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Acting Principal: Chris McMillan
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Deputy Principal: Andrew Schumacher
Deputy Principal: Shiree Salazaar
HOSES SEU: Kerrin Donaldson (acting)
Head of Curriculum: Anne Hansford
                                       ***PARENT INFORMATION TO KEEP****
                                       INFORMATION AND CONSENT
                                             Japanese Lunch
21st October

Dear Parent/Caregiver,

As part of our Japanese language program we have arranged a culminating activity for students.
Students will be able to order a Sumo O-Bento lunch. This is a restaurant that specialises in lunches for
students. This is a great opportunity to try and taste food from another culture. Your child’s
participation is subject to your permission and payment. Details of the lunch are outlined below:

Date of Activity: Friday 25th November
Time: 2nd break
Additional Information: Students can select one meal from the menu below.

    A. Primary O-Bento- Chicken teriyaki, fried noodles, rice, spring roll, salad and pickles             $6.50

    B. Primary Sushi O-Bento- Chicken teriyaki, 2 cucumber sushi rolls, fried noodles, rice,
       spring roll, salad and pickles                                                                     $7.00

    F. Katsudon O-Bento- crumbed pork cutlet with egg and sauce, 3 cucumber sushi rolls, rice,
       spring roll, salad and pickles                                                          $8.00

    G. Sushi Box- 6 cucumber sushi rolls and 3 chicken teriyaki sushi rolls                               $6.00

Please complete the form on next page as soon as possible and return to the office upon payment.

Yours faithfully

Mary McCallum                                                            Rachel Lornie
Deputy Principal                                                         LOTE Teacher

        Coomera State School strives to develop the individual members towards their full potential.
                                                  PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM, PAYMENT

                                                   TO THE OFFICE BY Friday 11th November.

                                            ***RETURN TO SCHOOL OFFICE ****
                                        INFORMATION AND CONSENT
                                              Japanese lunch

     1. I give permission for _______________________________in ________ to participate in the
                                                      (Full name)                           (Class)
          Japanese lunch on Friday 25th November. I will fulfil the resource requirements for the activity.

_________________________________                                        ____________________________________
          Parent/Caregiver’s Name                                                      Signature Parent/Caregiver

Menu Selection: A,B,F,G ________________

 *           *           *          *         *         *         *           *        *          *         *        *         *

Payment Options

                                                       INTERNET TRANSFER

     Student’s Name:   __________________________________ Class: _______ Reference Code: EJAL

     Amount Paid:      _________ Menu Option: __________ eg. A,B,F,G          Transfer Reference/Confirmation:   ___________

     Date Transferred:   ____________ Signature: _________________________________
                                                       School Bank Details:

          BSB: 064-430 Account Number: 00090286 Account Name: Coomera State School General Account

                         Transfer to show: Student Name: Class: Reference Code       eg: Billy Smith:1AB:EEEE

                                                     CREDIT CARD PAYMENT

     Student’s Name:   ___________________________________ Class: ____________

     Amount Paid:      ________________ Menu Option: __________ eg. A or G Reference Code: _________________

     Name on Credit Card:      ______________________________________ Card Type:  Visa  Bankcard  MasterCard
                                                                                  American Express/Diners Club not accepted

     Credit Card Number:        ____ ____ ____ ____                                         Expiry Date:   __ /__
     Signature on Card:      _____________________________

                                                   FINANCE WINDOW PAYMENT
                                                      Finance Window Open:
                                                    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                                                         8:15am – 9:30am

         Coomera State School strives to develop the individual members towards their full potential.

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