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									                       Delta Australian Shepherd Fanciers
                 Dog Daze Conformation Shows
                                          June 20th & 21st 2009
                               ASCA Sanctioned - All ASCA Show Rules & Regulations Apply
                                                      SAT. – June 20th                             SUN. – June 21st
         Conformation :                               Christina Hubble                             Nadine Grady
         Judging Starts at:                           9:00 a.m.                                    9:00 a.m.

         Conformation:                                SBJ Lyn Hamon
         Puppies/Non Regular:                         Lisa Renville
         Judging Starts at:                           12:00 noon*

         Obedience                                    NO OBEDIENCE

         *or 1/2 hour after morning show – whichever is earlier, but not before 12:00 pm

                                  AND CLOSE 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE START OF EACH SHOW.
                       Show Secretary: Saturday – Kevin Blackwell, Sunday – Patricia Bockmon
                   For information on the shows email or call 209-874-2094
    FLYER REVISION DATE 5-4-09 We make every effort to ensure you receive the most current information on our shows. Our website is
      updated regularly, but may not have the most current information. If you have any questions please contact the show secretary.

             CLASSES                                                                               PRE-ENTRY FEE         DAY-OF-FEE
                                                                                                   POSTMARKED BY
                                                                                                     June 12th
JR. HANDLING                        0-5 Pee Wee; 6-7 Sub-Junior; 8-12 Novice and Open; 13-17
                                    Novice and Open                                                FREE                 FREE
NON-REGULAR                         Non-Regular: 2-4 month puppy; 4-6 month puppy (divided         $6                   $7
CONFORMATION                        by sex); Best of Breed Puppy, Best Opposite Sex Puppy

ALTERED CONFORMATION                6-9, 9-12, 12-18, Novice, American Bred, BBE, Open Blue        $12                  $15
                                    Merle, Open Red Merle, Open Black, Open Red. Winners
INTACT CONFORMATION                 Dog, Winners Bitch, BOB,

                                    ALL CLASSES DIVIDED BY SEX

OBEDIENCE                           UTILITY B/A, OPEN B/A, NOVICE B/A , SUB-NOVICE                 $12                  $15
                                    GROUP SITS AND DOWNS TO FOLLOW INDIVIDUAL CLASSES

                                  BRING SHADE                     IT MAY BE               HOT!
        POT LUCK BAR-B-QUE SATURDAY                                                       AFTER           2ND SHOW

MAIL       Susan Harris                                                                      209-874-2094
ENTRIES TO 1044 Kylie Place                                                        
           Hickman, CA 95323
                            Make checks payable to Delta ASF. $25 service charge on returned checks - entry will be invalid.
                                                USE CURRENT ASCA ENTRY FORM (DATED 1/2/2002)

                                     ENTRY FORMS ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE: WWW.ASCA.ORG/FORMS
CONFORMATION Ribbons: 1 through 4 place
   AWARDS    Rosettes & Prizes: Best Jr., Reserve Jr., BOBP, BOSP, A-WD, A-RWD, A-WB, A-RWB, A-BOS, A-BOW, A-BOB,
                     WD, RWD, WB, RWB, BOS, BOW, BOB.

 OBEDIENCE           Utility, Open B, Open A, Novice B, Novice A, and Sub-Novice
  WELCOME                                   RUNNING ORDER:     UTILITY B/A,   OPEN B/A, NOVICE B/A, AND SUB NOVICE

                                                    GROUP SITS AND DOWNS TO FOLLOW INDIVIDUAL CLASSES
  IMPORTANT          Only dogs with ASCA CD or CDX will be allowed to enter the Open and Utility classes. If you have titled a dog in any
OBEDIENCE INFO       other registry, you must start in Novice B class. After receiving the third qualifying score in Novice A, the dog may
                     continue to show in Novice A for 60 days. Once a Novice dog enters the Open class, it can no longer show in Novice A. A
    NO               dog can continue to show in Novice B after the 60 day grace period until they receive a qualifying score in Open or until
                     they receive a HIT after the 60 day grace period. Dogs may not compete in Novice and Open at the same trial. Dogs with
OBEDIENCE            an ASCA CD may show in Open A providing they have not earned a CDX from any registry. After earning an ASCA CDX
AT THIS SHOW         a dog may continue to show in Open A for 60 days or until they enter Utility. A dog may not compete in Open A and utility
                     at the same trial. Dogs entered in any Non-regular class (other than Brace, Veterans, and Team, and Wild Card) shall not
                     enter in any Regular Class held at the same show/same day. NO EXHIBITION ONLY.

