125th Anniversary by wuzhenguang


									 12               Parking is available on the corner
                                                                                       Our Way

              12:00 noon                                                                         On
   Celebration Luncheon & Gethsemane

                     11:30 a.m.
                                    News   Monthly   newsletter   of   Gethsemane lutheran   church
                                                                                       Our City
                                                                                                                   February 2010

             Workforce Housing (GROW)
am         Gethsemane Renovation Outreach      You are invited to join us
 nion Service

                           11:15 a.m.        Sunday, February 21, 2010

                                                                                     125th y
                         Social Hour
Hour                                125th Anniversary Celebration
a.m.                      10:00 a.m.
                 Festive Communion ServiceSpecial speakers, former pastors,
vation Outreach             Program          and sons and daughters of
 ing (GROW)                                   Gethsemane will join us. Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh
a.m.                                            The celebration will be
                                               blessed by your presence!
 eon & Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh

noon                                                                                          Program

                  An v
                                         Please return the enclosed Reservation and
                                                                      Festive Communion
                                     Ticket Form to Gethsemane by February 12, 2010.                             Service
 on the corner                                Gethsemane Lutheran Church          10:00 a.m.
d Terry Avenue                            911 Stewart Street, Seattle, WA 98101
                                                                                         Social Hour
                                                                                             11:15 a.m.

                                                                         Gethsemane Renovation Outreach
                                                                           Workforce Housing (GROW)
                                In                                                Presentation
                       Our City                                                    11:30 a.m.
                                                                         Celebration Luncheon & Program
                               On                                                   12:00 noon
                       Our Way
                                                                                 Parking is available on the corner
                                                                                of Stewart Street and Terry Avenue

                                                                                         February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh –   1
                                                   And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority
                                                     in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
                                                   Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,
                                                   baptizing them in the name of the Father and of
                                                    the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching
                                                   them to obey everything that I have commanded
                                                   you. And remember, I am with you always, to the
                                                                   end of the age.”
  pastor’s cup…                                                                 Matt. 28:18-20
“In Our City and on Our Way!” That is the theme
for our 125th anniversary. It is a very appropriate           Blessings for 2010,
statement for the events that will take place and impact
this ministry that Christ has entrusted into Gethsemane’s
                                                              Maynard Atik, interim pastor
On Sunday, February 21, 2010, we will gather for worship
and fellowship, celebrating 125 faithful years of Christ’s
ministry through Gethsemane. Pastor Jerry Buss, Assistant               Council Highlights
to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission will be by Doris Rolander, Council Secretary
guest preacher at worship. Pastor Kirby Unti, pastor of St  • Jean Anderson gave a fine tribute to Stan Haven for
Matthew Lutheran Church in Renton, will be our keynote      the fifty-years he has served as Treasurer at Gethsemane.
speaker at our brunch following worship. Meal invitations His faithfulness has been outstanding. Bill Fovargue is
will be in the mail soon. We look forward to a full house.  stepping in as the new Treasurer and will be assisted by
                                                            Stan Haven. Thanks was expressed to Bill for being willing
We received good news from the City of Seattle in mid       to serve as Treasurer with his expertise in financial matters.
December. They will fund the housing project. The next
phase of funding will be met in February when we receive • In the absence of Pastor Atik who was on a week’s
loans from lenders. While that is happening, our own        vacation at Chelan, Jean Anderson read his report.
fundraisers from Acumen will be approaching potential
foundations and will tell Gethsemane’s story and gain       • Bill Forvargue said Gethsemane has a healthy balance
the final funds needed for this project. We really do have  sheet and is well positioned to carry on for this year of
a project! Construction will begin in a year from now.      transition.
Thanks be to God!!
                                                            • The fund-raiser Acumen, will be meeting monthly with
The momentum for the renovation and the apartment           the GROW committee. The architects for Compass Housing
units is beginning to start up after having it set in       Alliance and Olson-Kundig Architects, Beth Boram and the
“neutral” for a while. Dreaming and visioning what          GROW committee will be scheduling frequent meetings
Gethsemane can be, will be for the downtown Seattle area    to pursue the endless details involved in planning for the
is a challenging yet exciting activity.                     future building.

