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                                            Table of Contents
Introduction ............................................................................................................................................... 5
Chronic Commissions Review .................................................................................................................. 6
Above The Matrix Review ........................................................................................................................ 8
Instant Passive Profits Review ................................................................................................................ 10
Commission Black Ops Review ............................................................................................................. 12
Instant Traffic Robot Review .................................................................................................................. 14
Income Hybrid Review ........................................................................................................................... 16
SEOPressor Review ................................................................................................................................ 18
Push Button Cash Site Review................................................................................................................ 20
Bookmarking Demon Review ................................................................................................................. 22
Chris Farrell Membership Review .......................................................................................................... 24

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Clickbank is currently one of the biggest marketplaces for digital products. Internet marketing or
online money making products have become very popular on this marketplace and thousands of
people are promoting these products to customers.

Most of the well known IM products have flashy hyped up sales pages with “proof” of earnings that
sound too good to be true.

And that is why we compiled this ebook so that you can read well informed reviews about some of
the top selling clickbank products.

You will discover if they are just all hype or if they are actually useful products that you can learn from
or that can help you to boost your business to make more money online.

Read these reviews carefully and then make up your mind on your own terms to decide if you need
these products for your business.

Remember, never be sucked in by a good sales page that sounds just too good to be true. Do
thorough research before buying any product.

Good luck and enjoy.

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                    Chronic Commissions Review

The creators of Chronic Commissions, Corey Lewis and Winter Valko, designed Chronic Commissions
to be a new kind of affiliate marketing software. The concept itself is simple; to gain revenue via an
ever-growing email list.

Chronic Commissions helps you to easily build your list to rake in profits. Once you've put your
information in, such as your Clickbank ID and autoresponder ID, you are given a squeeze-page from
which to launch. Chronic Commissions takes some of the hassle out of the process by providing you
with pre-written emails so that you don't have to struggle with writing by yourself.

The simple interface and pre-written emails were good features, but when using the software I
thought the most dynamic feature was the tracking system. You are able to track extensively, seeing
the total number of clicks and opt-ins at any time.

You can really see how and where your money is coming from, and can monitor the results. As with
any internet marketing, you must be willing to put in the time to study exactly how things are working
– or not working, if that's the case.

Once you have a good picture of what is working for you and what isn't, you can make tweaks and up
your revenue. This is no "get rich quick" scheme; if you want to make profits, you have to be willing to
use the product and understand the way it works. It isn't rocket science; it's email marketing and list-
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building, and easy to get the hang of.

The issue some may have with the product is solo ads; you are paying outside marketers to send
promotional emails for you, and you have to pay for those marketers to do this. Some people just
aren't committed to buying solo ads, and for those people, Chronic Commissions is not the best-suited
affiliate marketing program.

However, for those interested in the profits one can make using this solo ad system, the software has a
directory of marketers and ads you can buy. Often it is difficult to find solo ads to purchase, but this
directory actually has an extensive amount to choose from. While you are dealing with solo ads, you
don't have to deal with SEO or PPC, which in my opinion is more than an even trade-off.

Lewis and Valko stand behind their product. If, for some reason, the consumer is not satisfied with the
product, they have absolutely no issues with giving back a full refund. This gave me some peace of
mind and helped me really realize that Chronic Commissions is not like so many other affiliate
marketing products out on the market.

So many products are scams and looking for a quick buck – they will advertise that a product is
"simple" when in reality you are required to be at your computer, clicking endlessly for hours every
day. Chronic Commissions is about as simple as it claims to be. The creators of Chronic Commissions
stand by their product, and ultimately after using it I stand by it as well.

Find out more about how this product can help your online business here:

                CLICK HERE NOW To Download Your Copy Of
                         Chronic Commissions

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                        Above The Matrix Review

Above the Matrix comes to us from creator Bill McRea, who previously put out products like Massive
Profits. He has had a decent amount of success in the internet marketing business, so Above the
Matrix has had a lot of curiosity attached to it. It's a little more unique than some products, combining
several things into one affiliate marketing product, and it is very easy to use.

