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Traditional Shotokan Karate Instruction by the
     National Champion Power Brothers
M iis s o u rrii K a rra t e A s s o c iia t iio n
M ssou Ka ate Assoc at on
1709 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017 | 636.493.0286 |

The Missouri Karate Association Welcomes You!
We invite you to visit and train at our Traditional Shotokan Karate Dojo. The following
welcoming package will provide you with information about Traditional Shotokan Karate and
the Missouri Karate Association. Please visit our web page at for more
information. Have fun and enjoy.

The MKA currently has two schools which are located in Chesterfield and St. Charles,
Missouri. In these schools we have witnessed our students become focused, disciplined and
better athletic people. Our programs teach students the basic traditions and techniques of
Shotokan Karate.

                                       The MKA’s instructors are the 2005 / 2006 US National
                                       Kumite (fighting) champs. Barry Power (3rd degree
                                       black belt), Brian Power (2nd degree black belt), and
                                       Darrell Power (2nd degree black belt) live karate and are
                                       very passionate about it. Starting at an age of 7 years old
                                       the Power Brothers have trained, competed and
                                       instructed in Canada and the United States bringing a
                                       wealth of knowledge and ability to the Dojo. The Power
                                       Brothers have claimed many titles throughout their
                                       training career. Sensei (lead instructor) Barry Power
                                       claimed the Silver Metal in individual Kumite at the
                                       2005 US Nationals. Barry and Brian were also members
                                       of the 2003, 2005 and 2006 US National Team Kumite
                                       Gold Medal Team. Our instructors travel across the
United States on a regular basis to get instruction from our masters. This is to increase their
skill level and to bring back knowledge to the students of the Missouri Karate Association.

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M iis s o u rrii K a rra t e A s s o c iia t iio n
M ssou Ka ate Assoc at on
1709 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017 | 636.493.0286 |

                                      Self-defense • Fitness • Posture • Balance • Concentration • Awareness •
Shotokan Karate                         Confidence • Discipline • Accomplishment • Self-esteem • Character

Shotokan Karate is a traditional martial art, which develops important skills useful in everyday
life. It improves character and mental discipline as well as physical skill. Shotokan Karate is
accessible to all: men, women, and children, with or without athletic ability. Karate trains
both the mind and body to maximize physical effectiveness controlled by a clear, focused spirt.

Benefits of Karate
Self Defense
As self-defense, karate is based on skill rather than
strength or size.

Even a small person can learn to create devastating
power. Timing and sharp reaction can be acquired
with systematic training methods, and are more
important than innate athletic ability, since in karate
you never conflict the aggressor’s strength, but
capitalize on it.

Balance and Harmony of Body and Mind
In karate you learn to harmonize intention, breath and movement. You learn to achieve
maximum power with minimum effort by integrating mental and physical energies in one

Physical Conditioning
Get stronger, flexible, agile, and improve your aerobic endurance, strengthen your back and
abdomen to stabilize your spine and joints, improve posture and prevent back pain. Your joints
will become free and your movement light.

Learn proper movement and muscle recruitment patterns and you will love to be in your body.
We call this functional conditioning; that will help you perform better in any activity.

Anyone at any Age or Physical Condition can do Karate
Apply the principles of karate to your own body, rather than imitate the external form, whether
you are flexible or not, young or old. You will learn to listen to your body.

Longevity and Quality of Life
Research has found that regular exercise adds years to your life. But karate is more than
regular exercise; it stimulates your mind as much as your body. Research has also found that
certain activities that stimulate the mind, like music and martial arts, also stimulate the growth
of new brain cells even at advance age. It’s a fact that most of the famous karate masters
trained into their eighties and nineties.

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M iis s o u rrii K a rra t e A s s o c iia t iio n
M ssou Ka ate Assoc at on
1709 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017 | 636.493.0286 |

Skills of Excellence for Children

Karate provides the strongest and most enjoyable
foundation for a child’s journey to becoming a happy and
healthy adult by being the best all around training for
growth and development. The development of physical
condition, coordination and strength is complemented with
development of self-confidence, self-esteem, concentration
and cooperation skills. Child development experts now
recognize the correlation between movement and cognitive
learning, especially movement that emphasizes balance and
coordination, like karate.

We provide a great training atmosphere with a lot of one on one attention. The instructors of
the MKA discuss and plan the development of each student. This individual attention helps the
student develop to the maximum of their ability. We often hold examinations and competitions
so each student can have the ability to challenge themselves and move to the next level in their

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M iis s o u rrii K a rra t e A s s o c iia t iio n
M ssou Ka ate Assoc at on
1709 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017 | 636.493.0286 |

“My daughter and I enrolled in Karate classes for different reasons. I wanted a good workout and she
wanted to try a new activity. What we didn’t anticipate, was that it would be a life changing experience
for both of us.

I get a fantastic workout while learning invaluable self-defense skills that prove to empower women. In
the end, no matter how big the opponent is, women can have the confidence and ability to defend

The high caliber of the instructors, as well as, the supportive culture they create for students of all ages
is what sets this organization apart from the rest. The classes are put together with great care and
attention. Karate is truly a multi-generational sport, where all age groups can train together. Now,
after a year, my whole family is involved. We learn, develop and have fun together.”

― Andrea , Mother/Student

“Karate has helped me to overcome my shyness. In the past, I would feel very nervous or get bright red
in my face in front of a group of people. In Karate, I must demonstrate my skills in front of my class
and perform before a group of judges for my gradings. It has helped me in school too because now I
can focus on what I am saying in class instead of worrying about the other kids watching me”.

“I like being at the same level as my mom because we help each other understand new moves. As I
have advanced in my belt levels, I have also been able to help my brother and sisters learn new skills
and gain confidence. I am now an example for other beginners”.

― Emily, Age 11

“I have been directly involved in my 15 year old son’s karate training from white belt through black
belt and post black belt training. During this time I have seen the influence of many exceptional
instructors across several states. We moved into St. Louis two years ago only to discover that the
National Gold Medal Champion Power brothers also live in St. Louis. To this day, my son and I
continue to marvel at our fortune. Their tournament sharp, well rounded expertise is very obvious to
karateka seeking to improve their skills, especially in kumite. The instructors are also very personable
and keenly interested in developing young karateka.

My six year old son is a new member of the dojo and is clearly bonding with the instructors while
learning respect, courtesy and discipline (not to mention a little Japanese). In addition to self-defense,
my wife and I know that our six year old will develop a strong center of confidence and self-control
from his training. As with his brother, he will always have his karate, at the very least, to answer the
question ‘what is so special about me?’. In our view, the ability to discover, understand and strengthen
personal qualities that one can be proud of provides a base around which quality personalities are
grown. Traditional Shotokan Karate taught by exceptional instructors establishes this base.

― Jerry, 'karate Dad'

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