We’ve had visitors for Happy Hour Concerts, Festival          • In an effort to keep the congregation informed about
of Carols Christmas Concert, Christmas worship                progress with the plans there will be informative Coffee
services, Saturday Soup and Movies, Wednesday noon            Hours and some bulletin inserts when information is
Communion services. They have experienced what                available. In the meanwhile many preliminary ideas are
Gethsemane can offer the downtown community and               being considered but will not necessarily be implemented
what we can do to support them in their faith journey.        so it is difficult to know what is worthwhile posting as
Our neighbor, Aspira Apartments, is beginning to lease        information.
apartments. The year 2010 is going to be exciting…..and
the years to come, beyond imagination!                        • The 125th anniversary committee is planning a catered
                                                              brunch served in the Fellowship Hall for a $20 charge
The 125th anniversary theme is very true: “In Our City        per person on February 21st. Invitations have been
and on our Way!”                                              designed and printed and will soon be mailed out to
                                                              a list that includes former pastors, members, children
Through it all let us remember Jesus’ promise to us: “And     of the congregation who have moved away and many
remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”       others. Benevolence offerings will be contributed to
                                                              the Gethsemane Community Services program. Gary
                                                              Anderson and Evie Bang are working on a banner.
2 – February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh
                                  Notes from the President
by Jean Anderson, Council President
Two thousand ten, 2010, I can’t believe it! I just seems like   During our 125th Anniversary
yesterday that Gary and I moved to Seattle from Salem,          Celebration, Sunday, February 21,
Oregon. We moved to Seattle in 1986 to open a men’s             there will be a special presentation
clothing store in the Pike Place Market, called The Forum       in the sanctuary by Olson Kundig
Menswear. After visiting many Lutheran churches in the          Architects, John Schwartz, and Beth
Seattle neighborhoods, we decided to join Gethsemane in         Boram before the luncheon for those
1988 when Paul Eriks was the pastor. We just loved the          who want to hear more about the
urban feel of Gethsemane and also Paul Eriks. He was a          project.
classmate of mine at Pacific Lutheran. Not long after we
joined, our Social Ministry committee became interested in      This is my last month serving as the
finding ways to address the problem of affordable housing       congregational president. I have served for 3 years and
in Seattle. Gethsemane joined with 3 other churches and         a new president will be elected on February 10, 2010. It
as partners founded LATCH in 1990. Our church, under            has been such a pleasure and honor to serve Gethsemane
the leadership of Paul Eriks, made an initial pledge to         as your president and I am truly grateful for your prayers
help make it through the first years of LATCH. It was a 3       and support over the years. I will stay on as a member
year process where the congregation pledged money for           of the GROW committee and will also be on council for 2
church maintenance with 20% of the amount raised going          more years, so I will still be heavily involved in the church
to LATCH. The pledge was called “A House for Us and a           activities, just not as president. We have wonderful church
Home for Others”. That was 20 years ago, and just look at       leadership with Pastor Atik and our great staff. I am so
what LATCH has done in these last 20 years. Now we find         thankful that Pastor Atik agreed to stay with us while we
LATCH joining forces with Compass Center under the new          worked through the ups and downs of going forward with
name of Compass Housing Alliance and they are going to          our mission. In the future, when we call a new pastor, we
build affordable housing right on our site in downtown          will be strong and ready to proceed due to his excellent
Seattle! AMAZING!                                               leadership. “In Our City and On Our Way” is a great motto
                                                                for us now and for our future!
Now that the City of Seattle has approved the housing
project, the planning sessions are increasing to an             We have received good news on Tuesday, January 26th,
almost fever pitch. There will be weekly and bi-weekly          that the bond allocation was approved, which secures the
meetings with Olson Kundig Architects, Beth Boram, John         last piece of
Schwartz, the GROW committee, Acumen, and others to             public funding
meet deadlines set by the city. In an effort to keep the        for the building         Contents
congregation informed about progress with the plans             project. Thanks          Pastor’s cup...              2
there will be informative Coffee Hours and bulletin inserts     be to God!
when information is available. We encourage questions                                      Notes from the President                3
                                                                                           Council Highlights
to be submitted to the GROW committee that will be              Blessings and
answered during coffee hours, special meetings, and in the      love, Jean                 LWR: Haiti Earthquake                   4
Gethsemanews.                                                                              Help for Haiti                          5

                                                                                           Did you know...                         6

     Council Highlights Cont.
                                                                                           125 Gifts for Gethsemane                7
                                                                                           Community Services

                                                                                           This and That                           8
• The 2010 budget was unanimously recommended by the Council for approval
                                                                                           Express Line - Gethsemane               9
by the congregation.
                                                                                           Understanding a State Budget         10
                                                                                           A Moral Document
• Nancy Sutter reported the next Happy Hour on January 27th will feature
violinists. The first two Happy Hours attended by some fifty people each were                                                   11
well-received. Since Ash Wednesday is the week before the 125th Anniversary
celebration there will not be a Shrove Tuesday Pancake party. The Mid-week                 The Spirit                           12
Lenten Services will be preceded by a Soup Supper beginning February 24th. The             The Spirit Continued                 13
Holden Evening Prayer liturgy will be used for the Services.
                                                                                           Parish Calendar                      14
                                                                                           Faith Advocacy Day
• January 18th United Way volunteers will be doing a super-cleaning job of the
                                                                                            Birthday’s, Credits, Prayers, Thanks 15
church kitchen under the supervision of Pat Champion. Kris Okerlund will be
involved in taking an inventory at that time.                                              Mailing                              16
                                                                                           Faith Advocacy Day

• Persons getting to see the free monthly glossy newspaper “City Living” will see
that Gethsemane has a half-page ad about our 125th Anniversary on the cover of
the February issue.
                                                                                    February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh –   3
                                                                                                                                                                       P H O T O S C O U RT E S Y:
                                                                                                                                                                      Paul Jeffrey
                                                                HAITI EARTHQUAKE
                                                                BACKGROUND                                           LWR also contributed 670 health kits and
                                                                A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on           1,500 layettes to Church World Service
  You are my help,                                              Tuesday, January 12. The quake struck 10
                                                                miles from the capital city of Port-au-Prince
                                                                                                                     for distribution to people displaced by the
                                                                                                                     earthquake and is working to mobilize
  and my deliverer;                                             and has left the city in ruins.                      thousands more as the needs in Haiti grow.

      do not delay,                                             As rescue and assessment teams work to               Even as relief efforts continue, LWR
       O my God.                                                reach people in need, a clearer picture of           and partners are now also making
                                                                the situation in Haiti is emerging. Latest           plans for a three to five year response to
                      —Psalm 40:17b                             estimates put the death toll as high as              help communities recover from this
                                                                200,000 with more than a million people in           devastating crisis.
                                                                need of shelter and emergency assistance.
   Now you can also