A good deal of Above the Matrix is automated, which makes it ideal for people who hate customizing
and micromanaging every single step. The goal of Above the Matrix appears to be user friendly, which
is nice. A lot of products and software make you jump through so many hoops you don't understand
what you're doing, and sometimes you crash and burn. If you're at all familiar with affiliate marketing,
this product is simple, and if you are not, it might be a great learning tool for beginners to get their
feet wet.

Using Above the Matrix, you launch your ready-made website with specific keywords designed to
target search engines. The website and software to help you find the keywords you need are all
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included, which is nice as some products make you dig for those yourself. Once the site is set up, it's
just a matter of plunking in affiliate links. There are backlinks to increase traffic numbers and to help
place you in Google searches, which can be quite difficult without the proper set-up. This is possibly
the best thing Above the Matrix has going for it; it's really big on search engine rankings and traffic.
Getting a good Google ranking can make you want to pull your hair out along the way, but with the
way Above the Matrix is set up, it's painless.

The downside to this site for some people is that it is too simple. An experienced affiliate marketer
might want more hands-on control as they go on, but honestly the end results are good enough to
make the product worth it. Even the most adept internet marketer can find something in Above the
Matrix to work for them. Sometimes simple is best, and it can be wearing to spin too many plates at
once. Above the Matrix does most of it for you.

Other features the product comes with include link building, a plugin to monetize the site, and a way
to automatically post content. Your website can pretty much run itself with some tweaking and
monitoring from you. I thought that was pretty great, considering how much time I have to spend
fiddling with other products. But, again, for some people that might not be a draw.

All in all, I am very pleased with Above the Matrix as a piece of affiliate marketing software. It's well
designed, easy to use, and comes from a creator who has already proven themselves. I started getting
results I was impressed with not long after beginning to use Above the Matrix, so I have no hesitation
in recommending the product to anyone.

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                    Instant Passive Profits Review
I and a lot of people involved in internet marketing are wary of words like 'instant' or 'easy' and things
like that. So many products and courses claim to be one-click solutions to making a lot of money right
out of the gate, or get rich quick type deals, and a lot of the time they don't deliver, or you have to
jump through what feels like a thousand hoops along the way.

Instant Passive Profits initially caught my eye because of the name and my reaction to it, but I found
myself pleasantly surprised by the results the product gave me.

I'm a person who really likes simplicity. Instant Passive Profits is right up my alley because of its
straightforwardness. Once I've followed instructions and set everything up, my site can pretty much
run on its own with check-ins from me.

For some people this might not be what they're looking for, but I learned very quickly in internet
marketing that the less time I have to spend hand-holding and being a control freak the better. It gets
exhausting after a while, and my time is better spent doing better things.

I thought the best feature when I was learning how to use Instant Passive Profits were the
instructional videos. They walked me step by step and were informative without being totally boring
or wasting my time. There's a lot of detail in the videos and in the software itself as to how to choose
the best traffic keywords to maximize hits and profit.

Not very many products or courses I've used take that much time and go into that much detail on the

Creator Greg Wood already has a history of success with internet marketing, so I was curious to see
what he would bring to us with Instant Passive Profits. Instant Passive Profits is a paid traffic method
that brings people to your landing pages or affiliate links.

Paid traffic methods can be risky, but I felt fairly safe when using this particular method and following
Wood's instructions. The method Wood uses targets specific sites that bring in a lot of sales via pay
per view networks.

At the end of the day, I think this could be great for most people. Some may be unwilling to really
delve into paid traffic methods, and that can be understandable, but I think Instant Passive Profits is a
way to get past that fear. There's no profit without some risk.

The paid traffic risk here is greatly minimized by how thoroughly Instant Passive Profits prepares you. I
reached a level of understanding with paid traffic methods that I previously wouldn't have imagined.

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And of course if you get into using the product and discover that it is not the type of thing to suit you
or somehow isn't working for you, you can receive a full refund.

