; Vitamin C and Lead Poisoning
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Vitamin C and Lead Poisoning


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									Vitamin C and Lead Poisoning
Learn if vitamin C can truly help with lead poisoning!!

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Lead poisoning can be a major problem for someone and vitamin C can be of help.
As you might be able to guess lead poisoning comes from well lead. Can you guess
what the largest source someone may get this poison from?

Older houses are the primary culprit when it comes to this health problem. If you
see paint peeling off of a house than that is a warning sign that there could be
contaminations with this metal.

Lead poisoning is also a danger to blue collar workers in some industries. OSHA
for example has estimated that nearly 3 million people in the U.S. are exposed to
this metal.

Sure we like to believe that we have a very strong immune system and lead will
not do us much harm but the truth is that even a little bit of this metal can be
very damaging. To start with it can increase blood pressure which we all know
raises the risk of heart disease and strokes.

This health condition may hurt someone’s ability to concentrate, lower sperm
count, create seizures, contribute to hearing loss, weaken bones and much much

Hey, I told you this stuff was nasty. What is even sadder is that children are at a
greater risk than adults. Children in developing nations are at a much higher risk
for instance there have been estimates that children in Mexico are around 14
times more likely to get this health problem than Americans.

Maybe it’s because a lot of companies outsource battery manufacturing to third
world countries and that is where most of the world’s lead goes.

One of the most challenging aspects of this health condition is that someone can
be getting exposure to it and receiving the damage and not even know it. The
symptoms include vomiting, weight loss, constipation, headaches, having trouble
concentrating and stomach pains.

These are common health challenges that can go under the radar. The best way
to know if someone is getting too much exposer to lead would be a urine and
blood test.
So we all know that too much lead is very bad, so how do we remove it from
someone? One idea would be to consume more of vitamin C which comes from
oranges and may improve the immune system.

One of the ways that vitamin C is helpful is because it helps the body absorb more
Iron. Now you may already know that iron is an important nutrient because it
helps carry oxygen to cells but it also removes lead.

Another way that vitamin C may be of help is because it has something called
chelate which is a metal binding property that helps remove the lead.

In one study with 19,000 people it was found that people who were at the top
third of vitamin C intake had nearly a 90% chance of not having high lead levels in
their system. Yea that is fairly incredible isn’t it?

As you already know one way someone can get vitamin C is by eating oranges and
drinking orange juice. Another way would be to take a daily multi-vitamin or

Not all multi-vitamins and supplements are equal and some can even do you
more harm than good. In the last 4 years over 200 supplement brands have
actually been recalled for being too dangerous. Again they were already on store
shelves when they were recalled.

To better protect yourself and your loved ones there is a free report that can
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