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					                                        CURRICULUM VITA

Iris Burman, L.M.T.                                         Home: 305/759-2177
9362 N.E. 9 Place                                           Office: 305/285-6991
Miami, Florida 33138                                        Fax: 786-522-0605


2006- Co-author of TouchAbilities®: Essential Connections, a basic textbook for Massage Therapy
             Education, published by Thomson Delmar, a national publishing house. Thomson Delmar
             has changed its name to Cengage and recently spun off our division of their company so
             we are now published by Milady.

1983-present Co-founded Educating Hands School of Massage, Miami, Florida. The school was
             licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Postsecondary Independent
             Vocational, Technical, Trade and Business Schools, May 18, 1983. Approved by the
             American Massage Therapy Association in 1985. Accredited by COMTA in 1999. I
             became the sole owner of Educating Hands in 1987 and currently serve as
             Administrator, Director and instructor at the school.

1990-2005 Consultant to the Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami. I create
           massage protocols for the various studies on touch held by the TRI.

1981-present Private massage practice at the Educating Hands Professional Massage Therapy Clinic.

1981          Co-founded Educating Hands Center for the Sharing of Massage Skills, Miami, Florida.

1978-1980     Doral Hotel Health Spa, Miami Beach, Florida. Worked as a Massage Therapist with
              Sol Rosenkranz, a Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist.

1980-1981     Worked at the Eastern Sun, a “new age” old age home as a massage therapist and
              assistant for social activities. For the last 6 months there, I ran the kitchen,
              overseeing healthy food preparation.

1976-present Private house-call practice in Massage Therapy.

2006- Co-Author textbook, TouchAbilities®: Essential Connections, published by Cengage.

2002- Co-Author of TouchAbilities™ Essential Connections, 3 rd Edition

2001- Contributing author to Principles and Practice of Manual Therapies

1976        Lindsey Hopkins, Miami, Florida. 1,000 hour Massage Therapy certification

1969        University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland. Major: Psychology.

1967-1969     Baltimore Junior College, Baltimore, Maryland. Major: Psychology.


1995-2007 Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork #02764200

1985-1987     Neuromuscular Therapy, St. John Method training and certification.
               1. Two weekend intensives (2 1/2 days each) in basic NMT skills.
               2. One weekend intensive (3 days) in advanced NMT skills including a certification exam.
               3. Five day Comprehensive in advanced NMT skills- 1986 and 1987.

1985        Sports Massage training and certification. Five weekend intensive courses, two taught
            by Jack Meagher (in Philadelphia, Pa. and Tampa, Fla.) and three taught by Benny Vaughn
            (in Miami, Fl.) followed by testing and certification by the American Massage Therapy
            Association at their annual convention in New York.

1982-1986 Trager Therapy training and certification, Miami, Florida. Taught by the Trager
           Institute instructors.
          1. Six-day beginning level- 1982.           3. Three day advanced class- 1983
          2. Three day intermediate class- 1983       4. Certification examination- 1985

1977-present Massage Licensure by the Florida Department of Professional Regulation, license
           number MA 0003168.


1976-Present Various workshops including: Shiatsu, Touch for Health, Gems, Reflexology,
           Iridology, N.M.T., counseling skills, Thai Massage I, Kinetic Awareness, Somatics,
           Reiki, Body Logic, Lomi Lomi, HIV, Ethics and other various workshops to upgrade and
           enhance professional skills.

More focused and in-depth trainings:
Dec. 2000 Active Isolated Stretching, with Aaron Mattes

Nov. 2000   Introduction to MDMA, Water Version, Level 1. MDMA (Multi Dimensional Movement
            Arts), a course in body therapy in the water medium, 7 hours

Jan. 2000   Bioharmonics- 5-day workshop on voice analysis and tone formulation for healing

Oct. 1999   Deep Tissue/ Connective Tissue Massage, a 28-hour class with John Latz focused on
            myofascial release techniques and its related body mechanics
June 1999   6-Day Intensive Human Dissection Workshop, Complete dissection seminar from skin
            to bones with cadavers taught in 42 hours by Gil Hedley of Somanautics

Feb. 1999   Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury, with Joanie Heart

Jan. 1999   The Anatomy Trains, A look at the fascial planes in the body with Tom Meyers

Oct. 1998   JBMT Multidisciplinary Approaches to Myofascial Pain, Two-Day symposium with
            presentations by Tom Meyers, Leon Chaitow, Judith Walker Delaney, Benny Vaughn and
            John Hannon.

