Refund Checks

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					Refund Checks

Refund checks due to incoming freshman are held at least 30 days after the first day of
class. Check with the Billing & Receivables office in regards to obtaining book vouchers to
purchase books.

Continuing Students
Refund checks due to continuing students are issued within the first week of class provided
all monies (scholarships, grants, loans) have been processed and credited to your account.

How do I know if I have a refund check?
You can determine if you are due a refund check by checking your account on Banner
Rams On-line.

               To check your refund amount or see if you are due a refund check, log in
               to Rams On-Line by following the steps below:
                     1) Log in to
                     2) Click on “Current Students”
                     3) Click on the laptop icon that
                         reads “Banner Rams Online”
                     4) Click on “Enter Secure Area”
                     5) Enter you User ID and PIN
                     6) Click “Student Services of Financial Aid”
                     7) Click “Financial Aid”
                     8) Go to “My Award Information”
                     9) Go to “Account Summary”
                     10) This will bring up a break down of the current semesters bill. If
                         you see “Refund to Student” listed in the summary, check with
                         Billings & Receivables as to either when your refund will be
                         direct deposited in your account or when you will receive your
                         refund check.

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