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									The adrenal glands

Almost everyone knows that there are two kidneys and that they are very important, but most people
do not know that there are two small pieces of tissue weighing 5-6 grams each on top of both kidneys
were also very important.

When we observe these glands, known as the adrenal glands, each of which is a separate laboratory.
The first is the outer part of the adrenal gland (adrenal cortex), which produces three hormones, the
second is part of the adrenal gland (adrenal medulla), which produces two hormones. The hormones
produced by the two glands is very important that the release of too much or too little of the hormones
that will cause death.22

Self Defense System

Some people owe their lives to a hormone called adrenaline magic: when people are in danger, this fluid
makes them stronger, more agile, faster, and more alert. It even doubles as though the physical
capabilities of people that have taken a very powerful potion to give them strength. For example, a pilot
notices a mechanical failure on the plane while flying. After a mechanical failure, which threatened to
bring down the plane, the heroic pilot landed the plane safely at the airport, saving the lives of hundreds
of passengers. However, there is a very important thing that is usually overlooked reporters: a lifesaving
pilot and the passengers were terrific fluids mentioned above.

This fluid is sent an alarm to the brain cells the pilot, causing more blood and sugar delivered to the
brain and made him more alert. At the same time, it increased heart rate and blood pressure, so he was
able to move faster and be more attentive. Respiratory system capacity increased so that he was able to
use more oxygen (and more blood can flow to the brain cells and muscles). Muscles and limbs to be
more highly centralized and increased blood sugar levels giving additional power needed.

Adrenaline (epinephrine) is produced and stored in the adrenal medulla - the part of the adrenal gland.
Everyone has this hormone in him all his life; You have it in you now. If needed, the adrenal glands will
produce so that you can become stronger, faster, and much more alert. If in danger, you will be given
the strength of about double the usual so as to fight the source of danger (or run away from it) to save
your life.
Although it is one of the important hormones, oddly enough adrenaline levels in the bloodstream very
small rather than his work. It has been calculated that, for example, if the amount of blood in our body
compared to a lake 100 meters in diameter and two meters deep, the adrenaline in our blood will be
equal to one teaspoon of fluid poured into lake.23

The effect is powerful little fluid in the human body is the result of wonderful design. Looking at the
function of the hormone adrenaline system, we can more clearly understand the perfection of God's

Physical needs of ordinary people will certainly not be the same as the people who are in danger.
Imagine the needs of people facing a dangerous situation: it must be fast, muscles must work faster,
blood pressure should be increased, and the heart must beat faster. So, he will be able to run faster, run
away faster, or stronger fight against danger. How did this happen?

When there is danger, warning button pushed in the body, and the brain sends a command to the
adrenal gland at lightning speed. The cells on the inside of the adrenal gland and then switched to the
idle state and releases the hormone adrenaline to deal with emergencies. The molecules of adrenaline
mixed with blood and spread throughout the body.

The adrenaline molecules have specific functions in the veins and arteries that ensures vital organs
receive more blood flow in times of danger, and therefore, these molecules dilate the blood vessels to
the heart, brain, and muscles. The cells surrounding the vessels comply with the adrenaline and the
extra blood required by the heart. In this way, the extra blood needed by the brain, muscles and heart

While dilating the blood vessels to the heart, brain, and muscles, adrenaline constricts the vessels that
supply the heart and the skin to ensure that the body needs extra help. There is one more reason for the
decrease in the amount of blood being pumped to the skin: in terms of the possibility of injury, amount
of blood loss can be reduced. Therefore, the cause of pale skin if excessive uproar is because the
amount of blood pumped to the skin over sedikit.25
The error never occurs that dilate vessels to the heart (or brain) that constricts vessels to the liver (or
skin); molecules adrenalin knowing what to do. Hormones regulate microscopically small diameter
hundreds of blood vessels in your body where blood should be directed.

For every organ in the body, the action of adrenaline is different, when towards the blood vessels,
causing them to dilate adrenaline molecules, when to the heart, the molecules accelerate the tension in
heart cells. This makes the heart beat faster and deliver additional energy needed by the muscles.

When the adrenaline molecule reaches the muscle cells, the muscle can be tightened much more
powerful. Molecular adrenaline that goes to the heart of the cells that are there in order to mix with the
blood sugar. This causes the amount of blood sugar increase and additional fuel needed by the muscles.