                                                                                                                     YOU CAN HELP
   text gifts to LWR from                                       The island continues to experience               • PRAY – for all those affected and those
   your cell phone. It’s                                        powerful aftershocks, inciting fear of               who are there to help.
   quick and easy. Just                                         another big earthquake and hampering
   text LWR to 40579 to                                         on-going aid efforts.                            • GIVE – by making a donation to the Haiti
   make a $10 donation.                                                                                              Earthquake fund, you will help ensure that
   Remember to reply YES                                        LWR AND PARTNERS ARE RESPONDING                      LWR is able to quickly provide the most
   to the confirmation.                                         Lutheran World Relief is committing                  effective assistance.
                                                                $2.25 million to relief efforts in Haiti.
                                                                                                                     LWR accepts donations by phone at
   Note: Messaging
                                                                LWR is coordinating with a network of 400
                                                                                                                     800-LWR-LWR-2, online at lwr.org or by
   and data rates                                               staff on the ground through partnerships
                                                                                                                     mailing a check or money order to:
   may apply.                                                   with Catholic Relief Services, local
                                                                responding organizations, and other
                                                                                                                      Lutheran World Relief

                                                                international relief agencies to ensure that
                                                                                                                      Haiti Earthquake
                                                                the people of Haiti get immediate access to
                                                                                                                      P.O. Box 17061
                                                                water, food, and shelter.
                                                                                                                      Baltimore, MD 21298-9832
                                                                LWR is also responding to this emergency
                                                                                                                     Once immediate needs are met, further gifts
                                                                as a member of the Action by Churches
                                                                                                                     will be used to help LWR respond where the
                                                                Together (ACT) International global aid
                                                                                                                     need is greatest, in Haiti or elsewhere around
                                                                alliance. With support from LWR, ACT
                                                                                                                     the globe. Please also consider making an
                                                                partner Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
                                                                                                                     unrestricted donation which will enable LWR
                                                                is helping to deliver water containers,
                                                                                                                     to respond quickly to the next emergency.
                                                                purification supplies and shelter items. With
                                                                other partners, LWR is working to supply food,   • LEARN MORE – LWR is also exploring other
                                                                hygiene supplies and sanitation in Port-au-          options for extended assistance, including
                                                                Prince and heavily affected communities in           the possible provision of LWR quilts and kits.
                                                                the surrounding areas.                               For the most up-to-date information on these
           Lutheran World Relief is a ministry of the
       Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA),
                                                                                                                     ongoing efforts and how you can be part of
         The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS),
   individuals and parish groups in international relief,
                                                                                                                     the recovery effort, visit lwr.org/Haiti.
      development, advocacy and social responsibility.

                                                                  LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF 700 LIGHT STREET BALTIMORE, MD 21230 USA 1.800.LWR.LWR.2 LWR.ORG

4 – February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh
                 Help for Haiti                                       Ten Facts About Claiming
With TV cameras from KOMO News and KING 5 filming                     Donations Made to Haiti
for the Monday 11:00 p.m. evening news, people gathered to        If you are donating to charities providing earthquake relief in
hear over 20 performers sing and play for the benefit to help     Haiti, you may be able to claim those donations on your 2009
the earthquake victims in Haiti. The benefit received over        tax return. Here are 10 important facts the Internal Revenue
$1,000, with more gifts promised in the mail. There is still a    Service wants you to know about this special provision.
chance for you to offer a gift to help the sisters and brothers
in Haiti. Make your checks out to Gethsemane Lutheran and         1. A new law allows you to claim donations for Haitian relief
memo it “Haiti”. A single check will be cut and sent to the       on your 2009 tax return, which you will be filing this year.
ELCA Disaster Response.
                                                                  2. The contributions must be made specifically for the relief of
Accompanying this article is a news item from the IRS             victims in areas affected by the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti.
making it possible for you to declare any gifts given now in
2010 for Haiti relief on your 2009 tax returns. Read carefully    3. To be eligible for a deduction on the 2009 tax return,
and note that donations given to Gethsemane & the ELCA            donations must be made after Jan. 11, 2010 and before March
qualify for this deduction. Please respond quickly so these       1, 2010.
funds can be put to good use. Thank you for your caring
support.                                                          4. In order to be deductible, contributions must be made to
                                                                  qualified charities and can not be designated for the benefit of
                                                                  specific individuals or families.

                                                                  5. The new law applies only to cash contributions.

                                                                  6. Cash contributions made by text message, check, credit
                                                                  card or debit card may be claimed on your federal tax return.

                                                                  7. You must itemize your deductions in order to claim these
                                                                  donations on your tax return.

                                                                  8. You have the option of deducting these contributions on
                                                                  either your 2009 or 2010 tax return, but not both.

                                                                  9. Contributions made to foreign organizations generally are
                                                                  not deductible. You can find out more about organizations
                                                                  helping Haitian earthquake victims from agencies such as
                                                                  the U.S. Agency for International Development ( www.usaid.

                                                                  10. Federal law requires that you keep a record of any
                                                                  deductible donations you make. For donations by text
                                                                  message, a telephone bill will meet the record-keeping
                                                                  requirement if it shows the name of the organization
                                                                  receiving your donation, the date of the contribution, and the
                                                                  amount given. For cash contributions made by other means,
                                                                  be sure to keep a bank record, such as a cancelled check or a
                                                                  receipt from the charity. Receipts should show the name of
                                                                  the charity, the date and amount of the contribution.

