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           ТЛв ЦЬтшпіап Weekiy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ..JT is N E V E R EASY
         81-83 G r a n d S t r e e t                                                                                                                                                                                                                           FOR    ANYONE TO SIT
         Jersey City, N. J. 07303                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BEH1ND rKJSON В vrtS
              TeL:   ( 2 0 1 ) 434-0237                                                                                                                                                                                                                        BUT ГТ 1S MORE D1F
                     (201) 434-0807
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                     (212) 227-4126
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PECT ONESELF. THUS
         Tkrainian National Aaa'n
              TmL:   (201) 451-2200            УКРАЇНСЬКИЙ                                        ЩОДЕННИК                                                                                                                                                     WE SHALL F1GHT!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 valentyn Moroi 1970
                     (212) 227-fi25J                                                                                                                                   U K R A I N I A N                                              DА     І І Y
                                                                                            Шіи Ukrainian
         РІК LXXXU                        SECTION TWO                  No. 109                   SVOBODA,      T H E UKRAINIAN          WEEKLY           SATURDAY.           0FCtt0tt
                                                                                                                                                                           JUNE        1975                                ЦЕНТІВ 20 CENTS        4. 109                     VOL. LXXXJI

                       WITH VIOLATING U.N. CHARTER     GOV. B Y R N E I S S U E S P R O C L A M A T I O N
                                                                                                                                                                                       УССА ASKS SUPPORT FOR NEW RESGLUT10NS
                                                                                                                                 FOR NEW JERSEY
        BALTIMORE,         Md. -
     na Sen^k, a political prisoner
                                      iry–                                  "1, who have cried out the
                                                                         sufferings, and put them on
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ON UKRAINE PENDING IN U,S. CONGRESS
     confined in camp no. 3 near                                         paper in prison in verses of                                                                              NEW YORK, N.Y. (UCCA a concerted effort of support.                   " Use every means available
     Baroahevo in Mordovia, sent a                                       hundreds of poems, not only                                                                           Special). - All-out support is from all UCCA branches i s to have the content of the
     letter to R. Rudenko, Soviet                                        for myself but for my father-                                                                         needed for the passage of needed i n a circular, the UC– resolutions                            supported by
     prosecutor general, in which                                        land, have lived to see trials                                                                        three reolutions dealing with CA Executive Board urged all others—local newspapers. ТУ
     she accused the Soviet go–                                          over poetry and poets. A s a                                                                          Ukraine and Ukrainian ques– its Branches and member or– and radio stations, ethnic
     vemment of violating the U–                                         former member of the OUN                                                                              tions, which have been intro– ganizations to do the follow– communities and American
     nitud Nations Charter and                                           (Organization of Ukrainian                                                                            duced in Congress in the lsst ing:                                     civic and patriotic organiza–
     international laws, according                                       Nationalists), 1 ask you pre–                                                                         few weeks, said the Ukrain–            " Write to the Hon. Thomas tions.
     to the "Smoloskyp" Ukrainian                                        secutor general of the coun–                                                                          ian Congress Committee of E. Morgan, Chairman of the                      "Only massive upport on
     information Service.                                                try, is it possible to discuss                                                                        America.                          House Committee on Foreign the part of our organizations
                                                                         poetry in courtrooms?"                                                                                                                   Affairs, urging him to hold as well a s of individual citi–
                    Gave Hope                                                Senyk, 50. served her first                                                                             Moroz, Pllttshcfa Action    hearings on these resolutions zens throughout the nation
                                                                         ten-year prison term from                                                                                                                as soon as possible;                can bring about a speedy ac–
          Scnyk wrote that the open–                                     1944-1954 for taking part in                                                                               On March 21, 1075, a num–            Contact Congressmen in t ion by the Committees in
      lng phrases of the U.N. Char–                                      the underground Ukrainian                                                                             ber of U.S. Congressmen in– each Congressional District question. Hence, 'the UCCA
       ter "gave hope to people and І                                    liberation movement during                                                                            troduced a new Resolution, (if they are not sponsoring Executive Board appeals for
      individual persons who by                                          World War 11.                     Partial view of the proclamation signing ceremony. Seated, H. Con. Res. 100, on behalf the resolution) to join with the widest possible support
      reason of circumstance were                                            She is suffering from tu– center, is Gov. Brendan T. B^ me, flanked by UNA President of valentyn Moroz and Leonid Congressman Flood a s co- on the part of the Ukrainian
      discriminated against."                                            berculosis of the bones and Joseph Lesawyer, (left) j p l UNA Secretary Walter Sochan. Pliushch, calling on President sponsors and urge Congress- community, which can'insure ..
          "The U.N. Charter, the U– an escape from their suffer– was classified a s "invalid of                                                                                Ford tp intervene with the man Morgan to institute spe– the passage of these import-
                                                                                                              TRENTON,' N.J. - ' : Щ к , activities which they pursue
      niversal Decla!-ation of Hu– ings by turning to poetry', the second category,"                                                                                           Soviet government for the cial hearings a s soon as pos– ant resolutions by Congress,"
                                                                                                           Jersey Governor Brendan 1 through their national organi– release of these two Ukrain– sible;                                               said the UCCA communique.
      man Rights and other inter- said Senyk. "The poet either               i n October 1972 she w a s
                                                                                                           Byrne signed the official pr      zations and local branches.        ian intellectuals.
      national documents were for– merged with his time period, again arrested and sentenced                                                   The Ukrainian        National
      med when people were suf– or often argued with it, and to six years incarceration and clamation, designating Згрі Association, as a member of                                 On April 8, 1975, the Hon.
      fering in the concentration sometimes outpaced W                   five years exile.                 8-14, 1976, a s Frantertoal j
                                                                                                                                             the NFC A, and its members Daniel J. Flood of Pennsyl–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Representatives ot ВіеемІеиіііпІ
      camps of Pechora, Kazakh–
      stan, Siberia and Kolyma,
                                                                                                           Week in N e w Jersey befora in states and municipalities vania and a number Ot other
                                                                                                           21 officers of eight fraternal! across the nation, participa– U.S. Congressmen infroduced
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Committee visit Hierarehs
      and when Stalin's death was
      their only key to freedom,"
                                             Report Plane                                                  benefit societies assembled" m tes actively in the observan– another Resolution, H. Con. NEW YORK, N.Y. (UCCA cial honorary committee for
                                                                                                           the State Capitol Tuesday, cee of the Week which culmi– Res. 205, calling on the Prcsi– Special). - On May 8, Arch- the Bicentennial;
      said Senyk.                            For "Bead Prisoners Day" in Kiev                              June 3.                           nates Ш the Flag Day on deht of the United States of bishop Ambrose Senyshyn,                               " issuance of a wall calen–
          She declared' that on De–        ROME, italy. - According, Sources in Kiev request that             This is in line with nation ; June 14th. Many UNA'ers America to intervene with the OSBM, Metropolitan of the dar with church holidays and
      cember 10, 1973, she was to v.o scant information received j Ukrainians outside the Soviet observances by some 11 m;i– serve on the executive boards government of the USSR to Ukrainian Catholics in the historical dates of the Ukra–
      begin a hunger strike "in or– here by the Ukrainian Press І Union join in the observance lion fraternalists organised in j of state fraternal congresses, permit the concrete resurrec– U.S., received a delegation of inian settlement in America;
      der to recall to memory thost Bureau, a certain "Ukrainian in order to popularize it," close to 100 fraternal benefit j in addition to Mr. Sochan, Lion of both' the Ukrainian the Ukrainian Bicentennial v " Publication of. a co!lec–
      hopefull international legal !emocratic movement" in said the Ukrainian democra– societies affiliated with t!io Mary Bobeczko heads the Orthodox and C a t h o l i c Committee of America in a tive work on the Ukrainian
      documents, which have been Kiev is planning t o hold a tic movement's message in National Fraternal O m g m a Congress in Ohio. Mr. Le–Churches in Ukraine, which special audience a t the chan– immigration and its contnbu–
      forgotten since their adop– "Day in Memory of Dead Pri– part.                                        of America.                       sawyer has served on the na were brutally destroyed dur– cery in Philadelphia. Also tions to America's growth, as
      tion."                            sdners" Monday, June 16.             N o additional information       Along with Gov. Byrne,' tional board of NFCA.                      .ng the time of Stalin's ter– present at the audience were well a s the history of the U–
                                           "in Ukraine, June 16, 1975, about the observance or the governors of many oth r - The theme of                                      ,roristic rule.                      he Most Reverend Basil H. krainian Church in America;
          Senyk sent her letter five                                                                                                                                                                               '-oaten, Auxiliary Bishop, and         " Large-scale Ukrainian
      days before her hunger srike will be observed as a "Day in request were received by the states and mayors of cities is– j observance is                                        Finally, on April 17. 1975, Msgr. RobertMoskal. The de- manifestations in Washing-
      was to have begun. Similar         Memory of Dead Prisoners. bureau here.                            sue similar proclamations and Makes a Difference",
      Utters were also written by                                                                          praise fraternalists for t i e ; Apart from praising the Congressman Flood, along legation, headed by Commit– ton, Philadelphia and NeW
                                                                                                            numerous religious, т;Ьал- j fraternal system in America with a number of other House tee Chairman Joseph Le– York in 1076, with the active
      Nina Strokata, Stefarda Sha–
             н-а and Nadia Svitlychna,
                                             lludenko Expelled from W r i t e r s                           table, patriotic and benevelljft       (Continued o a . p . 4 ;       iiicmbiTs froi
                                                                                                                                                                                        - Ч И Н її   ,.І,І^АЧІ    "l?vW?i iPfityflitc.Q!y-'" 1Aarr, '
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 nation of the church; SBK
      and only recently received                     ІїщЖшйбЩ Put o n Trial                                                     a m і " і at -                                  ,trptl i'UllWMir Щ                 Myroslaw
                                                                                                                                                                                  H. Con. Res..404, calling on Wynnyky 1 van
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Charyna,       lwan       Sale of special Ukrainian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        B:i:va!'ko. Dr commemorative buttons on
      and made public by the U1S. NEW YORK, N.Y. - Se– 27, to which Rudenko was not
                                        veral press agencies reported invited
                                                                                                                 500 SUMA Youths Participate                                      the President, of the United Peter Sterfcho and DT. ivan the third Sunday of Septem–
                                                                                                                                                                                 States of America to de– Skalczuk.                                    ber 107S. The Metropolitan
             Source Of lnspir.ltion     Tuesday, June 3, that Mykola         Rudenko w a s arrested on               in Memorial Weekend Rally                                   signate January 22nd of each                                          was asked to urge parish–
                                        Rudenko, a Ukrainian writer, April 21st for his activity in                                                                                                                               Plans                ioners to participate actively
          Senyk wrote that the suf– was expelled from the Union the Amnesty international,                    ELLENVILLE, . N.Y.           - of Gen. Taras Chuprynka and year a s "Ukrainian indepen–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       in the distribution of these
      ferings of. the prisoners^ des– of Writers of Ukraine for al– headed by valentyn Turchyn, Some 500 youthful members the 50th anniversary of the dance Day." On January 23rd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Daring the audience, a buttons.
      pite tears, "are also .a source legedly belonging to the So– but was released after several of the.. Ukrainian American creation of Ukrainian Youth Sen. R. Schweiker did so in
                                                                                                           Youth Association (SUMA) Association                                  the Senate.                       number of problems were                Both Metropolitan Seny–