So, if you're willing to work with paid traffic methods and interested in making a nice profit, Instant
Passive Profits is definitely the product for you.

Find out how how this product can make you more money:

              CLICK HERE NOW To Get Instant Passive Profits

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                  Commission Black Ops Review

Craig Kaye is the creator of Commission Blackops and has previously launched Info Product Killer. Info
Product Killer went over quite well, and a lot of people were curious as to what his follow-up would

Commission Blackops isn't a rehash of Info Product Killer, which so many second releases by the same
person can be. Kaye worked with Bob Lee Walker to create Commission Blackops to create a unique
and personal affiliate marketing product.

This is another mostly automated product; the software allows you to create a website and link-build.
I'm really fond of good automated software, and this delivered for me. The best feature was the video
training software, which I was impressed by.

A lot of the time videos included with the product can be overly long, and seem to either always be
way too simple or way too complicated. This managed to be neither; it taught what it needed to and
didn't waste my time along the way.

Commission Blackops is more than just simple software. It can teach you how to build your site step
by step, and then there's incredibly thorough information and instructions on how to promote the site
and blog. This goes through things like SEO and other affiliate marketing essentials.

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This is appealing for both experienced internet marketers and beginners, I think, because it gets you
results simply. The videos I mentioned really are an integral and incredibly useful part of the whole
product, and in my mind are what sets Commission Blackops above similar affiliate marketing

A lot don't come with anything but eBooks or text instructions, or their videos are of poor quality;
Commission Blockop's materials are very professional.

The tutorials are broken down into modules to make learning and understanding easy to digest and
sensible. It goes from basic to advanced for all skill levels. There's a great section on SEO and building
links, and it goes into real depth. There are nine videos in this module alone.

Other modules include topics such as social media marketing, money making via blogs, and Wordpress
tutorials. For the total beginning, there's a module strictly dedicated to the basics of internet
marketing from the ground up.

The one thing that may be an issue for folks is that the software is for Windows computers only.
Maybe in the future they will release a Mac version but so far it's Windows all the way. As a Windows
user myself, I was very satisfied with the installation process and how the software performs on my

Maybe if you're a Mac user, get your hands on a Windows system to try it out. You might end up
making the switch when there are opportunities like this waiting for you.

I was very happy with what Commission Blackops had to offer me as an internet marketer. Between
how easy it was to use, how valuable the video tutorials were, and how I managed to make a profit, I
would recommend the product to anyone interested.

Find out more here:

        CLICK HERE NOW To Be Part Of Commission Black Ops

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Instant Traffic Robot Review

This is not the first internet marketing product released from Instant Traffic Robot creators Paul Green
and Michael Jones. Previously Jones created and released The Cash Code, the Affiliate Code, and Push
Button Cash Site. This is a little different from a lot of internet marketing products. It has one function
and, by many accounts, does it quite well.

Instant Traffic Robot is a Wordpress plugin. It is very simple and quite automated; as an autoblogging
software, it posts your content to other Wordpress blogs in order to create backlinks. It also
automatically collects content from relevant RSS feeds and sites that can boost the content of your site
and the links on it.

This content adds itself automatically to your website – this is another one of the useful automated
features. SEO is easily navigated with this software, and it helps your site or blog get higher in internet
search results. The software easily guides you step by step through all of these processes.

If anything is unclear, there are multiple and very helpful training videos. Fourteen videos can walk
you through the steps from installation to configuration to using it actively, although honestly it is
simple enough for anyone with any internet marketing experience, or experience with Wordpress in

I am not a huge fan of Wordpress in general, but I found myself pleasantly surprised by how functional
this plugin is. Once I got a handle on what it could do (a surprising amount of content gathering and
link building that is posted automatically) I was able to really appreciate how simple and yet effective
it was.

I gathered a lot of link hits very quickly. If you've had mediocre results with Wordpress before, and I
know myself and many have, this is a refreshing alternative to the usual Wordpress plugin. Still, some
people will just not be satisfied with the Wordpress format and the content it can generate. You can't
please everyone.

