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					      Bldg 1, 17 Ruthven Rd, Kingston 10, Jamaica WI | T 876 929 8774 | F 876 978

     Cuso International’s               Jamaica        Office    works   in   four   thematic

       1. Access to Justice for Women and Children
       2. Youth Social and Economic Inclusion
       3. National Volunteering
       4. Diaspora for Development


          1. Dispute Resolution Foundation

          The Dispute Resolution Foundation (DRF) is a civil society
          organization which works closely with the Government of
          Jamaica primarily through the Ministry of Justice to
          advocate, train and deliver related services in support of
          a national agenda for Justice, Peace & Development. The DRF
          offers mediation services at all levels of the justice
          system.   Mediations are also conducted within communities
          and special focus is given to youth, receive training in
          mediation and conflict resolution skills through the youth-

          Cuso International has a five year agreement with the DRF
          under the project “Building Organisational Capacity”, which
          seeks to strengthen the DRF’s ability to provide mediation
          at all levels of the justice system, enhance the scope and
          impact of the youth programme, and strengthen the capacity
          of DRF’s national network of service points.

          Current   Volunteers:                    Varun   Baker,      Aziz   Bojang,   Helen
     2. Jamaicans for Justice

     Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is a non-profit, non-partisan,
     non-violent volunteer citizens’ rights action organization
     founded in 1999. The organization arose out of the gas
     riots of April 16, 1999. It was felt that there was a need
     for a citizens’ rights action group to address the
     frustrations of the Jamaican people. Such frustrations
     included many instances of alleged corruption in the public
     sphere, apparent miscarriages of justice in the judicial
     system and imbalances in the socio-economic system.

     Cuso works with Jamaicans for Justice to strengthen its
     Human Rights programme that tackles issues such as
     extrajudicial   killings and other abuses by the police in
     vulnerable and volatile communities. Cuso also supports JFJ
     in its efforts to develop a strategic Caribbean Network of
     Human Rights Agencies.

     Current   Volunteers:   Rafael   Tahan,   Delphine   Melanson,
Shalini Ramsamy

     3. Court Management Services

     CMS is a new organisation that commenced a phased
     implementation plan in June of 2010. The primary purpose is
     to provide a wide range of administrative, financial,
     facilities management and technological services to the
     Courts in Jamaica. The CMS was established to provide for a
     more efficient and modern Court Service to meet the growing
     demands on the court system. It is intended that this new
     organization will:

          Enhance and preserve judicial independence and the
           institutional integrity of the Judiciary.
          Relieve    Judges   and    Resident   Magistrates of
           administrative functions, thereby allowing them to
           focus on their judicial role.
          Equip the courts with adequate personnel who will
           manage non-judicial matters.
          Enhance public trust and confidence in the judicial
     Lead the modernisation programme for the Courts,
      thereby improving the quality and delivery of Court

4. Victim Support Unit

The Victim Support Unit (VSU) is a unit within the Ministry
of Justice which offers psychosocial follow up and case
management for victims of crimes. The first of its kind in
the Caribbean, the VSU was established in 1998 out of a
need to extend the level of support that is offered to
victims of crimes.

Since its inception, thousands of victims have benefited
each year from the range of support services it offers,
counselling being an area of primary emphasis. The Senior
Programme Director Rev. Bailey notes that the majority of
the persons who access the services of the VSU are females.
While this has always been the case, he observes that the
margins are widening from a ratio of 2:1 to approximately
3:1. "We also find that a large percentage of the crimes
are sex related (rape and carnal abuse), which when put
together, outweigh the number of murders," the Director
discloses. He further notes that domestic violence is
extremely high.

Notwithstanding, the VSU has the capacity to assist victims
of any crime, and has been doing so quite efficiently.
National Co-ordinator, Nesta Haye reports that between
January and May 2006, the Unit took on just over 2,000 new
cases, while continuing to deal with a similar number of
follow-up cases. With the dedicated staff and a cadre of
volunteers, she says the Unit has been able to manage the

Cuso works with VSU to implement the Children in Court
Project which aims to improve psychosocial support for
child witnesses, victims and perpetrators that must appear
in court. Over 67% of child victims will lose their cases
due to inadequate preparation for going through the
    difficult court process that will in most cases result in
    re-victimising this vulnerable group.

     Current Volunteers: Onyka Barrett, Bernice Lawrence, Irina

    5. Bureau of Women’s Affairs

    The Bureau of Women’s Affairs has a mandate to act as a
    catalyst to ensure that Government addresses the problems
    that confront women, given the impact of patriarchy and
    sexism. The problems include high rates of unemployment,
    violence against women in various forms such as spousal
    abuse, rape, incest and sexual harassment. Its objective is
    to enable women to recognize their full potential as
    individuals   and  to   create   avenues  for  their   full
    integration in National Development.