Activity of adrenal hormones in the body requires intelligence, knowledge, and expertise. The small
molecule is knowing what to do and when, when the body does not need it, the alarm never sounded. In
addition, it knows very well to the cells where to go, and what kind of command should be given.
Moreover, it shows that it is well acquainted with the cells, organs and their functions, and never make
a mistake like when the body must get out of an emergency.

If you make a mistake like that, the body will be damaged and can not be repaired. However, this small
molecule functioning keen awareness of their responsibilities. How might the fluid lifeless and
unconscious, without a brain, eyes, or knowledge and formed from the combination of atoms that are
too small for the eye to act in a very intelligent, organized, and scheduled?

This clearly shows that each of the molecules in our bodies were created by God and that, throughout
our lives, every activity is controlled by the strength, will and command of God. After understanding
how the body works in detail, no one can argue that rational beings, cells, hormones, molecules or
atoms, is the result of an accident that is not intended. Strength, power, and smart and great knowledge
of God, which was witnessed by the creation, manifest in every place and every time. As the Qur'an

"To Allah belongs everything in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, and is (knowledge of) Allah
encompasses all things." (Surat an-Nisa, 4: 126)
10 Million People and 1 Gram Hormone Aldosterone

To survive, countless balance must be maintained at all times in your body. As people live their daily life,
people do not realize any of that balance. For example, at this moment, many systems manage your
blood pressure. Hormone "aldosterone" produced by the adrenal glands are there to prevent your blood
pressure reduction and regulates the balance of sodium in your body.

In your body, there is at least one per ten million grams of aldosterone. Research shows that 1 ton of the
adrenal gland, only 10 mg of aldosterone dilepaskan.26 To get 1 gram of aldosterone, we must collect
aldosterone which is released by the adrenal glands of 10 million people. The human body was created
in a very careful balance that the slightest deficiency of this hormone can lead to death.

As explained above, aldosterone dual function: increased levels of sodium (Na +) in the blood, and
increased blood pressure. Both are closely interconnected and aldosterone were carefully designed
solutions to meet both of these needs simultaneously. If the amount of sodium in the blood increases,
the fluid level in the blood is also increased. This is because water molecules tend to move in the
direction where a lot of sodium.

Here, we see the greatness of the design of aldosterone. On the one hand, this hormone increases the
amount of sodium; on the other hand, using the ability to absorb liquid sodium. When sodium levels in
the blood falls, aldosterone warned cells in small tubes in the kidney. These cells capture of sodium ions
in the urine and absorb it. This causes sodium ions into the cells that form tubes, and from there re-
released into the blood.

In this way, the amount of sodium increased, ion balance is maintained, the amount of fluid in the blood
increased, and blood pressure returned to normal levels. When the sodium ions in the small tubes in the
kidney is restored, potassium ions (K +) is released from the blood into the urine as sodium and
potassium levels in the blood should be at a very specific level. Mineral content is very important to
ensure that the acid-base balance of fluids inside and outside the cell, and that the nervous system to
function properly.

Aldosterone is produced in the outer part of the adrenal gland. The cells in this part had never seen
kidney cells (and there is no chance of the two groups meet). How do these cells know how to produce
the right hormones for re-absorption of sodium and release of potassium? How does knowing how to
balance the adrenal glands electrolytes and potassium release? Most people do not realize that these
ions exist in their bodies.

Every cell in the human body was created to fulfill a specific function; cells were given special abilities
and put in place to function. In short, a human being is created, and each attribute his body is proof of

"That they belong is the kingdom of heaven and earth, and He had no children, and no partner to Him in
the power of (his). And He has created everything, and He determined it most exactly. "(Surat al-Furqan,
25: 2)

A Flawless Planning

The next system we shall see a marvel of planning and design. As we examine the workings of this
system, we must ask, "Can this system formed as a result of unconscious chance?"

This question is important because time, chance, and the results of the laws of nature are the reasons
offered by the worst lie of all time for its rejection of the existence of God, the theory of evolution based
explanation of the development of living things upon this foundation.

Deceit of evolution says that humans and all things into existence by chance. However, we shall see the
system itself is enough to reveal the true state of a fairy tale coincidence and shows the evolution
tipudaya efforts.