"A    of greater inspiration t o free– viet branch of Amnesty ln– days of questioning.                                                                       (SUM) in U–
      dom and faith in progress." temational.                                                              took part in t h e organiza– kraine.                                      in order to bring about touched upon, namely:                     shyn and Bishop Losten were
                                                                             The Ukrainian writer; w a s                                                                                                               m
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Establishment of a spe–            (Continued on p. 2 )
          Many of the inmates found        According t o the reports, put o n trial May 18th ! and
                                                                                                           tion's 16th annual ^Memorial         Thirteen SUMA branches speedy action and hearings,
                                                                                                           Day weekend rally for two were represented in the event,
                                        the official decision was han– charged with disseminating
                                                                                                           days of sports and educa– including            Astoria, Boston,
                                        ded down during a meeting "false and slanderous litera–
      KBNATA BABAK                      of the Writers Union on May і ture about the Soviet Union."
                                                                                                           tional competitions here a t Brooklyn, Carteret, Hartford,
                                                                                                                                                                                 TO HOLD BENEF1T                                     A"fir -Yorkertt Announce Plans
                                                                                                           the SUMA camp.
               TO APPEAR A T                                                                                  Despite inclement weather,,
                                                                                                                                             irvington, Jersey City, New
                                                                                                                                             York, Parma, Passaic. Phila–                   FOR MOROZ АСПОХ                          For Participation in Bicentennial
                 B E N E F I T CONCERT       San 4JL Million Ukrainian н                                   which forced the cancclation delphia, Utica and Yonkers.                  PHILADELPHIA. Pa. - ( NEW YORK, N.Y. - A York. The committee, created
                                                                                                           of the first opening ceremony,      Saturday's program con– The Committee for ч the De– colorful parade along Fifth last month as s special unit
          NEW YORK, N.Y. - Re–                    Killed During World War i f                              the rally was officially opened sisted of the trial heats in fense of valentyn Moroz ope– Avenue, complete with floats, of the United American Ukra–
      nata Babak, former mezzo-            WARSAW, P o l a n d – S o m e pat ion of Kiev by the Ger– in the early afternoon by Ro– track and field and the first                                                   flags, banners and marchers inian Organizations of New
      soprano for the Lviv and Bol– 4.5 million Ukrainians were mans, 200,000 area residents :nan Dashawetz of Boston, round of the double-elimina– rating here under the auspices in uniforms and costumes, York, is headed by Dr. John
      shoi Operas, will be among killed during World W a r П were murdered, 100.000 people Mass., director of the rally, tion volleyball tournament                              of the Ukrainian Congress
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   will open festivities Septem– O. Flis, who is Supreme vice–
      several artists performing a t "at the hands of the enemy," were s e n t t o forced labor followed by Myroslaw Shmi– Also, competition in various Committee of America, will ber 21st for this city's Ukra– President of the l ' N A .
      a WNCN Listeners Guild be– according t o Soviet statistics camps, and some 800 stores gel, head of SUMA. -                                                                 hold a benefit banquet and
                                                                                                                                             age groups of up to 18 were art auction to sustain action inian celebration of Ameri–                        The meeting also elected
      nefit concert a t Hunter Col– quoted by Polish author N. were destroyed.                                                               held in recitation and know- in behalf of Ukrainian jxili– ca's Bicentennial and the executive officers and named
      lege Friday, June 20, a t 8:00 Piecek in his article "Kiev in          in writing about Kiev to-           Anniversaries Marked        ledge of Ukraine's history.                                           100th anniversary of Ukrain– committees to begin work on
      p.m., according to the Satur– the Spring of 1975," which                                                                                                                   tical prisoners.
                                                                         day, the author was over-                                             The     evening's      concert,                                     ian settlement in the United several upcoming events.
      day, May 30th edition.of The appeared in the April 7th edi–                                             Mr. Shmigel briefly sum– which traditionally includes                  The      banquet,  including States.
      Daily News.                                                        whelmed by the beauty of the                                                                                                                                                     The Bicentennial executive
                                        tion of "Gazeta Robotnicza"                                        marized anniversaries mark– performing ensembles of SU– cocktails on the terrace to be                      Plans for the parade, which includes: vice-chairmen —
                                                                         city, i t s historical value, and
          Among other artiste, do– (Labor Newspaper) in War-                                               ed by the rally,, namely, the MA branches, featui-ed folk served at 4:30 p.m., will be will include a program a t ! Mrs. Mary Dushnyck, also
      nating their services will be saw,                                 particularly marveled a t the 25th anniversary of the death              ('Continued on p. 3)           held Sunday, June 8. at Rose–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bi-yant Park and a follow-up! UNA vice-President, Mrs.
      David Amram, Josef Fuchs             Mr. Piecek further cited St. Sophia Square and the                                                                                    mont College in Rosemont,
                                                                                                                                                                                 Pa.      Entertainment by the     march to the United Nations j Helen Smindak and Dr. ihor
     and the Boehm Quintette.           that during the 778-day occu– Cave Monastery.                                                                                                                               in tribute to international j Sonevytsky; secretary — Dr.
                                                                                                                 Northampton Catholic Parish                                     "Dancing Sopilka".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Women's Year, were outlined і Wasyl Weresh; English-lan–
                                                                                                                                                                                     Art objects to be auctioned j Thursday, May 29, at the first j guage secretary — Mrs. Ro–
     Johnstown Ukrainians Protest                                                                                   Marks Diamond Anniversary                                    were donated by prominent; meeting of the Ukrainian Bi–! saiie Polche: treasurer - My–
                                                                                                              NORTHAMPTON, Pa. - McShep of Allentown, Pa.                        Ukrainian ai-tists.               centennial Committee of New                ( i ' o n ' i m i i ' d ОП p . 3 ) ""ij^
                            Bogas National Emblem                                                          A festive throng of 800 per–         Offering    an appropriate
          J 0 H N 8 T 0 W N , Pa. - The                                                                    sons, including clergy, pa– sermon on this occasion was
     local Ukrainian community
     became disturbed over the
                                                                                                           rishioners     and prominent Rev. Martin Canavan of Phi–
                                                                                                           guests, took part in the Dia– ladelphia. llespons? were sung
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SRO Crowd Set f o r N J .              Festival Today
     sale o f fakieMJkrainian na–                                                                          mond Jubilee observances of by St. John's choir undrr tin-                HOLMDEL. N.J.            For tan New York-New Jersey performances of leading U–
     tional emblems by a neigh–                                                                            St. John the Baptist Ukrain– baton of Michael Prosak.                 the second time in as many ar^a. The one-hour programs krainian artists and perfor–
     borhood store and sparked a                                                                           ian Catholic Church hi re            in a rare outpouring of years, today's Ukrainian Fes- will be held at 1:30, 3:30 and ming ensembles. The scenario
     protest campaign which re-                                                                            Sunday, May 25, at the spa– good will, generosity and de– tival in New Jersey is assured 5:30 p.m. The 3:30 p.m. pro- for the program was s e t b y
     suited in the emblem's remo–                                                                          cious Northampton Memorial votion to their Church, the of a sell-out crowd, announ– gram features the guest ap– volodymyr Kolesnik, with t h e
     val from t h e store.                                                                                 Community Center.                 parishioners donated Si20,000 ced the New Jersey Highway pearance of the "Baturyn" theme focusing on the past,
         The two emblems, of t h e                                                                            St. John'e is one of the on tlie occasion of the jubilee Authority, sponsor of the band from Toronto, Ont., un– present and future of ?U–
     sew-on type, bear the colors                                                                          oldest Ukrainian churches in for improvements of the Festival within the series of der the baton of Wasyl Kar– kraine.                                                              vi–,
     of Soviet Ukraine, red over                                                                           America and the first to he shrine and grounds. The Ethnic Heritage Festivals at dash. The band is also ap–                                     The Festival Committee,
     blue with a yellow hammer                                                                             erected in Lehigh valley, Pa., funds were raised without any the Garden State Arts Cen– pearing in the evening pro- established under the auspi–
     and sickle in the upper left                                                                          the cradle of early Ukrainian assessment or special appeals. ter here.                                  gram, along .with the "Pro– ces of the New Jersey chapter
     hand corner. One of emblems                                                                           pioneer life, i t s pastor for      The 7:00 p.m. banquet was             Although the tickets to the metheus"          and "Dibrova" of the UCCA and headed by
     i s identified as "Ukrania."                                                                          the past 29 years has been opened by Bishop Losten with o,OOOTset amphitheater have choirs, which comprise Toron– Michael Chaikivsky. said that
          According to v e r y Rev.                                                                        the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen an invocation, followed by been sold out, close to 4,000 to SUM's famed ensemble.                                 this year's Festival marks t h e
                                        The two emblems, manufactured by the All-American Em–                                                                                                                          Exhibits of fine arts, folk Centennial of Ukrainian set–
     Hieromonk Nicholas, chair-                                                                            Chehansky.                        the renditions of the Ameri– lawn tickets are still available
                                        blera Co., and distributed a s national ensigns of Ukraine.
     man of the Ukrainian Or–                                                                                 Commencing the diamond can and Ukrainian national and will be on-sale at the box arts and a show of Ukrainian tlement in America and i s a
     thodox League community af– tracted by a Chicago firm to "might be insulted." He said jubilee festivities was a Pon– anthems. Acting as toast- office today for persons in- native costumes are added "salute to the undaunted, un–
     fairs committee, area Ukra– manufacture the emblems. He that the emblem would not tifical Divine Liturgy, with master was Rev. Michael tereated in viewing the 8:00 і features of the afternoon conquerable                                                                     spirit of our
     inians a r e sending protest refused t o reveal theTiame of be distributed on a large Auxiliary Bishop Basil rL Nestor who introduced nu– p.m. feature program on the; festivities on, t h e plaza. Ukra– people in Ukraine."
     letters to– the Ail-American the company in order "to scale outside of the interna– Losten the principal cele– merous distinguished guests stage of the amphitheater inian foods, a s well a s a va– Last year's Festival drew
     Emblem Co., 24442 Warren protect an innocent party," tional exhibit, but would be b! ant. i n addition to Msgr. present, among them U N A Admission is free to the after- riety of artwork items—from a record crowd of over 8,000
      Avenue, Dearborn Heights, but admitted "that they.were listed in their catalogue for Chehansky, other concele– Supreme President Joseph noon part of the Festival ceramics to embroidery—will^ people. The Festival Commit
      Mich., 48127, the manufac– to be used at an international future orders.                             brants were: Msgr. Myroslaw Lesawyer and his wife Mary. which will commence at 1:00 be on sale throughout the tee hopes t h a t this year's
      turer. of t h e emblem.           exhibit attended by a Soviet         Referring to the John– Charyna, Revs. Theodore We– The Soyuz chief executive is p.m.                                                   day.           - -                  turnout will a t least match
          i n a subsequent telephone Ukrainian delegation.               stown incident, he remarked, neck, Bohdan Lewycky, Tho– a native                  Northamptonian,           The afternoon program is           As reported earlier, the that record, which would as-
      call to the firm's main office       Mr. Schneider knew of the "You win some, you lose mas Korpics, Michael Nestor, having been born here 64 being staged outdoors on the evening program is a four- sure an even broader pro-
      at 590 56th Street, West N e w blue and yellow Ukrainian some."                                      James Poorman, Thomas A. years ago to the day.                         huge center plaza of the Cen– dimensional montage set to a
      York, NU., Coleman Schnei– colors and said if those colors             Mr. Schneider offered, how– Sayuk and Michael Batcho.              Among speakers called by ter and features performan– narrative                     and symphonic gram planned for next year
      der, president, said that the were presented at the exhibit, ever, to produce a blue-yellow          Present during the services Rev. Nestor were: Northamp– ces by Ukrainian youth en– music, abetted with visual ef– in conjunction with America's
      company was recently eon– the Soviet Ukrainian group                       (Continued OB p . 3 )     was Latin-rite Bishop Joseph           fOontinued on p. 3)             sembles from the Metropoli– fects and highlighted b y live Bicentennial observances.

