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									                               Pimple on Lip - What You Can Do

                                                            Pimple on Lip

                                                            What does a pimple on lip areas mean?
                                                            In most cases, the lips can be just as
                                                            problematic for acne development as
                                                            other areas of the body. However, there
                                                            is some risk that the pimple here will be
                                                            from an infection or illness. Do not
                                                            confuse a true pimple with a cold sore.
                                                            In most cases, pimples have a more
                                                            prominent presence and do not have an
                                                            open sore unless they have been broken
into. For those with a true pimple on lip areas, there are options to help to reduce its appearance
and to reduce inflammation.

What Causes It?

Pimples appearing on any area of the body are often caused by inflammation of the pores. When
a pore, which is a small section of the skin, has oil buildup or a significant amount of dead skin
cells, this leads to bacteria growth. Bacteria benefit from this moist, warm atmosphere along with
the benefit of having the ability to feed from the dead skin cells. As a result, the bacteria can grow
quickly and too fast for the body's immune system to keep it under control. The result is the
formation of acne.

Getting Rid of It

In order to get rid of a pimple on lip areas, you will need to be cautious. Not all treatment options
are effective or even possible to use on your lips. There are a few things to keep in mind with
these products.

1- Choose products that help to reduce oil production on the lips. A pimple on lip skin may be due
to over oil production.

2- Use products that are safe to put on or near your mouth. The key here is to avoid any chemical-
based products that are harmful to digest.

3- For a pimple on lip, choose products specifically made for this area. This will help ensure the
right type of treatment is being placed on the affected area.
4- Do be mindful of open sores. Pimple on lip conditions can worsen when the pimples are picked
or they are broken open. When this occurs, treat the area as an injury and sore. Use antibiotics to
help reduce inflammation.

5- Avoid the use of lipsticks or chemical based lip-gloss while you have a pimple on lip areas.
Doing so can worsen the condition or lead to additional inflammation and infection.

In some situations, the condition can worsen leading to intense pain and discomfort. To avoid this,
you should treat the condition sooner rather than later. You will want to invest the time into
choosing a product that is well known for providing help for a pimple on lip areas. It is not often
necessary to head to the doctor for this type of condition, unless it becomes very sore, tender or
inflamed due to a worsening infection. Keep the lips dry. Avoid licking them or over moisturizing
with oil-based products. This will worsen the condition further. The good news is that with these
pimples, you can treat the condition without any lasting effects.

Pimple on Lip

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