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2008 MCW October Newsletter


									  xvs$?ffiK #xKKffi Wrffi',S{[H$

ffic*{}bemSwtixrg'At ffiast }ordau,tTourist Park
                              Charisgoi& lhefood           Hsmandqlroesesaqd-             inside. Iteo it was bac} to
                              t'asveryg|ood. Ihflrl-       wiclrssfordirmea the           EaeillordffibrDirmerat
                              day arrived alongrwitt       souplittbe{rot, asit           thelord.nlnn    \l9e dissov-
                              tre rainandsomewind.         was averychillynigh            ered alovety Bed end
                              Ttre arrivbf of additionaf   andthe wird was quife          BreaHast witha rsident
                              membersmedethe day           drotrg.                        g[nat, andawqrddt
                              brighter andwew?ris                                         owner/chcf atthelnnWs
                              happyto *eBufchsrd                                          were treated to a delieious
                                                           hadabreaHastof agg
                              EecihyMoole, State                                          fre coarge meal ior an ex-
                                                           cagserole, toast, jelln
                              Pres., arrive., lbursday                                    trematy reasonable price. S
                                                           pafiiesand juioE.A
                              nightwefowrdour-                                            you ara inthe alea, be sule
                                                           needngfolowed       and
                              sclees atth€Tatei'                                          to chec*thisplace outl T[e
                                                           then we were offto the         lhenwent backto the
                              soe6[ whereNancyand
                                                           Boyne CityApple Feat.
                              Skipprtonanirn                                              coaches and scttled in for a
                                                           w6 ryenr I gpadPa$ ot
                              promptu polistrsotp                                         oool night around the
                                                           the dayloohingat ctaftE
I6he Charlseoir               dbn€r. YllefitlLPEG                                         canenre.
trasverypfretty,              PIE' intotheircoachfor
                                                           Boyne, andftenmffit            Sundayrnoningwehada
butSrcwindune                 dimer andwe allftlt
                                                           ereryone lounAtlern"           brealfest of hot oafrneaf
veryoldl                      fresoup was greatanC,
                                                           sefres bachinCharfe-           witb goadiel to add, toast,
                              ths cornpany was fNntas.                                    jan, and iuice. {tte wsather
                                                           voixiorthe October
                              dc- fhan*s,Nancyard
Tencsachesrvere  in                                        Pegt. Sererdrnernbers          was surury and €treryone
                              Skipll \lVhat tbnl
att€ndans atihe Eart                                       eqiot€dtho b€qf tent,          took theirtime baeldng
lordanToruix Partfor          Flidaymorningthe rest        rrhile otlnrs erylored         camp. Wesaidourgood
theOetober cempoul            of the mcrnbers arrive4      the]'acb thatwere              bye6 ard h€ad€d souttt It
lluee coacheearriwd           hooledupardwer,e ofi         rnoored inRoundlnhe.           was another gileat tims of
onWednesday, ard              to eqrlole the area. Fri-    Dtary ownera allo"red          fidlorctripl
enioyed anerenhgdirt.         daynightnehadVege-           people to boardtheir
ner attheVilag|gPub in        bble mupandGdlled            boatl and tahe a look

MffiW MffiT" MWSTNH$S                                                                     fnside this issue:

lhe OctobermeethEof           Moote.                       reponwaeacepedas
the lfioton cities l0funies                                read (oeeendof mir
                              Tte rninrtesfromthe          utes)
ras call'edb order at
                              previms meetingwere
9:36 a.m- byPresident
                              leadbySecretary              OlD EIISIITEES:
ludyllennetl*lhebl-           $nronBnersoru     Mo-
                              tionwasmade to accept        nrdyHellnel|ls asHthe ,
preseilb Durmc, Ener-                                      neinlier*what tny
                              thernasir€ed. Motion
sm$ Il€nnells,                                             thmghtaboulta}hg
                              €fiieA tr6Tteasurerg
McCowans,Millothg,                                         $tS0.0O frornth€ treas-
                              reportwas readby
Pasz&os,hrriE, Van                                         ury to d€fttiygqire,of ttrF,
Ilnt€ma, andYates,                                         cloastoftheChririlroeg
gueete-8ufch andBeqey         Nancyfohnsons ab-
                              sensg. The tneasurers
Page 2

                           &Seetfmg ffimmtfa?ffi*$t
         ffimt. ffiqxm*$k#ss
         Iowed. Banerylainedtow         ChickenStirty      IA.SS       April wagon masters: lbrris
         GenerdRVhelped de&ay                                          and Yates volrmteered to
                                        ShrimpAlfredo      11.95
         some of the costs inthe past                                  doApril'
         and how the present e.cotlt    You can gallJndy withyour
         omy was cflrshg a clnnge.      dinner A,SAP.The      ludy remfuded everyone to
                                                                       put an qldated emergensT
         Amotiorrras made to take       gtrt ofidatefora resewa-
                                                                       lorm in your orpboard that
         $150.0Ofrom the treasury to    tionisNov.22nd.                includee dlergies, medica-
         deftay costsbyBobDuill
                                        Judy also reminded menr-       tioru andanesprgencT
                                        bers to bring imun-            personand theirphone
         Passko. Motion carried-
                                        wrappedornament (per           nurnber.
         ]udy Hennellssaidthe           persorr) for the Cluistrnas
                                                                       I{ov. 7€ }talknrnuth
         merurfor tlre party is:        tree, and ununapped mit-
                                        tens, hats, sc?rvesfor dril-   ftiday night dinner will be
         kimenib     IS.SE
                                        dren ofdl ages.                manicutti,rolls' coleslaw,

         ffi'm'qrr *mthd ffivs end "ffi,xrmivffi
         BINTNDT?S                      fflnmnslRrnB