                                                                           ;?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        '.
                                                                                                           BVOBODA, тяж UKRAINIAN WEEKLY, SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1975                                                                                                                                                                No. 106
                                                                                                                                                        вааваеаиававдві , mn n „ ч                                                                                                                                             ЯНЯИИИЗСЗ-ет

                                                                                         Ethnie           issues           of        Slavs                                                                           Hierarchs                                          Mme.    Uabah           Debuts            in           Cleveland
           CBOBOM^kSYOBOM                                                                                                            itiHtuHSiui               at Baltimore                          College             (Continued from p. 1)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         f ----- -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               СКІТІС: "MAY H . W E П Х Е CAREEK"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - -– -„ " „Ь”^'Ґ
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -" T "
                                                                                         BALTIMORE,            Md. -       A                  their goaL and objectives in mittee is coordinating ail the
                                        1W7NDED і Я в                                               seminar on "Slavic Americans America.                                       activities of state and muni– keenly interested in the Bi–                       CXiEvELANQ, O. - Reua– fine, booming chest tones а і Ц ,
    4fcra2aiaa aewmpaper pubMsbod daily except ^cjiiaym, Moodayi in Maryland: Current Ethnic                                                     The final topic on the agen– cipal i-ommittees as moat ob– centenaial preparations and ta Babak, former mezzo-so– j a top of chandelier-shattering
    ft ЬпИДяуж І Saturday A Monday issue combined) by Uve ШсгаСі issues," held Saturday, May
           tea NaCKioaJ Association, inc. at 30 Montgomery Street                                                                            da was "Conclusions of Pa– servar.ces will be held on local assured the delegation of prano for the Lviv and Bol– 5j power. She is clearly used to
                                 Jersey City, N:J. 07303.                                           24, at Essex Community Col– nelists: Research areas which levels However, the UCCA is 1 their cooperation and sup– shoi Operas, gave a recital omimunicatingrawemotion.t,"
                                                                                                    lege in Baltimore, Md., drew will provide better knowledge planning three major events і port.                                                            at the Parma High School said Mr. Flynn, adding that
   SobecTtpttan Rates for the LTKRAlNlAN WEEKLY М І Per year over 70 students and adults. of Slavic Americans," under in 197G, namely, in Washing– і                                                                                                          Sunday, May 25, as part of she also displayed two flawt":
   ejfjk. Membem                           —           ,–             , - ;.–. J2.50 per y-sar          She conference,. sponsored the chairmanship of Hlib S. ton, D C , Philadelphia, Pa.                                          in Bound Brook           her cross-country tour for during her performance. .-; г
   THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                                           Editor: Zenon Snylyk by the Polish Heritage Asso– Hayuk, assistant professor j and New York, N.Y.                                                                                           the Ukrainian Studies Chair                      "She did display a couple
   P.O. Box 346. Jersey City. N J                 "t Bdl:A–: Діог Dlabc-ЙЗ ciation and the. L krainian jf geography at Towson State                                   in addition, the UCCA is і On May 14, a delegation of; Fund, and critic Robert Flynn of bad habits; a .tendency to
                                                                                                    Education Association, was College in Baltimore, during preparing a major work, "The 1 the Ukrainian Bicentennial predicted that she may have sing flat and a habit of іе^-„
                                                                                                    convened for discussion anu і which each speaker gave a Ukrainian Heritage in Ame– j Committee, consisting of Jo– j a fine career in this country ting the ends of phrases trait
   EDITORIALS                                                                                       delineation І of areas of re– brief summary of his or her rica,' three other works on seph Lesawyer, ivan Bazarko, j                                                                                   off inconclusively."
                                                                                                     iearch in order t o provide presentation.                                  Ukraine in English: "Ukraine Mrs. Stephania Bukshowana І                              Equipment There                          Mr. Flynn explained tlje
   Fraternalism                                    Saluted                                           better knowledge of life, ac–                                              in a Changing World." a sym–! and Dr. Walter Dushnyck, j                                                                   few shortcomings of the con-
                                                                                                                                               Meeting of UCCA Branch           poeiurn of papers delivered at was received at a special au– j "Her Parma app?arance cert as inexperience with
                        л іш.с Шіі,догДОЦивОДІ:гзйЯа^їїЇЇТ.
   F r a t e r n a l Week in t h i s country, euJimrmtSnftas,it sigm– Maryland and ^ t h^ T ^ L Z .
                                                                                                                                                                Г 4t            the conference on the 30th dience by Archbishop Msty– showed that she possesses the Western operatic styles o p .
                                 , t h i a f o n n f r v . e u l m i n a t f o a a s , i t sigfu     , . Г . . — v . T v ^ t United              Co-chairmen of the semanar anniversary of "The Ukrain– slav. Metropolitan of the U– basic vocal equipment for a the part of the Ukrainian .
  f i c a n t l v does in t h e F l a g D a y o n J u n e 14th, s o designa– States, and was held in cobpe– were fhr, Stanielaw E. Most– ian Quarterly" "Acts of U– krainian Orthodox Church in fine career - a career that diva.
   t e d byJPresbdent Woodrow Wilson h e c k i n 1916.                                               ration with Essex Communi– wit. chairman of the PoUsh Jtrainian Statehood" by Prof. the U.S.A., at his chancery in might, however, be restricted
            B u t i t all s t a r t e d ^ m ^ 8 8 5 r ^ n - 4 h e ^ f l i m a j town o f ty College.                                         Pl^ritage Association of Ma– Alexander Ohloblyn and Prof, Bound Brook, N.J. On that by her basic inexperience with                                                           Played Well
                                                                                                                                              .-yland, and Prof. Paul Ftn– vasy: Omelchenko, and ano– very day 33 years had elapsed the still unfamiliar Western
   Fredonia. Wisconsin. A 19-year-old s c h o o l m a s t e r b y ^ h c                                                                       .hak, chairman of the i'kra– ther work on the Russifica– since the consecration in Kiev language and by her "general-
                                                                                                           . Morning SWHJOH                                                                                                                                                                                    Mme. Babak was accom–
  n a m e of Bernard J. Cigrand w a n t e d h i s pupils t o с а г о :                                                                        .nian Education Associat.jn tion, genocide and religious of Metropolitan Skrypnyk as ly old fashioned approach to pamed at the piano by Tho–.
  t h e i r l e s s o n s in A m e r i c a n i s m i n t o t h e s u m m e r vaca–                      The morning session was of Mary'land.                                   persecution in Ukraine.                    Bishop of the Ukrainian Or– the recital medium itself," і mas Hrynkiw, "who played-
  t i o n s . B e f o r e d i s m i s s i n g t h e m o n w h a t w a s t h e l a s t d a y opened by Or. Danuta Most-                           in the evening of the same         Also, the Ukrainian Bicen– thodox Church. On this occa– wrote Mr. Flynn in the Mon ( well enough," said Mr. Flynn,
  of school, h e g a t h e r e d t h e m into a quiet circle in t h e win, ausociate professor of so– day, the UCCA branch of tenuial Committee is plenning sion, special congratulations day. May 26th edition of The j "but was barely audible in the
                                                                                                    -ial work at the Catholic U– Baltimore held a meeting at to publish a brochure, "Ukra– were offered to the Metropoli– Plain Dealer.                                                                  і recital's first half, since tho'"
  s c h o o l y a r d a n d conducted a brief f l a g - r a i s i n g c e r e m o n y
                                                                                                    niveraity in Washington, D.C. the Ukrainian Youth Hall at inians in America," for mass tan by the delegation of the                                           Mme. Babak's repertoire lid of his piano was closed.''
  A s t h e s t a r s and s t r i p e s fluttered u p t h e branchless She dwelt on a number of which Dr. Dushnyck spoke distribution, and special U– Ukrainian Bicentennial Corn–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              consisted, of selections from j This was partially rectified
  s a p l i n g t h a t served a s a flagpole, t h e y o u n g teacher problems relating to propei about current activities of the kraiman commemorative me– mittee.                                                                                          Western classical music, simi– in the second half of the con-
  e x h o r t e d t h e pupiis t o c a r r y t h e l e s s o n s of A m e r i c a n - 'ecognitiori of the national UCCA.                                                        dailions.                                       in the course of the audien– iar to those she sang in heri cert.
   i s m t h r o u g h o u t t h e year, t h r o u g h o u t their l i v e s .                       ind cultural identity of Ame–               One of the urgent UCCA ' The speaker appealed for ce, members of the delega– previous three performances,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               i s subsequent weeks she is,
                                                                                                      ican Slavs, which problems tasks is the Ukrainian parti– contributions to the Ukrain– tion apprised the Metropoli– j a n ^ Ukrainian                                             lasaical and
            A m o n g t h e first t o p i c k u p t h e .idea w e r e t h i s                                                                                                                                                                                                                               scheduled to appear in Der
                                                                                                     constitute .severe handicapt -ipation in the observances Of an National Fund.                                         tan about the work of the U– 1      foUc
 c o u n t r y ' s fraternajists. N o w numbering, over 1 1 mil- n the progress of Slavit the Bicentennial of America ' The                                                                   meetbig was con– krainian Bicentennial Com– j "Her voice is basically L aoit, Chicago, Hartford and'
  lion, o r g a n i z e d i n s o m e 1 0 0 s o c i e t i e s , t h e f r a t e r n a l i e t s 2ulUral development in Aroe– this and next year. He said ductrd                               by Bohdan Sala– mittee and invited nim to be– b i 6 operatic instrument with other cities.
  f o c u s a t t e n t i o n on t h e underlying v i r t u e s of t h e i r philo–' ?їеа.'                                                  that the recently-established macha, chainnan of the UC– come a member of the Honor–                                                            )
  s o p h y , of w h i c h patriotism is o n e . Combined 4 witn tl!jC                                 Dr. W ^ e r Dushnyck, edi Ukrainian Bicentennial Corn- CA branch in Baltimore.                                      ary Committee, which is being ! - ^           -^– - -                 -
  ideals o f brotherhood, c h a r i t y a n d service, f o r t h e fr^., 'or of ; ^ e Ukrainian Quar                                                                                                                       formed by the Committee. : " Г . MiySUeWSKy: і                                                 Meticulous
  t e r n a l i s t s it i s n o t j u s t a n o t h e r "ism", but a genuinely Ethnic
                                                                                                    teriy,"'spoke on )'T)hje Slavic
                                                                                                                   i"cess–'    Americai Canadian Film Board Releases
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           They also discussed at length !                                          Arehivist                  at W T orfe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jie anticipated close coopera– 1
  a b i d i n g precept.                                                                 ;'        jjeaders," tracing its historj
           i t i s w o r t h w h i l e t o recall t h a i t h e first orgahiza– and projecting its future.
                                                                                                                                                                  Documentary on Ukrainians Lion of the Ukrainian Church–                                                           By M I C H A E L E W A N C H U K

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ee with the Bicentennial Com–
  tion our f o r e b e a r s f o u n d e d in t h i s country w a s a fra–                             Citing available sources the              WINNIPEG, мап. - The '– ''None of the people here mittee.                                                        Recently the writer spent ven;ed in Ukrainian literature
  ternal benefit s o c i e t y Moreover, t h e y c h o s e W a s h i n g - speaker said that out of 90: National Film Board of Can– have seen the 'darling land
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  . -   -   .   -   j

                                                                                                                                                                                of the songs and yet through                    in discussing the ?-rival of some time in Ottawa, the ca– and history. She is devoting
  t o n ' s b i r t h d a y a s t h e official d a t e for t h e establishment non-English publications it lda held the premiere view–                                                                                     the first Ukrainian settlers. pital city of Canada, gather– further time to the Btudy at.
                                                                                                    America,' a total of 278 o. .r.g of Uie documentary film thepi and their feeling for the it was pointed rut that the ing information in the Na– the Ukrainian language. She
  of t h e U k r a i n i a n N a t i o n a l A s s o c i a t i o n w i d e l y became
                                                                                                    30.8 percent, were printed ir on the Ukrainian settlement old country, something ol most noted among them war twnal Archives about Ukrain– delights in reminiscing about
  t h e bedrock of our organized life in t h e New^World. various Slavic languages; oi in Canada, entitled "l've that                                                                      distant     land        doet.                                                                                    the childhood days of her
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rev. Agapius Honcharenko, ian settlements in Caniida.
  Certainly t h e s e w e r e g e n u i n e e x p r e s s i o n s of patriotisn– the total ethnic (non-English Never Walked the Steppes," emerge," said the press re-                                                                                            Any researcher studying -. daughter, Olena                             Elizabeth
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ukrainian Orthodox priest,
  t h a t h a v e been r e t a i n e d by four g e n e r a t i o n s of TJkrain circulation of 8,789,132 - at its film studio Thursday, lease.                                                                             who arrived in New Y'ork in        materials dealing with Ukra– Dillon, and her warm relation-
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Krepakevich has eithei
  i a n s i n t h i s country, i n o b s e r v i n g t h i s w e e k a n d l r 1,484,035 copies of publics May 22, 1975..                                                                                                   1S63. He went to California, iniaas. will sooner or later ship with her grandmother^.
  s a l u t i n g t h e flag, let u s reaffirm o u r dedication t o the jions (lfi.9 percent) were ir.
                                                                                                                                              . Among the over 50 partiq– directed, edited or appeared where he founded and edited come in contact with Dr. Yla– ; senator Olena, whose name .
                                                                                                   Slavic -languages, t He і con pants at the preview were in 15 films, .including the la– , "The Alaska Herald" in the dirnir Kysilewsky (YJ. Kaye). she carries. She also carries
  i d e a l s of f r a t e r n a u s m a n d le^ ^ h e m g u i d e u s е а с , Ь ^ '
                                                                                                  eluded that the Slavic ethnic several members of the U test lkxaiman documentary', і c– -л І. -n                                                  , — T І Each day this well-known re–: the name of. he maternal
 o f o u r lives.                                                               і і і r hЦ ftf. press ae'Well a s Slavic 'ethnic krainian Canadian Committee j with the Film Board,  ^ ..іГТ    „ -oZ.                   ' English, Russian and Ukrain– searcher signs the entry book і grandmother, Elizabeth, and.
                                                                                                                                   stay- executive board.                           This English-language film f ian languages. His grave and                                                               that of a patronnesa of many
 urgent                   Resolutions                             : ^11                       ^ тотадпunities are hereinto Ame– The film, written, directed can b; acquired in larger і that of his wife are in Hay- in soon Archives arranging and ;, Ukrainian.causes, vicountees
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         at work
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       at eight
          i t i s s a f e t o s a y - t h a t a m o n g t h e m a j o r achieyBnj,i^^                                                                                                                                                  ., A i ; . .
                                                                                                                                            and edited by Jerry Krepa– і Canadian cities thrqugh t h e ; ward,' Calif." ,possible .trans– documents and papers and: Dillon. At the present time
 m e n t s of U k r a i n i a n s in A m e r i c a , one which–-embodies
                                                                                                                                             kevfch. deals with a Ukraine Film Beard's: office free . of ^ o f . . t h e i cemetery ^ Bound і t–110^ o f ^ mother, і Senator Olenka is a professor-Of ЬЦ-^ї
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ukrainian         ^       in Ї
 b o t h t h e s p i r i t of o u r p e ^ l e a n d t h e ' n H e a n i ^ ' b f 0Ur         j                                                   n family in Winnipeg, remi– 1chbrge. ( ^r               y)p: ? ; І Ml Brook, N.J., was 'also а ЧЬрїс ! 0 1 e n a Kysiipwska. HLs work, tory in England..                                     1ЩЦ
 presence here, i s t h e erection o f t h e ' T a r a s S h e v c h e n k c                       Georgisn. J Court College in nipcing about a land they t - І                                        t                   of discussion                      is well planned, carefully an–                   A visit to the professor s
                                                                                                               oqd,rN^LMindwelt OB Have, never seen. The setting                                          g^–             - І' -і'Н”рЧКЯирс^".                notated ana precise, i n the dsn — Dr. Kysilewsky was: ;
 m o n u m e n t in t h i s n a t ^ 0 5 4 c a f n t o M j b l i t                                                                            is Christmas dinner and the                                  T.f.'
                                                                                                                    flt;^K;ountered,!;fbjr.                                                                                        Revolutionary Hero         future, students doing re- professor of Slavic - studies
 of our people i n . J u n e of Щ Ш ш ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ і                                                  4"'                                     family discuss what it means B A N D U K I S T R A S T E R S                                                     search will be able to benefit and department head — will
 l a t e P r e s i d e n t E i s e n h o w e r h a d my                                             :idvanCJtagiithQT cultural ya– Ф be Ukrainian born in Can–                         ,-ж'(ЗСО APPEAR AX..-.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Metropplitan' 'Mstyslav in- from his endeavoi-s: the bio– prove that the gentleman has1
                                                                                                                                             ada of Canadian parents.          P           -LINCOLN CENTEK
 t o r y of o u r s e t t l e m e n t in t h e Фее-Wftrife, a g r e a t tribute ues in,Amerjca,.,. . , . r                                                                                                                 formed that Henry Fisher, a graphies of early pioneers, his work exceptionally well
                                                                                                                                                                                     '' -ЇНІІУ     ur.y. .'.,T.?       ij
 t o o u r people w h o veritably s t o o d up a n d w e r e counted , The afternoen,,seasion . o f „ f ^ d S d f f r S ? t h t erear?                                                                                     patriot ' and herald of the the London Bureau and the organized and all records pro-–
                                                                                                                                                                                '' NfeW.lfORKvKX - r Уега і .
 — s o „ ,e ^ 100,000 іof ithem.
       „ m           л л л . л L .                                                           - тфМі       semma г щая,
                                                                                                          seminar яла.commenced і are umowta, nom tht grtat–                                                                                 Revolution who history of the participation perl у filed. Here one can finjl
                                                                                                                                                        rents who came to „ j             ,”и        о.. і            u American
                                                                                                    by Dr. і Н ^ і Р в а І . firat"ae– ( ^ a n d P " ^
           A g r e a t deal of effort wen^t.into,.tbis a q h ^ y , e m e n t aistant,, sciences and techno– Canada at the turn of the                                                                                      read the Proclamation of in– of Canadian Ukrainians in the Ukrainian newspapers, with
                                                                                                                                                                                and Olena            Shumy!owych, і ^ „ ^ і г . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           deiH'ndence in Somerset Coun– First World War. This latter Svoboda on top of the pile-bv
 b u t certainly the -turning point w a s : t h e p a s s a g e ,of a kjgy'division of the New York century t o the youngsters well-known bandurist sLsterj ty in New Jersey, is buried study is still in manuscript                                                                                           One needs advice and en-":
 special resolution i n t h e U.S. C o n g r e s s .calling for. t h e Public Library, who spoke oh who now question the rele– duo,"will perform at the Au–: uii the grounds of the Ukrain– form and awaiting publica– couragement from a "pro"; '
                                                                                                                                            -vance of holding on tp,i^m– ditorium of the Library and;
 erection of t h e m o n u m e n t , i n a different vein; and jtfos– ktfnforming PebfylF Library                                                                                                                          ian Orthodox Metropo!itanate tion. i t seems like a worthy He insists that the history of'
                                                                                                                                            cestralties. ' ^ л ^ '              Museum of Performing Arts j
 sibly on a different y e t n o l e s s s i g n i f i c a n t plateau, i t Readers about Slavic Groups                                                                                                                     in Bound Brook, N.J., and ef– project for the Ukrainian ve– the pioneers and the Girrrii
                                                                                                   and Organizations" in Ame–                    The film, however, does a t Lincoln Center Thursday,                                                         terans organization.                          settlement be published Ulv!tifc–
w a s still another, resolution, m a d e into a law, w h i c h rica. in a comprehensive man– show, said a National Film Jfunl' 19, at 2:00 p.m. The forts are being made to have                                                                                  Dr. Kysilewsky is a modest krainian this year and en^
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           a monument in his honor
 e s t a b l i s h e d t h e Captive N a t i o n s Week, proclaimed each ner he explained how Slavic Board of Canada press rele– girls will sing five Ukrainian erected in 1976.                                                                              man who places no emphasis couraged us to continue work–