                                                                                       February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh –   5
                                                 Did You Know...
                                                        This is a monthly fun fact article that I would like to share
                                                        from the archives. Ok, a quiz - When was the Christ Statue
                                                        installed at the parish hall buildling?

                                                        • The statue is twelve feet tall and weighs two thousand

                                                        • It cost five thousand dollars and is made of reinforced cast

                                                        • Bill Blair, anthropologist for the Boeing Company created
                                                        the statue.

                                                        • It was dedicated by Reverend Everett Jensen and the
                                                        Gethsemane congreagation on May 28, 1961.

                                                        • Most people in the neighborhood call this the “Jesus
                                                        church” because of the statue.

                                                        • The new parish hall was dedicated at the same time with
                                                        a cost of two hundred fifty dollars in 1961.

6 – February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh
                              Gethsemane Lutheran Church
                                   125th Anniversary

                              "In	Our	City,	and	On	Our	Way"

Celebrate our 125th anniversary with a gift that will help those who need it most and come to
Gethsemane seeking God's mercy and grace. It is the goal of Gethsemane Community
Services to assist each client to overcome the barriers to wholeness and a life of dignity and

$150 will provide a homeless person with warm shelter for one month

$35 will provide the documentation necessary for a WA State ID

$75 will provide for a commercial driver’s license

$45 will provide a driver's license for a new resident

$25 will provide for a new driver's license

$15 will replace a lost driver's license

$50 will provide a pair of work boots required on certain job sites

$10 will provide a food handler's permit required for jobs in restaurants

$22.50 will provide a week of round trips on the Metro system for jobs, interviews, and

$15 will provide cab fare to a local hospital emergency room

$10 will provide a long distance call to reconnect with family

                             Monetary donations may be sent to:
                                 Gethsemane Lutheran Church
                                       911 Stewart Street
                                       Seattle, WA 98101
                Please indicate that your donation is for the 125 Gift List for GCS

                                                                      February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh –   7
                                                                                            This and That
   Every now and then we receive a creative piece from                                                       “Book Gift to Gethsemane’s Library” Gethsemane’s
one of our friends at Gethsemane. This is a second gift                                                      Library is the recipient of Greg Mortonson’s new work,
from our substitute organist, Thaddeus Stuart. Thank you                                                     Stones into Schools. The new work is a gift from Queen
Thaddeus for your gospel words.                                                                              Anne Books, 1811 Queen Anne Ave. N. Earlier in 2009 we
                                                                                                             received from Queen Anne Books Greg Mortonson’s first
                                            Sonnet II                                                        bestseller, Three cups of Tea. Stones into Schools is about
                                                                                                  Thaddeus   promoting peace with books, not bombs in Afghanistan
                                                                                                             and Pakistan. Please check it out. We extend our thanks to
                            Malachi 1: 2, 3; Romans 9:13                                                     Queen Anne Books for their generosity.

    “I Jacob love; his brother did I hate.”
    Great God, Your words of cruel injustice reek!                                                           Parking Arrangements: As of this GethsemaNews print-
    His birthright he despised? Who spurned His state                                                        ing, there is no definitive word on the new parking ar-
    In heaven, deity itself, to seek                                                                         rangements in the Aspira building complex. Details are
    Unworthy, sinning souls? Strange women wom                                                               still being worked out and as soon as the office finds out
    His hear? You comb all tribes of Earth to find                                                           the final plans the congregation will be notified. In the
    Your bride, the church! No one but the Son                                                               meantime, continue to use the U-Park across the street.
    Of God could breathe that Spirit, forgiving, kind,                                                       Thank you for your understanding and patience in this
    Which Jacob met when, fleeing new-stirred fray                                                           matter.
    And seeking refuge, he to Esau came.
    My prayer fails; You say, “In My Name pray.”                                                             SAM Talks: Jim Olson, Architect; February 24, 2010; 7–8
    So Jacob once asked in his brother’s name.                                                               pm; Plestcheeff Auditorium. Free and open to the public at
    He, Esau, is Christ’s shadow backward cast.                                                              the Seattle Art Museum.
    “Well done!” God says, and hugs him close at last.
                                                                                                             Jim Olson, founding partner of Seattle-based Olson Kun-
                                                                                                             dig Architects, and the architect for the Church renovation
                                                                                                             discusses projects from his book Jim Olson Houses (The
Copyright (c) 2009 by Thaddeus James Stuart                                                                  Monacelli Press). With projects as varied as an art collec-
   Permission is given here to anyone who may want it,                                                       tor’s retreat along Lake Washington and an estate outside
to copy and disseminate this sonnet.                                                                         Hong Kong, Olson’s work captures intangible qualities of
                                                                                                             nature, art and the sensibilities of the collector.

                                        February Food of the Month

                                     Please reach out to the
                                increasing numbers of homeless
                                 people in our community with
                                         your gifts of :
                                   • 7-oz cans of luncheon meat
                                   • 15-oz cans of pork & beans
           or $10.00 will buy a whole case of pork and beans.

          If you prefer, you can donate on-line with our Virtual Food Drive.
             Just log on to www.emergencyfeeding.org to start shopping.