The system is built so that it will work when blood pressure drops. System start up his current role in
blood pressure drops below a certain value, like a fire alarm sensor designed to recognize smoke coming
from the fire.

When blood pressure drops, the alarm goes off because of low blood pressure can be very serious.
When the alarm sounds, a series of measures should be taken to raise. These measures include the

1. The blood vessels have narrowed (narrowing this will cause a rise in blood pressure as a garden hose
is compressed in the end).
2. Kidney absorbed more water and mixed with blood to raise blood fluid levels.

3. People should be forced to drink the water as soon as possible.

A flawless system has been placed in the depths of the human body to perform these actions. When
blood pressure drops (or the amount of sodium in the blood), certain cells in the kidney aware of this
problem. Jukstaglomerular cells release a very important substance called "renin" .27

A miracle that these cells can recognize a decrease in blood pressure or the amount of sodium that
exists and then release renin, the first currency in the long chain that raises blood pressure.

In blood plasma, there is a protein that normally neutral effect as it circulates in the blood. This protein,
called angiotensiogen, produced in the liver. The first stage of planning an incredible start here.
Angiotensiogen and renin does not have its own function, but both are specifically designed to merge
with each other. How is it possible that they are specially like the logo blocks are designed to actually fit

Consider the following: kidney cells and liver cells are located far apart. How can one group of cells
produces one part (renin), and other groups produced elsewhere (angiotensiogen) in such a way that it
really fits with the first? Could this happen as a result of unconscious chance?

Surely not! It is impossible that such a process could occur by chance.

Renin angiotensiogen alter the molecular structure, leading to the formation of new molecules,
angiotensin I:

Renin Angiotensin I + = Angiotensiogen

The new molecule is also not functioning. Found in the lungs, an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE)
function to break the molecule angiotensin I. Because of this enzyme, angiotensin I changed to another
molecule, angiotensin II.
Angiotensin I + ACE = angiotensin II

Two different molecules produced in the kidneys and liver interact and produce new molecules. The
cells of the lungs that are not related to kidney cells and liver cells produce an enzyme to blend with this
new molecule. In addition, the cells of the lungs produce enzymes long before joining the new molecule.
How do the cells that produce the right enzyme to a process that has not been developed to interact
with a substance that has not been produced? How do these cells know how to create an enzyme that
will convert into a hormone that serves no function?

Again, it is clear that each stage is a designed system. Angiotensin II is generated as a result of this phase
is evidence of design and planning. This enzyme has two important functions that will lead the system to
the desired end result: the first function is to narrow the blood vessels (the first of three expected
results, as we mentioned earlier in this chapter). Angiotensin II stimulates the muscles surrounding
blood vessels and activates the mechanism that muscle. In this way, muscles contract to constrict blood
vessels and raise the pressure.

Could this happen by unconscious chance? Again, this is impossible; angiotensin II is specifically
designed to constrict blood vessels and there would be no chance in this flawless design.

One important function of angiotensin II is to the hormone aldosterone were amazing to work.
Angiotensin II reaches the adrenal glands and gave orders for the release of aldosterone. This is another
proof of planning: when mixed with blood, aldosterone causes the kidneys to reabsorb the fluid in the

As a result, blood pressure rises. This is the second result we want.

Substances produced in a joint effort (and according to plan kidneys, lungs, and liver) causes the release
of hormones that result in increased blood pressure. Therefore, it is important that kidney cells, lung,
and liver to form a union.
Before all else, this unity must investigate what to do when blood pressure drops to decide the best way
"to constrict blood vessels" and "to ensure the release of aldosterone."

Then, these organs again must investigate the shape and structure of the adrenal gland and muscle cells
of blood vessels and determine how it works. Furthermore, the organs must determine molecular make-
up Angiotensin II so that the muscles of the blood vessels and the adrenal gland to secrete aldosterone.

The last thing to do is to determine how this molecule is produced. Each organ is responsible for one
stage of manufacture. According to the production plan, there are three stages in the assembly system
where each organ is given a function. The kidneys will produce renin, producing angiotensiogen heart
and lungs produce ACE. After that, the cells had returned to their normal roles.