  OBEDIENCE          Ribbons 1st through 4th place
   AWARDS            Rosettes & Prizes: High in Trial, High Combined, High in Trial Junior, High Scoring Aussie, High Scoring
                     Other Breed

  OBEDIENCE          Chapter 1, Section 7: Registered Dogs Only - As used in these Regulations, the word “dog” refers to either sex. All
                     Australian Shepherds must have an individual registration or LEP number for ASCA to be eligible for ASCA’s year end
   TRACKING          Merit and Finals programs. All dogs not so registered must have a tracking number issued by ASCA to compete in any
                     class at ASCA sanctioned obedience trials.
(REGISTRATION) Section 8: All dogs six (6) months and older must have an individual ASCA registration or LEP number or an ASCA
                     tracking number to compete in ASCA sanctioned obedience trials. …Photo copies or originals of registration or tracking
    NUMBER           number papers must be presented to the Registration Table upon request when entering ASCA sanctioned obedience trials.

                     Section 9: No dog without an ASCA individual registration, LEP number or ASCA tracking number may compete in any
                     ASCA obedience trial.

                     RV's $20/night       Tents $15/night           See RV Reservation Form Below
  OVERNIGHT          All vehicles must be self-contained. Dumping station available on the grounds. Full hookups (50A) are
                     available on a first come basis and will not be reserved or guaranteed. No generators between 11pm and 6am.
    MOTELS           Best Western Orchard, 5025 N. Golden State Blvd (209) 667-2827
                     Motel 6, 250 S. Walnut Rd (209) 667-4100
                     Turlock Travelodge, 200 W, Glenwood Ave (209) 668-3400
                     From North: Take Hwy 99 South to Turlock. Exit Fulkerth, turn left (eastbound). The third stop
  DIRECTIONS         light will be Golden State. Make a right on Golden State and then an immediate right on to North
                     Front. Go approximately 2 blocks and make a right, cross the RR tracks, right on Broadway and
                     enter through back gate.
                     From South: Take Hwy 99 North to Turlock. Exit Fulkerth, turn right (eastbound). Follow above
                     From the Bay Area: Hwy 580 to 205 East towards Tracy/Stockton. Take I5 North and merge onto
                     CA 120 towards Manteca/Sonora. Exit at Hwy 99 South (Modesto) and continue to Turlock.
Motels that Accept Dogs:
Please verify the motel’s pet policy before making your reservation to make sure they still accept dogs.
Best Western Orchard Inn 5025 N. Golden State Blvd (209))667-2827
Motel 6, 250 S. Walnut Road (209)667-4100
Turlock Travelodge, 200 W. Glenwood, (209)668-3400

Overnight Parking for RVs at show site: Overnight RV parking will be available for $20 per night, by pre-arrangement
recommended. Some parking will have full hook-ups. Others will have electricity only. No exit or entry 10 pm to 6 am. Overnight
spaces may be assigned and should be reserved in advance; permits will be available at check in. Tent camping is $15 per tent. Tag
along vehicles $5 per night.

RV Parking Request Form
If you want an RV spot or camp spot for the show/trial, please fill out this form and mail with your entries to
Delta ASF %Susan Harris 1044 Kylie Place Hickman, CA 95323. Include check written out to Delta ASF.

Name:___________________________________          Length of vehicle:____________
                                                  Email address:

Nights Staying:
                                                  Type of vehicle (RV, Trailer, Tent, Van, etc.)
Fri        Sat    Total number of nights: _____

Total payment enclosed: ___________               License number:_______________________

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