These gifts will provide easy-to-use food for people with no place to cook.
    For all those who rely on this service to help feed themselves and their
                  families, thank you very much for your help.
                                                                         (206) 329-0300 Seattle
    The Emergency Feeding Program                                      (425) 653-1652 Eastside

8   of Seattle & King County                               email: info@emergencyfeeding.org
    – February 2010 – Gethsemane             Lutheran ChurChweb: www.emergencyfeeding.org
                             Express Line – Gethsemane
by Dwight Robinson from Cross & Crown Lutheran Church                           photos by Kim Charie of http://kimcharie.com
December, 2009                                                                             FINALLY, the call to enter. Red-
                                                                                           topped teenagers directed diners
It was a salty, sandy Saturday in                                                          to tables. Santa hats helped stow
the city. Misty, moisty clouds hung                                                        packsacks and coats. Music
low over a town that most likely                                                           marked the march and sparkled
would not see a white Christmas.                                                           the Christmas mist. Piano,
A gritty sidewalk glared back at all                                                       violin, guitar, sax, and flute
who ventured there.                                                                        made merry moments. After a
                                                                                           short prayer, a white-capped
Most travelers abandoned the                                                               cook called, “Let’s eat some
streets as quickly as possible. For                                                        food!”
others, it was their home. Down the
street, at a 125 year old city church,                                                     As the meal progressed, swirling
a long line was forming, and a                                                             servers swept around tables
quick glance could tell you this wasn’t a church convention.   with more coffee and juice. But soon, too soon, dinner
These were tourist of the hard road, survivors of ventures     was done. Small presents of caps, gloves were handed out
that lost. In a word – street-homeless. From highballers of    and diners called back their thanks and retired to watch
the woods to seaman from the dogwatch, it was dinner at        cartoons and nap. For a little while, the nitty, gritty city was
God’s diner today.                                             outside and they were inside. Bells overhead proclaimed,
                                                               “Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel”. Then the band chimed in with
For these men and woman on other similar Saturdays,            “Born is the King of Israel.”
sandwiches, soup and coffee filled the menu. And
appreciated, mind you. But today was special. It was           Have a misty, Merry Christmas
almost Christmas. Inside dancing pre-school decorations,
Girl Scout greeting cards, and small boxes of candy covered
the table. ‘Neath banners, costumed teams would serve
humor, ham, and turkey with the trimmings. The spirits of
the waiting men and women were high.

“Hardy hobos,” laughed one guy. “We didn’t need a map,”
remarked another. (Hobos of the 30s marked good feeds
on the outside of churches like this one.) “Cool Clogs”,
remarked one man, pointing to another man’s boots. “I
need them for the long road! Good gear yourself, but no

                                                                                  February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh –   9
                     
                              •     
                             •     
                                  
                              •     
                           •     
                           •     
                              •     
                       •     
                          •     
                                   
                         •     
                                
                                 
                                 
                                
                          •   
                            
                           • 
                             
                            • 
                                 
                              
                               
                          

 ON                                                                 WASHINGTON ASSOCIATION OF
SES                                                                        CHURCHES
                                                   

           10 – February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh
                             save the date
                            Join us to Lift Every Voice on

                     Faith Advocacy Day
                            Tuesday, February 16, 2010
                                      8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                 At the State Capitol in Olympia
                                Begin the day at United Churches in Olympia.
                       Move to the State Capitol for lunch and legislative meetings.
                                Meet your legislators and voice your concerns.

Registration materials will be available in December. For more information, contact one of the primary sponsors:
 Washington Association of Churches, (206) 625-9790, Lutheran Public Policy Office, (206) 464-4133, and
                                Church Council of Greater Seattle (206) 525-1213

                                              Thank You’s
LATCH: “Wow! The Holiday Gift Giving Program was a wonderful success due to the incredible energy of supporters
like you! Just over 100 households, and the Angle Lake Senior Community, were showered with hundreds upon
hundreds of thoughtfully chosen gifts and gift cards. All of us at LATCH were overwhelmed with your generosity and
reminded daily of how profoundly touching the season can be. On behalf of everyone here, especially our residents, we
sincerely THANK YOU.”

Nightwatch: “It’s such a glorious time of year. Thank you so much for your generous help. Operation Nightwatch
depends on our friends all through the year. We appreciate what you have done.”

Lifelong Aids Alliance: “Your donation helps us continue to improve the lives of the men, women and children living
with and affected by HIV and AIDS in Seattle/King and more recently Pierc, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties.”

Northwest Harvest: “Your support brings hope and brightens lives by putting nutritious food on the table for
thousands of our neighbors in need of food in Washington.”

The Church Council of Greater Seattle: “The gifts we receive from congregations such as you assure us that the ministry
of the Church Council is in fact an expression of many people in our community, people who are as committed as we
are to making the love of God visible in 21st Century America.”

ELCA: “THANK YOU for your ELCA Missionary Sponsorship gift. I thank God for the over 250 ELCA missionaries
who teach, build, grow, heal, nurture, and proclaim the Gospel in almost 50 countries around the world. I thank God
for sponsors like you; your faithful support helps missionaries do what needs to be done. I thank God for the ministries
made possible when global neighbors, missionaries and sponsors work ‘hand in hand’ together.”

