducted was not based on simple grounds, many tough grounds were
included in it and the software passed all them properly.

One of those grounds was capability, in which the software got examined on the basis of its corruption
fixing ability like whether it can fix all types of OST corruptions or not but, OST file repair software by
showing its powerful corruption fixing ability passed the ground successfully with Grade A.

Second of those grounds was based on speed of software and OST file recovery software topped that
ground as well by performing OST to PST conversion with high speed on time.

Third ground was based on flexibility in which the experts checked flexibility of software in different
areas like, 1) Whether the software can convert OST file of all Outlook editions or not, 2) Whether the
software can run smoothly in all Windows versions or not, 3) Whether the PST file generated by this
software, can get accessed in all Outlook versions or not.

Fourth ground was based on the quality of software in which the experts checked whether the software
maintains data integrity during conversion or not and OST Recovery tool to convert OST to PST didn’t
stay back in this ground as well. When OST file conversion to PST gets carried out with it then, all
attachments and all fields of OST items remained original like before.

Lab Director Allegan stated, “When experts also pass our software in trial then, only 3 words come from
my mouth, ‘Great work team’. It’s our team work only that helps our tools in achieving great heights.

About OST File Recovery: Company never says no, if the point comes at fulfilling the need of its
customers. It is built many amazing products for different needs of Exchange Outlook users. OST
Recovery and EDB Recovery are the examples. Among them, OST Repair is widely used to convert OST
into PST.

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