         MafySenkowski             4    Iprraine andTonyosnak
                                        Ifll$    Sl yrs.
         RobertBolter              5
         BobbyBaker                0
         PamScramlin               l0
         Karolyne Ribarsky         t0
         Logaine Osmak             30

         ffi.m.&eradar gsrning ffiqresits
         Nov. ?€ftankenrrnrth           Campout atMillCreek-           Oct 13A' DunnzTates
                                        !fiackinar City
         Dec.6 AtlanfisRest.                                           Nov. Ftankermuth       Jotur
         &ivonia                        fune 19-21 State Ralty Vas-    sor/Scramlin
                                                                       Dec. Ptesident'sChoie
                                        July Gl{RForest Citylowa.
         20Og Camping                   Ang.l?-19 MillGree&-
         Schednle                       laae*inaw City Senho'wski
         Apdl TBA Truri/Tates           Sept l$20 State Fall Carnp.
                                        out lonia
         Irfay l5-l? Springstate
                                                                                                                 kge           3

          ffi         ffiwsa*$msamffi
        ffi ffi,mw**mry
Dessert                           me3.                            Return*    Grovelandoaks                                50.00
.Saturday Brealdast is a          50-50: Tlrere was discussion                       $50.00     Money lstpriae$t 25.00
$rprise. lndy has changed         again about 5O,60.Iilhsn a
                                                                  CampingDafance $39().00       Ck toMllCreek -8rlO.0O
her mindso rnarry tfunes she      vote was calledthe motion
ism't sure yet, b'ut there will   died-                           Ofstandingtuds                G'lcXrnasParty -t0O.00
                                  Amotionwas madebyPat            YogiBear            $n.m      TotatRegrBal Sl32?.lS
Satrrday night is dirmer at       Mlrottrto close th€ meet-
Graqiie's                         ing. Itwas secondedby           MllCreek            $640.00   TotalBankBal $a{0?.13
                                  NanclpYates. Motion car-        TotalOutstarding $690.00
Sunday breaHast is Gheer-         ried. Meetirqwas ad-
ios and aseorted breads.          journedat l0:l5am-              ToulCarnp.Fund
Ih€ cost of campingig             TAEAST'ERSNEPONS                                  $1,080.00
$29.00 per nigilrt. You are to
call in your own recentation      Beg. CartpBal.        $080.00   Regdar Balance $1992.13
underMotor Cities Wi+                                             Ck*ttomGrsvelandoab
                                  Ck toMillCreek         6{0.00

'ffh*m mmd-K-h.m,*
Hoursbys, Ilanlons, Eicrk-        Havd a grreat timet             and Susie Roc;ket'g son is
holdE, Ttnmlxons, and                                             doingr much better, He is
lvlarziong q,€re seen at the                                      nowlivingbyhimsef      and
Port Sanilac carnpground
er{oying free campingr in
                                  AspecialGEf WEli[rgoes
                                  out to nonlohnsort. He ig
                                  recovering ftom a lorg put
                                                                  lras gotten his driven li-
                                                                  cerae back lack still lns
                                                                  some oerseeingto auend

                                  offfoot operatiour-             to. Tlhat awonderfrl corne                -,
Bolters were enjoyingr tho                                        back
Balloon Pegthral in Albu-
quercluer New Mexico with
                                  Ieonard Polahowski ger a
                                  HANG IIIIIIERE! Ile iB stin     If you lure any neilr8 to
Scramlins are getting ready
                                  dofuig rehab onhis back
                                                                  report please contact me
                                                                  byphoneorenail.               $                         li
ior their trip to Australia,      We understandthatla*                                          il', .,   lrl,
   g'                   t'1" jl*cl,liIt 1,;
,ffi txs *,3r. t f a!.,ffi,:Lr*
             **                            *
I can (141/2Oz) dicedto-          Heat oven to '[00. Mix to-      mcn2tog min-
matoes, undrahed                  matoes, sfufing mir, water
                                  and gnrlic just until strftrg
                                                                  I\fahes0 senrings, I orp
I pkgstovetopstumngrnir                                           each
l/2 cup water
                                  Inyerdricken, basil"
2 clovesgarlicmhc€d               clree6e, ard stumng in lS€
                                  inshorS qt. bathgdish
l/2 lb bornless sldcken
breasHTt     into bite.size       Bahe 30 mirt. orwrtil
pieces                            qhic*en irE cooted througilt
I tspddedbasif baveel             refrigerate. To reheat mi-
ctrp sfuedded Moazarella          crowave each servingr on

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