At the end of every new post (filled with collected new content), there will be a link such as your
affiliate link that will add more hits. It's a pretty nifty system filled with some features that I personally

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would not have thought of including. Aside from the fourteen training videos, there is also a how-to
PDF manual.

Another feature I was pleased with was the daily snapshot feature. This is available in a few internet
marketing software packages, but it was definitely not the norm. Having it here to get an at-a-glance
perspective but at the same time being able to dig deeper and really see the daily progress is handy
and reassuring.

So if you are an experienced internet marketing user looking for something relatively simple and
stress-free, or a beginner looking for an easy way to begin your internet marketing journey, Instant
Traffic Robot is likely the product for you.

It is a relatively simple program that can really boost your traffic website or niche campaigns. This
product is definitely recommended, especially in its function as a Wordpress plugin.

Read more benefits here:

               CLICK HERE NOW To Get Instant Traffic Robot

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                            Income Hybrid Review

If you want to become a rich person just by sitting at home, then there is nothing better than the
Income Hybrid Software. Nowadays, profit through a website depends on the traffic it receives and
this is what Income Hybrid is based on, which is actually good.

It is an obvious fact that more traffic to a website is directly proportional to more profits.

Income Hybrid is a very easy to use Software that will help you to build traffic to your newly created
websites to boost them in the search engine rankings and will help you to convert more of the website
visitors to buyers.

This is especially great for newer internet marketers who are not that experienced with SEO and traffic

In-Depth Review

For the last few years, I was trying different software that can make me rich just by sitting in front of
my computer, but nothing worked. Recently, my friend told me about Income Hybrid and it is actually
a wonderful software.

The best part is that you get a lot of tutorials and step by step instructions to use the software.
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Let us look at some of the components of Income Hybrid Software:

    Auto – Responder Integration

This is the most important component of the software as it updates the email autoresponder contact
list as soon as the new person subscribes or purchases your product. This makes your work load much
less. A major part of the work load is adding a new contact which is automatically done by this auto-
responder integration.

    Long Tail Keywords For SEO

SEO is really an important part for the promotion of a website as it helps a lot taking it to the top of
Google page 1. Income Hybrid has a SEP management system which makes the task of boosting your
site in the SERPS a lot easier.

    Customizable Facebook Pages

Want to create Facebook Pages in a matter of hours? This is where the usefulness of Income Hybrid
really comes in. In this, you will get already designed templates which you can use to build fan pages,
quickly and easily. Not only this, you can also design your own template for a particular niche.

    RSS Feeds

This makes it really easy to convert visitors to the buyers. Income Hybrid, automatically ads different
website feeds like from ebay, click bank, etc to your social networking site pages. This is also great for
getting your sites ranked and building backlinks.

It takes a lot of time for people to promote their newly built website. They try numerous things to do
this, but Income Hybrid is the one that makes that work really easy. Now, you don't need to worry
about the ranking of your newly build website or getting traffic to it, as everything can be done by
Income Hybrid.

Overall, I really recommend Income Hybrid. It is a great piece of software that can save you lots of
hours of marketing time. While some experienced marketers will find little use for it, it will be
especially useful for newbies who are not very savvy with the technical sides of marketing yet.

              CLICK HERE NOW To Check Out Income Hybrid

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                               SEOPressor Review

Daniel Tan has recently introduced a new plugin called SEOPressor. This plugin is supposed to help you
with your blog SEO. You can bypass all other competition and land on Google’s first page. It really
saves the blogger time searching for ways to make it to the top.

After installing SEOPressor. you will need to enter your license to verify your purchase. Once this is
complete, you can begin writing more efficiently with some help. Bloggers may not know all the
factors that can make a difference in rankings.

A feature that SEOPressor. provides is the analysis of the article. This includes looking over the title,
H1, H2 and H3 tags and font decorations; checking if keywords are bolded, underlined and italized are
also included. You would not think this matters with regard of rank, but in fact it does.