 y e a r s i n c e 1959 b y public officials from t h e President communities can enhance ase, that through the holiday songs.                                                                                                                                on self-advertisement. He re-                 ing on the p u b l i c a t i o n ^
                                                                                                                                            celebrations, the pictures on           The recital is part of the І The delegation presented a minds one of Dr. Luke My– English. We received assist'
o n d o w n t o c i t y m a y o r s , i t did n o t drop from heaven, their particular image by sup-
                                                                                                                                             the wall, the rich ceremony                                                   special letter to Metropolitan shuha. Although retired .from ance from him in finding ma–
 b u t w a s t h e result of hard work and p e r s i s t e n t prod- plying public libraries with of the.midnight Liturgy that
                                                                                                   their        literature, especially
                                                                                                                                                                               .' .                                              tyslav, enumerating se– his civil service duties, Dr. terials in the archives which
ding.                                                                                              scholarly books.                          ''the sense of what being U– biennial convention of t h e ral points which were dis– Kaye continues to study. This will help make the study pro– н
          T h e reason for c i t i n g t h e s e e x a m p l e s a t t h i s t i m e                   Or. Thaddeus v . Gromada, kraink–n does still mean is Composers, Authors and Art- qussed a t the audience.                                             year he joined his wife in iect more reliable.
 i s t h e f a c t t h a t for s o m e t i m e now w e h a v e had several coordinator of ethnic studies genuinely communicated."                                               is is of America (САЛА),                                                      taking          some          Ukrainian          With Dr. Kysilewsky'я reti–
r e s o l u t i o n s pending in t h e U.S. C o n g r e s s o n m a t t e r s of at Jersey jCjiy State College,                                                                 which will mark its 39th an–                                                  courses at. the university.                    rement there is need for a
 u t m o s t importance t o u s , y e t still buried m tMT s t a c k s j spoke оді , "Enriching t h e                                                  The W a v The Weeldv' S a w i t                                                                         - .Mrs. Kysilewsky, though young person to take his pjH
                                                                                                   Knowledge of Public School                                                                                                                                  her      native        language i s
 of v a r i o u s c o m m i t t e e s . T h e resolutions in question deal
                                                                                                   Taaehers About Slavic Ame–
                                                                                                                                                                          -                        '                        HAVE YOU BROUGHT English, is. exceptionally well sition. He will be hard to re-
                                                                                                                                                     "Freedom      for Ukrainian?,          however,      eaft be                                                                                            place.
 w i t h Moroz and Pliushch, w i t h t h e r e s u r r e c t i o n ' of rjcans." He. emphasized that
                                                                                                                                                achieved by the Ukrainians         themselves,      but only, as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ttitJR rkJEvj)                 OR
U k r a i n i a n C h u r c h e s in Ukraine, and. w i t h t h e Ukrain– ethnic groups have a, very ini– ,Shevchenko                                           stressed,    when the Ukrainian                  people      RELATIVE               TO THE SvOBODA Said:
ian i n d e p e n d e n c e D a y proclamation. T h e l e g i s l a t o r s w h o rwrtahi' task 'Jo perform, na                                stand as one and fight as one. if they do, no power                          UKRAINIAN             NATIONAL
introduced t h e m did t h e i r s h a r e . N o w i t i s tip t o u s ! ^ е , У ' to s e e that school                                         will be able to withstand     them..."           Tt                                                                  "...When           recalling      the 200th anniversary               of the
                                                                                                   teachers,, be Uvey of Slavic or                                                                                          ASSOCIATION? IF NOT, destruction                      of the Zaporozhian                Sich on June if, ГїіЬ,
t o m u s t e r t h e k i n d of support t h r o u g h b u r represen–
t a t i v e s t h a t will lead to' action on t h e resolutions. Re- formed about ' activities of
                                                                                                   noniSlayic. origin, are well in–
                                                                                                                                                                                           МйЯґЬЩ T9S7                      BO SO AS SOON AS we must imperialism, keej) inin thethe greator Commuh–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Russian                            either