    The three main functions of the Bureau are:
    i) Research and Policy Development
    ii) Public Education and Training
    iii) Project Planning and Monitoring

    Cuso International works with the BWA to improve their
    capacity to collect, manage and utilise statistical data to
    inform    policy   development   and    enhance   programme

    Current Volunteers: Fred Spiring

    6. Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA)

    The Office of the Children’s Advocate is a commission of
    parliament and was established under the Child Care and
    Protection Act, 2004. The first Children’s Advocate was
    appointed in January, 2006 and assumed position in
    February, 2006. The mandate of the OCA is the protection
    and enforcement of the rights of children. Our vision is
    that children in Jamaica enjoy the protection of their
    rights and consideration of their best interests at all
          times and our mission is to promote the safety, best
          interests and well-being of children and to promote,
          protect and enforce their rights.

          Current Volunteers: Tim Wood


          7. Council   of  Voluntary   and              Social   Services-National
             Volunteering Centre (CVSS-NVC)

          The CVSS/National Volunteer Centre is in the process of
          increasing its capacity to act as the focal point for
          coordinating   volunteer   activities    in   Jamaica,  and
          eventually in the Caribbean region. It will mobilize, train
          and place volunteers to support and implement initiatives
          by Government and Non-Government organizations.

          Current Volunteers: Wendy Lee


          8. Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU)

          Y.O.U was established in Kingston, Jamaica in 1991. Since
          then, the organization has trained 695 volunteer adult
          mentors and matched them with at risk high and secondary
          school students, facilitated 31 other organizations in
          setting up youth mentoring programmes, and built up a
          network of programmes now empowering students, families and

          Its Parenting Education Programme has reached out to PTA
          members through regular workshops and to Jamaicans in
          general through a one year national newspaper column and a
          series of periodic radio broadcasts, with practical
          guidance    and   important   information   on   parenting
          adolescents. The organization also continues to play a
          vital role as an active advocate for the welfare of all
          Jamaican youngsters.

          The majority of Y.O.U. "graduates" have gone on to further
          studies, vocational training or jobs, and are now gainfully
           employed either at home or abroad. Over 2,000 adolescents
           from 21 corporate area schools are currently registered in
           one or more Y.O.U. programs, while thousands more are
           benefiting indirectly from the organization's advocacy,
           consultancy and educational outreaches.

           Today,   Y.O.U.      operates   13   programs   in   schools   and

                 Supervised Individual Mentoring Program and group
                  mentoring with an average of 150 current Mentor-Mentee
                 Mentoring Consultancy
                 Monthly Adolescent Workshops featuring family values
                  and life skills
                 Homework Centre with tutors and motivational "Power
                  Talks" in schools
                 Shadow Week (annual workplace orientation program in
                  partnership with employers)
                 Summer Enrichment (annual day camps)
                 Career Guidance, counselling and peer counselling
                 Parenting Education
                 Advocacy & Public Education

           Cuso International supports Y.O.U. and at present is
           planning an important strategy to establish new public and
           private alliances in order to obtain resources that will
           allow them to continue providing services to young people.
           CUSO-VSO volunteers have been working at EDUCA as youth
           services and organizational development advisors.

           Current Volunteers: Kate Chappell

      Programme Office Volunteers: Andrew Salmon, Carol Leung, Julia


           9. Rise Life Management Services
RISE Life Management Services is a        non-governmental
organization that was established in October 1990 as
Addiction Alert Organization. The primary service provided
at that time was an outpatient drug treatment programme,
the first of its kind in Jamaica.

It’s focus was shifted to primary and secondary prevention
in 1995 due to a lack of financial support for drug
treatment, and the obvious need for education and drug
prevention services, hence the name change to RISE, an
acronym for “Reaching Individuals through Skills and
Education”. The organisation currently offers a range of
youth and community empowerment and upliftment programmes,
as   well   as  HIV-AIDS   programmes and   parenting  and
employability skills training.

10.   Mona School of Business-Jamaica Diaspora Institute

The MSB-JDI is the operating arm of the Jamaica Diaspora
Foundation, an initiative of the Jamaican government. The
principal goal of the Jamaica Diaspora Foundation is to
strengthen the engagement of persons and groups in the
Jamaican Diaspora with Jamaica's development. The Institute
was established in 2008, and is located at the University
of the West Indies’ Mona School of Business. The
institute’s offices have two permanent members of staff but
they receive support from MSB’s staff with annual operating
budget of 4.3 million USD. The organization also works in
partnership with local and international Diaspora interest
groups, the Jamaican government and local development

The Mona School of Business acts as a host for the Jamaica
Diaspora Institute; providing accounting and administrative
support, and a well-appointed office space. JDI falls
within the portfolio of Jamaica’s Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and the Ministry of Water and Housing is the
sponsoring   ministry.   Primary  among   the   institute’s
activities is the Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference. The
conferences typically have over 500 local and international
participants with representatives from the public and
private sectors, and individuals and interest groups from
the Diaspora.

The JDI is a new partner of Cuso International, a mission
for the partnership has been agreed and activities planned
for a four year project called Diaspora Youth Connect:
Partnerships for Community Empowerment.

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