SEO experts know how often keywords and phrases need to be included in articles and blogging.
There is a whole process to help articles move up in Google’s ranking. However, there is no reason to
pay someone for this when there is SEOPressor.. This plug in will analyze the keyword density, the
placement of these words and the word length; the same procedures as an expert will perform.

Each time you change things you can check the rating of the post. As you fix the factors that are
keeping your blog at a low rank, you will see an increase in your score; this means your blog is moving
up in rank. In addition, SEOPressor. will give suggestions on tweaking the articles you write for better
results in Google. This plug in is in correspondence with Google’s algorithm.

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There is also a plus for those who have an auto blog; this plug in will optimize the content for the post.
After you choose and assign the main keyword, SEOPressor. will do the rest. This is a quick way to get
as many articles or blogs out on the Internet for exposure.

Now nothing is perfect, there are a few minor cons, but it is more annoying than anything else.
SEOPressor. does not provide any other keywords related to your main keyword. This makes it a little
more difficult because you will need to come up with your own variety of keywords. The other
downside is that the automatic “nofollow” tag is not added to the off page links. Listing the related
keywords will only take an additional 5 to 10 minutes; this is not so bad.

The bottom line is that there is more to gain than lose with SEOPressor. If you do not like it there is a
money back guarantee. You do not have to be an expert in search engine optimization; all you need is
this plug in. There are two packages to choose from so you will need to assess your needs then make
your purchase. You can create blogs and articles just like the rest of the experts.

Check out more features of this plug-in here:

                   CLICK HERE NOW To Access SEOPressor

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                    Push Button Cash Site Review

Push Button Cash is the software that assists in creating blogs that are perfect for search engines by
just a simple click of the mouse. It will automatically get unique content for your website. The
software will also insert videos and articles to the blog.

Everything is done on auto-pilot but the content is still informative for the readers. This will help with
your rank because Google likes sites that are always updating their pages with more information.
When Google sees this they will boost your work in the search engine listings. Obviously, the closer
you are at the top of search engines, the more opportunity for more money.

Beginners find it extremely useful as the software comes with a detailed video training. The video
teaches the individual how to maximize this product. For instance, it will help you with the keyword
search for your blogs. In addition, for people who do not know how to set up domains, it will run you
though purchasing and setting one up, otherwise you can skip this part.

You then have to choose a method to install WordPress within your website. Also there is a multi-site
configuration. This means with having the same domain, you can put together multiple web sites.
There is a section that also teaches you how to use the program to covert the contents of your

So after providing the keywords, the software will then give you contents relevant to the keywords. As
you are thinking about the traffic you want, you will want to consider Adsense and Clickbank Ads,
which is recommended to install. You can get some popular free plug ins and also find out how to
insert Clickbank Ads to your posts. This will result in extra commissions from affiliates!

If you are a beginner and if you are already making money online, this software can help you. This
software is more helpful to beginner online marketers; experts will not find it of use to them. In
addition, the customer service is not great; it can take days before you talk to someone.

The good thing however, if you do purchase the software and if you do not like it, there is a 60 day
money back guarantee. It is important to stress, there is no get rich quick scheme, even though they
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promise big bucks; this is not the case.

All in all, it is very easy to understand and the downloading is completed in a matter of minutes. You
can be on your way to making money with no trouble at all and not having to worry about
complicated forms to do it.

An important note to remember, if you are buying the product because you think it is going to get you
rich quick then do not waste your time with this plug in. In addition, if you are already a pro with this
online marketing you probably do not need this. Other than that, this plugin is good for people who
want to set up sites on Wordpress.

              CLICK HERE NOW To Get Push Button Cash Site

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                     Bookmarking Demon Review

Most business owners do not have time to submit their website to different bookmarking sites and
paying someone to do it is also a waste since Bookmarking Demon can do it for you.

This is every internet marketer’s dream! Bookmarking Demon is supposed to do what would usually
takes hours, days or even weeks, depending on your schedule, in a couple of minutes!