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              і             POSSIBLE.'
member, j w e did i t before.
                                                                                  2                  Slavic communities, as well as                                                   t H
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ist form, for Ukraine and the Ukrainian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               occasion we salute the last otaman of the Sich,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 people. On this
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Kalnyshevsky,           who remained loyal to the ideals of free–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               dom and to the Ukrainian                   people until his death               while
              P h y s i c a l ІЖпевв: Л S o u n d M i n d i n                                                                             І with tight muscles, because of most important components ejre doing-.any conditioning imprisoned                                     on a secluded island..                 .T
                                                                                                                                             inactivity, will complain of of physical fitness..                             work for your cardiovascular
                                                                                                A Sound Body                                 back trouble. Most of these                                                                                                                                                                     P
                                                                                                                                                                                    One of the best way t o system.                                                                                          Tuesday, June 3, 1975
                                                                                                                                             pains are the result of tight
            v        y–
                                                      By G. OSTAP TATOMYR
      The majority of Ukrainians most a million persons each training, which means the muscle and increasing i t s
                                                                                                                                             muscles.       Stretching t h e
                                                                                                                                                                                prevent hypokinetic disease
                                                                                                                                                                                and the related heart failures                          Change Pace
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -4        .-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             22^ '–
                                                                                                                                                                                is simple daily exercise and a
 reading this article are pro– year.                                                                heart will tend to pump more range of motion through balanced diet. A little bit of                                          Swedish          etlcs i s a        " . . .it is not surprising              that the renewed              internal
 bably in pretty poor physical                         What preventive measures blood per beat in less beats. exercise is an excellent means daily exercise i s f a r better common activity of many U– confidence                                                               of the NATO allies and the confirmation                          of
 conditions. Chances are a can each one of us take to The lower the pulse rate is at of correcting this problem. than a big doze once a week, krainians—slow jogging, free– the fact that the security                                                                                                   of the member states lies in
large cross-section are over- fight this disease? The an– resting, the less the heart                                                            Muscle balance' is an lm–                                                                                     a collective        effort      leaders discontent on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              evoked                          in the Kremlin,
                                                                                                                                                                                it should be kept in mind, exercise type of movement, j ^ c a u ^ e tne Soviet                                              counted                        internal
weight, and many are head– awer is: being physically fit. has to work.. Keeping that portant part of physical fit– however, that any time an Again these types of move– 1 ^ ^ in ^Af0, stemming                                                                                                           from the Greek-Turkish                con–
ing to premature heart dTs–                            Let us consider the mean– resting pulse rate, down a s ness. For our muscles and activity 'is undertaken, the ment are only effective if the1, fjictf                                                           t h e coup      i n portugal       and the alienation            of some–
ease due to overeating and ing of physical' fitness. There                                          much as .possible is very im– body to function 'in an effi– pulse should be maintained at criteria are met for condi– j Western                                           states      from the United               States.         Fortunately
inactivity.                                         are several fit– portant. vigorous exercise is. cient manner in all ranges of a moderate level for the pres– tioning the heart. Many jog– the Western                                                               states meeting           in a summit              conference^'
     Ukrainians for the most part ness that should be kept, in the only way to lower the motion, our muscles must be cribed period of. time or the gers will "run" (jog for overcame                                                                                            hese dangerous              symptoms           and restored        a
are an intelligent people with a nind, such as cardiovascular j resting pulse rate naturally balanced. A n excellent ex- heart as a muscle will not be miles) and never get the                                                                                spirit of unity, cohesion and the readiness                          to meet anfy
 high degree of pride, but per– strength,, endurance, fiexibi– in a healthy person                                                           ample of this concept is that
                                                                                                                                                                                strengthened and conditioned. pulse up to an acceptable danger today in a collective                                             front..."
 haps because of our intclli– lity, muscle . b a l a n c e . - a n d ,, Endurance means to have all pf us have a bleep (upper                                                                                                level and them wonder why
 gence we have evolved a com– muscle strength. Ca:diovas– some type of, vigor and vita– front of arm). The triceps                                                                  Most Ukraini ans are avid their cardiovascular system                                                               Wednesday,           June Jf, 1975
fortable and sedentary life cular a very im– lity so that we are not tired muscle, located directly on skiers, tennis players, and are is not up to par. if you jog,
                                                                                                                                             the upper back of the arm, із r.ctive in.such sports as track pick up the pace... run... run                                                                                                       леіш
which is directly related t o portant aspect of, living. The quickly, it is the ability to do
automation and mechaniza– heart, the lungs and the ar– an activity and keep the fa– the muscle that should be of nd field, swimming and ice less but run faster, if you do                                                                                           "... Equality          for wotnen in the Soviet Union means'
 tion. These two factors have teries make up the cardio– tigue from that activity at a equal strength. Then our mo– hockey. These are great ac– calisthetics increase your rate that they have to xcork in factories                                                                                                        and in mines,        bui
created a hypokinetic disease vascular system. Strength of minimum, vigorous, sustain–                                                        tions in each direction, flexing tivitles, because they place
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             of repetition.                    not as clerks or secretaries,                   but actually         in the mAntf
 as a result of lack of motion. this system determines how ed exercise builds up endu–                                                       or extending,-will b e auffi– the pulse at a high level for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 І recently met with the na– shafts, oftentimes              doing physically            strenuous      work andi
                                                    long a person lives, barring                                                      cient for any physical activity a period of time. Many Ukra–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             tional vice-president of the without            adequate        apparel or footware.                But Ukrainian
                                                                                                                                              and sports,                        inians after the age of 25 or American Hearth A^socia– women, as well as those of other non-Russian
                   Prevention                       any peripberal disease. The                         Flexibility i s now a real                                                                                                                                                                                                         nationq,–
                                                    latest research indicates that problem for many of u s .                                                                     so do not participate in these tion while lecturing on the exposed to an added 'equality.'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               are                                                         They arc        arresteay:
      Because of our inactivity in any activity you should Touching the toes with the                                                                   Heart Hnscto             sports. Many are then invol– topic of physical fitness and tried and sentenced                                  to long prison terms, they                    suffer
and overeating the heart, the place a demand on your body fingertips or with the palms                                                                                           ved in low-demand physical he stated: "Many people do abusive                               searches,        persecution          and indignities         at, the
lungs, and the arteries slowly and heart by working the is the best exercize to main-                                                            Strength of all the muscles activities such as golf, bow- not know that placing your hands of the KGB, including the crushing of their                                                       bodieji,
degenerate; hypokinetic dis– pulse up to at least 120 beats. tain flexibility. Many of US is important аіво, but the em– ling, bridge and chess, just to cardiovascular system under by tanks in the Kingir cajnps. Theirs is a truly oonp–,
eaae js now t^e greatest killer per minute for five minutes. who led sedentary lives find phasis should he placed on a name a few. Do not think that a demand is of prime impor– plete captivity..."                                                                                                                                               .-
on the face of the earth, res– in this manner, the heart a s it difficult to function pain– strong heart muscle. All these if you participate in any of tance in preventing hypokine–
ponsible for the death of al– a muscle i s placed under leeely through the day. Many terms mentioned                                                                             the
                                                                                                                                                                       are the latter activities that you                           (Continued on p. 3)                                                    Thursday,         June 5, 1975
   No. 109
                                                                                          tvoBOD;s,таяUKRAINIAN                       WEEKLY, SATURDAY, JUNE                 ?, 1975
 Reputtodd Accepts Petitions                                     Minnesota U. Students Stage                                                                                                       Soyuzivka Awaits Youthful Campers
                   i n l l e l e u s e of M o r o z . Pliuslic h           Successful "Ukrainian Week"                                                                                     KERHONKSON, N.Y. -
    STON1NGTON, Conn. - !                                                                                           M I N N E A P O L I S , МІПП.    - from among the students and      Tiu-'Lviv" villa, cozily sec–
Representatives of the Col–                                                                                      A concert, an arts exhibit, a faculty.                                 !uded amid pines, is being
chester, Conn., branch of the^                                                                                   historical symposium were iJp'of.' Omeljan Pritsak, Di–                given the last touches; the
Ukrainian'Congress Commit–                                                                                       the highlights of a "Ukrain– rector of the Harvard Ukra–               Kwimming pools .are freshly
 tee of America presented Rep.                                                                                   ian Week" staged by the U– lnian Research institute, and               painted and filled with wa–
Christopher Dodd (D.-Conn.)                                                                                      krainian Student Hromada at Dr. Orest Subtelny took part               ter; the grasey knolls are
with 4,500 petitions in de–                                                                                      the University of Minnesota in the historical symposium                cleanly mowed;, the green
fense of valentyn Moroz,                                                                                         beginning Wednesday, May held under the egis of Minne–                 ^nnis courts are staring in–
Leonid :Hiushch and others,                                                                                      21,1975.                               sota l'niyersity's Department   vitingly; tin volleyball court
and requested that during his                                                                                       ' Ukraine in Song and of History;                                   has been rolled—and "Chem–
upcoming trip to the USSR                                                                                        Dance" was the theme of the                 The "Ukrainian Week" was   nyi", the cuddly collie that is
he raise their plight in talks                                                                                   Wednesday concert               which received with great interest     one of several new additions
with Soviet leaders.                                                                                             launched the activities. .The and acclaim by both the Uni–             to Soyuzivka, is sniffling the
    The group visiting Rep.                                                                                      various       exhibits        on the versity's academic community      air in seeming anticipation of
 Dodd at his office Monday,                                                                                      campus also opened on that and the Twin Cities Ukrainian               the youngsters' onrush.
May 19, included Bohdan Ka–                                                                                      day, attracting many viewers ocenmunity.
chorowsky. Max Kocur, Da–                                                                                                                                                                                Check-ln-Time
niei B. Sokolski and Eugene
    On behalf of the group Mr. t'CCA delegated visit Rfp. Christopher Dodd, seated, left to                    Canadian Youth to Salute                                                           it's that time of the yeai
                                                                                                                                                                                              again, i n two short weeks,
Gulycz, a student from Un– right, are Rep. Dodd, Bohdan Kaehurowsky, Max Kocur,                                Pittsburgh Ukrainians i n Concert                                              '!Chemnyi'1 will stop sniffling Tennis campers a r e practicing the mechanics of the fore-
caaville, asked Rep. Dodd to                   Daniel B. Sokolski.and Eugene Gulycz.
                                                                                                                                                                                              and start barking, and bounce                     hand, one of the essential strokes.
deliver the petitions to Soviet of their choice and medical about the denial of human                               PFTTSBURGH, Pa. - " A j j a r o s l a w Klun as choreogra– around Jovially a s h e greets
leaders during his visit to the ^expenses connected with their rights in Ukraine.                                 contingent of 126 young U– pher. They will present their the youngsters checking in working out plans to make                                        The first tourney in which
USSR. He also requested that recuperation. He added that                   The UCCA branch collected kraiman Canadians from Ha– program at Soldiers and Sai– for the summer camps.                                               the campers' stay relaxing, they can try their prowess
he intercede on behalf of Mo– both Moroz and Pihishch signatures among the local milton, Ontario, will travel to j lore Memorial Hall in Pitts-                                                   Saturday, June 21, Soyu– enjoyable and enlightening.              are the Eastern champion-
roz, Pliuahch and others and were offered teaching posi– Ukrainian community and at Pittsburgh, Pa,,                                        t o salute j burgh on Sunday, June 15, at zivka graciously opens its                   Meanwhile, awaiting their ships which will be held over
ask the Soviet leaders to re- tions at univeraities in the Catholic parishes in the sur– their brothers in the U.S. on ' 2:30 p.m.                                                             gates to both the youngsters charges on the tennis courts the long July Fourth week-
lease them on humanitarian United States.                              rounding area:                             the occasion of America's Bi–             pivitatione have been aent who come to relax and to will be Zenon Snylyk and end. The tourney is open to
grounds. , ,                          Among the material pre–              News of the UCCA delega centennial and the Centennial to Mayor Flaherty of the city those who come here to learn George Sawchak for what all age groups, from boys and
    Mr. Gulycz told the demo– sented to Rep. Dodd was a tion's visit w a s reported in of the first substantial Ukra– of Pittsburgh and Commie- or to improve their tennb the fifth annual ten– girls 12 and under to seniors
cratic legislator that the UC– copy of "Boomerang," an an– ,the Norwich Bulletin, The inian immigration to the Unl– sioner Thomas Foerster v of game.                                                                            ids camp at the UNA estate. 55 and over.
CA. 4B willing to underwrite І thology of the works b y Mo– Groton News and The Day ted States.                                                          Allegheny County to extend                                                 The camp, which will run
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Swishing around the place
all costs connected with their І roz published by "Smolo– Tuesday, May 20. Each news-                               The youths 'comprise the greetings to the Ukrainians n his Kwasmobile, Soyuziv– through June 28th, .offers                                            First Long Weekend
transportation to a country skyp," and other information paper also gave sketches of "Chaika" chorus and dance from Canada. On hand to                                                                                           four hours of daily instruc–
                                                                                                                                                                                               ka'a manager peers into every
                                                                       the lives, writings and prison ensemble With Zenon Lavvry– present the colors of both nook and corner, checking and tion on the courts in addition                                               That weekend, of course, is
                                                                       terms Of Moroz and Pliuahch. shyn as musical director and qpontries will be a color guard double-checking on the works to morning exercizes, skull Soyuzivka's traditional open–
Mmgr. P a s k a R e c e i v e s .                                                                                                                        i ^ t h e U.S. Marine Corps.
                                                                                                                                                          д-The "Chaika" ensemble,is
                                                                                                                                                                                               that are going on and-those
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 sessions, theory and films. Of ing of the summer season.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 course, the campers (aged With July 4th falling on a
                                                                                                                                                                                               that have to be completed by
   Г      D o c t o r a t e i n C a n o n L a w Ukrainian Bicentennial Projects . . .                                                                     being sponsored in Pittsburgh
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 12-18) have free access to all Friday this year, to s a y that
                                                                                                                                                          by the Ukrainian Bicentennial                                          other facilities at Soyuzivka. it will be crowded is an un–
   WASHINGTON, D . C              - of 1969. Subsequent modifica–                               (Continued from p. 1)                                     Committee of Western Penn–               "We want to make the it's there for their enjoyment. derstatement, a s all Soyuziv–
Megr. Walter Paska, voca– tions in law, e,g., time of ab–
tions dire?for for. the Ukrain– stinence, number of holy days,         kola Chomanczuk; press andj munity. i n addition, efforts sylvania of which Michael place presentable and com–                                               The tennis campers fron ka goers know. Add to it two
                                                                       liaison with the New York are being made to expand the Komiohak i s chairman.                                           fortable for the kids," says thia and previous years cai lavish                  entertainment pro-
ian Catholic         Metropolitan and liturgical prescriptions                                                                                                This is the second Ukrain– Mr. Kwas. "They're our first compete in a special tourna grams and the music of "Ru–
                                                                       Bicentennial Corporation - Ukrainian exhibit at the Mu–
Province, presently in resi– reflect t h e status of particu– Mrs. Smindak.
                                                                                                                  aeum of immigration on Li– ian event in Pittsburgh to be guests of the summer season, rnent during the last weekend ahnyehok" and "Tempo" —
dence at^St. Josaphat's Ca– lar law at present.                                                                                                         -dedicated to America's BJcen– you know, and we will have of August for Soyuzivkj and you've got plenty for
                                                                           Committees        formed for berty island.
tholic Seminary in Washing-           The comprehensive exami– events scheduled for 1975 and - Mr. Huhlewych said that temual. The first was the an opening night entertain– -trophies. This campers' tour openers.
ton, D.C.-j was awarded a nations and defense of the
                                                                       those, tentatively planned for і the United American Ukrain concert of the Sheychenko ment program for them."                                              ney was started last year b           But the summer is long
doctorate in canon law by the thesis were completed in the                                                                                                                                         in line with Soyuzivka's ro– serve aa a tune-up for the ind there's more in store for
                                                                       1976 are as follows:                       ian Organizations will make Bandurist Capella on May
Catholic University of Ameri– presence of a board of exa,–
                                                                         .^ Fifth Avenue parade, every effort t o participate in 10th which drew 2,000 people tational system, it's' the boys' nationals a week later. Mon
ca, after completing three miners consisting of T e r y Re–                                                                                                                                    turn first to make themselves than a dozen campers hav                 me and all at Soyuzivka.
                                                                       September 21, 1975 - Muss .Bicentennial events planned to Carnegie Music Hall.
years of. j t u d y a t that inati– verend Meletius Wojnar, QS–                                                                                                                                 4t home at the "Lviv" ' vills already taken first or secon            Oall early (914-626-5641) and
                                                                       Haiya Klymuk, Mrs. Karpin– jby the city and.the New York
tution. ^^                           BM, J.C.D., associate profes– sky, ivan Bazarko and Ste– Bicentennial Corporation, in                                                                      for a three-week tour of place trophies in the regula. ^eservea room. They're going
    The work lie pursued a t the sor of canon law; Уегу Rev. phen Chuma.
University? concluded in a Frederick McManus, J.C.D.,
                                                                                                                 ,thia respect, the May 22 cere–
                                                                           Concert of the .Byzantine monies at City Hall which of– kx!fi
                                                                                                                                                    Mark ?чт'...                               camping. They , will remain tourneys.
                                                                                                                                                                                                there through, July 12th,- to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            „,      'ast.
doctoral thesis entitled ''Sour– LL. D., dean of graduate stu– Chorus from Holland, Novem– ficially opened New York's Щ (Con turned from p. 1)                                                 be followed by girls of the    SUMA RoHy.77"
ces of Particular Law for the dies and vice provost; Rev. ber 2, 1975, at the High Bicentennial observance were Ьщ Mayor Anthony Pany, -tame age group (7-11). Then
Ukrainian Catholic Church John. Lynch, J.CJ)., chairman School of Fashion industries attended by himself, as UA– Msgr. M. Charyna, State As– it's the teenage set that                                                                                  (Continned from p. 1)
in the United States.'        This of the department of canon — Mr. Bazarko and Capt. UO president, Mrs. Smindak, Bamblyman Russell Kowa– comes here for the three- dancing groups from Pbila– first place in overall compcti–    delphia, Yonkera and New tion. New York took second
study reviews the influence of law; Rev. Ladislas Orsy, J.C.– Mike Luchuf.                                        representing the Ukrainian lyahyn, Msgr. Michael Fedo– week Cultural courses.                                   York, a' girls chorus from and Philadelphia third.
common law adapted in the D., M.A., professor of canon
                                                                             Gala concert of Ukrainian Bicentennial Committee, and TgfHch, state senator Jeanet–                                                                  Parma, O.. and a mandolin             Overall individual cham–
United States from legislation law; Rev. Thomas
                                                            Green, j music and dance, including Mrs. Gamille Smorodsky, re- te Keibman, Judge Clinton                                                   Plenty of Tennis          orchestra from Astoria, N.Y. pion in all three fields w a s
in effect in the mother Ukra– J.C.D. and                        J
                                                                  - ! t h e appearance of the Shev– presenting the Ukrainian Na– Budd Palmer, and -Msgr.                                                                             First place in the boys iryna Kwasnrj from ^ New"
inian CJhujrch, as well as the Kennedy, J.C.D., both aseist–
                                                                       chenko Bandurist Capella, to tional Women's League of Chehanslcy.                                     The      closing       Supervising the children's voUeybaU^ompetition.went to York City.                                  -
circumstances that influenced ant professors of canon law.                                                                                                 prayer wa.s offered by the camps tins year will be Mrs. the New York branch, while
                                                                       be held in Carnegie Hall or a America,                                                                                                                                                            The next sports meet at
the introduction of particular         During the academic year similar concert hall — Mrs.                          SUMA's          "verkhovyntal" Yery Rev. Constantinc Ber– SUphania Hawryluk^ a pro– the Hartford girls took first the SUM A camp here will be
church і law throughout the 1974-1975 Msgr. Paska served                                                                                                                                        fessional teacher from Pough– place in their division.
                                                                       Dushnyck, Miss Klymuk, Dr. Dancers of New York, direc–' daft'                                                                                                                                  the fourth annual sports ga–
history of the Ukrainian Ca– a s a graduate assistant in the                                                                                                  Entertaining the throng keepsie, N.Y. A frequent vi–
                                                                       Soneyytsky, and Walter Ba,– ted by Oleh Genza, have ac–                                                                                                      Divine Liturgies on Sunday mes, sponsored by the UCCA
tholic Church in America. Department of canon law, lec–
The development of particu– turing on special institutes of
                                                                       cad.                                       cepted an invitation t o " per– with choral music w a s the aitor at Soyuzivka with two moring were celebrated by Youth and Student Conferen–
                                                                           ^tJkralnian cultural exhl– form at an international Fe– parish's a capella choir under of !ier children in" the same Rev. Dr. 1. Siutyk, OSBM, and ce, to be held Saturday and
lar law is traced through a Eastern rite churches.
review of directives and in– Msgr. Paska was born ЯГо-
9tructions issued by the bi– vember'^9, 1923 in New York               - Attye. Flis and George the plaza a t Rockefeller Cen–
                                                                                                                                                                              '- -–
                                                                       bit at a New York university stival Saturday. June 211'5on the direction of Mr. Prosak. а У group, she is already Rev. 1. Tkachuk.                                                             Sunday. Juns 21 and 22. Host
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Based on cumulative points Л the games will be the
shope o f the Church, culmi– City and ordained in Ш 7 in Wolynete.                                   . - i ; l-ter.                                 Physical Fitness . . .                                                        the Younkere branch took 'Chornomorska Sitch" Sports
nating jn the promulgation of Philadelphia.                                                                          Preparations are underway                                    (Continued from p. t )                                                              Association from irvington,
                                                                             !       Plan Bdok                    for Ukrainian participation i n tic disease and the related is the time of exercise cut ap–                                                         N.J., and competition will be
t h e Archieparchial Statutes                                                                                                                             heai                                  preciably, but resistance is FAKE EMBLEM . . .
                                                                                                                  the"oHy's July 4ih celebraUon                 ^ attacks."                                                                                           he!d in soccer, volleyball and
                                                                           Roman Huhlewych, presi– in Old New York, the south                                 The latest breakthrough aa constant through the whole                     (Coatinoed from p. 1)         і cross-country       run. All
                                                                       dent of the United American ern tip of Manhattan between far a s body conditioning ie range of motion. Now we can                                                                              youth organizations are ex–
                                                                       l ' k r ; i i n і a n Organizations City Hall and Battery Park. concerned                           for      normally keep the pulse at a moderate         Ukrainian ensign if approach гмм-ted to take part in the
                                                                                                                     The committee will hold its healthy persons is called to– level using this principle cor– ed by the Ukrainian com event.