If someone does not believe that this system was created by a supreme power in accordance with a
specific plan, that person must accept the notion that unconscious cells receive all of these mechanisms
of neo-Darwinism (mutation and natural selection). Evolutionist claims unbelievable and illogical
because the system (consisting of cells of the kidneys, liver and lungs), which is really complicated, must
occur simultaneously at the same time. The probability of this happening by chance events that require
very unlikely. At the same time (and again accidentally), the cells should be established to measure the
pressure in the kidneys and aldosterone should be formed in the adrenal gland, kidney tube cells have a
structure that is designed to respond to aldosterone, and cell- vascular muscle cells have a structure that
could be affected by angiotensin II. Countless other elements that must be in place at the same time for
this system to work, and if just one element is missing, the whole system will not work.

Such a system is not likely to occur as a result of a work accident that is not conscious. The system
created by the intelligence and knowledge of the eternal God and placed in the human body, it has
worked perfectly in the body each of the millions of people who have ever lived (except in cases of
illness). Humans have been aware of the existence of this system through research conducted with the
help of the advanced technology. Every piece of research conducted makes it impossible to explain the
existence of a system that works in the human body with the myth of chance. It aarena man was
created, and it was impossible to hide the greatness of creation by creating a fictional storyline and

At the beginning of this chapter, we wrote three actions that need to be done to raise the blood
pressure. The third is the importance of the person to drink more water. To encourage a person drinks,
the person must want to drink. Now, unconscious cells of the lungs, kidneys, and liver in the body must
affect one's psychology.

The plan, which needed just one more detail flawless system created by God. Angiotensin II is generated
from the joint efforts of the kidneys, lungs, and liver goes into a special part of the brain and activate it.
The brain is the "thirst center" that stimulate thirst. However, there is a barrier called the "blood-brain
barrier," which protects the brain, making very difficult for angiotensin II to go from the blood into brain
tissue. System protection is found in various parts of the brain, and one of them the "thirst center".
Thanks to the special character created in angiotensin II stimulates the thirst center and increase the
desire for minum.28

Can this system have been due to chance?

After looking at the evidence, there is no reason for someone to answer "Yes". Hearts and conscience of
these people have been blinded, and he has taken care not to accept the truth. Allah reveals in the
Qur'an what to say to people like this:

"His companion (the believers) said to him - he was conversing with him: 'Do you disbelieve to (God)
Who created you from dust, then from a drop of semen, then He made you a perfect man? But I (believe
that): He is Allah, my Lord, and I will not associate anyone with my Lord. '"(Surat al-Kahf, 18: 37-38)

Cortisol The Miracle Drug

In summary, we will examine the sides of another miracle - a hormone called "cortisol". However, this
hormone has a variety of functions in the human body that we must note before starting.

The fact that a hormone can activate the cell itself is a miracle because, in order to affect the cells,
hormones must activate the system in the cell. It happens to attach to receptors on the cell membrane,
or direct entry into the cell and activate a mechanism in it. However, in both ways that hormone
molecules to be designed specifically for cell where she worked. If there is little in the arrangement
molekuk ketakcocokan hormones and receptors, the cells will not be affected. Olh Therefore, the
relationship between hormones and receptors on the cells of the affected compared with padlock and
When looking at the effect of cortisol, we found an important fact. God has created security systems in
our bodies and He has put a padlock on the cells of each of these systems, only one key that can unlock
it. For example, this could be a key in the capillary cells or also in the liver cells. It causes a variety of
different cells must cooperate to achieve a common goal. No longer a doubt, this is an example of the
greatness of God in creation;'s also proof of evolution hoax. The fact that different cells are programmed
to work together for a common goal, and that there is a central system that makes this program work,
demonstrating once again ketakbenaran tale coincidence proposed the theory of evolution.

The hormone cortisol work in the human body fought on many fronts against pain, injury, infection,
heat, cold, allergy, oxygen deprivation, hunger, and the factors that increase the body temperature.

Watching fungai functions cortisol, we must not forget that these cells did not realize that it does not
produce the hormone cortisol to know the place will be used. These cells never intentionally realized
spot terrain cortisol will fight.