                                                                                February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh –   11
                            The Spirit
                                  News for the congregations of the Northwest Washington Synod of the
  Volume 26, Number 5
         27,        2                            Evangelical Lutheran Church in America                 May-June 2009
                                                                                                        February 2010

                         We Are The Stewards Of God’s Creation
                                 Disciples Follow Jesus
                                   byby The Rev. Chris Boerger, Bishop
                                      The Rev. Wm Chris Boerger, Bishop
                                         At the recent          those who do have the gift of understanding
                                     Faith the January
                                         In Advocacy            model, we remain climate and human beings
                                                                the complexities ofin charge. It is my time, my
                                     Day in supplement
                                     synod Olympia I            skill and my interests. Do in agreement that
                                                                affects on the climate are I want to use my life
                                     in The Lutheran
                                     had the opportunity        in support of this or that institution?
                                                                we are having a damaging effect on the world.
                                     magazine I focused
                                     to testify before              The underlying now is not sustainable
                                                                What we are doingmechanisms may be or
                                     on the House
                                     a Statefact that           desirable. disciples know that Jesus is Lord
                                                                similar, but
                                     God calls on the
                                     committeeus to                 It is critical for we have to follow where
                                                                of the church andthe church to speak on
                                     Cap and Invest bill
                                     be disciples, not          we are called to go will be damaged by our
                                                                behalf of those whoin service. Yes, we have
                                     (Senate Bill 5735)
                                     members. This is           individual gifts, but they are for many of
                                                                current practices. This includes the purpose of
                                           the Governor
                                     thata new idea nor
                                     not                        building up communities of our
                                                                the poorest the Body of Christ. world and
                                     is it proposed to the
                                     had unique to me.              the non-human is using us to call new
                                                                for In addition, God communities of plants
                                     legislature. a
                                         There are              disciples into relationship with Jesus God’s
                                                                and animals. We are the stewards of and
                                          I found pastors
                                     number of                  creation. with their gifts, which the whole
                                                                in service
                                     in this position
                                     and non-ordained               So what do we do? I are learning from
                                                                church needs. Disciples would encourage
   leaders in this involvement with in Care
   because of mysynod who are outthe front on                   our to learn more about organizations like
                                                                you Lord. Disciples are serving as Jesus did.
   of Creation Ready Bench of the IEvangelical
   this understanding in ways that am trying to                 Disciples are (www.earthministry.org). This
                                                                Earth Ministrycalling their friends, neighbors
   Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) pastors
   learn and understand. One of these         Conference        and total strangers to come and see and the
                                                                site focuses on sustainable practicesso that
   commented that conference we have divided
   of Bishops. As a I did miss one important aspect             they might is written as very readable and
                                                                informationalso servein adisciples of Jesus.
   ourselves into small focus groups that will                      It is format. David Rhoads at the Lutheran
                                                                usable clear that the membership model is
   of discipleship in my Lutheran article.
   represent this church on current issues in our               School of Theology in Chicago developed
       Disciples follow Jesus in word and deed, and             an institutional model that is not the future of
   society. I am on the Care of Creation Ready                  another resource (www.webofcreation.org).
   they also are called to call new disciples.                  Christ’s church. We will continue to ask the
   Bench.                                                       On this site you will find information about
       In this age of individualized faith and faith            institutional questions about membership, but
       I agreed to do this because I am convinced               becoming at green congregation. These are
   practices, we need to hear we are responsible                the real need for the church is the discipleship
   that our stewardship of God’s creation is a critical         two places to start.
   to and for the neighbor. Disciples of Jesus                  of the followers of Jesus. Disciples are always
   part of what it means to be a human being.                       In the long term we as a culture will need
   God created us encourage this creation. We
   invite, provoke, to care for ,and call others to             learning, serving and live. That call others to
                                                                to change the way weseeking to will be hard.
   understand that what we own is texts in for the
   be disciples. One of my favorite in trust John’s             follow Jesus. Fellow disciples, we have work
                                                                    The accusing finger of God’s law will
   gospel is the call We are accountable to God, to
   real owner, God.     of Nathaniel. His call came from        to do.again be pointed at us. We can deny or
   his neighbors did to answer all of his questions
   our friend who andnotfuture generations for our              despair the accusation or we can recognize
   but merely invited him to this created world.
   decisions on how we usecome and see.                         the call we have from God to be stewards.
                                    too complicated.
       We make the process farthat the science ofIn
       I will be the first to admit                                       a daily Note: The encourage your
                                                                This is Editor’s struggle. IJanuary supplement
   doing so, we take the path debate resistance
   the current global warming of least is beyond and                  to the the power of God at be found on
                                                                witness toLutheran magazine canwork among
   the avoidance of calling new disciples. We are
   my limited understanding. I also recognize that on                 the synod’s website at www.lutheransnw.org/
                                                                us and all creation.
   a walk of faith in a community of other walkers                    publications. To subscribe to The Lutheran
                                                                      magazine please visit www.thelutheran.org
                     our Advocacy Day in Olympia was co-sponsored this year by the Lutheran Public Policy or
   who know thatFaith destination and our journey is
   Editor’s Note:
   Office (LPPO),us and to the world around us.                       call 1-800-328-4648.
   a blessing to the Washington Association of Churches, and the Church Council of Greater Seattle. Many
   Lutherans were present. In the morning Bishop Boerger, along with an unusual presence of the Governor,
       I have objected to calling other disciples
   testified in support of SB5735 - the Cap & Invest bill. Bishop Boerger serves on Gov. Gregoire’s Climate
   volunteers. When we use the volunteerism
   Action Team and serves on the ELCA’s Conference of Bishop’s Care of Creation Ready Bench.