                                                                        (New York branch of the
                                                                       UCCA), reported that work next meeting Monday, June tal iaoklnetics. i t is now the rectly without spending much munity.
                                                                       is in progress by a special edi– 9, a t 7 :OO p.m.. at the Ukrain– most widely used method and І lime in our program.                                        The All American Emblem
                                                                       torial board on a book about ian National Home on Second is medically and scientifically і - Most of us have become lax Corp., is licensed by ARBA to
                                                                       this city's Ukrainian com– Avenue.                                                 accepted aa a conditioning ! in regard t o exercise. Many manufacture bicentennial em–                           NOW AVAILABLE!
                B1AUTFUL ИгТАТЕ                                                                                                                           method for the entire body , young Ukrainians become af– broidered ensigns and appli–                            .ЛЕІНВІІ
            e Of Щ WmAMAU NATieNAL AflTN                              ххіхіхііхЕїхххііхіхііжіїїжжмкмлиі^йайин as well aa the cardiovascular j fluent and . neglect exercise ques.
                                                                          tt    '
                                                                                                                                                          systein. What i s total iso– І and physical activity. This,                v e r y Rev. Nicholas alsc           СТЕШВ"
        t ^ in the rolHnj; Catskilfa near Kerhonkseo, N.Y. f                             ІЧІ rain ian                Students                                                                                                                                           Long Plnyinjt Stereo Record
                                                                                                                                                          kinetlcs? i t is the exercise j combined with psychological said that the Council of the
         ^ r r S THE BEST PLACE FOR                                                                      BECOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Album (l)umy
                                                                                                                                                          that w a s refined for the ' strains and stresses' of pro– Churches of Christ in Greater Саплгіа'я holteet 7406) .U–               new
                                                                                                                                                         astronauta. i t combines the j fessional, preocupation. leads            Johnstown, encompassing 55 l;r;u:iian vocal,'instrumental
         " A SUNNY, ENJOYABLE                                                                  OUOAXlZERS                                                 German style of exercise, І to rapid deterioration of the Protestant, Roman Catholic, group has th'.-ir first record
        ^-^VAGAHON!                                                                                        for the                                        isometrics — which is push– ; Jieart muscle.                            Polish National Catholic, U–         album on the market. The
                                                                                                                                                          ing or pulling against an im–                                           krainian Orthodox and other album contains пел arrange–
             ' Make your raeervetfont now - lor a week,                              Ukrcdnicm National Assocdation'                                      movable       object     to gain                 ib:i!v H:il,it
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ment.s of ninny old Ukrain-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  churches, sent a letter to ian melodies and should be
                Or two, or three.                                                    DURING YOUR SUMMER VACATIONS                                         str.-ngth — .and isotonics, І                        -    .             President Gerald Ford, asking          in every Ukrainian home.
                                                                           "You can earn money to further your education, if you are                      which is moving a muscle                  Each person should exer– that he intercede on behalf                 Gel Your record album
                Exquisite natural surroundings, renovated                   pot familiar with UNA life insurance plans, we will train
                rooms, home-made recipes, 5 tennis courts,                                                                                                through a range of motion : cise a t leaat 10 minutes a day. of the persecuted Ukrainian                                 today!
                volleyball courts, Olympic-size swimming                                              Write or call:                                      with a resistance.                  і Using the new total isokine– intellectuals.                            Send 15.00 (Check or Money
            І,-pool, entertainment, sports, special weekend                          UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION                                                                           ; tic .principle of exercise, each     The letter cited the cases Order) plus .75e for Postage
                                                                                                                                                                   Tea-Second Hold            j individual can exercise daily of Georgi vins r valentyn Mo–                    St Handling to:
                concert programs.                                                3 0 Montgomery Street J e r s e y City, N.J. 07303
                                                                                                                                                                                              1 for.that time period and still roz, Leonid Pliushch and vya–                     KAY-MAY
          -                                                                 Tel.: N.J. ( 2 0 1 ) 4 5 1 - 2 2 0 0 - N.Y. ( 2 1 2 ) 227-5250-1 -
                                                                                                                                                              in t h e past, doing many; attain a moderate pulse level j cheslav Chornovil.                                   ENTERPRISES
                CHILDREN'S             CAMP                           У Ї Ї Ї І Н І И Н Х ” Г Г Т Г Т Т r z r r x x r x r r r x x x i x x x x x x i x x repetitions to tire the muscle,! and in so doing take a giant!               "in your position as chief             921 Newark Avonoe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ManvUlc. S.J. 08835
                                                                                                                                                           then moving that tired muscle step forward toward helping executive and leader of t h e ' (New Jersey reKidents add
              ' (for youngsters age 7to11)                                                                          l l l l l l l l l                     several more times to get the j himself and his heart. Once free world, it is your moral t                           ,y; Sales Tax) ,
                BOYS - June 21 through July 12, 1975                                WRKBE TO BBWОВПЯ9ТО U K B A I N - B ?                                 conditioning phase completed j we become conditioned, we responsibility not to remain j                               Coming soon:
             - CMRLS - July 12 through August 2,1975                             9 WHERE 19 A r^JiGE YARlETT OF GOODS T                                                                                                                                                    RUSllXAX'HOK'e Srd
                                                                                 9 WHERE 18 THE BEST QUAL1TY?                                             Was the most widely aocept– j will n o t only feel and look silent in the face of such open ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Stereo Record Album
                                                                                 e W H E R E A R I : RELVSONABLE P R I C E S ?                             ed method. Now research has j better, but our resting pulse injustice and inhumanity," і
              TETfNlS CAMP                                                       Є WHERE Ю REL1ABLE ANT) EXPERT вЕВУЮЕГ                                    found that a 10-second iso– j rate will drop to an appre– said the letter in p a r t                     і
                                                                                                                                                          metric hold before moving a , ciable level and our other Т Т Т Т Т І Т Ч Ї Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т І І І Т Т Т Т Т І І І Ї Ї Ї Т Т П Т М
          ^ (Boys and Ohis age 12-18)                                                       JN THE UKRAINIAN SHOP                                         muscle is comparable to doing j physiological levels will ref–
          'T June 21 - June 28,1975                                                 D E L T O S P O R T S W E A B CO.                                     many repetitions. The im– j lect our new found fitness.                      Ukrainian National Assocdation
               UKRAINIAN CULTURAL                                                         Roman     ін?апщеНщі                                             portent feature here is that             І firmly believe that one of
                                                                                                                                                          w e now can attain the same the greatest threats to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        OFFERS iMMEDlATE EMPLOYMENT AT vERY
                                                                                     136 Pint Avenue,' New York, N.Y. 10009                                benefits out of a stationary future of Ukrainians is the                                  ATTRACTIVE TERMS TO
               COURSES                                                                               Tel.: 22S-22tK)                                       isometric hold as in doing lack of physical activity. We                        FIELD ORGANIZERS
                             -18,1975                                           SOME mPODS FOR SALE BELOW OUR РПЮИ!!!                                      many repetitions. The final are becoming mental giants

                                                                             BERAJL41AN DE91ANS, BBU tl BLACK FOR WOMEN'
                                                                              On stock: variety of kerchieft А ШЬЛУХІВ in ай шіжллх phase in total isokinetics is
                                                                              swKitrn — women's, шеп'я and cAUdrens; Моїмлв;
                                                                              italbin ralnceata in all colors; SWTl-^TERS WTTH U–
                                                                                                                                                                                                 and physical peewees. i t is
                                                                                                                                                          the movement through a corn- important for us not only to
                                                                                                                                                           plote range of motion (once, maintain our mental alert'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              FOR VARIOUS DISTRICTS IN THE US.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           AND CANADA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Permanent employment. Guaranteed salary. Social Secu–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      rity, Group and Accidental insurance. Pension Fund, vaca–
                                                                             AND OHtiLS( leather and nylon janke^e; Ьеч1яргвлЛ.-ц                                                                                                     tlons. ЕІхрегІепсе in selling life insurance preferred. We
                Name -
                                                                             imported from враіп and Poland; threads by DNtC:
                                                                              Uto aad panama; Ukrainian print table-cloths, table
                                                                                                                                                          t h e muscle is fatigued) under J ness, but also our physical vi–
                                                                                                                                                           a controlled speed and with tality at an optimum level. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               і      will train beginners. Take advantage of this opportunity
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           with no obligation.
                                                                              rannerv and doflktai aa well aa labrfea -.(by tbe yards) 1                   controlled      resistance. Re– early Greeks saw the need of;                                     -Write or call:
                                                                                              for throw pillows and drapoe.                                aearch again has shown that a sound mind in , e sound                              UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
                   NATIONAL ASSOCIATION      JBfTATE                                   A LARGE eELBCT10N OF ОЕНАЗПОв.
                                                                                                                                                            his principle of conditioning body. Like many principles of                     30 Montgomery Street, Jersey City, N.J. 07303
                                                                                      "PATRONIZE UKRAINIAN STORES!"                                                                                                                   TeL–. RJ. (^01^451-2200 - N.Y. (212) 227-5250-1
                 N.Y. 12446             Ц ХЛ: (914^826-6641                                                                                                is far; better than weight- the early Greeks, this one ie
                                                                                                                                                          training, because not only valid today.                                 ^ t m H i f i i i i i i i l i H i m i i i ^ m i n n n i t H r
                     wmi     давши в а д н и а д в я и          и т н и ц ц ц и і ' . - и ' . ш я м і и н м и ц у ^ п                                     nitn^r . M M ^ u ^ u u w m u u i m m w t ^ u m u m u K w m m u u ^ i ' A v . ^ f . r c r
                     UKRAINIAN STUDENTS CLUB OF WUTOBRS uNivERsm^fcwite-everycneto the
                                                                                                  4.4 І і і л      4 і

                     SATURDAY, 1UNE 14th 1975 at 8 РІИ. to be held fit HOUC1AY 64N, Hoilte 22, SOMERVUJLE, N.J.
                     Band - 'NOVA"                                                                            '
                     All proceeds will go to Ukrainian Courses at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.
                                                                                                                                                              авв        333333
                                                                               мітиш                             і. л І,Л,А,Л mt,m,
                                                                                                      evoBODA, T H E U K R A I N I A N                         WEEKLY,       ?ATURDAT,       JUNE      T. 1975
                                                                                                                           I f„ „
                                                                                                     ш,і "Bi -,ri, ,i'i , H "f „ ,i,„ , i.mmsssssssBBsmBssBmamatttemm                                 явяввжзяяяі.

