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Focus on local business 10 pack results in search engines through

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									90% of people turning to the web to get information on
 products and services in their area, businesses like
 doctors' offices can benefit from using SEO to
             help attract local patients.

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 According to Keith Borglum, a certified healthcare business consultant
(CHBC) "The internet is the new Yellow Pages for many patients seeking
doctors " Doctors need to consider taking organic SEO services to make
sure they rank in top ten search results page when a user performs a
 Organic SEO is the process of designing /structuring a website in such a
way as to rank high in search-engine results Unlike paid search-engine
placements that typically appear as "sponsored listings" at the top or side
of a search results page, "organic listings" appear in the body of the
search results page and are ranked based upon complex ranking
systems or algorithms, which are uniquely determined by each particular
 Organic listings typically make up the majority of the search results page
and can be ethically manipulated by experts through proven
search-engine optimization techniques There are many factors that
affect "findability" in search engines like Meta tags, Header tags, Website
content, inbound links to your website etc
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  Create a page in your website for each keyword which you wanted to
be listed in the search engines with a geographic location, such as
"Dental Doctors in Wilmington" Submit your website to Google, Yahoo
and Bing local business center with geographic location
 Submit your website to Medial society websites, Classifieds websites
and Blogs Submit your website to high quality directory websites like
'Dmoz', choosing a correct category based on the service
 Submit your website to Search engines using 'submit a link'
Create a video and publish in your website and other video submission
sites like Youtube, Myspace that introduces about yourself and your
 Focus on local business 10 pack results in search engines through
Organic SEO services is especially important for small businesses
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