Now, let us examine briefly the functions performed by the miracle called "cortisol" produced in the
adrenal glands, and once again let's see how the glory of God manifested in the various aspects of the
human body. At each stage, ask yourself if this system may occur in evolution, and the answer will reveal
the true extent of evolutionary theory.

Cortisol Functions

Adrenaline prepares a person in times of danger, while cortisol prepare the human body for what might
happen after the danger has passed. For example, it mobilizes amino acids that work if there luka.29
When a wound occurs, these amino acids are the basic ingredients to be used in tissue recovery.

This is the reason why some people do not feel pain when injured (and even for some time thereafter)
.30 As a result, these people can muster the courage to defend themselves, run, or fight even injured.
The pain delivered by the nerve cells. However, how the cells that produce cortisol know the
mechanisms that slow, stop and half electric signal nerve cells?

In order for the body's cells and brain well fed, and all the cells need a steady supply of sugar, if not,
people will die.

When someone is hungry, if there is no food can be converted into sugar, the amount of sugar in the
blood will decrease. In the circumstances, cortisol acts and will not let the body do not get sugar.
Cortisol ensure the conversion of fat and protein reserves into sugar, in order to maintain blood sugar at
the boundary aman.31

Fat or protein (or both) are converted into sugars. This function is really very complicated. To change
one substance into another means changing the whole arrangement of molecules. If a fat or a protein
molecule magnified trillions of times and put on the table, most people will not know where the atoms
should swap places with another. However, in these cells, there are refineries that run these changes
through a very complicated operation. The hormone cortisol is knowing the stages of this process of
change. It is designed to unlock the causes of these changes take place. How do the cells that produce
cortisol know the shape of the key is needed to start the work that will turn fat into sugar? How do the
cells know what operation is required to convert the fat molecular formula (CH3-(CH2) n-COOH) into
sugar molecules (CH2OH)?

Molecular cortisol works as an emergency and causes a decrease in the use of sugar by the body.
However, there are other wonders: due to perceived emergencies no vital organs such as the brain and
heart. For comparison, as in times of emergency, economic resources are placed in certain parts of the
country. Thus, cortisol molecules provide a mobilization order and give priority to the heart and brain
nutrition, restricting food to the cells molecular another.32 How does it know that some cells are more
important than others?

   rganize and constriction of blood vessels

Earlier we saw that the blood vessels do not form rigid pipes, but because the surrounding muscles and
relax, the diameter of the vessels can be changed if needed. The command that narrows blood vessels
reaching through various hormones. Cortisol regulate vascular responses to factors that constricting and
dilating, and then performs another important function during an darurat.33

How does it know the system to which the muscles around the blood vessels, and can regulate how
cortisol response vessels have on shrinkage factors-narrowing is in the system?

Cortisol prevents fluid from entering the cell when not needed. Thus, it helps to maintain the stability of
blood volume. How does it know that the liquid molecules tendency to enter the cell? And how does it
know how required to keep the fluid out? More importantly, how does it determine when fluid must be
outside of the cell, not all the time, but only at times when it is needed?

                           t the production of certain hormones to prevent a rise in body temperature

Another wonderful effect of the hormone cortisol appears when a high fever. The increase in body
temperature is a sign that the body is fighting an illness. Rise in temperature requires a person to rest
and sleep. The increase in temperature is not a side effect of the disease; fever is a security precaution
that is set specifically to force people who are fighting the disease in order to rest. The temperature rise
is caused by the "temperature center" in the brain, which is activated by a substance called IL-1

Cortisol is also designed to handle the body temperature is too high. When a person in danger of death
due to high body temperature, cortisol lowers the temperature by inhibiting the production of IL-1 that
activates the central suhu.34

How does it know that the IL-1 raise the body temperature and the body temperature is dangerous for
humans? How does he know where IL-1 is produced and how he decided to inhibit production?

When you are in a difficult situation, cortisol takes all your requirements one by one, separately. It
increases the production of hemoglobin, white cells, and bone marrow trambosit in increasing levels of
A molecule is too small to be seen with the eye has a number of peculiarities, skills and responsibilities.
For this molecule to perform its function, it must be designed specifically for this task. This hormone is
an example of harmony and perfection of God's design in creation.

"... Knowledge of my Lord encompasses all things. So, if you can not take a lesson (from it). "(Surat al-
Anam, 6: 80)

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