    U K R A I N I A N N A T І О NA L AS S О C IAT І О N,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                inc. м          M

                   Summary Reports For April 1975
           FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT                                                              RECORDING DEPARTMENT                                                                  ORGANIZING DEPARTMENT                                                   йїтуіго Popadunee                          ite-Eleeted
                          INCOME             A P R I L ; . 19?ft                                              v
                                                                                                               '                      Juv. Adults              ADD Totui–                      THE FivE BEST 1N APP.IL 1975                                  Head oi Montreal                      trSA MHntrfai
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             MONTBEA L, Que. - Drny–
  Dues from Members                  - -                           9   218,859.03 TOTAL AS MARCH 31. 1975                            23.B54       69.165       5.У22   88,7 і l                                                                           tiJo Popadyntc, former L'NA
                                                                                                                                                                                 Districts:                                                   Members t Supreme Advisor, was re-
QfTEREST FROM:                                                                       GAINS IN APRIL.               1975:                      і     '                -
                                                                                       New Members                 ,„ ,,,, ,..'LJ.                  108^          41 'Л”^сиз 1 Pniladeiphia, Pa.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          elected chairman of the Mon–
  Bonds                                                                144283.09                                                        67
  Moi-t^iges „ „ . . „ 1 „ „                                            87.931.87      Reinstated -                                     29           54             6 ,^– ьь 2 New York, N.Y. „.                                                          treal UNA District Commit–
  Certificate Loans                                                      1,339.77      Transferred in .:.– .', ,–. , ,,,,,,M,,.          A           28         ^ 4    - :f AX 3 Chicago, Ш. t' yt;                                                       tee, one of the leading in the
  Banks , ,                                                                732.21      Change of class Ш - - -                  -        5            7                      12 4 Toronto. Ont. -^„.                                                      Soyuz system in "ierms of ci–
  Stocks                                                                 1,493.33      Transferred from Juv. Dp L               -       -             6           -         ' 6 5 Cleveland, O., - -                                                      ganization this past year.
                                                                                     TOTAL e A l N S       - - - - - -                 lOo          203           51      351                                                                                Joining Mr. Pooadynec on
                                                                                                                                                                                 Впшеіїлв:                                                                the Committee are: O. Dia–
RENT -        REAL ESTATE                                                            LOSSES 1N APPJ3U 1976:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          chyBhyn, vice-chairman, Paul
  77-83 Grand S t , Jersey City, N. J.                                                Suspended - ' , . „. . „,-–....,-                 37              43        se ; 146 240 Cleveland, O.,seer. C.M.Koblto .,..,„;.-^JZ.
                                                                                                                                                                                    121 Rome, N.Y.,                                                       Dubae, secretary, Dana Ma–
  94 Brandt PL Bronx, N. Y. - - -                                       3.239.29      Tranaferred out „ „ „ „ „ -                        8              21          4       33                           seer.     Kihlchak - - - - i -                   nylo, treasurer, Andrew Lol–
                                                                                      Change of class out - . . . – - -
                                                                                      Transferred to adults
                                                                                                                                                         7        "".        lb
                                                                                                                                                                                    379 Chicago, 11L, seer. M. Semkiw . ^ „ „ , - , -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          nycky, organizer, O. Wyn–
                                                                                      Died ...,...' T                                                   73
                                                                                                                                                                  -                  90 Centralia, P a , seer. J.^Sedor „ „ ! . . – „ – -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          nycky, Yera Bociurkiw and
  income of         UNA           Estate-Kerhonkson,                                  Cash Surrender „ „ , - - - -
                                                                                                                                        21              40 .
                                                                                                                                                                 -           u 4 216 Philadelphia, P a . escr. Everdtsky . . . . -. -. .. -.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  B. Odezynsky
     N.Y., S O Y U Z I V K A        - - , — – „ , - i .                10,459.37
                                                                                                                                                                 -                  276 Ambridge. Pa., seer. S.                                           Peter Kiryk, rriembers; audi–
                                                                                      Endou-menta matured - . – „ U – ,                 48              18       —          66      340 Newark, N. J^ seer. Sofia Orichoweki , - -                        'ing board: Wolodymyr Ma–
  income of A svOBODA" Printing Plant                                  47.329.47       Fully Pj.irl-np                                  14              39                  44
                                                                                                                                                                 —                   34 Richmond, va.. seer. L. Blonitxowych - .                          nylo. Michael Wysochansky,
REFUNDS:                                                                               Reduced Paid-up „ „ „ , J L . -                  -               -         -         —       155   Perah Amboy, NJ., seer. M. Fedynyshyn
                                                                                       Extended insurance -ц.У-–, . , ,-                —               -        - ' t„                                                                                   Wolodymyr Medwid.
                                                                                                                                                                                    442 Toronto, OnL, seer. S. LewyckyJ                 -.
  Loss on Real Estate „ . - .                          „ -               3.177.30 TOTAL LOSSES , - – . . . – „ –                       141          242           60      443                                                                                Ttu– meeting, held Sunday,       ganizing achievements
  Reward to organizers . . . „ „ – . ^ – - , — –                           230.14                                                                                                                                                                         April 6, was attended by Sen.       cepted by Messrs. Popadynec
  Taxes Held in Escrow - - – ; - - - - -                                 6.930.21                                                                                                Branch Organizers:                                           Members: Paul Yuzyk, UNA Supreme
  Taxes — Canadian1 Dom. Pension Plan                                      127.28 G A I N S I N A P R I L , 1975:                                                                                                                                                                             and Dubae) and gold and sil–
  Taxes r– Fed. ft State : . ^ , „ : . . . - . . , - . . ,.              5.865.71   Paid Up Zj.                                         14              30                                                                                                Director for Canada, Wasyl          ver pins to leading Branch
  Benefits Paid out - „ 1 „ . . . . . „ „ l „                               25.00   Extended insurance                                  24              25                       1 W. Didluk (440) Toronto, Ont - „ - – - - ^ a „ ^ . – „ ^ – 24 Didiuk, Supreme Advisor and                  secretaries.
  Group insurance 1 C 2 J - – . : J . - - , -                               63.00                                                                                                2 J. Odezynsky (133; Philadelphia, Pa.            --„                 23 field representative, arid Su–
                                                                                  TOTAL GA1NS                                                           55          -       P" 3 C. Koblto (121) Rome,'N.Y: 1 „ – „ „ „ „ „ „ . - „ . „ . – „ 20 preme Advisor Tekla Moroz,
                                                                                                                                                                              ..                                                                                                                With an appeal to contl–
                                                  Total."               16.418.64                                                                                                4 M Kihlchak (240) Cleveland. O. - „ . „ - „ „ „ . . - „ „ 16
                                                                                                                                                                                      –                                                                                                       nue the work in the spirit xrf
                                                                                  DOSSES Ш ARRTL. 1975:                                                                          5 M. Semklw (379) Chicago, ill. „ „ „ ^ - „ „ ^ ^ „ „ 1 14 who all addressed the assem–                      cooperation and strive for
                                                                                    Died - . . . j . C J ^ ^ ^                                          18                   18                                                                           blage of the District's officers.
                                                                                    Cash Surrender ,.^,..„                              10              14,                '24      Total number of new members, in April „ „ - І І І - . L ; ^ , ^ – 206    Sen. Yuzyk, after irnpart–       even better results in this
  Profit on Sale of Real Estate „ . і i d . -                            6,632.33   Reinstated , „                                      14              16
  Donations      -– -    ', . ,, ----.                                                                                                                                      Зо      Total numbers of new members in April 1975 ^ – - --–.– 912                                                year's membership campaign.
                                                                            63.80   Lapsed                  ..^.                         5               5                                                                                                ing greetings from the Su–
                                                                                                                                                                         ; io               . . r-–'                                         ^ ^ X . 1 preme Assembly,, presented             Mr. Popadynec closed the
                                                  Total:                 6,696:13 TOTAL LOSSB8 - .                                                                                                                   STTBFAN HAWRYS2
                                                                                                                                        29              53                  82                                                                            awards to the District for or–
INVESTMENTS:                                                                                                                                                                                                         Яиргете Organiser                                                        meeting.
                                                                                   TOTJAL UNA MEMBERSHlP
  Real Estate Sold - - - – -                                            32.622.98    AS OF APR1L 80. 1975:                           23.822   59,128           5,913   88,663
  Mortgages repaid . . „ „ „ – -                                        66.059.24
  Certificttve Loans paid - – -                                          9,922.34!                                                    WALTER SOCHAN,
                                                                                                                                      Supreme Secretary .                         New York, N e w Jersey UNA'ers Take Part in Organizing Course
                                                  Total:           s   108,604.56                                                                          JE31SEY СІТУ, N J . -        —       '                                                                       ііішііі
                                                                                                                                                        Thirty-two Branch officers,
TOTAL ШСОМЕ for APPJL. 1975: „ – " "                               Г   619,800.73
                                                                                              CALENDAR OF UNA EvENTS                                    mostly secretaries and or–
                   DISBURSEMENTS -                   APR1L, 1975                                                                                        ganizers, heard four execu–
                                                                                         Below is a list of UNA Ont. Canada, just across the tive officers and a field re–
PAYMENTS TO MEMBERS:                                                                 events scheduled at varied border. ,
                                                                                                                                                        presentative delve in detail
                                                                                     times in various centers of          і The Lehigh valey-AlJen– into.various methods of or–
  Reinsurance Premiums ^,–,, ... І Г --. i ,„.,                    3      911.W      Ukrainian community life, in town District will honor UNA
  Cacr Surrenders' — „„.„ -–..-^–.„'^,„
  Death Benefits . „ „ . , . , . „ . . „ . . . , - .-^
                                                                                     announcing these programs, pion-^ers with a banquet on ganizattbn, as well as other
  Endowments Matured „ . . , — - , „ , - – -                           68.300.00     we urge UNA'ers in the res– Sunday, September: 7. ^ ; ' facets oi UNA activity, dur–
  Payor death benefits - „ . . - „ – . –                                  169.38     pective areas і to mark the-        4                              ing a day-long secretariai-br–
                                                                                                                            Soyuzivka is the site of
  Fraternal Fund Benefits - - - - . – .                                 2.390.00     date on their calendars and the traditional annual "UNA            ganizing course held Satur–
                                                  Tntalj               166.222.26    plan on participating. Like Day" the weekend of Sep– day, May 31, a t tha new UNA
                                    -                                                all UNA functions, these are і tembcr 13-14. in addition to Headquarters here.
OPERATING            EXP.-ftEAL                                                      open to all Ukrainians, who the "Miss Soyuzivka" pageant, ' Supreme lPresident'. Joseph
  77-83 Grand St.. Jersey City, N. J.                                    2.952.49    will find UNA'ere happy to a lavish concert program, a Lesawyer, Supreme Secretary
  94 Brandt Р1. Bronx, N. Y. . „ „ .                                       929.74    welcome them.                     tennis tournainent, there js і Walter Sochaii,' Supreme
                                                  Total:                 3,882.23        UNA Branches and District always that inimitable ,spms– Treasurer Ulana Diachuk,
                              -                                                      Committees, planning        any thing about the UNA estate Supreme Organizer Stefan                                     Participants of UNA's secretarial-organizing course.                   ggjgf;
                                                                                     functions' in the forthcoming that makes for1 a gopdJtlme^ rfawrysz and field represeh–
                                                                                     weeks and months are asked On Sunday, September 13,                tatlve Wasyl drichowsky          Each.'of the lectures waa Branch officers and organi– 1 tneir share in attaining Ше
 U.NA. Estate - Kerhohksott. N. " f r –                                  8.642.25    to submit information to The there will be speciaf! festivi– gave lectures in the course of followed by a question-and– zers to tackle with intensity j membership drive's overall
 "SvOBODA" Printtag Plant -     ,,,,„..                                 44.630.98    Weekly for subsequent publi– ties in conjunction with the the days programs, focusing answer period, in the course and perseverance their organi– 1 goal for the year of 4,500 new
ORGAN1Z1NG EXPENSES:                                                                 cation in this Calendar.          unveiling; of the Lesia Ukra– on 'such topics as methods of of which many relevant topics zing goals for the year and do ь members.
                                                                                           UNA District in Chicago inka monument.                       organization, protection plans came under discussion.            ,r-l                                         :         ^        „
  Field Conferences ";,,.,,,.„,^^.r-—–.                                     .43.32
  Lodge Supplies Purchased , , - „ - , . T , „ „ .                         764.46    will stage a "UNA Daly Sun-          4
                                                                                                                            UNA NeW York District pffer?d by the UNA and their            Sitting in on the course was
  Advertising - J . – - - . „ , „ . „ - - ^ ,                            1,106.25    day, July 20, in Palatine, will'stage a banquet Satur– benefits to members and fa– also UNA Supreme Auditor Ukrainians Take Part in Miami Festival
  Medical inspections „ „ ^ , „ . . . , ^ , ^ „ ^ ^                        534.80     ilk One of the features of dayi December 6, in honor of miliea, duties and responsibi– lwan Wynnyk, who also                                                               -                   - ;
  Reward to Branch Organizers , . - - . - - , ,                          1.821.18
                                                                                      the Day will be the selection UNA pioneers,                       lities of Branches within the spoke to the participants,              МІАШ, Па. - The c^oir
  Travelling Expenses — Special                                                                                                                                                                                           of UNWLA Branch Ї7 hero, corded publicity in area news-
    Organizers       -– ...,-–                                             780.25    of the District's Miss UNA.          m
                                                                                                                            The Taras Shevchenko Soyuz system, their relation- emphasizing UNA's financial under the directi-tn of O'ga papers.
  RewarcT to Special Organizers „ „ – , - „                              1.391.66        " UNA District in Detroit Branch 42 in Passaic will            ship to the members and their stability and management.                                              The international Folk F-s–
  Reward to Br. Pres. h Trees. - , – -                                      12.00     will hold its "UNA Day" on mark its 60th anniversary business with the Main Office. Mr. Wynnyk also urged the Pavlova, herself :i por.u!nr tival features ovar 30 nhnic
  Reward to Br. Secretaries , . — – . . . -                                741.66
                                                                                      Sunday, July 27, at the Ukra– with a banquet Sunday, De–                                                                            Ukrainian sing 1 ", took рягс in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           groups and nationalities v, ith
                                                  -fotal:"              81.916.19     inian village in Emersburg. ca-mber 7.                            t,nxuxixxExrxixxxxxxxxxixxxxxnixxxxxxxxxxxfl the fourth annual inter.:a– emphasis on their cultural he–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          tional Folk Festival, luld
SALARJES. 1NSUKANCE AND ТАХБЗ:                                                       FRATERNAL          WEEK                                                                                                              from May 25th through June ritage. in addition to music,
  Canadian Corporation Taxes .                                           3,100.00                          (Continued from p. i )                                                   MANOR J U N l O R COlXEGE             1st.                             songs and danc-гз, thcie trc
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           bazaars, arts and craft
  Employee Pension Plan . . „ – - - -                                      433.33     and the contributions it, seph Lesawyer, UNA Supre–                                                                                     Both the choir and Міна hibits, and sales of
  Salaries of Executive Officers „ „ ^ .
  Salaries of Office Employees . „ „     .
                                                                                      makes to the growth of Ame– me President, Mr. Sochan,
                                                                                      rica, the proclamations call Mrs. Stephanie Wochok, Su–
                                                                                                                                                                                        Day a n d Evening Classes         Pavlova render .d Г- foods.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          krainian songs пк part of 'be
  Employee Hospitalization Plan „ „ – , .                                   99.09                                                                                                                                                                            Local Ukrainians took
                                                                                      on all citizens to join in the preme Treasurer of the "Prp–                                                                         Wednesday, MHV 28 psO^ram. in all phases of the week-1
  Taxes - Federal A State - „ , .     .,–                               10,761.41                                                                                        Liberal Arts - Real Estate
                                     ч!- .                                            observances and become ac– vidence" Association of Ukra–                                                                            They also took part in pre– festival and attracted atten–
                                   Total:                               36^44.94      quained with the goals and inian Catholics, and Mrs. Ma–                      Secretarial Science — Allied Heahh                    ^ious festivals and were ac– tion of numerous spectators.
                                                                                      pursuits of the various fra– rion Musika, "Providence"-l                      Library Science — Dental Assistant
OFFICIAL PUBLICATION - SVOBODA:                                         28,600.00                                                                                    Still openings for day enrollments                                                           ,,.       :     :  :ibi
                                                                                      temal societies.                  Ьгяпст secretary in Bayonnei
A D M I N I S T R A T T V E EXPENSES:                                                    The signing of the procla– N J .
  Books Ь Printed Matter „ „ „ „ ^ . - ^                                   109Л0      raation by Gov. Byrne was           Officers representing the                                          Classes Regin Sept. 4                                           28th ANNUAL і ОЛЛ ЕЛТІО
  General Office Maintenance „ „ „ „ .                                     469.19     proposed by Walter Sochan, New Jersey Fraternal Con–
  insurance Department Fees „ - – -                                        133.00     president of the New Jersey gress were: Mr. Sochan, Mrs.              Contact: Director of Admissions                                       ГКНАІХІАІЧ A M E R I C A N Ш
  Postage ^ – - - – - - - - – - — -                                        743.44     Fraternal Congress and Su– Elizabeth O'Neill, first vice–                   ! Manor Junior College
  Printing A Stationery . „ „ . „ „ ^ „ – -                                950.75                                                                                     Fox Chase Manor, Jenkintown, Pa. 1904в                                    VETERANS
  TBM r– Rental tc Service „ „ „ . „ . ! –                                 903.79     preme Secretary of the UNA. president, Leopold Malinow:
  Telephone - ^ –       ..., . '. .
  TravelUng Expenwea — General „ „ „
                                     ..,.–                                 802.80
                                                                                         Heading the list of Ukrain– ski, secretary-treasurer, and                   Phone: 885-2360                                                                         2nd ANNUAL C ^ N v E N M 0 N l l l
                                                                                      ian fraternalists pa"rticipat– Mr. Lesawyer, liaison and
                                                                                     ing in the ceremony was j Fraternal Week chairman. " Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxixxxixxxxxn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      N A T I O N A L LADIES^
                                                  Total:"                8,062,19
                                                                                      Archbishop Mark Hundiak of;          Fraternal Week traditionab                                                                                          AUXILIARY
  Rent (Ret'd). - „ „ . „ „ . „ „ . - „ , .                              2.345.42
                                                                                      the , Ukrainian . Orthodox j ly л и , with the „к., л „.„„ лЛ ;xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxrxxxxxxxxxxxxirxxxxxxxxxrxfc
                                                                                      n.       . .. T T O . ,      . . , ends ... .. л observance
                                                                                      Church in the USA. Also wit– , „ „           .     „                                                                       Ukrainian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       9               J u n e 20 Щ 22.1975                                  І
  Scholarships - - - . . . – - - - - - - -                                 375.00                                                                                                                                     м

