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					    Chinatown Melbourne is a famous landmark
           found in the triangle of Little

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 Bourke Street, between Swanston Street and Sprint Street Inside, you
will see an abundance of Chinese heritage and culture But there is a
mixture of sprint promo codes European and Australian cultures, too
Check out this article to learn more about Chinatown Melbourne
Chinatown Melbourne is a famous landmark located in the triangle of
Little Bourke Street, between Swanston Street and Sprint Street
 Inside, you will see an abundance of Chinese heritage and culture But
there is also a mixture of European and Australian cultures, too Enjoy
your meal in one of the quaint restaurants in the area You will also find
Asian grocery stores, Chinese medicine centers, bookstores, fashion
boutiques, and etc Chinatown Melbourne: History It was during the
1850s when the Chinese began arriving in Melbourne
 They were in search for the "New Gold Mountain" Majority of them
settled in Little Bourke Street where they had access to the goldfields,
food, and medicine And it wasn't long until the Chinese started to
purchase lands and establish businesses in the area Eventually, Little
Bourke Street became known as a place where the Chinese gathered
Today, Chinatown Melbourne continues to celebrate Chinese heritage
and ethnicity
 Chinatown Melbourne: Chinatown Arches There are 5 arches in
Chinatown Melbourne that were handmade all the way from China
These arches were then assembled in Melbourne, and modern touches
were added When you visit Chinatown, you will instantly notice the
authentic Chinese grand arches Come at night time and you will get to
see the neon lights on the column
 Chinatown Melbourne: Dining You and your family should try out some
of the best restaurants in Chinatown Aside from Chinese cuisine, you
can also enjoy a blend of Western and Australian cuisines to suit your
sophisticated palette For your appetite on anything Asian, you can enjoy
Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese cuisine And if you're
not craving for Asian food, you can always dine at the European and
Australian restaurants in the area
  Chinatown Melbourne: Shopping    Chinatown Melbourne has all
the things you will need From authentic Chinese goods, fashionable
clothes, Chinese publications, to skincare products, you will enjoy
browsing through a variety of good finds There is a modern shopping
center called the Mid City where you will find many fashion boutiques,
computer shops, jewelry shops, and other gift shops You will also be
surprised to find a Target Center right in the middle of Chinatown
 Chinatown Melbourne: Accommodation For your accommodations,
check out City Limits Hotel Melbourne, The Crossley Hotel, Punthill
Apartments, Mantra on Russell, and Rydges of Melbourne which are all
close by or in the district Haven't you gone to Chinatown Melbourne yet?
There is no time to waste, bring your family and witness the Chinese
culture and heritage for yourself It's another great thing to do in
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