Bookmarking is really a tedious task that Bookmarking Demon can complete. The software does its
job as you will notice after using its features. There is plenty of positive talk about this bookmarking

Besides getting more backlinks faster, the user will be able to create an account to over 100 social
bookmarking sites, is one reason why people love it. Bookmarking Demon works with sites such as
Pligg sites, Scuttle sites and ScuttlePlus sites. These are places where you can create your own
bookmarking site.

When you create an account, all you have to do is enter in some information including your name, a
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password and an email then the software will create other accounts for you. In addition, it will create
different user names. The software allows the user to bookmark to random sites using different tags,
titles and descriptions. Furthermore, you can camouflage your bookmarks so they appear more

This isn’t even all the features and already so much time would be wasted submitting everything
manually. Other features include letting the user submit URL and RSS for pinging your social profiles
and webpages. This allows for faster indexing.

Then, to stand out from the rest of bookmarking software, it has a scheduler included as a feature.
This allows the user to schedule the BMD to submit the bookmarks on different days of the week. A
user can set up a continuous submission so it doesn’t look suspicious to those particular submission

There are two ways to use Bookmarking Demon. There is the beginner’s mode and the expert mode.
The beginner’s mode only includes the ability to create the accounts and have bookmark management
and the expert mode provides everything needed for individuals who frequently use social
bookmarking campaigns.

This product does have some minor drawbacks, one being the cost. Many people will be turned off by
the price while it is high however, you can take in consideration that you will get lifetime upgrades,
plus it is only a one-time fee, so in the long run it isn’t so expensive.

Having to join everything, like social networking sites is another drawback because it takes some time.
Finally, when it is time to spider the software, it is stingy on the options it provides like how often to
run the spider.

Overall, this software beats the others out on the market. Although it is costly, it is well worth it.
Bottom line, the Bookmarking Demon will help your website’s rank, in addition to an increase in
traffic, which ultimately results in an increase of sales!

Check out more benefits of this powerful software here:

               CLICK HERE NOW To Get Bookmarking Demon

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               Chris Farrell Membership Review

With the Chris Farrell Membership, you will be guided through a step-by-step process that will teach
you all that you need to know on how to make the kind of money that you want on the internet. Chris
really knows exactly what it takes to get started in having an income that comes straight from the

He is known as one of the most successful internet marketers and has all the knowledge that you need
to become successful in your online endeavors. While the membership is private, it helps in making
sure you can get the best advice when you need it and also makes a point to show those who truly
have a drive to learn this business.

There will be a process by which you will learn exactly how you can make money online. The
membership will guarantee all the information that you need for this and you can be on your way to
making a well-deserved profit in no time at all.

Once you get yourself into the membership, you are going to need some kind of guidance to show
where to start and how to go from there. This membership does this in a very detailed format that will
teach you everything easily.

Building traffic is a major part of the online method to making money. You will learn all that you need
to make sure you are getting the kind of traffic you want and when you want it. You will also discover
different methods by which you make sure you are getting the right kind of traffic as well.

Making sure you get the right kind of traffic is important because that is what is going to give your
online program a real boost. Any business can become profitable with the right kind of traffic flowing
their way.

In getting a business started you would need to know what is really going to make you a profit. The
membership is going to help you settle on some ideas of what you can do to start your business and
how to actually find the type of business that would benefit you best.

If you are a little unsure about starting an internet business, you shouldn’t worry too much on this.
There will be plenty of explanations about how to use the web in the simplest of terms so you can
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follow along easily with the guide that is provided for you.

One thing about Chris’s membership offer is that a lot of the work is practically done for you.
Sometimes you are going to have write emails, but many already know that it can be a hard thing to

When you have the emails pretty much written out already, it saves you both time and a headache.
Through the membership you will have access to ways in which you can write emails and even have
some pre-written ones as well.

A downside is sometimes the video does not load. This could have to do with poor structure of a
website; their website is built with HTML tables, which take up much bandwidth.

All in all Chris Farrell Membership is a site where anyone can learn how to make money online. This is
saying a lot since there are so many of these sites around that are a scam.

Learn more about this great membership here:

         CLICK HERE NOW To Join Chris Farrell's Membership

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