12 – February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh
                                  Earthquake in Haiti
    We have all heard about the 7.0 earthquake          via mail.) Or, you can easily visit www.elca.
in Haiti that occurred on January 12 that               org/haitiearthquake and make your donation
devastated the small country. More than 30              on-line. One hundred percent of your gifts
aftershocks have occurred, with one at 6.1              designated to Haiti will be used in this vital
magnitude. We have seen the devastation in              response effort.
video and photos. We have heard about the            †	 Lutheran World Relief Launched Text-to-
large number of deaths and injured, and how aid         Give—To support LWR from your cell phone,
is slowly beginning to get to the people in need.       just text the keyword “LWR” to 40579 to
    Thankfully the Lutheran World Federation            donate $10. Remember to reply YES to the
(LWF) were all ready on the island and                  confirmation.(Standard messaging and data
were spared. They were able to focus their              rates may apply.) You may also visit
immediate efforts on issues of water safety             www.lwr.org to give directly through their
and sanitation, assisting with medical triage,          website.
and providing emergency shelter for the many         † Thrivent Financial for Lutherans—Thrivent
who are now homeless. (The ELCA has long-               will match members’ gifts to LWR for Haiti,
standing relationships in Haiti through several         giving $1 for every $2 donated, up to $1
organizations and the Lutheran Church in Haiti.)        million. Members can make their donation
    The ELCA is working closely with other              online at www.thrivent.com/helpinghaiti or at
organizations that include: ACT International,          1-800-236-3736.
Church World Service, Lutheran World
Federation - World Service, and Lutheran World          On January 19 the ELCA reported that
Relief.                                              individuals and congregations of the ELCA had
    On January 19 Lutheran World Relief (LWR)        contributed more than $1.2 million to fund relief
announced that it was shipping health kits and       efforts of ELCA partner organizations working on
layettes to be distributed to Haitian earthquake     the ground in Haiti.
    LWR partner Church World Service will
distribute the shipment of 650 health kits and
1500 layettes, the first of multiple planned
shipments to Haiti. LWR has committed material
                                                       The Spirit, a publication of the Northwest Washington
resources valued at nearly $500,000 and plans          Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
to send more health kits and layettes, along with      (ELCA), is intended for members, leaders, and clergy
quilts and school kits, in the near future.                  of synod congregations and organizations.
                                                       Congregations are encouraged to copy The Spirit and
    Your help is needed today to bring immediate        include it in their own newsletters. The Spirit can be
relief and continued hope for our brothers and                  downloaded from the Synod website.
sisters in Haiti. About 3 million people, one-
third of Haiti’s population, were affected by this             Northwest Washington Synod, ELCA
                                                                     5519 Phinney Ave North
earthquake.                                                          Seattle, WA 98103-5829
                                                                    Telephone: 206-783-9292
  There are many ways to give:                                      Toll Free: 1-800-244-6997
† ELCA International Disaster Response—                                 Fax: 206-783-9833
                                                                  Email: office@lutheransnw.org
  You may give to ELCA Disaster Response
  by: Check or money orders sent to ELCA                                                   Editor: Margit Peiffle
  Disaster Response, 39330 Treasury Center,                                       Email: margit@lutheransnw.org
  Chicago, IL 60694-9300 (write “Haiti                                                 Telephone: 425-299-6667
                                                                                  Website: www.lutheransnw.org
  Earthquake Relief” on your check’s memo
  line; Credit card by phone: 800-638-3522             Information for the March 2010 issue of The Spirit is due to the
                                                                            Synod Office by Wednesday, February 3.
  (Credit card contributions may also be made

                                                                              February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh –   13
    FEBRUARY 2010                                  17 Wed 12 Noon  Ash Wednesday, Chapel
  2    Tue 1:00 pm Community Services                            -Pr. Maynard Atik
            1:00 pm Orion Youth Center Staff              1:30 pm Office Staff
            6:00 pm Grow Committee                       7:00 pm Ash Wednesday (eve)
  3    Wed 12 Noon Holy Communion, Chapel         18 Thu 1:00 pm Community Services
                   -Pr. Maynard Atik                      7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
            1:00 pm Endowment Committee           20 Sat 11:00 am Soup and Movies Christmas
            1:30 pm Office Staff
            3:30 pm GCS Advisory Committee        21 SUN 1ST SUNDAY OF LENT
  4    Thu 1:00 pm Community Services                   & 125TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
            7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal                     & EMERGENCY FEEDING PROGRAM
  6    Sat 11:00 am Soup and Movies                      9:00 am Christian Education
                                                  	  	 10:00 am Holy Communion
                                                                -Pr. Maynard Atik
          9:00 am Christian Education
                                                        11:15 am Coffee Hour
  	  	 10:00 am Holy Communion
                                                      12:00 noon Celebration Luncheon
                 -Pr. Maynard Atik
         11:15 am Coffee Hour
  8 Mon 9:00 am GethsemaNews Deadline             23 Tue 1:00 pm Community Services
  9 Tue 1:00 pm Community Services                        1:00 pm Orion Youth Center Staff
          1:00 pm Orion Youth Center Staff                6:00 pm GROW Committee
          6:00 pm GROW Committee                  24 Wed 12 Noon Holy Communion, Chapel
          6:30 pm Finance Committee Meeting                      -Pr. Maynard Atik
  10 Wed 12 Noon Holy Communion, Chapel                   1:30 pm Office Staff
                 -Pr. Maynard Atik                        6:00 pm Lenten Soup
          1:30 pm Office Staff                            6:45 pm Lenten Service
          6:30 pm Parish Council Meeting
                                                  25 Thu 1:00 pm Community Services
  11 Thu 1:00 pm Community Services                       7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
          7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
                                                  27 Sat 11:00 am Soup and Movies Christmas
  13 Sat 11:00 am Soup and Movies
                                                  28 SUN 2ND SUNDAY OF LENT
  14 SUN TRANSFIGURATION OF OUR LORD                     9:00 am Christian Education
         9:00 am Christian Education
                                                  	  	 10:00 am Holy Communion
  	  	 10:00 am Holy Communion
                                                                -Pr. Maynard Atik
                -Pr. Maynard Atik                       11:15 am Coffee Hour
        11:15 am Coffee Hour
  16 Tue 1:00 pm Community Services
         1:00 pm Orion Youth Center Staff
         6:00 pm GROW Committee