Oct. 1998   Muscles & Soft Tissue Influences on Cranial Function, with Leon Chaitow

Oct. 1997   Whole Body Assessment and Soft Tissue Manipulation, with Leon Chaitow

May 1997    Touch Symposium, 12-hour symposium held by the Touch Research Institute of the
            University of Miami, with Tiffany Field, Ashley Montague, Dr. Brazelton, and others.

June 1995   European Thallassotherapy Studies, a 10 day intensive in the use of Seawater and
            Seaweeds, taught by Spa Technologies International at two spas in France, one in
            Roscoff on the northwest coast and the other in Versailles.

May 1994     The Broad Reach of Bodywork, a 200-hour residential intensive taught in Portland,
            Maine covering biomechanics, biochemistry and movement as adjunct and supportive
            information for the practice of Massage Therapy. Taught by Tom Meyers, Dean Juhan,
            Jim Oshman, and Caryn McHose.

1990-1993 Anatomiken System, a hands on anatomy course in which the muscles of the body are
          built from clay and placed on a 1/4 size plastic model. Included were courses using the
          Maniken (human model), the Equiniken (horse model) and the Craniken (human skull model)

1989        China Cultural Exchange, a three-week professional diplomatic tour of China with the
            American Massage Therapy Association. Nine hospitals in four cities were visited were
            the use of massage therapy in the mainstream medical services was shown. Daily lectures
            and demonstrations allowed the American massage therapists and the Chinese to
            exchange therapeutic approaches and techniques.

1986        Counseling Skills training, a 6-month program with Dorothy Leonard and Elyse
            Rapaport, Miami, Florida.

1984        Rhythmical Massage, a seven-day residential intensive of techniques from the teachings
            of Rudolph Steiner, Detroit, Michigan.

1981-1986    Vipassana Meditation, a ten-day residential intensive in meditation attended yearly,
            Shelbourne Falls, Massachusetts.
1981        Five Phase Nutrition, a three week intensive on diet and nutrition by Jack Garvy, held in
            Gainsville, Florida.

1980        Gestalt Therapy training, a 10 day residential intensive sponsored by the
            Gestalt Institute of Miami, held in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

1979-1980   Gestalt Therapy training, a nine-month course taught through the Gestalt Institute of
            Miami, Miami, Florida.

1979        Herbology and Iridology with William LeSassier, a one-month residential intensive.
            Brattleboro, Maine.

1979        Developmental Play, with Viola Brody. A one-week intensive study of this physical
            approach to mental health care of children. St. Petersburg, Florida.

1978        Holistic Health, a two-week residential conference with John Christopher, Victor
            Kulvinskas, Ted Kapchuk, Devaki Bersten and other presenters focusing on iridology,
            herbology, reflexology, and diet. Portland, Oregon.


2009-present Founding Board Member and Vice President of Alliance for Massage Therapy Education,

1997-present Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

1996-1998     Advisory Board Member of the AMTA Foundation

1993-present Participant in the Leadership 2000 Campaign of the AMTA Foundation

1990-1997 Member of COMTA, the Commission on Massage Accreditation/Approval of the AMTA

1989        Member of the Canyon Ranch Think Tank- Independent Report on Professional
            Bodywork Terminology and Definitions

1981-present Member of FLAME, Florida Association of Massage Educators

1986-1990 Secretary/Treasurer for the Council of Schools of the American Massage Therapy

1985-1987 Sports Massage Coordinator for the Dade County Chapter of the Florida State Massage
          Therapy Association

1985-present Member of the Sports Massage Team of the American Massage Therapy Association.

1985-present Member of the American Massage Therapy Association

1980-present Member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association

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