Governor Bellimgham sample letter by xiaopangnv


									Governor’s Mansion
1700 Main Street
Boston, MA 72655

Dear Honorable Governor Bellingham,

       My name is Hester Prynne, and although I am a woman of certain infamy
here because of my transgressions, I remain a loyal and productive member of
Boston society. My indiscretion, while made painfully public, has been beneficial
in building my character and virtue. Although I strive to conduct myself as a lady, I
cannot seem to shake the shadow that falls over my character. To this end, I am
writing this letter to urge you to reconsider this latest decision you and your wise
council are contemplating on my behalf. It has been said that you consider me an
improper guardian for my precious Pearl because of my character flaws. My plea is
simply this: Leave my child in the care of her loving mother. Nothing is as
important to me as her loving nurture, and I simply cannot bear the thought of your
taking her away. My justifications for making this urgent request are several, and I
implore you to study them and pray earnestly for God’s direction in this decision.
              First, I like her. I went to a lot of trouble to get her.
       Second, she’s my only one, and I don’t have friends.
Third, nobody else has any idea what a handful she is.

       Those, Governor Bellingham, are my reasons for begging you to see that
Pearl belongs with me. Please read them carefully and prayerfully as I wait
desperately for your decision.

Most reverently,
Hester Prynne

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