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					                                      SELPA Consortium Meeting
                         Shasta County Office of Education, Upstairs Board Room
                                    1644 Magnolia Avenue, Redding
                                             August 26, 2010
                                             8:00 – 9:00 a.m.

Consortium members in attendance: Tim Azevedo, Charlie Hoffman, Don Aust, Mark Telles, Frank Adelman,
Bob Lowden, Brian Winstead, Larry Snelling, Diane Kempley, Robert Hubbell, John Krinkel, Patrick Bloom,
Joe Borges for Biff Barnes, Mindy DeSantis, Bruce Katz, Tom Mancuso, Larry Robins, Steve Mitrovich, Jean
Hatch, Tom Armelino, Jim Cloney, George DeFillipo. Others in attendance: Conde Kunzman, Margaret
Johnson, John Husome

1.      Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 8:05

2.      Approval of June 24, 2010 Consortium Minutes                                                    ACTION

Motion to approve the June 24, 2010 Consortium minutes. M/S. Motion approved.

3.      Additions or Corrections to the Agenda

Add Item 8. Jannelle Kubinek

4.      Hearing of Persons Wishing to Address the Consortium


5.      Announcements and Correspondence


6.      Request for Gateway School District to Relocate the MTU from Buckeye                            ACTION
        to another Location

Motion to approve the Request for Gateway School District to Relocate the MTU from Buckeye to another
location. M/S Robert Hubbell/ Jim Cloney. 1 - Yes; 21 – Noes. Motion Opposed.

Robert Hubbell presented a letter from Gateway and moved to postpone the vote on the Action – “Request for
Gateway District to Relocate the MTU from Buckeye to another Location” in order to bring back other options
to be considered. Jim Cloney seconded and discussion followed.

Robert stated that he was changing his insistence that SELPA relocate the MTU by May, 2011 and was now
flexible in regard to the move date of the Medical Therapy Unit as he now has control over the construction
timeline. Mr. Hubble offered to look at other options that would be less costly to the districts and present these
options to the Consortium in two weeks. Robert stated that he had not been comprised of the complexities of the
building specifications associated with Medical Therapy Units and had not realized the financial impact on all
the other members of SELPA.
Conde responded with a timeline from January 5, 2010, through March 17 2010, stating she had given Robert
the building specifications on January 5. Robert also received an additional copy of the regulations from John
Barry on January 18, 2010, and the topic was discussed at the February Commission meeting when John Barry
stated, “there are a lot of regulations and building specifications required through California Department of
Education before any move can be approved.”. Several Consortium members expressed their understanding of
Gateway’s predicament of housing the MTU and its desire to improve the Buckeye site. However, they had lost
trust in working with Robert Hubbell due to his failure to work collaboratively with the SELPA. They felt that
Robert’s request to postpone the vote and offer to work directly with the SELPA in cooperative and beneficial
planning was untimely and far too late. The Consortium members opposed Robert’s motion to postpone at this
time and went forward with their vote on the Action stating he is welcome to bring back a proposal for
consideration at a future meeting.

7.      Funds to Build Medical Therapy Unit                                                            ACTION
        Cost to districts: - $38 per ADA per million to build

There was discussion on the funds to build or relocate the Medical Therapy Unit. It has been estimated that the
cost of building the same building somewhere else would be 2 million dollars or more. If the building was
smaller or modular built, the cost could be less. The cost to districts would be $38 per ADA per million to build
or relocate. Tom Armelino felt this information was valuable as it would be feasible to set aside funds for the
districts to run county-wide programs or other necessary costs. Tom also expressed concern with the
predicament that both Gateway and the Redding School District are in when it came to housing the MTU and
the MTU-Satellite. These districts must house these buildings and cannot make changes to their campuses
without approval from other superintendents. He felt this was not fair and suggested the need to have
agreements and possibly funding in place to help districts when they have to make needed changes. Tom also
expressed concerns with the lack of interest to work toward a win-win solution in regards to the MTU, and
encouraged Consortium members not to lose sight that this is a SELPA program and that each district has some
responsibility to help Gateway and Redding School Districts.

 Conde shared that SELPA currently has a reserve of approximately one million dollars. Bob Lowden asked
where the dollars came from. Conde stated they were from the out-of-home prior year carryover, out- of -home
current year unallocated and contingency funds. Due to facility and possible cash flow issues, these funds will
be set aside at this time. The possible use of these funds will be placed on the September Consortium Agenda
and discussed at that time.

Motion to set aside funds to build the Medical Therapy Unit @ $38 per ADA per million from the current 602
allocation. M/S Jim Cloney/Diane Kempley. Motion Opposed.

     8. Jannell Kubinek, School Services of California

Jannell Kubinek, School Services of California, will meet with the Executive Committee and Finance Committee
on September 16 and give a presentation of her findings for the Resource Allocation Model at the Commission
meeting on September 16.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:20

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