14 – February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh
                                                           Happy February
Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh
911 Stewart Street
Seattle, WA 98101-1492

Phone: (206) 682–3620
E-mail: glc@urbanfaith.org
                                                           Birthday to…
Web Site: www.urbanfaith.org
                                                        2/1     Barbara Chamberland
Congregation Officers                                   2/1     Dola Conway
Council President                                       2/5     Ellen Steinbart
  Jean Anderson                                         2/10    Paul Hinrichsen
Vice President                                          2/14    Gail Fisher-Figueroa
  Bill Fovargue                                         2/18    Paul Hensel
                                                        2/21    Jessica Rugland
  Doris Rolander
                                                        2/23    Rachel Pesis
  Stanley Haven                                         2/24    Scott Melancer
Financial Secretary
  Richard Ellison

Church Staff
                                                LENT AT GETHSEMANE
Pastor                                   The season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday services on February 17th
  Pr. Maynard Atik
                                         at 12 noon and 7: 00 p.m., with the Imposition of Ashes.
  E-mail: pastormaynard@urbanfaith.org
Director of Music                        Wednesdays during Lent: Soup
  David G. Barela
                                         Supper at 6:00 p.m., followed by
  E-mail: davidbarela@hotmail.com
                                         Haugen Evening Prayers in the
Gethsemane Community                     Chapel at 6:45. Meditation theme
Services Director                        will center on the “I AM” phrases
  Kareen Snider
                                         in the gospel of John. Sign up to
  E-mail: ksnider@urbanfaith.org
                                         donate soup and bread on the
Office Administrator                     signup sheet on the bulletin board
  Charles Cadwallader
                                         across from the lounge.
  E-mail: ccadwallader@urbanfaith.org
Receptionist/Office Assistant
  Shawnrene Keppel
                                                            Please keep in your prayers…
  E-mail: skeppel@urbanfaith.org
                                         … Our home bound – Robert Hull Nelson;
Custodian/Security                       … Hospitalized – Doris Farmer;
  Gregory Keels                          … Those in need of prayer for strength and healing – Gary Anderson,
  E-mail: gregorykeels@urbanfaith.org      Betty Casey, Pat Champion, Marie Cress, Irene Haven, Gail
Assistant Treasurer/Accountant             Hendrickson, Louise Hintz, Marian Johnson, Rose Mary Pendergast,
  Sara Williams                            Ruth Pipe, Evelyn Pittman, Iris Tompkins, and Mark Wogsland;
  E-mail: swilliams@urbanfaith.org       … Our staff – Charles, David, Greg, Kareen, Pr. Maynard, Sara, and
GethsemaNews is a publication            … Luther Seminary, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Pacific
of Gethsemane Lutheran Church,             Lutheran University, Trinity Lutheran College, and all Lutheran
Seattle, Washington.                       institutions of higher learning and their students;
Editor: Charles Cadwallader              … Our bishops – Wm Chris Boerger and Mark S. Hanson;
                                         … ELCA Domestic and International Disaster Response;
Deadline: Monday, January 11 for the     … The people of Haiti as they recover from the devastating earthquake
February issue. Please e-mail articles     and mourn those lost
and announcements to:                    … Our companion congregation the French Speaking Lutheran–
ccadwallader@urbanfaith.org.               Protestant Church in Moscow;
                                         … Peace - in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Sri Lanka, in the Middle East, and
                                           in all parts of our world.

                                                                              February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh –   15
       News                                                                                     NON-PROFIT ORG.

                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE

                A PublicAtion          of                                                        PERMIT NO. 3771

                                                                                                   SEATTLE WA

 911 S t e wA rt S t r e e t , S e At t l e , wA 98101-1492

  Return Service Requested

February 2010
Sundays at Gethsemane
9:00 am  Christian Education (all ages)
         (September through May)
10:00 am Holy Communion
11:15 am     Coffee and Fellowship

Wednesdays at Gethsemane
12 noon      Holy Communion


                                                     Musicale              5:00 p.m.
                                                              Wednesday, February 24
                                                                          Renaissance to Modern Music
                                                                                     Mary Jensen, Flute
                                                                                     Ben Williams, Oboe
                                                                                    Yuriy Mikhlin, Violin
                                                                                    Brian Warton, Cello
                                                                                          Refreshments: 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                Concert: 5:30 p.m.
                                                                            The concert and refreshments are free!
                                                                         (Donations gladly accepted to offset costs).

                                                                   Gethsemane Lutheran Church
                                                                911 Stewart Street, Seattle WA 98101 • 206.682.3620

16 – February 2010 – Gethsemane Lutheran ChurCh

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