  Taxes — Held in Escrow Paid - „ – -
  Donation-from Emergency Fund , „ .-
                                                                                      nessing the signing were very j o f F l a S 0 а У . a ^ t e aaso–                                                          Studies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      :                                                Sheraton M o t o r i n n
                                                                                      Rev. Bohdan        Zelechivsky, 1 ciated with fraternal benefit                                                                 -i
  Youth - Sport Activities . „ – - - – , .
                                                                                      Rev, viadimir Lewitzkv, Jo– 1 qr^lpfies.                                                                                   Harvard
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      И                               Route 59
  Loss on Real Estate Sold „ , . „ . „ „ „                               3,17730
                                                                                 ! Connecticut Ukrainians Slate                                                                                                  Summer School                        H
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       NANUET, SPRJNG YALLEY, N.Y.                  ї-ьл.фт і
                                                   Total:"              22,205.08                                                                                                                                                                     u                         PROGRAM                                 ЇЩІ
                                                                                                            Annual Picnic                                                                      J a n e M - August 22
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      H      Friday, June 20
INVESTMENT:                                                                NEW CANAAN, Conn. - day. The co-chairwomen are                                                                                                                             И         1 :OO РЛІ. - Registration all day
  Stocks Purchased - - , „ „ „ - . „ - - - -                 1.493.33 The 10th annual Ukrainian Mary Marcinka and Mary                                                             The following courses in Ukrainian Studies will be offered         N         8:00 P.M. —Committee Meetings
  Mortgages Granted - - - - - - - - -                      108.000.00 Day picnic, sponsored by the Hlywa.                                                                             during the 1976 Summer School session at Harvard                K         0:00 P.M. - Welcome Reception
  Certificate Loans issued - - - ; ; , . , . . ^             8.88P.77 j Connecticut State Ukrainian             An orchestra is slated to                                                                                                             И      Saturday, June 21                                               і
  Loan to UN.U.R.C „ . „ „ . - „ , „ .                       5.000.00 і Day Committee, will be held provide music for dancing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                8:00 A.M. - Reveille
  Purchaau of EDP Equipment „ „ „ . - -                        128.00                                                                                                              MODERN UKRAB4iAN rlSTORY                                           и
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -         9:00 AM. - Committee Meetings
  Real Estate . „ – - - - . . . - . - . –                    4.088.0Я ; here at the Franciscan Mona– later in the day.                                                                                 Prof. Jaroslaw Pclcnski                        и
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               10:00 A.M. - Opening Ceremony with Auxiliary
                                                                      i stery, Ponus Ridge Road.                Bishop Joseph M. Schmon–                                                                                                              -        Ю?ІЛ A.M. - Convention Session
                                       Total :J           ^197.599.18 j Sunday. June 22.                                                                                           CONFERENCE COURSE: THE UKRAQN1AN SSR                                                                                        4
T O T A L Disbursements of April, 1975:""                 "598Л05.60
                                                                                                             diuk of Stamford is expected
                                                                           According to Michael R to celebrate the Divine Li–
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Prof, larostew Pelenski   И
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               12:00 Noon - Luncheon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1 :OO PJM. - Committee Meetings             Ф4?      жі
                                                                                                                                                                                   ELESttENTARY UKRA!NlAN                                 4                     1:00 P.M. - Ladies' Auxiliary                l"t?Jfe.
                                                                        Rudy, general.chairman, and turgy at 11 :OO a.m., which of–                                                                                                                   N             Cultural Program until 4:00 РЛЛ.
                                                                        Donald K. Horbaty. picnic ficially starts the day's feeti–                                                                              Miss vera M. Pereshluha               N
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (1:45 P.M. — Convention Sessions
                         BALANCE!                                     І chairman, the festival will vities. A local choir will sing                                                ADVANCED UKRAINIAN                                                           6:30 P.M. - Retreat

            ASSETS:                             ІЛАВШТІВВ:            І feature various displays of the responses.                                                                                              Mr. George G. Grabowicz               и
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Saturday, June 21 — American Legion Halt
                                                                      j Ukrainian art, ceramics, han–           The Ukrainian Day Com–                                             UKRAJKiAN LTTERATURE                                                             PavUllon Rood off Route 303, Sulfern, Х.У. .      Щі
Cash              S    541.558. Л      Funds:                         ; dicrafts and a cultural exhi– mittee is composed of n-pre–                                                                                                        -                      7:00 P.M. - GRAND BANQUET ft BALL                       11
Bonds               24.554,839.M                                                                                                                                                                                Mr. George G. Grabowicz               N
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7:30 P.M. - installation of Newly-Elected Officers.' 'ха і
Stocks                 516.166.16 Life insurance І 39.161,715.69 ' bit, arranged by Mrs. Olga sentatives of the 10 parishes                                                        Most colleges and universities permit their degree cm– -           x
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 0:00 РЛІ. - DANCE                                       11
Mortgagee            4,711.054 Л0                                     j Paproski.                            in the Ukrainian Catholic                                                dldatee to apply credits obtained at Harvard Summer                           "Public invited To Attend"             -      . ^
Certificate Loans      524.177.00 Fraternal                197,132.78
                                                                           The concert portion of the і Diocese of Stamford.                                                          School toward the degree for which they are working.            м
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      x      Sunday, June 22
Real Eetate            677.803.38 Orphans'                 167.432.12 day will include, performances            An added attraction during                                            A limited number of scholarships are available to the           x
Printing Plant and                                                                                                                                                                    Ukrainian Studies program at Harvard.                                    11 :ЗО A.M. - First Meeting of Nationel Board
  EDP Equipment        107,344.11    Old Age Home          188.124.52 by area Ukrainian choral and Ukrainian Day will be the                                                                                                                           -       ІЗ:ЗО'РЛІ. - Farewell Reception                    ^      л
                                                                                                                                                                                   For application forms and further information write to:             и
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ukrainian Hall, 16 Twin Ave„ Spring valley, N.Y. SJE
Loan to UNURC Emergency                 41.108.99 dance ensembles. Roman Hez– ; third annual youth volleyball                                                                             ET
                                                                                                                                                                                       8ГЖИНВ PROGRAM J N UKBAfNXAN STUDXES                            x
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   For reservations:              ""     f
TOTAL.           $ .n.7.v...-ii 1.10 TOTAL:          9 S9.765.514.10 zey is chairman of the con– j tournament.                                                                               Harvard Ukrainian Research tnstttufe                                     WiUiaro Harrison, Chairman (914) 223-3228
                                                                        cert program.                                                                                                 1581-83 Mamaohunette Ave., Cambridge, Мале. 02188                                    Michael Wengryn, (201) 472-9237           "^C
                                                                           Traditional Ukrainian dish–          Tickets can be purchased                                                       HARVARD su3on3t SCHOOL 1975                                          -        Harry Polehe, (912) 446-8048
                                            ULANA D1ACHUK,              cs, as well as picnic food", will- і from    Helen Rudy, ticket j                                                            736 Holyoke Center
                                                                        be available throughout the chair-lady.                                                                        1350 MaaaBChueettv Avenue, Cambridge, Maes. 03188                                                      1 m щ mm wicii i Ш ick ААяяАААААИ
                                            Supreme Treasurer

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